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That Kind Of Love...

Good morning buriful pipu! I hope your day started out great already? Me, I'm still in bed tucked under the duvet, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, chewing seedless grapes and perusing the seemingly perfect lives of people on Instagram, very reluctant to get my day started. 

So y'all see these two pictures above, right? What's wrong with wanting this kind of love? What's wrong with wanting to feel this way on my wedding day? What's wrong with wanting to see my man shed a few tears when he sees me, his beacon of beauty, grace and hope, walking down that aisle with daddy by my side? What's wrong with wanting to be so overwhelmed with emotions and happiness that I break into tears of joy while my king stands besides me, mopping those tears away? What's wrong with wanting to look at my man and feel like "this is God's way of compensating me for all the pain, disappointment and heartache of the past?" What's wrong with wanting that kind of love?

If you're doing *yimu* to me right now then I command the cloud to change and your face would stay that way all through Christmas into the new year. LOL. (We had this joke as kids that if you distort your face or body even jokingly and the cloud changes, you would stay that way forever...)

Ok so I know that there are no perfect unions, Nubian Princess et Wale I heard what you had to say loud and clear, "happy ever afters" are few and far between, if at all they exist, and I know that that bride above may not even be crying tears of joy; for all we know she could be talking about how she lost a loved one and really wishes they were there...

Yet, there's still nothing wrong with wanting that kind of love. 

And maybe I should have titled this Re:On Finding Love and Then Losing It, as per yesterday's post... I'm not asking for perfection or mills&boons kinda situation, I just wanna feel something!

But I'll have you know that last night I talked about everything I'm feeling with him and the conversation that followed was quite pregnant with promise. So, although I'm not sure where we're headed, suffice it to say that I didn't quite end things completely. Like I said yesterday let God's will be done. 

And if you read this far then I compensate you with something that I hope would make you smile!

I hope you smiled. These two make me want love and want to love so bad! They represent to me an epitome of love&friendship. 

Good morning, once again. Have a blessed day ahead. 
And please say a line of prayer for me @ flying fears. I could travel by air every day and still feel jittery once we're in the sky. I pray for minimal turbulence and a safe landing. Amen. 


  1. Hmm,the only actresss whose marriage makes me swoon.
    I know babe,what u ask for isn't too much to ask for and if this kind of love exists for a few,i pray to be counted among the few...#Amen

  2. Nubian Princess is so on point T. Friendship. Friendship. More Friendship. When the butterflies aren't in your stomach, they can be someplace else; in your heart or in your head. Be friends first (friends love each other init?lol), the rest will be easy. I said this before in a post some months back: if you're not in a relationship with a friend, you're not in a relationship. It's that simple. The love you crave for will have a smooth journey towards your heart only when the path is graded with friendship. Stay blessed T.

    Serious PS: Let comments flow, pleeaasssssee. This approving comment stuff is dulling my spirit :(

    1. LOL, the butterflies could even reside in ur lungs...I know friendship can have an underestimated bonding effect.

      safe flight(s) T.

    2. Thank you Memphis, please o this approving thingy is killing me slowly.

      Ps: I just drank palm wine n feeling my eyes turn, am I drunk?

    3. Nooo... you're just sleepy! Go to bed! lol!


  3. Lol T I was about to say the same thing, the bride's own, only people that attended the wedding can tell u why she was crying.

  4. Uhmmnn... Thelma, Me too I want to be sooo sooo in love. Feel butterflies... feel light headed(should I?) feel all those sweet sweet mushy kini I read about... but then again. I want a strong, long lasting relationship and not a relationship that is built solely on my mushy, butterfly emotions. It is well Thelma. I pray that God's will for you(in marriage) shall be done. And you won't miss it. **hugs**

    Meanwhile... where's my crush?! I miss her o!!!!! FNLP! Where are you? I hope you're fine and safe wherever you are. *hugs*


  5. There's nothing wrong with wanting that kind of love.. Nothing at all.

  6. Not one person asked after me oo so,I decided to stay on my own o..#sadmuch#

    1. Awwww, Anon who are U? Please leave a name Dear. So Sorry. E en if we don't ask on the blog, We ask in our heads!

      To the post, ALL I want is Friendship biko. A Strong Against all odds type.
      This Love Marra get as e be!

  7. Re: the second picture, all i can say is be careful what you wish for.

  8. Don't see myself as one of those people that would cry on their wedding day because I don't roll like that. We'll see sha

  9. Lol. My husband and i laughed all through the vows. Our Father's first language was Swahili, our wedding was the first ceremony he ever conducted in English. He was a last minute replacement. The vow ceremony video had to be heavily edited because we were laughing so hard.
    During our registry wedding we were laughing too, during our trad we were laughing. Maybe we just have our own sense of humor sha.

    We arent a crying couple, we are more likely to laugh at people and others. At our trad we got interviewed by one woman, and we gave random answers and both started laughing. The thing showed up on AIT. lol.

    1. Miss pynk! Me i'm not even jealous kan kan!!! Lol!

      I really want that. I love to smile and laugh hard. And I really want a man I can laugh with. You know... like what you have. awwwn! That's like the most romantic thing! **big smile**


    2. Nice. People underestimate the importance of laughter between a couple in a r/ship. Infact,its necessary in friendships...

  10. Just as Ruthy said, I want a strong friendship dat is against all odds.... Love matter get as e be

    Thelma may all your flights be as you want it, In Jesus Name Amen!

  11. There's nothing wrong with wanting that kind of love,infact everyoine deserves that kind of love ,we r all worthy of love no matter what,there's enough to go round

  12. There's nothing wrong with wanting this kind of love,evrybody deserves this kind of love,there's more than enough to go round

  13. Dear thelma, God will give u ur hart desire u will fine n be love

  14. Hian Thelma. I'm innocent o. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting that kind of love, and yes I do believe in happily ever afters. I just believe that kind of love grows and you have to give it time, not expecting a thunderbolt feeling right off the bat. Even after 16yrs my hubby still makes me feel all mushy inside. I just want to emphasize the role of friendship. You can't live together without it. Moving to diaspora for us at the beginning was a breeze. Hubby's company just transferred him over so we didn't have the rough start that a lot of people have. But tides turned when recession hit a few years ago. As I speak, we have had periods of plenty and periods of intense need. I have lived both sides of the spectrum. Its your friendship and ability to laugh with each other that keeps you going when you are looking at a stack of unpaid bills and wondering if the heat won't get turned off in the dead of winter. It's your friendship that keeps you strong together looking at your kids who are just hopeful and excited, having no idea what you guys are dealing with financially. That's what strong marriages are based on. Being able to weather whatever storm comes together, and there will be some. I laugh at people who get married to a rich man solely for mercenary reasons. What happens tomorrow if the money develops wings and flies away? No one knows what tomorrow brings. I have friends, we all started together but its amazing how our paths have diverged and our lives are so different 16years down the road. A friend is still childless. She never thought that would be her. How do you remain strong and hopeful in such a union, no kids, withstanding pressure from family, trying to keep believing with someone whom you are not friends with? Just a little bit of perspective. Life beyond the wedding day is what you make of it together. I've never been the crying type like Miss Pynk said. Your ability to laugh with and at each other is what will make some burdens feel lighter. I have been blessed. Hubby made it clear from day one that no one in his family should expect worship from me because I married their son and we are from different cultures. But being his friend, and seeing how he has stuck his neck out for me, I definitely will not disrespect his family either. He made it so easy to love them as my own. You must be in love with each other and be friends with each other. That combo? Priceless!!

  15. Hmmm...I just want to be with my friend....i want acceptance, tolerance,indulgence,laughter.....that's all

  16. PS and looking at Dakore and Olu, I see friends. I'm sure some of us heard how long tey were together before they got married and some ofth challenges they faced before the wedding became a reality. Again, surmountable with a solid friendship. Marry ya friend o ;)

  17. I'm not blasé at all. Love is not overrated, I don't think.


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