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The Virgin Man. Applaudable Or Appalling? (Read These Comments)

Hey guys! You know how we hear of female virgins and applaud them, then some people complain they why is 'virginity till marriage' preached to only women, why are men not encouraged to keep their virginity for the wives? I remember a blog reader said that once and my this post is a perfect example of my response to her. 

TBH some comments were hilarious. The caption itself is hilarious *covers face* #pouringtins. 

View some comments below:

Bride of Christ? Chai! People are mean mehnnn. LOL.

Oh, and just so you know, a few people did applaud his decision to save his virginity for marriage. 

What do you think. 


  1. Bride of Christ? I yaff died.

  2. Hmmmm...can't imagine the amount of pouring he gat to do...sure he would explode after reaching orgasm...#covers face#.. I can't deal sha

    1. TNHW u look so young and beauteous! Younger than I had envisaged!

  3. The guy has been wanking...

  4. .....and it's gonna be years of pouring, once he taste what he bin missing. wifey shuld be ready o.
    I applaud him for waiting. All his body must be packed full of.....

  5. Chae! Chae! dis virginity you are pwuorin, hmmnnn kontinu.
    dia riz Aids ooooo

  6. I see nothing wrong here. I have a friend who married a virgin at 28. There are some men who have never had sex outside marriage. That's why some have more than a wife. So they can have sex anytime. But with the wife. Should they fall in love with another woman, they will marry her instead of committing adultery.

  7. this is amazing!!! A man with a difference. He sure has a lot of self control

  8. Wow.heard of about 3 instances .I applaud him & his likes.

  9. Well, for one, I'm a 24-year old male virgin. Although, society tells us its acceptable to let go of our virtue outside the confines of marriage, society isn't always right.
    Two reasons make me stick to the less taken path - the right person and the right reason.
    The right person is one I'd value and would want to bear all consequences of sex act be it just pleasure or unfavourable ones like pregnancy, STD's etc.
    I find that I can only find the right reason in marriage. Beyond my intense natural cravings, I know that such forms of intimacy are best carried out under an equal level of life-time commitment. God knew what he was saying when he directed that sex should be within the boundaries of marriage.
    Last, although society has always preached that the lady should be the virgin partner, I find it worthy that a man should also extend such courtesy to his wife. Its a sign of equality (she also has her cravings), respect (she's more hurt when it comes to sex issues) and love.
    For the guy in the story, I'd applaud his decisions and sticking to such, however such information in this current times is best kept, shared and treasured within both partners, thus I'd be anonymous on this.

    1. Why?!!! Why are you anonymous nah!!! So I wie noh stalk you abi? **sad face** okay... it's fine!
      I think it's wonderful and your SO should be really proud! **big smile** (and I understand why you're anonymous but sometimes I think the younger ones need to know there are people like you so it's okay(cool) to keep their virginity) but whatever sha... it's fine!

      Just so you know, after FNLP... you're my second crush! Lol!

    2. Why did u go anon? Phuleaaseee brother. We can't keep applauding, approving and celebrating the wrong things and then despise, put down, sneer at and denigrate the right things (in Kabuoy's words). Plz next time, pen down with ur ID, u'd be surprised how many pple would be willing 2 'dash' u their sisters bcoz of this! *hypothetically speaking that is*


    3. From "lips sealed and watching" to "winks"???

    4. Bros even if u dont want to put your name, Ya initials nko!? and location!
      God help you carry on till the end, You can make it, SEX IS OVER RATED!!!

    5. Why do I have a very strong feeling that our Dear Anonymous here is Eesah?

  10. Haaa... what kind of world do we live in?! People now celebrate, applaud and approve of the wrong things and then despise, put down, sneer at and denigrate the right things.
    98% of the people that commented think it's wrong or just bizarre!!! I shake my head...

    I applaud the guy's will and self control... it is very rare... and I celebrate him!
    For whatever reason, he kept himself for 28 years... that is no small feat in this day and age! Or is it? You tell me!

  11. Imagine a world where everyone would have sex when they are married and with only one partner. The rate of abortion would drop,
    the rate of unwanted pregnancy would drop,
    the rate of STI's and STD's would drop,
    the rate of adultery and cheating would drop,
    the rate of heartbreak would drop
    there won't be room for comparison with various ex's
    and a lot more advantages. The word of God is the only key. When the bible says flee fornication and it's appearance, we think God is mean and is asking us not to enjoy ourself. But the gain of waiting far outweighs every other temporary gain. I'm inspired by this and I'll continue to wait. I have so much passion to spread this message to the teens of this generation because I learnt all these advantages and disadvantages as a teenager and though I'm in my early 20's, these message is buried deep down in me and it has kept me going. Can't count how many boys have turned down and friend zoned because I have to stay true to myself. I'm totally boyfriendless but that's the least of my worries.

    1. 3 kisses for you! Mwuaah! Mwuaah!! Mwaaah!!! **bear hugs**

    2. Too many correct pple in here. Abeg 10 Gbosa 4 una.


    3. Are u guys joking or wat? Lolz....laff wan kee me here! Omg

  12. There was no need for him to announce it in my own opinion. Because of that, the whole story just rubbed me the wrong way. I dont have an issue with the fact that he is a 28yr old virgin but he should have just kept it to himself and wifey. Its not information for social media so the story just put me off. Mschewwww (was already in a rotten mood anyway). Nigga shud go ahead and pour away...#TooMuchInfoAbeg

    Okay nytnyt people.

    1. Exactly... I think the people are more disgusted by his statement than anything.. Otherwise virginity whether man or woman is always a noble thing. But the guy was crude about it..."pour"

  13. My cousin married at age 35 and he was a virgin till then and eventually got married to a 31year old virgin too... we usually ask them how their first night went, they always lauf over it. they are blessed now with a boy and a girl, which means they got the thing right... so what's the big deal in remaining a virgin till marriage that he has to announce it to the whole world...

  14. For Una mind o. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said if you lost your virginity and became born again afterwards, you automatically become a virgin.


    1. Lol #teamvirgins ni o. He shouldn't have announced it sha, TMI

    2. Lol #teamvirgins ni o. He shouldn't have announced it sha, TMI

  15. Someone said he'll explode! *sigh*! Lolz... Anyways the quantity he'll release is just as much as any man who hasn't had sex for just 3days! A Sperm doesn't last more than 1-2days, biologically. Hehehehe

  16. I applaud him , but we must consider the fact that guy might not technically not be a Virgin. I know of some virgins who (claims) to know more me a married woman yet 'technically' they have not been penetrated. Lol

  17. The dude's decision is applaudable.What I can see most people had/have a problem with is the way he 'announced' it @pour but then are we sure those are his exact words or paraphrased?

    Honestly,i have found out the world has more virgins(both sex) than we are aware of but a large number would rather remain anonymous primarily because the society demands that of them.

    OK, I noticed there's a predictable reaction to the 'I am a virgin'.....doubt,incredulity and then finally the society tries to discredit the said 'virgin'. You hear comments such as, really you are a virgin?hmmmm,you mean you have never engaged in any form of sexual acts or its prelude? AND statements such know more than me that has had sex oh. Ermmm, I don't get does been a virgin mean that you don't get to equip yourself with necessary knowledge? #confused face#

  18. And Yes more virgins should come out,its a way to encourage the younger ones that wants to take the same decision to stay pure till marriage. It has NEVER been about the society's dictates but what you personally know to be true and God's words of course.

  19. The society has made it look like a bad thing to be a virgin,the guy literally said what's on his mind and he is excited about it. Being a virgin is not a curse,it something to be proud of,although its not easy to abstain in this world we live in where every turn you make its either a song playing on airwaves about sexuality or your friends showing off how good they are. The peace of mind attached to being a virgin is out of this world trust me,no unnecessary fear over issues associated with sex. I'm a 26 year old(lady)virgin and I am proud of it, but when discussion arises you just have to encourage the ones who look up to you.
    P.s I also have a boyfriend,before you guys say I like girls lol

  20. Theres going to b alot of pouring shaaaa.....sounds lyk d woman is a barrel.....good for him thou

  21. Yeah there are virgins ooo. Gat one in my office. he is 27. I believe he is cos he looks the path. Pls he told me not to tell anyone oo. Make una no loud am ooo lol

  22. Applaudable.. though I c no rzn for d publicity.

  23. Clean homes say you care and deal with the house.


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