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"I Thought It Would Last Forever"

"I thought it would last forever!" Was what my friend exclaimed when she told me she'd gone to get her voters card and learnt that the exercise was over. I asked why she didn't try to get it sooner, seeing as the program had been on for a long while, her response was "I thought it would last forever!"  

Oh well, we Nigerians sometimes have a lackadaisical attitude over the things that should concern us the most. I know the majority of us have become so disgruntled and disillusioned with the system, but that's not enough reason to stop trying, if anything it should incite us, stir us to strive harder for the change we want.

      What are you doing with your enfranchisement? What does it mean to you? Do you you intend to exercise your right (to vote) as a citizen of this country?
      Not caring is the easiest thing someone can do, it can also be potentially the most dangerous. Thinking that things would be "business as usual" and therefore washing your hands off them is actually defeatist mentality. And NOTHING is ever achieved, won or gained when your mind has already accepted defeat. 

How many of you got your voters card? How many of you intend to exercise your enfranchisement come 2015? And while we're at it, in whose hands do you think the leadership of our great country should be placed?   

While I do not publicly claim support for/of any party and/or candidate, I am just as confused as SDK who posted the picture below. 

Thoughts anyone?

And... I'm sure by now you've heard that Buhari asked the Jagaban Bola Tinubu to choose his running mate. News of this should be out tomorrow or next, and although nothing has been declared, there are speculations. Some of the individuals being considered by the party are Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, former Attorney-General of Lagos, Yemi Osibajo and former Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi.

Ok, now this is where I'm blank; I'm almost certain who this running mate might be but is anyone else wondering why BRF isn't one of the contenders? Admittedly, I read a while back that Fashola has no intentions of being Buhari's running mate, but I thought that was just some propaganda... So, speaking of Babatunde Raji Fashola, anyone know his plans for 2015? I've searched and asked but I can't seem to find or recall hearing anything about Fashola come 2015...

I need enlightenment please. 


  1. Let me ask this (in case I've been ignorant all these years): When the Sharia Law was implemented in some states of the Federation, and is still being implemented, has any non-Muslim been targeted? In the agitation of a Law, won't its implementation be decided on voting?

    Though I'm not very good/keen on quoting sections and sub sections of the Nigerian Constitution I know for certain that the constitution allows for Religious Laws to be implemented without interference from the Constitution, so long as citizens aren't endangered. We should also bare in mind that the Nigerian Constitution is an offshoot of Christian Religious Constitution. Whether Buhari made such a statement out of ignorance or piety, or he was misquoted, still remains to be heard. But as far as I'm concerned there's nothing to be afraid of, like he's assured. People who are circulating this in the media have deep hatred for Buhari and Islam and it's really causing confusion; the kind we don't need in a time when our unity is so fragile.

    So yeah, I got my voters' card. :-)
    And I'm definitely not voting for the continuity of cluelessness. It's caused us so much unnecessary blood shed. ENOUGH!

    1. Hmmm. Memphis is pro APC. Interesting.

    2. Lol. T I'm not pro any political party. I'm very well aware that majority of these politicians are there for selfish interests. Since the PDP has decided (for reasons I can never understand) to continue to field a flag bearer that is more concerned about his political welfare than the welfare of his fellow citizens, my vote goes to the opposition. One is obviously much better than the other, however anyone tries to analyze it. We can't have a leader that goes around dancing shoki barely 24 hours after a terrorist attack. That's the height of impunity.

    3. Have u considered the ripple effect of religious laws on others? Non-muslims shldnt kick against the child-bride law then, amongst other things.
      At the end of the day,its either Boko boys keep bombing for the next 4yrs or the Militants continue from where they stopped. You really think those 7 warships are for sea patrol? Lol.

    4. Sasha, there's no such law as child bride law. The Islamic law on that aspect (getting married to a girl below 18years as stipulated by the constitution) has been pain-stakingly explained.

      - Under Islamic law no girl below the puberty stage (and sexually under-developed) is allowed to get married.

      - Any married woman of any age is entitled to the full privileges of a married woman under Islamic law.

      -any girl married under Islamic law is free to decide whether to continue with the marriage or not.

      And as for those fighting this I keep saying they fight it the wrong way. The bottom line should be to let the parents of these girls know the importance of Education before giving their daughters away. And mind you, it's not only common among Muslims. A lot of this kind of marriages take place in the south, so it's not proper to brand it as something non-Muslims should fight for against Muslims.

      As for Tompolo and his alleged newest property, why hasn't the Presidency or the DHQ said anything about that up till now? We shouldn't succumb to negativity and assume ripple effects when/if we go out to vote. Bottom line; we're tired of this nonsense and it must end somehow.

    5. I am totally and wholeheartedly with memphis. Was trying to find some extra words to buttress the point that the nation has been on hibernation and dying of a slow poison for 6 good years.
      And we wwant to continue based on religious preferences? We'd. Better not be joking with ourselves.
      And just for the record, I couldn't get my voter's card, regrettably, cos of the Large number of nigerians to one PVC machine in my area!
      If I had the chance, I definitely won't act blindly in my decision for another 4years.

    6. All I know is there wld be a ripple effect if either loses...

  2. Politics? Hmm, na sit don dey look I dey..... Got ma voter's card bt ain't voting!

  3. Got my voters card but not voting, only got it for transaction purposes since I don't have a national ID, they already know who will win. Happy Sunday T. I ask again Thelma, yy have u been ignoring my mails?

    1. Mabel don't be angry oooo? In fact I just acknowledged the ONLY mail I know I've gotten from you, and that's before I even saw this comment. I am sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.

  4. @T,it's okay was thinking I offended u nii but m okay now that u answered. *Hugs*

  5. Buhari is the lesser of the two evils. I don't want to do another 4 years with a president with no "balls". I want change, and it's risk i'm willing to take cos the change may be for good or bad but I certainly don't want the status quo.J

  6. Naked and audacious impunity is the least of the failure of this government! I can't imagine what would become of this nation if Jonathan comes back to rule for another 4years. And on the other hand(the good side), the major progress we would have/record if a man/woman of vision, with the wisdom and tenacity to move this country to the next level, becomes president.

    I was really hoping that the opposition would give us a very good candidate that'll beat Jonathan hands down in the next elections... it'll be a clear win! but alas... Buhari was chosen. even if the elections are rigged next year to favor Jonathan, a lot of people won't really care cuz a lot people have their reservations about Buhari. I read FFK's article on Buhari vs Jonathan... a lot of people(including me who detests this Jonathan's government) won't mind if Jonathan becomes president in 2015 sadly.

    I just hope I made sense to someone...

    To answer your questions Thelma... I don't even have my voters card.


  7. Kabuoy I'm with you on that... I dread the possibility of Jonathan ruling for another 5yrs so I would have preferred if APC had presented a candidate thatll stand a chance against Jonathan. The perception Nigerians have about buhari is that he is a religious extremist and that can never change. Fashola would have stood a better chance cos no one sees him as a Muslim..everyone sees him as a performer


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