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You Preach!

Lemme confess, I stole this from SDK's blog because I think it would be pretty awesome to hear the different sermons y'all heard today in your various churches. So for those who attended service today, what was the sermon about, what was the message in the sermon and what did you learn? 

I'm actually in a friend's house at the moment and and they share a fence with a church. All I've in the last one hour is Die Die Die Dieeeeee by fayaaaaaa. LOL. 


  1. I attend a die by fire Church, biko Thelma what is wrong with dat ohhhhh, didn't go to Church but the preaching was based on dealing with the powers of one's father's house. And menhhhhh d prayer was centered on killing the powers of my father's house that doesn't want my progress.

    1. An anonymous asked a very interesting spirits die or? T I think u shud make t a post let'sknow more

    2. Lmaoo! Ditto! @ being a member of a die by fire church!
      Thelma! What apin o? Lol!

      Today's message... The power of the fainting spirit.(if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small)
      You should stand strong in the face of adversity.

      Today was their end of the year party for the children so they brought them to the adult church and I was the usher in charge! Twas ehn! So in btw telling them sit down! don't jump! Stop shouting! Leave her alone! Sorry! Don't beat him! I'll give you water.... go and weewee... at least I heard that! lol!


  2. I have one questions to the die by fire churches, can spirits die? So what exactly are you telling to die? Demons? J

    1. Maybe the person telling the spirits to torment them?

    2. Nope... die is saying they should stop their activities over your life. when somfn is dead to you, the thing ceases to exist. So telling spirits to die is telling them to stop to exist in, over and around your life. Shikenah!


    3. Kabouy, Imagine someone starts praying you stop exist in, over and around you life. By saying you should Die. How would you feel?

      Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke6:31

    4. Hahahahahaahahhaahahaa!!!! Is this a joke?!!!! I should do unto others what.... okay! Iv heard you Uyi.


  3. Sermon today says we should be steadfast in Faith. Learn to seek God's face, listen and obey him. As Mary and Joseph did.
    We shouldn't only chase wealth but God's happiness as well.
    That's all I remember, for now

  4. The sermon 2day was about standing out in a world where everyone thinks doing the wrong thing is appropriate

  5. Today's sermon was about standing out in a world where sin is the new order of the day

  6. And to those who are saying who are we asking to die,it's s powers in our foundation, everyone born in Africa has a foundational idol,even d bible says we restle not against flesh n blood but against principalities and powers, d rulers of the earth and yes evil spirits and demons die. So believe it or not my dear,dey exist and must b dealt with.

    1. 'everyone born in Africa has a foundation idol'!? How so please?
      What about Africans not born in Africa? The foundation idol disappears? People of the white race have a different kind of spirit in them?
      Yes, wrestle not against flesh...but when almost all one's told is about enemies, they begin to live in paranoia- this is not good.
      I'll say, obey God, increase your faith, do good and one would live above 'enemies', even to an extent that when you pray about them you may find it difficult to wish them death; because you're already sure they're powerless to harm you.

    2. And u compare the whites with us,so funny Dk olukoya of MFM is a doctorate degree holder but he still believes in these things, does it mean he is illiterate?. Plss we leave in a world filled with wickedness and every home has an idol,take it or leave it. Or u think is ordinary that gals would stay till age 34-40 n not get married and u tell me it's ordinary or how do u explain a man who is 45 and is not married neither has he achieved something tangible? All I would say is may God open our eyes to see beyond the physical.

    3. Omg dear Mabel, Oprah Winfrey isn't married I'm sure she's being pursued by so many spiritual forces so she doesn't get married dat dey forgot she busy becoming one of the most Powerful/Richest woman in the world that ALL men would kneel on her feet to marry her.
      Mabel! Mabel!! Lol

    4. I believe we Africans tend to over spiritualize life issues that we overlook doing the needful. However, I don't dispute the existence and potency of 'principalities and powers'. Life is always a matter of perspectives, a half -filled cup can either be half empty or half filled depending on which perspective one looks at it. At the risk of being criticized, Jesus in His commandment admonished His followers to love and even said that we should love our enemies and that by so doing, one would heap coals of fire on their heads. Its not so much about the person as it is about the acts.

    5. I believe we Africans tend to over spiritualize life issues that we overlook doing the needful. However, I don't dispute the existence and potency of 'principalities and powers'. Life is always a matter of perspectives, a half -filled cup can either be half empty or half filled depending on which perspective one looks at it. At the risk of being criticized, Jesus in His commandment admonished His followers to love and even said that we should love our enemies and that by so doing, one would heap coals of fire on their heads. Its not so much about the person as it is about the acts.

  7. I can go on and on bout service at HOTR. It was Christmas service #Awesome. There was a live orchestra. A Lot of carol renditions by Lara George,Dupe Kachi,etc. Sermon today was bout Mother Mary: Handling the trouble that comes with the blessing.
    If the song "O Night Divine" don't touch ur inner core and awaken ur Xmas spirit,i donno what else can...

  8. With Globalization and the current trend of (too much) Advocacy For "Freedom" in all aspect of our society would only lead to lawlessness and subsequently, An inevitable World war. I hope it doesn't occur in our Generation.

    On thE Die Die Die church, I'm so sorry to offend any member of the church with wat I want to say now... It is Quite obvious to the 'spiritually uncorrupted' mind that most Naïve n Gullibles look towards their physical and psychological weaknesses as a fault of another Being. I'm sure the Religious leaders in these churches Have found a way to take advantage of their frailties to 'enjoy' the position of being A Leader to the Many. Leadership in nigeria has so been basterdized dat Men wallow in the Euphoria of being one, whether socially, Politically and most defintely, Spiritually. Forgetting the Principles dat guide them.

    I'm speaking too many grammar! Lol...
    My point is, The Truth is inside you is stronger than the one outside. Do not be Swayed easily by the Truth outside.

    1. Lol... you couldn't be more wrong! the way you see us as naive and gullible is the same way we see you as naive and ignorant. Lol.
      I do not even argue about things like this. To each his own. Whatever works for you. For you to now go on and on about how the leaders "Have found a way to take advantage of their frailties to 'enjoy' the position of being A Leader to the Many" is just wrong on all levels Uyi. Enough said.


    2. There's no 'choice' wen relating to the Bible. It is not abt taking sides with a part of the bible dat suits you.
      The bible from Genesis is like an historical piece that evolved from Adam to Moses to David to the Final Puzzle Solved by God himself(Jesus Christ) and that's why we are CHRISTians today.

      If Jesus Christ says anything, follow in suit. There's no 'choice' In that, cos he said "I am the way the truth and the Life..."
      Do wat he does, Simple. Don't say some part of the bible (e.g the old testament) 'works' for you. Kabouy.
      You could have just become a Jew den. Cos they only belive in the Old testament.

  9. @cccc- what did the bible tell us about our enemies? Pray for them or pray for them to die? If they are not referring to the bad people what are they asking to die,J

    1. Yes J, pray for them. I was only being 'funny' saying that, as you'd see in my reply to Mabel's comment. :)

    2. While he said we should pray for our enemies... did he also say we should pray for principalities and powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places?
      you really do not understand... but it's fine. There's no need to flog the issue.
      If your pastor chooses to always preach about prosperity or give motivational talks every sunday, or you choose to dance throughout the service(at every service)... my point is, if I choose not to bother my head about what you do in your church.. I see no reason why you should. like I told Uyi, to each his own. Whatever works for you. If you choose to pray for your enemies, it's fine. If I choose to tell mine to "die", it's my choice.

      Good morning.


  10. Lol..... I also saw it on sdk's blog. We had carol service in chyrvh today so d sermon was centred on the birth of Jesus. The birth of Jesus gives us hope to eternal life. We also have to always be grateful to in all situations even though wat u asked God hasn't manifested, just thank Him. Lord I'm grateful for life. Even though I'm nt where I want to be, I'm no longer where I used to be.

  11. Can you refer me to any part of the bible that supports your assertion that spirits die. Spirits don't die. Jesus casted them out of people they were tormenting. Spirits don't die o. J

  12. @cccc, ok I get you now. Christian means "christlike" the life of Christ was so simple and preached love,love and love. I have no business praying all the die die prayer, Christ never prayed those kind of prayers. See how simple our lord's prayer is. Do evil spirts exist? Yes! But as a christian wwe should not live our life scared of them or perpetually declaring deaths on them. As Christians the devil should be the one scared. When we wake up in the morning, the devil should be scared not the other way roung. Today the preaching in church is about not being scared as it means we doubt God. Once peter got scared scared while walking on the river he began to sink. It is fear that leads to those die die prayers. Gotta sleep. Forgive all typos. J

    1. hmmmmn.... spirits do not die i agree.... telling them to die sound absurd.... yes i agree.... but it does mean we do not wrestle against dem.. principalities and powers.... sometimes we do not pray warfare prayer they wont let u go to actualise your dream and purpose in life.... the blessing from serving God comes but they rob you off dem before they get to you... daniel fasted n prayed for 21days he answer came on the very first day.... he the prince of persia did not obstruct it.... he wont have fasted for that long

      about other africans not born here trust me they still have this foundational problem i have friend from different parts of africa they have major issues tooo.... its cause of our forefather diabolic practices....

    2. So you mean in Indian, Malaysia, China, Sweden, Norway etc. They didn't have 'diabolic' practices?
      Like how much Prayer and Fasting did Dangote, Adenuga, Otedola etc did they do to become Billionaires? Plz Mark Zukerberg must have gone to a mountain to obtain some Ancient Spiritual Staff to destroy his Spiritual Enemies to become a billionaire at 26. Bill Gate went for a Spiritual special Annointing Service (SSAS) to become a Multi-billionaire. Wat are you saying please? That these guys didn't have Forefathers with diabolic practices but you do because your Pastor said so? Plzzzzz Think again.

      I am not saying there are no spiritual vessels in the world, But You are bigger than them. When the Bible said Greater is He dat is in you dan he dat is in the World, do u know how much weight that statement carries? You think say Jesus Christ's Death for u is overrrated? Plz don't underrate it and. Don't underrate yourself.

  13. Today's sermon was on getting understanding even more than wisdom. Understanding makes the timing perfect for all our decisions and actions but it is never one of the things we ask God for.

  14. Die by fire AND yet they preach that demons will burn in hell forever?

  15. @Uyi n CCC,I just came here n saw u guy's comment but m in no mood for argument so I let it pass. U don't believe it because you have not experienced foundational issues. Let me tell u a story, David Oyedepo's wife was once sick,serious sickness that he prayed all the whole faith prayers and still nothing happened, when he saw that this one pass him power,he contacted daddy Adeboye of redeem, daddy told him to invite all those who are working with him or worked with him in d past,Oyedepo did as he was told,they gathered in the sitting room and fire prayer started. A girl of not more Dan 7 years of age amongst those invited, started rolling and wailing on the floor and confessed being behind Mrs oyedepo's sickness,after that incident, Oyedepo who never believed in witches started believing in it. Bottom line is,there are wicked forces,the fact that u not experiencing their terrors doesn't mean they don't exist,the world of today does not require cold prayers at all. I rest my case.

    BTW: this was a story told my oyedepo himself on the pulpit, no one told me,I heard it myself.

    1. Wat? Seriously? .....give me ur Email sharp sharp!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thelma! Lmaoo! Even after comment approval... dr ekaka still found his way here. okay o!


    2. Ohhhh my G,kabouy no go kill me. Thelma did u really see this and approved it?can't stop laffing at kabouys comment.

    3. Lol. I confess I didn't see it, the comment approval is just to make commenting easier not exactly to sift the comments. But I'll pay more attention now.

  17. Sunday's sermon was titled 'Motivated by Love'. It started with definition of motivation - the reason for a particular course of action and then what motivate humans - survival, guilt, jealousy, greed, revenge, pride et al. He then moved over to what motivates God action's which was agreed to be love and how we should emulate such reason stressing the fact that God is more concerned about our motivation than actions. Hence our prayers, talks, thoughts, actions etc should have a common inspiration - Love as it is the greatest reason in the world.


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