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It's Here!!!

I'm so thankful for love, health, family and friends. I'm so thankful for you guys!
August had both high points and low points for me and I would just like to share a few with you guys. 
High points.  Chocolate's delivery of a beautiful baby girl.  Finding out that he's still in love with me.. Waking up healthy each morning, my loved ones too. 
Low Points. Unmet expectations Dr Adadevoh's death ISIS murders and executions

Guys, what were the high and low points of August for you? If you could describe August 2014 in one word what would it be?
And hey, lest I forget; Happy New Month guys! God bless us all! Goodby August. Hello September!
And thanks, I think I'm feeling a bit better. 


I'm down with a bad case of the flu; I've got some fever as well. The drugs have got me really groggy and I'll be in and out of sleep all day, so BRB. 
God bless..

How I Met My Lover.

There's something about Saturdays that puts me in that mood...

Blog Readers Asks; Anyone Else A Victim Of Female Genital Mutilation?

I think I was about 10yrs old when my older sister came grumbling to me. We were circumcised. Seeing as she is only 2yrs older than me making her 12 at the time, I wondered why she was so concerned as I had no clue what that meant. She tried to explain. I still didn't see how that would affect our lives, after all it happened when we were babies and the pain was not anything I remembered. But she kept saying we wouldn't enjoy sex. Forgive me but I always was a late bloomer, always following her lead, another reason why my parents made sure we didn't go to the same boarding school so she wouldn't 'spoil me'. I attended an all girls boarding school and remained blissfully unaware of boys, aside from having the occasional trying to look good for when we had joint events with KC and Odogbolu boys. Oh, those innocent times. But honestly, no one really took any notice of me.

I wouldn't have taken any notice of me either. I was stick thin, no breasts and no curve…

Is There Really Anything Wrong In Marrying For Money? (Dabota Lawson'sEngagement)

Last night I read on  LIB that Dabota Lawson's wealthy multi-millionaire boyfriend had just proposed to her. 

Linda Ikeji reports that the man also recently bought her a Range Rover SUV and is Abia State born and Lagos based billionaire, Prince Sunny Aku, the CEO of Novena Majesty Furniture, said to be in his 50s.
Dabota shared her relationship goals and a picture of the hubby-to-be on her Instagram page, below.

Live Blog: 27 Y/O Is Breaking Up With Her Cheating BF Via Text AndPosting The Chat Online.

This is quite lengthy but fun to read. Why do people begin to feel guilty and remorseful only after they've been caught? LOL. You're not sorry you (cheated), you're sorry you got caught! Read the chats below; do you think she was being immature or do you think he deserves it?

Typically I’m not the type to air out my dirty laundry but I find scumbags worthy of being publicly shamed. I’ve been feeling suspicious for quite some time now, and hours ago while doing a little bit of digging, my concerns were justified. I discovered a photo on Instagram of my (soon to be ex) boyfriend Logan, literally mouth-to-mouth, mid-kiss with a girl who he always flirts with him on social media. So, I’ve decided to call him out and sorry, people, but here’s a spoiler alert: this WILL 100% end with me breaking up with him. He’s allegedly at home and we’ve been texting like normal, so I’m going to begin the conversation now, and we’ll all see together how it plays out.

Caption This. (Plus a Little Message)

Tiwa posted this on Instagram, tagged her hubby TeeBillz and wrote 
"...Which means you MrBillz @teebillz323 cannot return me to my parents or exchange me."
Is this a
a) simple joke b) threat/warning c) publicity stunt

Whoever gets the correct answer wins a return ticket to

A Tribute To My Dad - Blog Reader O.J

I still remember where I was the exact moment I heard the words ‘Daddy is gone’. We hadn’t seen you in 2years. You had procured your visa to come visit us in Calgary. We were looking forward to you walking the kids to school, knew you would strike up conversations with the neighbours with your flawless diction. You never had patience for anyone whose diction was less than perfect! All this before an unfortunate chain of events was set up that saw you never leave the hospital. Or ever come visit us. Biodun said I should go visit. I remember thinking sending money for your care would be best. I remember the day I knew I had to go. I called Mummy and she was crying on the phone. My giant of a mother who never cries. Whose unflinching faith in God makes her believe everything will always be alright. She cried. 

Have You Seen Basket Mouth's Dorobucci?



Pet Peeves & Sweet Spots *In Zainab Ibrahim's Voice* (Part 2)

Yesterday we talked about our Pet Peeves, today we're talking about the opposite; our Sweet Spots.  Sweet Spot. [ An occurrence that momentarily puts you in a state of ecstasy or glee. Something that you find particularly pleasurable when it happens, gives you joy..... Or something like that.]
1). When I like someone (usually of the opposite sex) and just as I pick my phone to call them my phone begins to ring and it's them calling. 
2). Reconnecting with an old friend I've not seen in years and when we meet it's as if we never parted. We just flow naturally and continue from where we stopped. 
3). "Send me your account details". LOL. 
4). That moment the plane touches down. 
5). "Oh wow, you've lost so much weight!". Yayyyy! 
6). When someone I'm particularly fond of wraps me in a tight hug when I'm feeling down without me saying a thing. 
7). The minute I enter my room in a hotel and it's HUGE and bathroom is sparkling and fit for royalty …

What's In A Dream?

So some days ago I was chatting with a friend and blog reader and we had a bit of a debate about the post below. We argued about how dreams are just our imaginations being overly active, (especially if you're not inclined to believe the spiritual angle of things) or how they're much more. We read the dream below and while I wondered how anyone could read this without thinking that it's something that should be taken beyond face value, my 'opponent' said it's probably just a sign that he needs to sit up. Anyways I thought to share with you guys and hear your thoughts. 

Let's Do This: Blog Readers Ruthylicious & Phransea Hook Up!

A week ago I tried to get blog readers to be more Social with each other and meet up if possible. A few people mailed me to get some blog readers contacts, some were open to it and a few were 'shy'. This is the first feedback I'm getting and I was very excited after reading Ruthy's mail last night.

Narrated by Ruthy!
So, after exchanging contacts via your blog. I & Phransea chatted for a week & I had to go visit her today, Wednesday.  Getting to her part of town was easy, Thanks to her direction.  As I got close to her house, she was already waiting for me in front of her house! Mehn, she's freaking Beautiful. You know those babes that have bright yellow skin? Hers was spotless.

Pet Peeves & Sweet Spots *In Zainab Balogun's Voice* (Part 1).

You guys know I have a thing for Ebony Life and the people on that channel, my favourite (well not necessarily favourite, let's say, the ones that tickle me the most) are the ones on The Spot. Now if you watch The Spot you'd notice that towards the end of every show Zainab Balogun would ask the guest for the day what their Pet Peeve or Sweet Spot is. And sometimes if there's no guest she and the other hosts will always share theirs. Some people's answers are blehhh, some really tickle me. 
So, we don't have to wait to be on The Spot to talk about our Pet Peeves and Sweet Spots. 
These are Mine:

Tell Them Not To Grope You And You Just Might Get Hit!

This particularly reminded me of the number of times my friends have been groped in public places, especially at parties or in a club. And guess the irony guys; just like Mary above, the both times the ladies challenged the guys for groping them they got assaulted. 
When we were still students, we attended this party where some guy groped my friend *Beam's butt and when she turned at started screaming the idiot actually broke a bottle and threatened to stab her with it. 
One Christmas eve two Decembers ago at The Place, my friend *Aisha had her boobs grabbed and squeezed by one inebriated fool. When she challenged him this guy actually SLAPPED her. That night all hell was let loose. Personally I was a bit miffed because besides violating my friend's body, the rascal's action cut short my fun. I'd wanted to party till sunrise but after the whole incident, screaming, shouting, scattering of tables etc we had to leave and it was only 12am or so... Ok, I digress.        Now a…

Dear Thelma... (He Called Me The Greatest Misfortune To Befall A Person)

Biko Thelma,  When is it right for a guy to call his woman the “greatest misfortune that can befall a person”? I have been dating this guy for over a year and while he’s a wonderful person, his temper tends to boil a little too hot sometimes. I admit I could be stubborn, and I’m not the easiest person to get along with, and we tend to argue quite a bit. The fighting is not even the issue…it’s the things he says during these fights that kill me… All sorts of things from the basic “fat, ugly ,stupid, idiot, etc” to other more weighty ones like “u should have been aborted” and “ public toilet”, and the most recent “ur d greatest mistake and misfortune that can befall a person”(non-exhaustive).

From Average-Joe To Idris Elba (Let His Love Be Enough).

"Is there something about marriage?"
Can you be less ambiguous?" I asked. 
"Its just that I've noticed that men, after they get married, they just become very handsome. They fill out in on the right places. Their appearance is neater. Their shoulders are higher, they somehow now have a new swag, a new confidence... There's just something about men after they get married. What is it about marriage?"
"It's just that I saw *Yele and ....."

21 Women On The Moves They Love Most In Bed

+18. SL
I just love it when I get answers to questions I didn't have before. So here's what happened. *John mailed me a while back to ask some things that would have otherwise been offensive had it not been that his delivery was very polite and actually kinda cute. We chatted for a bit and I told him I could only speak for myself and not the entire female race, and as I didn't think it was appropriate to share my personal preferences with him I stayed mute. However trust Thought Catalogue to always help out at times like this. To the mailer and anyone else who's interested all I can say is this; what made Amaka squeal with delight might make Funke punch you in the face. Just saying...

LOL. Omosexy Is 'Feelin' It Too!

Haha! So I wasn't dreaming after all. Ok, let's come together and pray that this is permanent. To PortHarcourt residents I hope this "blessing" extends to you guys 'cause I hear power is still as bad as it's always been. 

You know, been a Nigerian, I've been disappointed and heartbroken too many times by our leaders. Everytime I hope for better power supply the image below flashes through my mind then I panic and lose hope. LOL. Well, let me be optimistic and hope that this isn't a flitting dream. 

How To Waste Your Life- By Charla

How to waste your life Step 1; Be born a girl in Nigeria in the 1980's have a strict disciplinarian father have a very enterprising but somewhat selfish mother be loud, bold, confident and carefree have some of the carefree and confidence beaten out of you by your father Also be berated by him so as to take some more away make sure to include your mother who will use her scathing words to destroy your confidence in your abilities and in appearance Do not forget to remind her to call you 'useless' every chance she gets

Dear Thelma... (Should I Change For Him?)

I happen to love travelling, meeting people,making new friends, setting standards and all.
I also happen to have annoying mood swings where I shut people out and stay on my own...this is something most people don't understand about me.
My boyfriend of some months doesn't like the fact that I'm all this. He has this idea in his head about what his ideal girl should be and I'm not conforming....I'm refusing to conform,unconsciously.
I believe that if someone loves you, they'll love your flaws as well. My boyfriend doesn't. He is always trying to put me down and make me feel small...feel less than he is. He has flaws and I'm trying to live with them but he isn't doing the same to me.
I really care about him but he ended his relationship with me. Majorly because I went to Abuja (for a convention of pharmacy students) against his will. He says I'm stubborn and remorseless...yes I am and I've accepted my flaws and I'm working on my strengths but h…


Good morning guys!

Thelma Asks...


Just Do You!

I looked at Taylor Swifts outfit to the VMAs and I thought now that's a first, why is she wearing Miley Cyrus' clothes? I read some comments 'yabbing' her, asking WTF she was wearing and why she was such a hot mess. It's really no biggie but you do know how red carpet dresses in the US are a huge deal so... Just waiting to see how Joan Rivers will slaughter her for this piece. Speaking of Joan Rivers I recall hearing Joan and other fashion critiques complaining about Taylor's sense of style, yeah she's always impeccably dressed, too impeccably dressed; so much so that she never dresses her age! "Taylor you need to start dressing your age!" "Taylor you need to stop dressing like a 40yr old woman when you're half that!" "OMG Taylor, the dress ages you totes!". And now Taylor decided to listen to them and "dress her age" and look what happened; it was a mess. It's the worst I've ever seen her look. You see w…

Dear Thelma ..... (What Am I Up Against?)

Good evening Thelma. I'm in my mid to late 20s and I've been dating my fiancé for more than one year now. In the beginning I just wanted to have fun because my ex bf broke my heart. I met my 
fiancé and I thought he will just be a rebound bf. I don't know how we fell in love but somehow it happened. He has met my mum and my brother. (We are only two, dad is late). My mum is ok with him as my boyfriend. But now he wants us to get married and I'm happy but I'm scared. He is more than 20 years older than me and he is a divorcee with 3 grown children. I don't know if it is wise to marry him. I've never met his children but they know about me, he said he has told them he wants to marry me and they support him. I really love him and he has everything someone can want in a husband but I know marriage is different from dating. Please what do you think about marrying an older man, and a divorcee too. Please you can post it on your blog so that blog readers can advi…

Happy Birthday To Blog Reader; Angela David.

Ella is one of our former beauties of the day, she's a year older today. 

ImPerfect Moi! (If you could...)

My question is in two parts. 

"There's Just No Connection".

Oh boy... How many times have I muttered those words? It seems I seem to lack that connection to almost every guy I've met of late. On this blog I've tried to ask severally so that you guys can help me figure out if or how to paddle on even when/where there is no connection. I sometimes interchange the word connection for attraction and a lot of you say that there's more to relationships than attraction and that attraction however, can be built if room is created. A few of you don't seem to agree and say that attraction is very important and if it's lacking then there's no point forcing it. 

Sunday Morning...

The One. (Short Story- Throw Back).

Hublot wristwatch, check. Ralph Lauren shirt, check. Zara pants, check. Gucci loafers, check. Tom Ford cologne, splash-splash, check. Deji took a long, hard look at his reflection in the mirror and grinned in satisfaction. Thinking about what lay ahead that day, he smiled unabashedly. He had found 'The One'. Just as he was thinking it was about time he settled down but also worried that all the good girls were taken, he found the last one. 

Calling All Men!

Good morning people! There's just something so exciting about Saturday mornings, don't you think? Well for those of you that work on Saturdays, please accept my sympathy. 

I'm So Sorry...

So I guess I have some apologizing to do...

For Those Who Don't Know...

Since some of us think it's just for fun I thought I'd take snap shots and share.

Thelma Says

I usually pay no mind to people that abuse the opportunities that the internet's anonymity affords everyone, but I'll make an exception because this is MY blog and I need to get a message across. 
The Anonymous commenter(s) who thinks I lie, I understand that you may have issues with me/my blog, I will take your insulting comments and minor jibes, but I would NEVER let you question my INTERGRITY. If you're so curious please mail me and I WOULD GIVE YOU THE FULL DETAILS; names, surnames, locations of everyone I've written about.        You question my Ashamer Ex; LOL. He's known to go to clubs on the Island with MOPOL men who harass club bouncers. He lives on Queen's Drive in Ikoyi, Lagos. His father is/was one of the top men in Navy/Air Force/Army. If you're so curious you can decode to know the rest, and if you find him tell him Nwando says Hello. 
Please, I ask anyone who knows me personally and knows me to be a liar or a teller of false tales to comment…

How Do You Sleep At Night?

Have you ever dated or been friends with that kind of person that can hold on to grudges for years on end? The type that will still talk to you and smile at your face even while they harbor so much bitterness against you in their hearts. 

Omoni Oboli's Adorable Damage Control.

Last Night's Crush, My Testimony & Bucket Lists!

Last night I went to The Palms with a friend to briefly do something at the MTN office. It was really brief and we decided to do some window shopping. It was then I saw her. She was a light skinned 6ft goddess. I did a double take and my first thought was "God is indeed partial!" Kai! It was after she walked pass that my friend drew my attention to the guy she was with;

Would You Dare To Be Different?

News has it that this 22year old has been inundated with offers of interviews after taking this bold radical approach.

Mad at 'Him'.

Last night I was so mad. I've not been this mad in a while. The kind of being so enraged that you grab at your sheets and your fingers claw into them till they nearly break, then you know that your cries might wake people up so you grab your pillow and scream into it to muffle the noise. That kind of mad. 

Fountain of Life with Taiwo Odukoya: One Bitter Argument Too Many

Disagreements and differences of opinion are a common occurrence in life. People do not often think alike, yet they have to relate or work together. Handling or reconciling disagreements and differences of opinion are therefore an integral part of any meaningful relationship. As a matter of fact, it helps to foster mutual understanding and strengthens the bond between the parties involved. And this is more so in a marital relationship. It however becomes dangerous when disagreements and differences of opinion are allowed to result in bitter arguments; this often spells doom for relationships.

Rest In Peace Dr Ameyo Adadevoh.

Consultant physician Dr Ameyo Adadevoh who contracted the Ebola Virus Disease from Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer has passed away.
According to This Day, sources close to the 58-year-old said she succumbed to the disease on Tuesday evening.
She led the medical team at First Consultants Medical Centre in Lagos. It was the hospital that treated Sawyer. Also she is said to be the one who adamantly refused that Patrick Sawyer be discharged from the hospital till his ailment be fully diagnosed, thereby actually saving the lives of thousands of Lagosians.  Rest in peace Ma. You paid the ultimate price for your compassion and humanity and that's the most heartbreaking part of it all. 

This moment is so dark.

What Would You Do If... (Weirdest Date Ever!)

Your crush takes you to this restaurant on the first date, just so you know, this restaurant has items like  Black Poop Chocolate Sundae, Constipation, Dirty Piss and Bloody Number 2 on its menu.  Do you  (a) just go with the flow (after all he's your long time crush and you've been fantasizing about this day forever.  (b) suggest he take you elsewhere (yeah, you've fantasized for so long but....) (c) tell him you suddenly have a headache and immediately say goodbye. 

LOL. While we're speaking of dates, what's the most bizarre/weirdest date you've ever been on? I've told you my best and worst first dates. Now allow me to tell you the weirdest. 

No One Like Mother. (Tiwa Savage's Beautiful Message To Mum).

Tiwa Savage shared this beautiful message to her mum as she adds another year, on social media and talks particularly about being bullied as a teenager for being black, skinny and having a Nigerian accent.

Let's Do This! (Blog Reader Asks)

"Is there any guy here that wants to meet up with a Single 23 year old. Just friends and a couple of hang outs. No im not desperate please. Reply under this comment. Serious minded individuals only. Thank you. "
Is there?
Yes guys, someway, somehow I'm going to get people together. Besides this blog party there should be a way for blog readers to meet, and/or become friends. Since some may not want to be matchmade and just want to make friends, people of either same sexes or opposite sexes should be able to hook up, talk, catch up, exchange ideas etc. 
How do we make this happen guys? 
For now, if there's a blog reader you'd like to meet or chat with feel free to mail me, if I have their contacts I'll ask them if they're ok with it and if they are then we can take it from there, provided you're not trying to meet up with a married person of the opposite sex. 

For now though, blog reader Vee asked the question above...

Magnet The Magnate.

Yesterday was Sasha Bone's birthday and although there were no major plans, she decided to do something just to mark the day. After toying with a number of options we settled for the waterfront at the Lagoon restaurant in VI for dinner and drinks. It was just Sasha, a friend of hers and I. And you know how those round-table-moments always go; nothing is ever off topic!

Delay Is Not Denial.

I told you guys I was with my mum yesterday, as usual we started gossiping about stuff and I asked her about one of her close friends who's in her 50s. I told my mum that when I called her a few weeks back she was sounding unusually happy. My mum laughed and told me the secret. So aunty *Katherine who's never been married at 52 and has lived a very sober, solitary life reconnected with her teenage boyfriend who she used to go to the farm and the stream with many many years ago. He left for England in his early 20s and got married to a white woman who died some years ago. He began to feel lonely and in need of a new companion and thought to take a new wife and everytime he thought about it the name Katherine kept repeating itself in his ears. He finally came back to Nigeria last year to search for his long lost love and months later they're now planning their wedding. Aunty Katherine is so happy, this woman had given up on love and marriage and had resigned herself to livi…

My 6 Reasons To Smile This Morning.

These are the 6 things that have made me smile today. 

Wow! Another Tinsel Engagement. Congrats Gbenro Ajibade & Osas Ighodaro

Please who knew these two were an item? I know my gossip prowess is weak but it cannot possibly be that weak. OMG! I almost cannot sleep tonight. According to Bella Naija Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro have been silently dating for a year now and have gone to great lengths to keep things hush-hush, even avoiding pictures being taken of them together. 
Gbenga just popped the question to Osas, one of my fav girl crushes, in front of the Statue of Liberty and from the look of things SHE SAID YES! I must admit, I never imagined these two together. Oh wow!
Meanwhile this is the third couple Tinsel has produced;
Over a year ago Chuks and Ene, a couple who was married on the show, actually wed and are now married. (And I think they're either expecting or they just had a baby, although I'm not sure. I'm just thinking that's why Ene has been off Tinsel for a while). 
Also we all know the Telema Duke (Damilola Adegbite) and Kwame (Chris Attoh) were also a couple on Tinsel and now …

Why Did You Get Married?

Good evening good people. I'm so sorry, the weekend has been insane. I'm all over the place trying to find buyers for some properties (the last post and a few others), had a couple of meetings set up, only for my mum to call me last minute to say that she was paid to cook for 200 people and I know she's not as "young as she used to be" so I had to rush over and get to work. Got home a few minutes ago, long story short; Sorry. 


So I just got off the phone with one the most amazing individuals God created. My friend *Ezinne is such a wonderful person and I'm so blessed to have crossed paths with her in this life. The basic gist of our phone call was her wedding plans and her fiancé.