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Wicked Love.

That sounds like the name of a Nollywood movie I know, but it isn't. It's just something that baffles me, especially when I see comments like the one below. 

Question Of The Day.

Would you like your child to marry someone like you?

Would you, bearing in mind your character, your lifestyle, your experiences, your attitude, your mannerisms, your temperaments, your attitude towards other people, your attitude towards life, your weaknesses, your strengths, your body count, your treatment towards others, the way others see you, your flaws etc
Honest answers only please

Blog Reader Asks...

Please blog readers i have a question and i'd appreciate your answer. whats your opinion on marrying a guy that is like two years younger than d lady? am 29 and he's 27, we're very much in love with each other. families and friends are aware of the r/ship(met both parties) though no formal engagement yet. we both have very good jobs n talking future, we spend hols n every possible time together. 
    He's asking for time, say 2 more years to get certain things in place though we have been dating for over 3years. What's your honest take on this? Is it okay to wait, not that i have a plan B infact i dont give other men attention. What if something happens along the line n we break up or after 2years he asks for further time cos stories i hear these days scares me before I'd come here and write an epistle of stories that touch.... thank you

Genevieve vs Omotola Ratings. (Yours, Charles Novia's & Mine)

I've rated both Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde  in the past but both with different celebrities and never with each other. Of course it occurred to me to pair them with each other and do a rating but I didn't want to fan the flames of rumoured discord between the two ladies. However these pictures above prove that they're likely to be just that; rumours.

It's almost impossible not to pair the two women at the top of an industry, two legends in the making, two top A listers. So I'm going to do a rating for both, and include Charles Novia's comparison of both's Acting below. I hope you hear your own opinions. 
I'm going to rate them in terms of Beauty, Red Carpet Elegance, Casual Chic, Beauty Sans Makeup, Star Quality, Sex Appeal, Diction, Intellect, Likability, Bangin' Bodies, Longevity (likely to last long in the industry) and finally Acting Ability. I'm rating them on a scale of 1 to 10. And this rating is my personal opinion of bot…

Yay or Nay?

Scream Yay! If you did so this morning.  Say Nay. if you woke up beside someone but they ain't the love of your life Shout Amen! if you're single and hopeful like me.  Sigh Lord Have Mercy On Me if you woke up beside the love of someone else's life.  Smile if you're not single yet you woke up alone. It's all a matter of time...

Dear Thelma... ("What Should I do?" Confused Blog Reader Asks)

Dear Thelma,

I need advice. Can you post this for the blog readers to help me with their views on what they think of my situation?
I’m a 29 year-old single mum whose kid is 6 months old (I was not married). My ex and I broke up when I was 2 months pregnant after I found out I had been his side chick all along and he was getting married to someone else. I have forgiven him and I’m happily raising my baby with no input from him. I have a comfortable job, nice car and apartment; in fact I’m doing extremely well financially.

Phransea's Beautiful Message To Hubby on 1yr WA and His Birthday!

Yesterday the 28th of September was Phransea and Hubby's one year Wedding Anniversary and today he turns a year older. She has penned a beautiful heartfelt message for and to him. 

I'm not about to write flowery words that means nothing to me I'll just speak from my heart like Thelms suggested. One thing I know I asked God for is to give me someone I can be myself with totally and He gave me. My snugglebear (from here on we shall refer to DH as such) you have been everything and more to me. You are my Adam, my strength, my confidant and my best friend. With you I can laugh with abandon and not worry that I might look like a goat in labour while at it, I can cry and show you how totally weak I truly am even though I put up a brave face and smile to the world at all times. You have been a blessing to me sometimes it feels like a dream, who would have thought that I would meet and marry someone who's so dedicated to me, loves me completely and would go out of his way to m…

Most Valuable Marketable Skills For The Job Market

In my experience I've found that there are a lot an employer looks for in a prospective employee. While it is imperative that students focus of graduating with the best grades possible while in school, as this might be the first thing an employer enquires after, when one crosses that hurdle there are certain other, probably more fundamental qualities that an employer regards as more important. But before we get to this, we must first pay some attention to the Résumé

19yr old Girl Pregnant For Security Man. Who's To Blame?

Crushes, Positions and Lessons.

So I told you guys about a blog reader who's also a friend who has this church crush that had more or less taken over all her thoughts in every waking hour of the day. I even did a post for her when emotions wouldn't allow her to pen down her emotions in her own words. 
My dear sister stayed crushing and waiting for the day that the handsome young man will look her way. I told you guys he's single and always comes to church alone, as he's been doing for over a year now. Today my sister decided to be proactive and walk pass where he usually sits and maybe give a little smile, make a little eye contact, initiate a little flirting... You know the drill. 

Morning Glory.

Yes guys, still very spotless. A clean slate. A blank canvass. So don't let the ugliness of the past define the look of the future. What's even better? It's still spotless! Be inspired knowing that your tomorrow could be much better than your yesterday. But also bear in mind that most of this is in your own hands. 

Good morning guys! I don't know how the last week was for you but I'm hoping this coming one would be much better. 
Have an awesome one people!

*Strolling By...*

When you ask they'll say you worry too much and even call you paranoid.  Your instincts tell you something is up but they'll deny and deny and laugh so loud you  begin to question your sanity and doubt your instincts  So you'll calm down and relax, after all they told you not to worry about her/him.  Then they start acting funny and stop taking your calls.  They're not calling back either and they even change the locks  But they'll say it's just for security reasons Before you know it bae tells you this sh*t ain't werkin no more And says bye bye.  Two months later you see them making out at the mall You'd be like Wait, WHAT???

And on that note I say goodnight y'all.

A Thread For Dreams. Yours, Mine, Ours...

While sometimes some dreams have meanings and are revelations, other times I think they're just something to keep my easily bored mind entertained while I'm asleep. Last night was one of those nights, and here's how it went (the parts I remember). 
So this first part was all about Yvonne Nelson.

The Abusive Wife & The Proud Lover.

You hear about domestic violence and what immediately comes to mind is the image of an agitated man, nostrils flaring, hands thrashing wildly about as he hits his woman in any available parts of her body, we never imagine that it could be the woman. 

Ciara Returned $500K Engagement Ring. What Would You Do?

Father please forgive me for having an opinion on someone else's SO when I don't even have S  talkless of O. But I always just felt Ciara was settling, with Future. I mean, YOU ARE CIARA bae! It's like you don't know who you are... I always imagined her with some Prince Charming kind of fellow, you know, someone like Justin Timberlake or Tyler Perry or maybe Taye Diggs and not Future. Future... Not like I have anything against him but...

Doing The Wrong Thing For The Right Reason

Hey guys, let me start by apologizing for my absence all day. I had things I needed to do for my family and I'm presently at the airport awaiting an arrival. Seeing as I might be here for an hour or so I thought to check in, and I was alarmed by the comments on Last Man Standing, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to monitor and delete comments but I hope you had fun. 
Also pleeeeeeeeeeeeease I will get to my mails soon... Lord! I'm so scattered at the moment, forgive me. 

Following a comment someone made here earlier in the week I remembered something that happened a while back which everyone seemed to have opposing views on. 


Suddenly I started getting texts and calls asking me if I'd heard about the rumored cracks in Tiwa and Teebillz' marriage and at first I wondered why people start malicious rumours for no reason at all. Then a close friend calls and squeals have you heard that Tiwa and Teebillz are getting a divorce?!! I used the word "squeal" because she sounded positively delighted, but in a few seconds she sobered up and empathized with the couple. 

Last Man Standing!

Hello guys

Happy Birthday to Adebimpe Momoh!

Blog reader Adeola Momoh sure has sisters in abundance. Adebimpe aka Queen Bee is one of Adeola Momoh's sisters and today she's a year older. 
We're wishing the beautiful lady a very happy birthday and the best that life has to offer. God bless you sweets. Have a blast!

PURGATORIAL. - By Ogenna Chimezie Nwodo

Adego  strolled to St. Mulumba’s Chaplaincy like other penitents on the evening of a certain June Wednesday. The erstwhile gloomy cloud had emptied itself of the content it was pregnant with, making it appear pellucid; as if one couldsee the happenings in heaven if one could exert more effort at peering through it. Her Catholic background notwithstanding, she had abusively flouted most of the teachings of the Catholic Cathechism; or possibly has little or no memory of them any longer. Amongst those litany of teachings is: “You must confess your sins at least once a year, especially at Easter”. She has a faint memory of the slightest obeisance to this rule after she received her first Holy Communion and subsequent Confirmation. She could still hear the voice of Bishop Gbuji as it vibrated through the speaker affixed to the walls inside the church as he addressed the new communicants. “You all look like angels”, he said, with a calm smile. “Immaculate. Taintless. You are now newbeings in…

Blog Reader Needs Your Urgent Advise. (Should She Act On Her Dreams?)

Thelma pls turn tis into a post ASAP. My dreams always come true, and i had a terrible one last nite of where i caught my hasband cheating. I confronted one of his male friends in d dream and he confirmed it. Biko should i act on my dream, or neglect it as one of those things because I'm quickly losing my mind.


In this social media age it's so easy to sit in one's room and feel somewhat drowned by discontent. For me, sometimes I get on Facebook or Instagram and I leave feeling like life is just not fair! Others are LIVING life and I'm here doing what? I see pictures of old classmates and friends in all the exotic locations of the world. For some; Paris today, Tokyo next week, Italy next month and Greece the month after. I see some perpetually clad in the latest fashion, clutching the most expensive designer bags and wearing the maddest shoes. Some are living the champagne life because life is just so good, work pays in a month what their parents only dreamed of making in a year or two. Then those with not only the attractive spouse, but the cute as a button kids and of course the luxurious lifestyle; boat cruises on foreign waters, private jets and anything else they freaking want!
It's so easy to forget how immensely blessed one is when we're looking at and comparing ours…

Blog Reader Asks.(Does Candy Taste The Same When The Wrap Is On?)

This post might contain adult content. 

Thelma Asks...

I'm going to ask all you single people in the house one of  my least favorite questions and I expect answers!

And I'm asking both the ladies and the gents; one reason (at least) why you're still single? Single as in not in a relationship or not married. 

I'll answer first.

Kate Henshaw Tweets.

OMG! This woman just read my mind. I actually had to yell at someone recently; do you think I don't have problems of my own? Where do you think I get money from? Am I your parent? Don't you know I'm also looking for someone to dash me money?
People who do this are the absolute worst! Nobody owes you sh*t, so be sensible enough to ASK politely and when they tell you no, please be graceful enough to accept that NO means NO. 

The Things We Can't Let Go Of...

I just read somewhere that today is World Peace Day and people were urged to spread love and be at peace with those around them. It's so easy to pray for and preach world peace and all that but let's make things personal; can you make peace with everyone around you, even the ones who have so terribly hurt you and betrayed your trust? 


Good morning guys!

How Do They Do It? (Random Musings...)

After years of wondering and getting no satisfactory answers, tonight I wonder aloud.

"The Nigerian Woman Is Nothing Except She Be Married"- Joy Isi Bewaji

Doesn't it amaze you that no matter how much this topic is iterated somehow it's just never over-flogged? Well the way I see it it won't be until something changes. I enjoy reading Joy Isi Bewaji's articles. I may not agree with all her points of view or opinions but she's an extremely witty woman who tells it as it is and pulls no punches, hey, besides she doesn't care if (I) do or not. Enjoy!

"The Nigerian woman is a peculiar being…
To be a Nigerian woman, you can’t get too angry. You’ll never be able to get rid of that label no matter how many smiles and triumphs follow after that one time you matched a subordinate’s disrespect word-for-word once you got fed up of hearing him say, “I have a wife like you at home, you know!”

Love, Marriage & The Baby Carriage...

Is that all there is to life for a woman?

Blog Reader Asks... (On Lovers & Friends).

Thelma I have a colleague who I'm very close to. She's in a relationship but I'm single right now. I'm very close to this colleague of mine, we're so close that we talk about everything, we play, we gist, we have pet names for each other, we tease each other and can even be rude without anyone taking offense. We've worked together for about one year and in all this time even when things aren't going too good either of us or someone is facing one challenge or the other we've never quarelled or fought. What I want to ask is, why can't relationships be like this?

Where Are You Going?

Chain Reaction. (Last Wednesday's Hunk)

I told y'all about le hunk I met during midweek service last Wednesday. So yes we exchanged numbers and all of that. I got weird vibes from the minute he asked if I cook but I shrugged them off, after all I'd been ticking my own boxes too. 
Yeah well things didn't get much better. 

Epic Wedding Proposal; Charming & Austin (Photos)

I must be in one of those moods today. I'm not one to fawn over wedding proposals but this got me going awwww. 

Austin proposed to Charming after arranging a stop and search on the road. As she looked downcast, he urged her to look up where a billboard was showing her photos, her family and friends from Lagos emerged, a table was set up outside where he dropped down on one knee, a 5 man orchestra appeared … the rest – history!

A Beautiful Piece on Pregnancy, By Rose Peter Graham

Rose Peter Graham used to work with NTA before she found love in the UK and relocated.
She has a son...recently born but her journey from conception till the birth of her son has left her in awe of God's love

I sometimes feels like I'm surrounded by pregnancy, my closest friend is presently pregnant with her second child as is another blog reader who's dear to me, we've got a lot of pregnant blog readers, I've got friends and colleagues still trying to conceive years after the wedding, those who do conceive but so far have the babies are yet to stay to term, those who are pregnant by men they wish were never born and those single mamas out there. Someone very dear to me recently became a single mother and I've got a number of friends that are single mums, one of our very own readers used to be one but she's in the process of getting hitched right now. 
I join my voice with Mrs Graham's; you truly are Beautiful, Conquering Daughters. God bless you all!


8 Times When Being Single Sucks!

I'm content with being single, maybe a bit too content... and maybe you are too. But we're just going to have to be honest and admit that there are those moments that being single completely sucks!
These are my 8 "Being Single Sucks" moments. 

Hottie Of The Day- Uyi Omoruyi

Just when I was thinking we needed to start Beauty of The Day and Hottie of The Day again but just not having the energy to broach the topic, this handsome chap sends me his pictures knowing fully well that he deserves to be our Hottie of The Day. 
Uyi is very passionate about filmmaking and belongs to the Cinematography profession, he's also a very gifted dancer. 
More pictures below. 

Uyi and his beautiful Mama!

TTB readers we need to get this show on the road. A lot of you send me your pictures so I know for a fact that we've got some extremely beautiful bombshells and a number of hot guys right here on the blog. I shouldn't be the only one privileged to see how gorgeous you are, let's share with others ok?
Who's or next Beauty and Hottie of the Day?