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Just dropped by to say hello & goodnight. Forgot my device in someone's car and didn't get it till a few minutes ago. I hope y'all had a swell day. 
Speaking of hitting or not hitting the clubs, I think I need to revamp/resuscitate/restore/retrieve/resurrect/repossess my social life. I mean... I'm not married, got no kids or hubby keeping me tied to anything, I'm completely healthy and I could do with new friends, new toasters and new contacts... It's about time I throw off the duvet and get back out there. 
But err, we're not starting tonight. 
I missed y'all btw *sobssss*. 

Open Keypad #Current Situation.

Hey guys, I'm heading oooouuuuttttttt! Thought I should drop by and check in on y'all first. So who's home? Lemme confess I wanted to do one last post and then decided to do this instead, for my own selfish gains. Hehehe (I hate this 'hehehe' thingy, any alternative?)

"African Men Love Fleshy Women". Reality Or Myth? (Weight-Gain TipsUrgently Needed)

With no offense to anyone.. T can we have a post on how to put on weight pls? This may be hard to believe but there are actually people having sleepless nights over this. We may belong to the minority but it still remains a cause for concern, especially when it involves one's self esteem which isn't helped any by the "African man's love for fleshy women" theory. It's fast becoming an obsession for me and I worry everyday all day, which in turn isn't helping my struggle to gain some weight any.

Blast That Belly Fat! - Blog Reader HSF Shares Tips.

Ok for starters I think I am in a good position to advise.I am a regular UK size 8 and honestly I have to say I've got good genes because I am as laZy as #$%^ I do not gym, no exercise nothing.

I recently came back from a vacation looking like I was 4 months pregnant no kidding.
about a month later, even though I haven't achived my 6 pack back, however at least I have 90% of my flat belly back. What did I do?

"I Never Want To Walk My Mother's Path"

"Like my mother has been singing in my ears these last months, “do not look at the physical, my dear daughter. Find a man with good character and after God’s heart.” My mother married the tall, handsome, lightskin attorney from the US.

Thelma Asks

Guys write the very FIRST answer that came to your mind. Be honest. 

Hilarious. These Are The Dumbest Tweets You'll Probably See All Year!

If you don't feel very smart you need to see these, I assure you you'll feel very good about yourself. 

Andbuildadacord? I haff died.

Lessons I Learnt From a Brutal Teacher.

Ok guys, it's no news that experience teaches us lessons the way no one/nothing else can. I can attest to this because there are certain life lessons I have learnt that only experience could have taught me. I'll share a few of them with you;

You're Not a Wife Till You're a Wife. (10 Things Not To Do For Him TillThen).

10 'Wife' duties avoid with your boyfriend. For those who don't already know....

Ladies Lose Your Potbellies. There Are Only 2 Men To 7 Women in Lagos!

A few weeks ago I attended an event with my friend and her mum. When we returned her mum did something really nice for me so the next day I called her to say thanks. I wasn't expecting what followed; she immediately shrugged off the thanks and told me I'm her daughter so anything she does for me is only normal. Then she said she had something more important to discuss with me. I'll paraphrase; "Nwando you know you're my daughter and I cannot lie to you, you need to do something about your weight. I know you've made efforts but I think now you need to start praying about it. Tell God you need his grace to stay disciplined, just tell Him and you will be surprised. Because you see, girls are not smiling these days o! You're still single and you know young men of these days don't really like fat girls. So..." She talked for almost ten minutes but I'll not bore you with the rest of it. When I saw this Instagram post below I immediately remembered t…

The Imposition Of Sexual Awareness On Children. (Cartoon Network AirsGay Couple)

For someone who's yet to be a mum I sure worry a lot about our children. Last month I did a post on the Sexualization of kids , this post isn't necessarily about the sexualization of children but the imposition of sexual-awareness on them. I might be wrong but I think children are children and ought to be allowed to be children for as long as they possibly can. Probably until they become preteens or teenagers.

I spend a lot of time watching Cartoon Network (against my will, but I don't think my 6 yr old nephew has any business watching the programs that I watch, so it's either CN, Boomerang, Disney Junior, JimJam or Nickelodeon once we're watching TV together) and I couldn't help but notice and be bothered about the kind of shows they air these days. One of my concerns with some shows being aired on CN is that they in no way educate or teach a child morals or moral values, and that's not even a problem as TV is designed more for entertainment than educatio…

Actress Omoni Oboli & Hubby Celebrate 14th Anniversary With Fun&Romance

Yesterday Omoni Oboli and her hubby Nnamdi, a couple I'm a huge fan of, celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. To mark the special day the love-struck couple went on a date where they had a healthy dinner, took a romantic stroll and indulged in some Cold Stone ice cream afterwards.  And then.... She donned that hot pink lingerie that she got just for the special occasion. LOL.  #inlovewithlove

Actress Brazenly Reveals How Bill Cosby Allegedly Raped Her Repeatedlyfor Years

I've been hearing quite a lot about Bill Cosby allegedly being a rapist for some weeks now, but like a kid who is bent on believing in the existence of a kind grandfatherly Santa Clause I shut my ears to the rumours, in denial. Today however, a revealing article of Barbarra Bowman who says that when she was a teenager, she was emotionally and sexually abused by the TV legend Bill Cosby, has been published by the Daily Mail. It's lengthy but oh so scandalous, very shocking and revealing. I look forward to hearing Bill Cosby's side of the (numerous) stories.

When comedian Hannibal Buress delivered his recent merciless tongue-lashing at Bill Cosby, calling him a serial 'rapist', there was one woman who was paying particularly close attention. And now, in a new shocking interview with MailOnline, the woman, Barbara Bowman says when she was a teenager, she was emotionally and sexually abused by TV legend Bill Cosby.

Body-Count. How High is Too High?

Pls kindly do a post on body count, like when is the number too high? I promised myself I won't exceed 1, then broke up, dated, had a series of other heartbreaks and just last week I had a rebound 6, and I have been feeling very bad about it. I'm 25 btw. Pls what number in your opinion is  too much for a lady before she gets married. I await your reply/post.

Smart Money With Arese: Nigerian Women & Money (For The Stay-at-homeMum)

My friend Oyinda once said that in Nigeria, when it comes to managing their finances, most women are raised to go from depending on their fathers to depending on their husbands. I found this quite profound as it meant that in most households, men are taught to hustle hard but women are taught to marry well. This is essentially what Chimamanda Adichie was saying in her TED talk. However, in modern day Nigeria, if a woman isn’t smart about her money, any sudden life changes could mean an inability to adapt quickly. Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable financially when it comes to divorce, death of a husband or loss of a husband’s income. I’ll never forget the numerous stories growing up about women with several children who lost their husbands to sudden illness, accidents or other women. ‘Poor woman her husband’s relatives didn’t even wait till his body was cold in the ground before they threw her out of her home, because their brother’s property was now theirs’. ‘Did you hear that Mrs.…

Do You Agree?

A lady dated and got engaged to a man who got her pregnant and cheated on her while pregnant. She broke up with him a few months after she had the baby because of his infidelity.

Dear Issy, I don't Hate You, But...

She said I was very unfriendly, and whenever she saw me I always had a scowl on my face, I never said hi or tried to be polite. She said I hated her. I said she was younger than me, I shouldn't be the one doing the greetings, shouldn't be the one making the efforts. Besides the way I saw it she should be the one sucking up to me. 
For months we'd see but not say a word. Sometimes we'd nod coldly towards each other in greeting. Everyone said I treated her like I hate her. I didn't hate her, I just wasn't fond of her. In fact I wanted her out of the picture. 

Yay or Nay to This Dad?

We'll vote on something below, but first... Any thoughts on this?

Blog Reader Asks...

Plz can we discuss this on the blog.

Thelma's Midday Makeover!

So this lady asked for this and I had a little time on my hands so...

How Adventurous Are You?

I just love taking fun quizzes so when I saw this on .weddingdigestnaija I just had to take the quiz and share with you guys!
Are You Adventurous?
Take the quiz below and find out if you are game or tame. Sorry guys, it seems this is just for the ladies.

Uneasy Like Monday Morning

Good morning guys. The past few days/weeks have been less than perfect and I've been dealing with stuff that's got me unable to sleep at night and waking up hours before I should. Stuff beyond my control. I really need the grace and strength not to stress, to say Jesus take the wheel and completely hand it over to Him. Why do I ask Him to take the wheel yet still wrest control?
Have you ever asked yourself that? We pray to God, we pray because we have faith, because we believe. We hand everything over to Him and ask Him to take control. Yet, we don't really. I woke up this morning and the first words that formed in my head were "Jesus take the wheel". Then as I got up to say my prayers it dawned on me; two drivers cannot drive a car at the same time, two drivers cannot control one steering. One must drive and the other take the passenger's seat. I've been asking God to take the wheel yet I've refused to let go of the steering. How then do I expect no…

What Am I?

Hey guys, it's game time. The questions may seem naughty but the answers may not all be. 
Ready to task your brains? Anyone who gets all 6 answers correct (or the person with the most correct answers) gets something free from me tomorrow evening; 1k airtime or a hug or a phone call made by me to your crush telling them how awesome you are or just a simple prayer. LOL. That one person would be random. 
Let's get to it!

Ladies & Gentlemen, What Would You Do If...

"It was a proof of love" he said. But he looks pretty pissed off to me. LOL. 
Question below:

Live a Little. Laugh Out Loud!

Good morning guys! 

Dear Thelma... (I'm in love With My Friend's Man and It's Her Fault).

Good morning T. Let me start from the beginning. My friend's fiancé moved to my city last year and since then she comes to visit every other month. The second time she came to town she asked me to come and stay with her in his place as he goes to work during the day and that's how I started spending time there. He is a very nice guy and we all got along very well. When my friend left I went back to my house. Next thing I know she started asking me to go and keep him company when she's away, or to escort him to places because he doesn't know his way around. If he wants to go and hang out she'll beg me to go with him because he doesn't have friends in town and because she doesn't want him to start chasing other girls or vice versa.

In Defense Of Those Who Live Fake Lives...

I read Sika Osei's post on Bella Naija yesterday. In the article, she wrote about how she accompanied her Flatmate for a company event at one of the big hotels on the Island and at the gate they were rudely interrogated by the security, who asked what business they had there in a way that suggested they were there for the sole purpose of servicing a man for money. She also included that they were in a taxi. In the comment section someone said something interesting; it's more likely that they received that shabby treatment because they were in a taxi and not because they were two young ladies who visited the hotel alone, chances are that if they rode in in a Range Rover or CRV even the reception would have been much warmer. 


Ladies build your dream man with just $10!

29 Things Everyone With a Vagina Should Know

Warning: this post contains some pretty cool yet NSFW illustrations of the vagina. 

Source: Buzzfeed 1. The clitoris is not a button — it’s more like a wishbone.
When most people think of the clitoris, they think of the small visible part. But research indicates that it actually has branches that extend down underneath the skin, along either side of the vulva, kind of in a wishbone shape. “These branches can potentially be stimulated from the outside,” Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., associate professor at Indiana University and author of The Coregasm Workout (Seal Press, 2015), told BuzzFeed Life. GOOD TO KNOW.


Goodnight guys! 
Yeah I also need a favour. Please visit my Facebook page and like my comment for Thanks a lot.

Is She Asking For Too Much?

In a conversation, a man asked a woman he was pursing this question: “What kind of a man are you looking for?” She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye and asking, “Do you really want to know?” Reluctantly, he said, Yes. She began to expound…

Did Heartbreak Lead This Lady To 7 Days of Binge-Eating at KFC?

"A Chinese woman spent an entire week in a KFC eating fries and chicken wings after being dumped by her boyfriend. She said her apartment had too many memories of him and also, she ‘needed time to think’."
When I saw this on romancemeetslife  the first thing that flashed through my mind was something I saw two weeks ago when Sasha Bone and I went for ice cream at Cold Stone. So this young lady, obviously just back from work as she was still in her work clothes and shoes, came and bought the biggest cup of ice cream with toppings and a brownie and also bought a large box of pizza and set them in front of her. Absentmindedly I noticed her but expected that she must be waiting for someone, or people. It was after about thirty minutes when I realized that she was still alone I took a closer look and watched her. This girl, a pretty petite size 8 of about 5.4" sat down and downed one large box of pizza (at least 8 slices) and the biggest cup of ice cream ALONE! 

Sample CV & Cover Letter, Plus Book On Answering Tough InterviewQuestions.

Guys, I'm so sorry you're being asked to prove you're not a robot before you can comment. It's not my doing, it's blogger and I noticed it's not this blog alone. I'm trying to do something about it, but in the meantime bear with me and keep those comments coming! Another alternative is to comment with a Gmail/blogger account or with a name.   ***
Yesterday blog reader Dammie sent me a CV template and a book on how to answer tough interview questions. The book is in PDF form. Any interested person should mail me and I'll send it to you. This is what it's table of contents looks like. 

Also another blog reader Shamsiyya sent me samples of a well-written CV and Cover Letter, just to add to what FNLP said and to assist anyone in need of clarification. She also says to remind applicants to accompany their CVs with a cover letter. 
See below. 

Let's Play a Game.

Anyone who gets every one correct gets a gift from me. *Big Grin*

Just a Little TD Jakes' Message.

My purpose is indeed greater than my pain. 
Good morning world. Live on PURPOSE!

I've Seen... Loneliness.

That soul crushing feeling, that smothering feeling of aloneness where you feel like the life is being sucked out of you as a thick blanket hovers over you and presses you down to the ground, that feeling of loneliness where you feel both alone and lonely, little, insignificant, irrelevant, like nothing. Like you matter to no one, like no one cares, or understands. That kind of loneliness. 
And it was this feeling of loneliness that partly made me question my existence. It was this feeling of loneliness that drove me to the wall. It was this feeling of loneliness that I felt the night I walked into the kitchen and saw bottles of vodka, brandy and rum. On any other day that might have been a welcome sight but on that night in a moment of minor clarity I knew that the pain would be dulled only for a moment, alcohol would dull that feeling of nothingness only for a moment. But only one thing would end that pain forever, and that one thing was my death. For the first time in my life I thou…

Thankful & Not-So-Thankful Thursday!

These are a list of things I'm  Thankful for: Not thankful for:

Let My Uterus Breathe- Toke Makinwa.

I'm sure I cannot imagine the pressure women go through once married. 


First off that looks like a flute underneath his shorts. 
I'm torn between thinking I'd gladly show off my stallion of a husband with a smug grin or quickly throwing a blanket over him and shooing him away...

REJOICE WITH ME, says Blog Reader Chimezie Nwodo.

On Monday, 20th day of October, 2014, at about 9:35am, I encountered a new, personal experience. This had never happened to me before- I was in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Before then, I have seen cars -or what was left of them- by the road side. They are either badly burnt, mangled beyond recognition -due to the impact of the collision, lying with their tyres in the air, or plunged into bushes or gutters. I have seen all these while seated in a vehicle speeding pass those involved in the mishap.

Plans, Plans and More Plans.

Good morning guys!
It just occurred to me that for the last few months I've had 2015 on my mind and I've been making plans. I guess it boils down to the fact that there are certain things I had thought I'd do this year that I'm yet to, so naturally it might be carried over to 2015, also I just happen to have plans, plans and more plans. LOL. They keep coming everyday. Although they're all (kind of) 2015 plans I decided to start now anyways. For those that are not within my control I've turned them over to God, and for those that my hands can do I'm getting right to them. 
Some however need to wait for 2015. For instance MY BIRTHDAY! I was telling Sasha Bone three nights ago what my plans are for my next birthday and the young lady was stunned; birthday? Next year? March? Isn't that a bit too far to start on it right now? LOL. I know, right?

That Heady Giddy Feeling Called Love!

Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn't strong enough to express how much I love you.

Foluso George & Tunde Leye’s Beautiful Wedding!

Thanks to Bella Naija Weddings we're privileged to see the beautiful wedding photos of the amazingly talented writer and blogger Tunde Leye, and his equally talented gorgeous wife Foluso. Enjoy! The Tailor & Writer who Met on Twitter … got Married! Foluso George & Tunde Leye’s Beautiful WeddingThe bride Foluso@yoursfashionably is a designer and she made all her outfits for the shoot and for her wedding including a stunning two-in-one wedding dress – a mermaid gown with a tulle pink skirt for a ball gown effect. The groom Tunde is a writer – he writes fiction on his, and has a self-published novel, Golden Sands. He also sings. The creative couple met on Twitter and it’s been “happily ever after” since .

Nigerians And What We Wouldn't Do To Have a "Society" Wedding.

Last week I had this conversation with someone who admitted to me how broke he was after his wedding. He said he could barely afford to fuel his car, which he almost had to sell by the way, because he had emptied his entire savings, plus incurred debts from friends and associates left, right and centre just so that he could have a "nice" wedding. 
Then on the news this morning was the man who was caught by NDLEA smuggling one kg of substance suspected to be methamphetamine. Remorseful, he said he has always been a hardworking man but the pressure to perform his marriage ceremony by December led him to commit that crime.