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Dear Bimbo, Please Pay Me Back My Money.

Bimbo in 2013 you started hounding me to buy Forever Living Clean 9 product from you. Everyday on bbm you'd send me before and after pictures showing extreme before and after weight loss of people you swore were your clients and had used the product. It sounded like a load of crap to me, the program was just for 9 days, how could they have lost all that weight in just 9 DAYS but you swore it was real *rme*. 

After constant pressure from you I did a blog post asking my readers if anyone had heard about or used the product and if they can verify it's effectiveness. Most said they hadn't, others said it didn't work and I should lose weight the natural way. 

I decided to take it a bit further and do some online research. I learnt that it's just a detoxifying product and all the people that had used it said they lost at most two inches off their waists or bellies. I told you this Bimbo but you assured me that they were wrong, they most likely didn't do the program the proper way and that you would teach me how to use it so that it can produce the kind of results you often showed me in the before and after pictures. 

It took me months to become convinced, mainly because I was not bouyant at the time and I did not want to throw 20,000 naira on something that wouldn't work. 

Still the pressure and constant badgering came from you. At some point you even wanted to register me as a distributor and I had to ask you not to. It was all sweet talk, pestering and reassurances from you Bimbo, until the moment I paid the 20k and you got the alert. 

I remember how a few days before I paid you someone told me that the same Clean 9 was going for about 4k less than what you were selling, in online stores. I checked our on lines stores and truly their price was much cheaper than yours, also I'd used them before and I knew they were reliable. BUT no, I'd promised Abimbola I would buy from her, she's a friend and I'd given her my word. I paid the money into your account regardless and you had promised I would get it that day. 

You never called or pinged to ask if it was delivered to me. I asked that it be delivered to the office in Victoria Island which is very easy to find, much easier than my house, which was why I gave that address in the first place. For three consecutive days I'd sit outside after hours waiting for something that never came. On the second day Bimbo I pinged you to ask you about it and you flippantly said that you didn't know and informed me that you would be traveling out that night. Huh? Then I tried calling your phone and it was off. It stayed off for weeks. 

In those weeks, Bimbo you never once pinged or called to ask if I got the product. You who had assured me that you would educate me on how to use it to get the best results, you never bothered to do that. FOREVER LIVING is this the kind of distributors you have, is it always just about money?

When you returned back to the country about two months later, you didn't bother to reach out or even ask if the product worked. No, because that didn't matter, all that mattered was that I paid you for it. 

This was probably in October 2014. I'd taken to calling your phone about once every week and it was always off, but the day it rang I was glad that you were back so that you could tell me why I didn't receive the product and more importantly return my money to me. I was going to ask you for my money immediately but when I spoke to you, I couldn't, you were after all my friend.

You said you would call me back, you needed to call the office and find out what happened, you said you would have them deliver it to me immediately and I should send the address again. Three days later and still no delivery I got really upset and this time around I asked for a refund. 

Bimbo you blatantly refused to pay me back my money. Between October 2014 and now you NEVER called me even ONE time to explain or apologize. It's always I who has had to call and say Abimbola please pay be back my money. I paid in full for a product I never received and I want my money back! You would give flimsy excuses of how you hadn't been paid for months and then you would swear that you didn't have a kobo to your name. 

I found that funny because 
1. You work in the Judiciary and you're paid very reasonably, as a lawyer who was called a number of years ago. 
2. Your father, who you still live with and who is very responsible for you is a senior staff of the Judiciary and is very very comfortable. 
3. You have a number of businesses that you're doing besides your day job and your Forever Living business.

Still, I played the understanding friend. Occasionally I would say "Ok Bimbo. Please when you have the money remember to pay me back". I sent very nice texts saying I understood and even empathized with you. You claimed that the money I payed was for Forever Living and you couldn't refund my money until you were able to sell another one or something ridiculous like that. 

Bimbo since October 2014 I have begged, pleaded, asked, called, text, appealed for my money. All to no avail. Initially you used to respond and ask for more time. In December you took to completely ignoring my calls and my texts. 

Now here's the thing. Abimbola twenty thousand naira (20,000) cannot make much difference in anybody's life, but YOU must pay me back my money because the attitude you have displayed from the moment I started asking you for it, nay, from the moment I paid you, is just unbelievable. You've been irresponsible and dishonest. From the moment you got the alert I could go to hell for all you cared. Madam you had promised to walk me through it, promised to educate me on how to use it, promised to follow my progress and keep me informed, yet the minute I paid you I stopped hearing from you. YOU the same person who would send questionable before and after photos to my phone, you never even called to ask if I received the product. 

Yesterday morning I sent you messages, probably the 6th or 7th this year alone, and I informed you that if I didn't get an alert by 10am I would post this. I told you I would include your phone numbers and other personal details about you. I would also include your full name and your pictures. 

BUT you used to be a very good friend of mine and I would not do that, YET. I'm asking again, PLEASE Bimbo pay me my money today. I have sent you my account details severally. If you don't have the details anymore, please let me know and I'll send it to you again. 

Thanks a lot. 

PS; I also said I would copy Forever Living on social network. If I don't get my money I would have to explore the legal implication of this; are distributors employees of the company? If so then the company is vicariously liable and I could make you both parties to a law suit. And of course we both know that 20,000 naira is not what I will be praying to the court for. Yes, that's how angered I am by your insouciant behavior Abimbola. 

PPS. While I may not have evidence of payment as it was an online transfer, I have the records and chats from the time I paid you, and you acknowledged receipt, and every other thing that has followed till date. Twenty thousand naira really isn't worth all this stress, but it's the principle in the thing that matters here, so I'm willing to go through the stress. 


  1. Please you have every right to your money,it was hard earned,some people have little or no conscience dats why I prefer going to a shop or market to buy things with evidence of payment. There is no friendship in business.

  2. Wish u put her number here. I love making prank
    Well,as a friend,il just share this across social media networks too. Hopefully,she or/and Forever get to see this!

  3. A *friend* of mine owed me N70,000 for the most part of 2012, and anytime I called he wouldn't pick, neither did he reply my numerous text messages. When he did pick his calls (which was during blue moons) he would deviate entirely from the money issue and even have the guts to ask for recharge card. January 01, 2013 (a blue moon day) he called to wish me a happy new year. I bluntly told him if he wasn't ready to pay me my money, whether in full or by installments, he better cease any kind of communication between us. I hung up. Exactly 2 years and 19 days later, I've not heard from him or anything about him.

    Dear Thelma, it hurts a lot. I've been there many times, and like you rightly said, it's not about how much, but the principle of transaction. Sorry dear, as painful as it is, that money is gone. Such people exist a lot in close proximity and it's extremely painful when it's a so called friend. Just take your mind of it. It'll take you a long time to get over the hurt, but start right now to move on. It took me close to 2 years. Right now I could care less, and I'm happy that way. Friends...smh. Stay blessed T

  4. Haaaa. Thelma so you can vex like this? Interesting.

  5. Mtchwwwwwww why wont she vex? Its annoying its painful...e dey make person head I speak I did a Voice over job (I am a VOICE OVER ARTIST) for a Church member for his jingle that went on national radio, I did and redid the thing, delivered to him and even as | type he is still owing me 25k and d man still dey come church o...he dey comment on my facebk posts o...he dey even advice me sef! people hen! my fiance just tell me make I forget d money.....e pain meeee....Thelma pls try calm so dem dey...but if you can pls get your money back and if you cant, at least you know how many friends you trully have ...sorry but I had to say that....#JoyDaNuGirl

  6. Thelma, sorry o, but ur friend Bimbo is a thief. You are a good person, some other person would have put up her pix and full details.
    I hope she pays u back ur money. Some people are not worth to be friends with.

  7. Thelma you can get evidence of payment for online transfers in form of a reference number. Just search for the transaction on your internet banking platform.

  8. as in ehn! daylight robbery!

  9. LOL.
    Bimbo pay us our money back! Stop being a thief! OLE!

  10. The pain when you trust someone wholeheartedly and let go of funds only to find out that they have allowed the devil to use them.

    I remember two very painful episodes, the first one was a "friend" asking me to lend her money as she had some major family issues and hadn't even eaten for days. Since I can't bear to see someone in need, I speedily lent her the cash only for me to hear that she'd relocated, all attempts to reach her proved futile till date.

    The second one was standing surety for someone who blatantly refused to pay back her creditors as in her words "People owe banks 10 million and they sleep peacefully at night, Please tell them (the company) to leave me alone". This was after she managed to pick my calls, I'd called and called to inform her that her creditors were harassing me and calling me at ungodly hours. I ended up paying back for something I knew nothing about.

    Some "friends" are from the deepest parts of hell.

  11. A young guy called me one morning and claimed he was ill and needed me to lend him 15k to seek medical attention. I had to forget the money after some attempts at recovery.

    Some people are just terrible.

    I would advise you forget the money; lesson learned, move on but then, you have a valid point for pursuing it, therefore, please do all you rightly can to get back your money.


  12. People can be heartless thou,how can someone do this to a friend
    Bimbo should just pay the money and Thelma you have every right to be this mad

  13. Thelma Nwando, please COLLECT your money. It's not the amount that matters but the principle of accountability.

    There's no family, familiarity or friend in business. How some can own others and feel comfortable about it is what baffles me.

    The Bible says "Do not owe people anything, except always owe love to each other" - Romans 13:8.

    Anyone who owns is opening doors for devourer. Devourer will come and collect more than the debt.

  14. My mom has taught me not to lend anyone anything i cant forget about(carry eye commot without blinking).... People are bad sha!

    1. Kabuoy, I learnt same from my Dad as well.

    2. Exactly! I learnt same from a friend.

  15. Human beings can be really ridiculous!

  16. I cant even publicly say how much i am owed by people. If i collected all the money, i would have completed the money to open my nursery. I told someone i would swear for his future generations, if he didnt leave me alone as he wanted to be friends after not paying back a loan he cried for to complete his final law school semester in America. Since 2008, Go figure.

    Someone else her grandma was dying, she needed money to continue some surgery in America.

    These days i dont even answer calls for loans no matter how small. Neither do i borrow money from anyone but my siblings or husband. I just never have.

    i always say the God that provides for me then will provide for me again.

    Thelma i dont blame you for the approach. And you can actually pull up the online transfer receipt in your records. Also you can publish the reciept when you are ready for a bigger expose. I noticed you didnt include her last name. When you are ready, stella dimkoko publishes such, just give her all your evidence.

    1. Madam don't give wrong information here,Stella does not publish such.Have u seen anything like that on her blog?Haba!Don't say what you're not sure of.Nwando Dear,pls if u can then collect your money but just be careful.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Upload her details! Let's f**k her Some ple are strong .. Wen they owe u money they will be sleeping soundly, it's you that will be having sleepless nights !

  18. This brings back some memories... A childhood friend called me up to say she wanted gold for her wedding( I was selling back then) I travelled all the way to Kaduna to buy them and sold them as cheaply as possible to her. Meanwhile all the while her relatives were boasting about how her soon-to-be husband was well to do, a doctor with shell bla bla bla. I went to her house to deliver the gold and she promised to pay back on her wedding day which was coming up in 2 weeks time. I went for the wedding as a friend and didn't get any money from her. I shrugged it of as per wedding days are usually busy so its expected that she'll be too busy to sort out the money issue. After the wedding come and pay me my money now, no way. She moved to warri with her husband. I kept calling her and she kept lying. I have paid it in, go and check. Na so I go mumu go bank and the money won't be there. I would call again. She'll say ahn ahn so they haven't transferred the money!!?! Ok don't worry I will call them. This was like 2006 or so. Later she stopped taking my calls. She stored my mothers number that I used to call her and stopped picking that number as well. After about 5 months I woke up one morning and went to her family house in benin. I met her mum and told her my brother just came in from the uk and I have some gifts for her. I asked for her address in warri. The mom didn't know it but she gavbe me her husband number. I called the man and told him your wife is owing me for the gold you used for your wedding. He didn't respond well but I guess he called her to rant cos immediately she called me. Accusing me of trying to break her marriage. I cursed the hell out of her and told her I would continue to harass her hubby till she paid. The idiot reported me to her father and he called me to beg me to wait till month end. It was her father who eventually paid in the money that same month. In all she held my money for 6 months. She called some weeks later trying to introduce me to forever living products and I snubbed her. That's the last time we ever spoke. Silly broke ass girl rme

    1. ROTFL. Trying to break her marriage? Dear Lord!

    2. I was shocked to my marrows. I didn't know when I told her God punish you!

  19. But some people are pure evil..back in 2011,a friend called me as early as 6am in february to beg for 10k for accommodation. Seeing that he had never asked me for anything before and checking the time he called,I thought it must be so serious.

    I was in my final year and had lots to do with money but gave him the 10k on the promise that he'd pay me back in april that same year. April came,heard nothing but didn't bother him,may-october,still didn't bother him and this wicked guy never sent an sms to apologise for the delay. November came,called him,refused taking my call so,I sent him an sms but didn't reply.

    I'm friends with his sisters so,I called one of them up to ask about him(didn't tell her why) that I've been trying to reach him to no avail so,she gave me his friend's number who's also his roomie. Called the number,asked to speak with the guy,his friend gave him the phone..the moment he heard my name and voice,he ended the call and refused taking my calls. He even went as far as blocking me on Facebook. This went on till march 2012. Couldn't take it anymore so,I called his sister,told her everything but somehow,she involved their mum. Their mum called and was amazed that he could borrow money from me a student when the first thing they gave him when he was returning to school was money for accommodation.

    Anyway,she pleaded with me to be a lil patient and not involve her hubby that she'd pay me herself and she did. Till this day,he hasn't called to apologise.

    So,my dear Thelma,any way you know you can get your money back,please do oo.

  20. I devised the dash a small amount instead of lending a huge amount. Except you are my sibling or hubby, when you ask for money I dash you a fraction instead of lending the whole amount. I don't know how to ask people for stuff even if it's my own money so if you ask me for 100k i'll tell you I don't have but can afford to dash you 5k or 10k. My sister sold perfume some years back till date some ppl have not paid her and have no plans of paying. Some are well to do, working in big offices SMH. J

  21. Some people are just pure evil. I wonder how people feel when they owe others for a long period of time and sleep with their eyes closed. God is watching. If someone(i don't really trust) asks me for cash, I'd rather give a small amount I'm okay to live that whether you pay back or not, God will judge ur conscience.

  22. Hmmm Thelma my x is owing me and has refused to pay wondering if I shud go through this route

    1. Pls do,we (TTBV's) are always here...
      (pls drop his full name,phone no,and if possible his address and passport and full sized pix. Humiliation shld be fun too)

    2. Sasha how do you know "Ex" is a "He"? Lol

    3. Hehehehe,because only men can pull this stunt on their gf's. (and also because what's his is ours but what's mine is mine) #YehIKnowItsDoubleStandardsButWeAllKnowThisLifeIsUnfairToWomenSoDealWithIt

  23. Lol. This post just reminded me of how my ex took 15k from me n never gave it back 2 me
    N said its parting gift 4 leaving him . n even slapped me 4 telling him d way it is. Dat was d greatest humiliation of all times. Na me find trouble sha. Still communicating with an ex. U even know d person lol.

    1. Well it happened 3yrs ago. I v long moved on n happily married. Lollie


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