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Ladies Which Is an Absolute No-No?

Which of these can you absolutely not deal with, assuming you (God Forbid! LOL) you had to pick from this lot, which would you kick right to the curb?

A. A habitual (weed) smoker. 
B. A grown man addicted to playing video games while he allows other (more important) aspects of his life, including you, to suffer.
C. That guy TLC sang about in the song No Scrubs; Mr Eternally BROKE!
D. Legedez Benz, BRT, keke, Danfo; No car! 
E. A mummy's boy
F. Constantly get thrown in and out of jail... Mr Jailbird. 

Haha! As terrible as all these sound I think the worst turn off for me is C; always broke. I just cannot deal! I know I should say the worst turn off is Mr Jailbird, but then Mr Jailbird strikes me as someone who's on the grind, hustling to make our lives more comfortable (at least that's how I imagine it in my head...). Mr Perpetually broke has got to be the biggest turn off for me!

What about you?


  1. Mr Broke
    Mr Broker
    Mr Brokest
    These men are a No No No for me.Thank you.

  2. Mr always Broke is a No No No No

  3. Yep! Definitely the broke guy.
    Absolute No No.

  4. I can't seem to choose. No one seems better in any way. I tried but I just can't....

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Emi gan gamer, so we good to go... therefore a no no for me issssss, kai! its tough ooo. always broke = no car. sooooo, cant choose jare.

  7. Why all these pathetic options? You could have put gay....i am just saying though.

  8. In descending order

    ---Weed habit(any thing that has to do with smoking or drugs fall under this category)

    ---Jail bird

    ---Always broke

    ---Momma's boy

    ---Chronic gamer

    I just cannot deal!!! Anyone of the above is an absolute RESOUNDING NO-NO

    The leggedis guy... well....

  9. I can't withstand dem weed smokers o. U can't even come close unless u want me to stop breathing

  10. Hah, I can't stand all but d legediz guy. Common. If he has no car but has a thriving business and a house nko? D car shouldn't be such a big deal. As for mr broke... if he is broke and doesn't ask for handouts from me, then I can manage him like that. but seriously, is the car that important to girls these days???

  11. All...but since we're to choose one, my greatest turn-off is Mr. Broke!!..I just can't deal biko.

  12. Jailbird for sure. I don't do criminals.

  13. Thelma throw in woman beater so the misery would be complete. na which kind options be this na? Well, I choose none and embrace "singlehood"

  14. Mr broke-ass def. Can't and won't deal with a broke nigga


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