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Rev Fr Mbaka, "Even The Cannon Law forbids a Priest To Participate InPolitics".

I remember all those years ago watching students and indigenes of the East act as though under the effect of some hard drug, this drug turned out to be the "great" Father Mbaka. Severally I was invited to attend Adoration at his church but never quite made it there, nothing was chasing me, so I stayed put where I was. Yet, I've always believed he must be a very great man of God. 

Years later I seriously began to doubt this.
First off I looked back at his vendetta against the then Enugu state governor, Dr Chimaroke Nnamani. During Nnamani's tenure it was as though Mbaka devoted his Adoration (ministry) to Nnamani, as he spent time condemning the then governor. It got to a point where his congregation prayed, facing Enugu Government house, that Nnamani should die.

Then around 2010/2011, Father Mbaka shifted his fire to then Imo State governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, whose reelection he campaigned against. At that time, he even composed a song against Ohakim, which was rendered at his crusades and at church gatherings.
      He had asked his followers to vote against Ohakim for assaulting Eustace Okorie, a reverend father. According to him, Father Eustace Okorie was arrested by Ohakim’s security aides for blocking the governor’s convoy. He was then taken to Ohakim, who ordered him detained, stripped naked and beaten.  
Father Mbaka came in 2014 to recant this saying Father Okorie just confessed that that incident never happened... A falsity that did great harm to Ohakim's campaign allegedly causing him to lose the reelection to Rochas Okorocha.
Still in 2015, Father Mbaka accused Imo State Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, for allegedly issuing N50 million ‘dud’ cheque to Owerri Catholic Archdiocese. Speaking at his Adoration ground, Enugu, which also had Ohakim and his supporters in attendance, Mbaka described Okorocha’s Rescue Mission as a disappointment to God and humanity. He accused the governor of betraying the confidence and trust reposed in him by the Imo State electorate.
Now he has come for GEJ saying that "the next four years will be hell for the country. People are crying of hanger but then you will see what is hunger" if Goodluck is re-elected. 
The whole thing makes my head spin I've been asking around to know The Church's stand on all of this. And that's why it was with relief that I read the statement of the CBCN president, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama; "Those who are complaining, should go to Fr Mbaka and find out why he is saying what he is saying. I tell you, even the Canon Law forbids a priest to engage in partisan politics".  Also another Bishop (Cardinal John Onaikon) has just said that going by the rules of the Catholic Church Father Mbaka ought to be sanctioned following his remarks about GEJ. 
All weekend I wanted to do a post asking for your thoughts on priests, pastors and the clergy dabbling in the nations politics. Personally I think it's actually for the good of the nation if they commit the nation in prayer and enjoin their congregation not only to vote, but to vote for those they believe will lead the nation aright, those with an honest and transparent mandate. BUT this method of wielding one's obviously potent influence which they have over most of the majority of the people in their jurisdiction, to 'dictate' the way and whom they vote for seems very un-Christlike to me and fills my nostrils with the very putrid stench of politics.  
But enough about me. What do you think?


  1. What do I think? I think this is a gifted man of God that has allowed the devil to use him. They say touch not my anointed but the minute you have appointed yourself as the judge of all politicians you have come out from under the anointment and you have become as low as the politicians ur fighting for and against.

  2. This post reminds me why I don't believe in religion. Good luck to all of you, no pun intended. Tee when is PunIntended?

  3. The fact that he's a father or man of God doesn't stop him from being human and ofcourse a citizen with democratic rights. And even in the holy book, priests were involved in appointments of kings (Samuel--Saul) Apostle Paul was very much politically active) in the US, Pastors even make their congregation know their 'beloved candidates' Dr Mike Murdock doesn't like the Obama' administration and he doesn't hide it (Check his twitter handle @drmikemurdock) Na only Naija we want the men of God to turn spirit. And aunty Thelma,you are as much a child of God as d 'father' and if u can have political opinion, why shouldn't he?? #bye

    1. Dr Mike Murdock or any other minister shouldn't be the standard to whom any man of God should be held, Christ is. That said, Rev Father Mbaka has obviously gone beyond merely having political opinions. As a Reverand father and spiritual leader is first duty, I believe is salvation, not judgement, condemnation, castigation or politics.

    2. And just like I've done in the post, I'm taking into account his antecedents and not just this issue with GEJ. But then speaking of GEJ wasn't it just a month or so ago (November 2014) that the same father Mbaka publicly praised Goodluck Jonathan, saying he deserved a second term and he had done well? What changed in one month? Something must have drastically changed for him to come just one month later and speak against this same person he endorsed, merely one month ago.

    3. Exactly the same question I asked, fr mbaka endorsed GEJ some weeks ago, suddenly GEJ has become the devil that will lead nigeria to doom. Father nawa oo

  4. For over 10 years I've been hearing about Rev. Father Mbaka, mostly from my grandmum in Enugu, I've never bothered to do any kind of research on him, his works, his preaching. I can't defend or support claims of him playing partisan politics, but these past 3 days have been quite interesting, especially in Enugu.

    I came in on Saturday to meet my grandma and aunt watching Mbaka on YouTube, with facial expressions reminiscent of someone losing complete trust in a faithful friend. I asked what was amiss and my aunt, after trying to gain some composure, said father Mbaka told Nigerians not to vote for GEJ. I watched the same clip on my phone and really wondered why a lot of people are amazed at his message. He's a clergyman speaking out against the impunity and the lack of proper action by the present government. A government we all know has enormous support almost entirely due to ethnic and religious sentiments; sentiments that has obviously blinded the majority to speak the truth and save themselves from another harrowing 4 years.

    Taking into consideration our general mentality of the continuation of the incumbent leaders and rotational politics, isn't it a welcome development that an influential figure speaks out? If he doesn't do it, who will? Who would be seen as having the proper moral standing to do this? Who else but clergymen? Isn't it similar to what JESUS did when HE walked the earth? Condemning the excesses of political leaders and warning HIS disciples against their ways? Is that partisan politics?

    1. Hosanna today,crucify tomorrow! Lol. The same people who hailed Gej are the same people singing a diff tune. All I can say is posterity wld judge...

    2. There isn't any problem with Fr. Mbaka condemning wrong doing. However, he is speaking from both sides of his mouth which is confusing. It now seems he has been compromised.

  5. Its not bad or improper for a clergyman to have his own political opinion. He's a man and also a citizen. What I think is bad is imposing your opinions on your congregation or trying to sway the electorate toward your preferred candidate knowing they'll follow you- That's abuse of power.
    If he wanted to be a politician, he should have gone into politics. Plus politics is always dirty no matter which standpoint you look at it from, its just better to stay away. Have an opinion and by all means, vote if you can but don't impose that opinion on your congregation.

    Plus when a man of God repeatedly makes vocal and sometimes conflicting "opinions" about politics, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure I've forgiven Tunde Bakare for 2011. I watched one of their campaign rallies then and he was comparing Buhari's presidential aspirations and his attempts to events in the bible.. I almost puked! Jesus rose in 3 days but sadly, Buhari's dream died again, the third time around.

    I don't know anything about Fr Mbaka or his church except for what I read in your post and its not pleasant. He should exercise more restraint and encourage his congregation to vote and most importantly, vote wisely.

  6. I don't know much about Mbaka but of Ohakim s tenure he dealt with Imo people it was hell on earth,as for Rochas I don't know cos I left the year he was elected

  7. Hosanna today,crucify tomorrow! Lol. The same people who hailed Gej are the same people singing a diff tune. All I can say is posterity wld judge...


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