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Still On The Oral Issue.

Personally I see absolutely nothing wrong in a woman giving her husband some oral pleasure, (except maybe for health reasons). But apparently it seems some women do.
This particularly piques my interest because I've heard more than a few men say they're on the verge of stepping out on their wives because of her refusal to give him a blowjob. What's interesting about this is that most of the time, the same women are willing and eager receipients of oral sex (cuninlingus) from them. Yet when the time comes to return the favour the women site all sorts of excuses and reasons why they just can NOT. 

Some days ago a blog reader left this comment in the those things you can and cannot negotiate on in bed

I dont have a fetish per se, just really like oral sex (giving and receiving). Sadly my wife doesnt like giving blowjobs, and it kills me inside on the daily. I have tried all sorts but none works. I am lucky to get 3mins of it once a quarter before she hastily proceeds to sex. And for someone who's ex was always willing and enthusiastic in that regard... sigh! I love my wife, but this is a problem for me. Been hanging in there for 1.5 years now though.

And now I just saw this on Linda Ikeji's blog;

This morning at work I got this message from my hubby concerning my refusal to give him blow job based on my conviction that it's wrong. Pls I am confused. This thing is unnatural, d**ks are not meant for mouth but vagina.........below is the mail:
"Five years into our marriage. On the issue of Blow job. I beg you every time to give me. You refused blatantly calling my bluff. If I mention it when we are about to have sex or having sex you will turn or stand up dress up and thats the end of sex.Meanwhile I suck your pussy everytime we have sex. You love it you even tell me where you want my tongue to touch so that you can get maximum pleasure. I always obliged. You scream in moan. You most times orgasm from it. I know you love it. When I ask you to give me, you tell me as Christians it's unnatural,dicks are not meant for mouth but vagina and nothing can change your mind about it no matter how hard i try . its a sin and dirty and can never imagine yourself doing it that if left to you, you wouldn't allow me to suck you but I always insists. I have never received blow job before I only want to know how it feels but you chose to deprive me of this experience. Anyway note that the day I stop sucking your pussy and stop beggng you to give me. I have found solutions to my problems. Heaven knows I have tried."

Ladies are blow jobs really that disgusting that you're willing to risk him seeking help elsewhere? But more importantly, gentlemen, what's so fantastic about blowjobs that make you feel infidelity is justified if you're not getting it from wifey? *confused* 


  1. If your spouse can't give you oral sex or he/she isn't inclined to any sexual fetish, please don't push it. The pleasure is meant to be mutual, not one-sided. And it's preposterous seeking *help* outside when you don't get satisfaction. That's selfish and wicked. He/she isn't inclined to your fetish. Deal with it. Supposing you go out there and meet someone with an appalling sexual fetish, what next? And as for the men, it's low and stupid to cheat on your wife just because she's not going south. Well, sorry for your predicament but it's for better for worse, remember that.

  2. If all men are like you Memphis, this world would be a much better place and marriages will last longer but alas!....

    Right now, I'm not inclined to give anyone a blow job. I just can't imagine taking a guy's kini into my mouth, seems very uncomfortable. The same mouth I'll take to church on sunday to say "praise the Lord" **shudders**

    If dear husband is willing to go down on me, I will enjoy it, if not, no biggie.

    However, if DH makes a big deal out of the blow job issue and I see that its really important to him, I might be persuaded to make a compromise. I won't throw my marriage away because of oral sex. But any other fetish, weird or "normal" is out of the question. Licking b**th**os, BDSM related stuffs, peeing on body parts, etc are a NO NO.

    1. I'm sure dh will also use that mouth to say praise God too. You should discourage his willingness ooo. So that both mouths won't be unclean.

      On a serious note, we can live without somethings. If your partner is not comfortable with it, why force it? If you are not given BJ, won't you still breathe? Marriage is about understanding, tolerance and sacrifice. This applies to both partners.

  3. You remind me to buy Banana on my way home yeah?
    You don't want the one that God gave me for you...#Issorai! Dia ris God.
    Honestly I do not see why any woman should find her husband's Penis in her mouth as 'disgusting'. That's just not it at all.

    That aside, I just don't hope too that my wife would expect just "missionary style" for Sex alone! Please marriage is meant for Fun for both of U, though I do not support those 'fetishes', but don't just make the marriage a Binary situation. 01010101. Wats d point then?

    1. lolzzz @010101....I am a virgin and I am engaged, I have asked my SO if he would want a bj in the future and he said 'no' and he has never had one before either...but curios me thinks ....maybe I might want to try it on him!....I hav not told him that though....well I guess I need to go past the first experience before I move to more advanced things.....I am in my early 30ies and the first experience scares me ....I read and hear that it hurts baaaaad! Not too expectant abt the first time. I hope I dont start beating the man, me is thinking a sound proof room would be ideal, just in case.

    2. Lmaooo! Anon... we are in almost similar situations o! hehehehee... just that me I won't put any 'kini' in my mouth like sunshine said. I won't even expect him to do cuning... abi what did thelma call it again! Like I won't require it of him! The thought of his tongue on/in my veejayjay sef makes me shudder! And maybe it's because i'm a learner or cuz i'm not "experienced" but really tho! I'm open to learning but definitely not unhealthy or demonic positions! Lol!

      And Uyi! Lmaooo! Which one is God given banana again! *sprinkles holy water on you* heheheee!

    3. AwwwwwAwwwwww anon hun u dey miss ohhhh I swear,cunin as u called it na d maim koko. Lol

    4. Anon 6:58 aka Kabuoy. U 4got 2 sign ur name abi u dey fear make Iya Kabuoy no give u upper cut? LMAO

    5. Eesah u caught her,I thought as much she was d one. Lol.

    6. Lmao!!!! Eesah i'm here o!!!!!!! I don't know what you're talking about! Hahahahahahaa...

      Proudly signed: KABUOY

    7. Yimu, proudly signed after the fact.

      If i hear say its not you.. biko park

    8. Sunshine, u sef catch am,Lol she no know sey we don sabi her hand writing*winks*.

    9. Sorry but I just can't deal with bjs...d day i tried it on hubby I choked. Thank God he understands cos we don't inconvenience ourselves to please each other. It's a mutual understanding

    10. Maybel you too?! Continue! No problem. Let anon come and catch u people. Behaving like NPF!(always accusing and arresting the wrong people) lmao!

      Proudly signed once again: KABUOY

    11. LLol, aunty kabouy, eje WO shee gbo.Lol. we caught

  4. Na wa oo. Don't people discuss these things before they get married? One of the things I liked about my husband was the matter of fact way we were able to talk about our likes/ dislikes/ boundaries/ no- go areas early in the relationship.
    I think a major part of the issue is the cultural/ religious brainwashing that tells us that sex is inherently "bad" or "sinful" and that "nice girls" and "Godly women" don't enjoy it. Both men and women buy into that and it brings all sorts of guilt and other feelings into sex that shouldn't be there. All lies! Please go and read Songs of Solomon again.
    As for me, I believe any consenting act between husband and wife (except that which God has already forbidden) not sinful oo! I will happily praise God after giving my husband a blow job. In fact, I praise God for a good sex life too, I think it brings a marriage closer, and that is the will of God.
    For those that refuse to discuss such before marriage, then don't complain when you realize you're sexually incompatible with your spouse. Going for outside help indeed!

  5. Oh yeh? Ppl find Blowjobs disgusting?lmao.. What about us dat can cum just by giving BJs? U guys r missing ooo. BJ is d way forward.

  6. HmmmmHmmmmmm,anyways,for me BJ is something I find pleasure in actually, giving my man BJ actually turns me on but likelike sweet peaches rightly said,some things are meant to be discussed before marriage,that way u both get to strike or reach an agreement, as for me I see nothing evil or ungodly in giving BJ,but d poster above sounds a bit selfish shaa because she loves and enjoys to be s**ked,but she hates to do it for her hubby?hmmmmmm isokay. Una wey no like BJ,u women are missing ohhhh. Lol

  7. I love turns me onnn...esp 69 givin and receiving at d same time.....damn...d pleasure is nt tot of it nw Has made me wet already...i am so going to give n receive dis night.hurry home honie....

    1. Itse u no well ohhhh,Lol haba,na wa u ohhhh.

  8. No matter how sweet we think oral sex is, there are pple out there who jes don't like/enjoy it either bcoz of dr religious beliefs or other factors. Some pple blv it's a sin coz they can't imagine giving orals with d same mouth they use in worshiping the Lord and if u are married 2 some1 with such belief, u can't force 'em.
    Oral sex isn't d last thing on earth that either spouse can give 2 each other. They are a thousand and one things 2 do 2 gv ur spouse intense pleasure in bed.
    Personaly, if my wife isn't d oral sex type, I won't bother. I might jes tryna inquire if it has anythg 2 d with my cunny skills so dt I can sharpen it. But if it's due 2 her belief, no qualms @ all.
    Less I 4get, nothing on earth can justify infidelity. U can always seek divorce whn worst comes 2 worst, but nothg on earth can justify it.

  9. I believe no one should b forced to do what they dnt want to especially when it comes to sex ,there's nothing wrong in giving n receiving head when you are married because its all part of sex for those who feel they won't b able to praise God after doing it n I believe sex with your partner when married isn't sin, if u r willing to receive you should also be ready to return the favour dnt b selfish ..Lol
    But giving a guy bj is even healthy than doing same on a lady because men's organs r external hence the rate of contacting any infection whatsoever is lower compared to a lady
    Bj's r not big deals pls n men dnt cheat on your wife cos of this silly reason

  10. Lols I was all fired up to comment and spread the word, but after reading comments (especially the anony virgins) which cracked me up to no end, I totally forgot what I wanted to say!

  11. I feel all these sexual stuffs should be discussed extensively before marriage to avoid friction/dissatisfaction of one partner.
    I believe there should be mutual understanding btw both parties.

  12. how is giving a Bj disgusting ? I am lost... make it fun for you all.. ideas people.. whip cream should make it tastier for you and it feels good for the boo aswell.. or fruit roll up candy.. just wrap it all the way up on his "fruit" and enjoy your candy till its done!! ;).
    make sure he washes himself to avoid yeast infection.
    bye guys :D

    1. Ewo! Memebaby... The images you have painted in my small mind this morning ehn.. Fruit candy & whip cream... hmmm

    2. Pls throw more light on this. Whip cream???? Pls how Abeg

  13. Exactly,Is it same as body shop whip


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