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The Idibia's Damage Control, Zahra Buhari's Faint Heart, Kris Jenner's Hot Legs et al!

So I just settled into my hotel room, devoured the wheat and onugbu soup I bought, powered my ipad and settled into bed to devour social news and here's what has happened between when I boarded the bus and now! 

It's not my job to bring you the gist, I'm a bit too lazy to do all of that but I'm sure you already heard about or saw the mysterious pictures of Tubaba smooching someone who's not Annie... Oh well, Tania Omotayo has gone and posted the above. Quite frankly I thought the picture of Tubaba and the other missus must have been a very old picture but this weak ass attempt at damage control has only served to convince me that there's a very stinky smelly fat dead rat rotting somewhere and the stench is killing me. #SilenceIsGold. 

Ok, this 59 year old momma makes the blood rush through my veins. I love love love Kris Jenner's attitude towards life. Not that I'd be glad to see my mum wearing that though...

Seriously now, what was Zahra Buhari thinking, that she would convince the masses and sway the crowd with those tweets? Didn't she know the kind of backlash her tweets would elicit? What was the youngen thinking? Actually I thought she must have known, she couldn't possibly be that naive, I just thought she had prepared her mind for whatever was to come... Apparently I thought wrong. 

Is this real? Is this true? Say it isn't so! And if it is real then I choose to believe that the Buhari Support Organization said "thanks, but no thanks". They wouldn't possibly accept the cash, there's no way they'd take the money from her. Or is there...?

What caught your attention in the blogosphere today guys? 


  1. For someone who's been consistently rumored to having plans of Islamizing Nigeria, it's unbelievable to see his biological daughter wearing this much makeup and jewelry, like an *infidel*. Oh well..


    1. Make no mistakes. Islam does not condemn use of makeup nor they're even encouraged to.

  2. If that pix of the Idibia's up there is damage control,then they messed up.That pix is an old pix.I just feel for Annie,she doesn't deserve all this wahala.

  3. I just hope dey didn't collect the money from that old woman,but cud this be real or just another buhari buhaha. Okay now.

  4. I dont even know what to say about the Tuface issue. Yes Annie went ahead and married him after his dalliances but does she truly deserve all that? And are some people truly beyond redemption? Tania omotayo and her sister Lola need to leave other womens battles for them to chose how to fight it. Some adults should be kept away from social media.

    i was surprised when Annie celebrated her 30th not too long ago, because she looked closer to 35/40. Dealing with tuface and his shenanigans stolen her youth.

    These women who are always professing their love on instagram etc for their spouses are suspect IMHO! Your spouse wakes up next to you everyday, tell them how you feel. Dont post it on instagram. Annie is guilty of this, Toyin Aihmaku (sp ). To be married to certain types of characters or personalities you have to grow thick skin and know how to convince yourself the situation is otherwise. The sad truth is a lot of women think signing the paper work is a victory, not understanding that if they marry a wayward man its the beginning of their life long battles.

    as for the Buhari girl, she should take a clue from the west where she is studying. You dont see politicians children all over social media until they are actually grown enough to have valid opinions about society. The girl should go and read her books.

    If indeed Buhari's team collected that woman's life savings, then shame on them. Then again they have been collecting N100 is it not from the masses. So who is to say.

    1. Tania and Lola are sisters? I thought they were then I heard they are not. So I just accepted that they're two biracial women with the same last name. And I've never seen them pictured together, even on Lola's Instagram there's no picture of Tania...

    2. I don't think so too cos Tania is hardly ever present at their events.she wasn't even in the pics Lola took with her sisters and her mum on her wedding day.

    3. They're not related in any way. They just happen to be biracial and have the same last name

  5. @the last pix,yh,widows gave their mite to GEJ too! Lol
    @the 1st pix,judging from the gist from day one,who is the other woman? Annie or his baby mamas?
    @the 2nd pix,Kris Jener keep reminding the world that age is nothing but a number. If u got it (whether naturally or not) flaunt it...
    @the 3rd pix,she just remembered that their women are seen and not heard). She truly got carried away with the praises her pix got that she tot she might get the same with her

    1. "If u've got it, flunt it" - The phrase that all these morally decayed westerners use 2 get d naïve and gullible little girls of nowadays 2 do wht ever suits them with dr bodies.

      What a shame and pity!

    2. Write in ur African lang ant not a western one next time...thank you!
      Morally decayed,morally decayed. As if Africans weren't walking around naked long before Westerners came in...

    3. and again I ask u Sasha, really? Like seriously?

      Kachina Kabbala!

    4. Yes o,Kachina Kabbala to u

      Do u wanna admit nakedness wasn't an African thing? Let's not be selective with our history and get all suddenly righteous inugo?

    5. Thought-provoking comment, Eesah. Never thought of it that way.

    6. Sasha, I beg to disagree wt u on ds.
      1) Africans went abt naked agez ago b4 civilisation came in.
      2) It was out of ignorance bc of culture and lack of d ingenuity or even knowledge of antfin called cloth.
      3) There was no religion then even to educate Africans of d sin of nudity
      Now for d westerners, theirs is d exact opposite of my highlights. Fa ma ife fa n'eme. Odolu fa anya ofuma.

    7. Lols,now ur being selective. Culture is the total way of life of a group of people and this includes food,language,dressing,etc. Don't select which was done ignorantly and which wasn't.

    8. Adah, your analysis of this "African Nudity" doesn't do justice.

      1) Africans were civilized the African way, had particular mode of dressing that (for reasons best known to them) exposed sensitive areas of their bodies. Come to think of it, how come they never seemed to be stack naked?

      2) Ignorance? And yet they had farms and made fires and educated themselves, were usually hospitable to foreigners, hard Art works that Europeans killed themselves for (because you implied they lacked ingenuity)...

      3) No religion? Hehehe. Amadioha is the same yesterday, today, and till GOD'S Kingdom comes.

      Africans weren't animals back then, they were HUMANS. So yeah, I'm with Sasha bone on this one.

    9. Lols,and u wld always be memphis! Hapugo okwu buhari biko...

    10. Sasha. Your analogy at first was spot in with the culture of the African people of ancient days.

      Meanwhile I'm a huge fan of liberalism.

    11. Liberalism? Those peeps who hv become "Mordenized Africans"? The ones who stand in the middle and judge other Africans who have either become too westernized or who are still too "local"?

  6. Tu baba and pero`s story is kinda funny because yorubas say once debe always debe...Annie shoulda seen the signs na...I want to be as got as Kris but not with all the showcasing sha oh.. on Zahra,no comment...on the old mama that donate money,I feel she's just been patriotic...they sha did not jazz her to bring her money...Biko how does onugbu soup look like?...TNHW

    1. It's bitter leaf soup. It looks like.... (Can't think of a description).

    2. Bitter leaf....I'd pass.....Thanks T....TNHW

    3. Hot as Kris...donated...damn auto correct...

  7. If that pix of the Idibia's up there is damage control,then they messed up.That pix is an old pix.I just feel for Annie,she doesn't deserve all this wahala.

  8. I'm confused abt tuface and his wife's story, i dont see how the pic above failed in its attempt at damage control cos according to Tania, it is a picture taken last night. So whatever rumour is out there, I dare to say Annie is indifferent abt it cos she knows tuface's heart more than any of us here.

    So, whether shes schooling(buhari's kids should all bn done with school frm my calculation to GMB's age) or not, how does that affect the way she comments on twitter when she sees how her father is being battered verbally on social media. I mean we don't complain when we see Obama's kids on TV and stuff. So wats so bad abt her exercising her freedom of expression as a human being?

    I don't think a woman that age with such a savings to offer to buhari's campaign still needs money to buy cloths or makeup or eat. She wants to make an impact as a Nigerian and not as just another old dying woman. At least she won't be heard of right now if she had chosen not to donate. I don't think she needs any of our pity cos she's proud of her decision and she would gladly make the decision a million times if she has to. So this is not the time to berate any political party for accepting a honest donation from a well meaning Nigerian who wants the best for her country irrespective of her age.

  9. serzly wassap wt postn ur relationship nitty grittys all ova social medias nd rily dis omotayos shud face deir own relationships biko.nd pls I wanna be lyk kris wen I grow up.rily miss dis blog nd commenting,service in jos is rily cramping my style.nd Tee,hope u fully recovered,I always read bt my comments dnt show.hope dis shows tho...if der any typos blame it on typing wt rush afta seeibg small 3G *smiles*

    1. Lol@ blame it on typing wt rush NAFTA seeing small's dat bad?

  10. Poor's not easy having baby mamas surrounding ur husband, it's always full of drama cos obviously those baby mamas aren't happy he chose you over them. Thank God Sumbo has soo moved on!! "Social media" relationships aren't wise. Hope Toyin Aimakhu has learned her learnt her lesson, and I hope her marriage has gotten back on track as her hubby claims.

    Kris Jenner..never gives a hoot about what anyone says or feels about her.

  11. I just feel sad for Annie...erm plus 2face has made me annoyed with him.
    Chris just likes too much attention biko.
    Mama d mama! Supporter's club! O da.
    Zahra, the taste of the pudding is in the eating...'popularity' demands cautiouness.

  12. Honestly I didnt hear about the 2face cheating matter till now...oooo...dis is sad for the mama who gave her life savings...dis is naija...if Buhari wins, she will definitely be compensated..her money would yield more than a fixed deposit!...#JoyDaNuGirl

  13. Dear Thelma,

    Sorry to be off the topic, but this blog has really changed, you used to write stories but now you just copy from other blogs and expect blog visitors to comment.

    Not that it's not good but the main thing that actually brought blog visitors to your blog, the stories, the suspense and all has all disappeared. I don't know if it is stress from work or so but you have to bring the old Thelma back to this blog.

    Thanks and Big Hug

    1. I felt so too on seeing ds very post. Dat's y I cudnt comment bc I've already read all d news on oda blogs, so I ddnt ve anyfin left to say as I dnt like repetitions. But I'll oblige Thelma bc of her I'll health. Make she recuperate first.

  14. Biko where is Wale. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO Miss his comments.

  15. I always love kris approach to life...she no wan gree old
    Buhari's daughter definitely didnt knw nigerian twitter...she culdnt handle it...when i saw the news i just laughed
    This old woman nawa o


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