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The Superstitions I Believe In...

Last night I watched a Nollywood movie with a dear friend. In this movie Chika Ike's husband, Clem Ohameze was terribly ill and their finances were so poor that they couldn't settle his hospital bills so she eventually had to sleep with his boss to get the money. She told her husband about the sex romp and the implication of this was that she couldn't give her husband anything (to eat), because if she did and he accepted it then he'll die. 

I watched this absent mindedly till my friend said the same thing happens in his home town. He said if a wife should cheat on her husband and she tells him, he will die if he doesn't share this information with others, eg his kins men. 

He also said that if the wife cheats on her husband and he finds out about this, and then eats food that she cooked, he would die. 

I was all *rme* Hia!, whatever jor. 

Then he also added that in his home town if the father dies, his sons each have to kill a native cow. If you fail to do this and later step foot on the burial ground of someone else's father you would surely die. He said when he lost his dad he had to kill two native cows, for himself and on behalf of his younger brother who was in the US at the time. 

Still I rolled my eyes but I gave it some thought. 

I remember a very close friend of mine being extremely tempted to cheat on her husband, she even travelled abroad to see this other boo, and did everything except actual intercourse, which she desperately wanted by the way, but couldn't because she heard that when a wife cheats on her hubster the man will die if he continues to eat her food, or something. She didn't want hubby to die mysteriously and then have fingers pointed at her, so she kept the affair emotional. 

My friend of last night also told me of his uncle and aunt who have been married for several years, but uncle doesn't eat aunty's food because aunty has been unfaithful to uncle one time too many times, and if he eats madam's food it's a one way ticket to the grave... LOL. 

I also remember someone saying to me in law school that is some parts of where she's from (Niger Delta) it's a great taboo for a man to give a woman (wifey or not) oral sex, if he does, something terrible will befall him. How dare a man debase and emasculate himself by putting his mouth in his lowly wife's filthy vagina? *clears throat* #movingon

Then there are those superstitions that aren't necessarily from our villages but which we heard from one place or the other and tend to believe. For instance if you see three black cats in one day, or a black cat three times in one day, then you should worry because something bad is about to happen. For instance, if you're planning to embark on a trip in the near future CANCEL IT ASAP! 

Or if an owl circles above your roof at night that's a sign of doom, something terrible is about to before that household. 

I know several people believe the owl superstition which is why most people say owls are evil. 

Does your home town have any superstitions? Do you believe in any? Has any harm befallen anyone you know as a result of ignoring certain superstitions?

We've discussed stereotypes, incest within tribes, now let's discuss (your native) superstitions. 


  1. Lol,na wa...#NoComment
    "Lamborgini mercy,ur chick is so thirsty" *singing away*

  2. Why should the man pay for the wife's sin, and why is the restriction put on the woman alone.

    In Edo state, so they say that a woman (married) who cheats on her husband, will suffer the consequences by either losing the man or her child.

    I don't know if it applies to when both parties are from the same State or different States.

    The fact is even in the eyes of God adultery is a sin. That the power I ascribe to, not that of a bunch of men who sit down to make rules that suppress women.

    1. Senator daisy ehanire danjuma left her first husband for danjuma and shes still whole, hale, kiki and hearty... All those are folktales by moonlight jare! NEXT!!!!?

  3. *that's the authority (God) I follow.

  4. Truth is everyone ll eventually die, all these things are psychological threats to put women in check while thr husbands sleep around, so how come the men dont die when they cheat. *rme*

    1. I love your question? How come?

      I hate superstitions whether pro-men or pro-women


  5. she even travelled abroad to see this other boo, and did everything except actual intercourse, which she desperately wanted by the way..."she did eerthang except intercourse"sorri to sai but she actually cheated on her if her hubby was supposed to die he would have..I don't know what your thought is bout cheating sha, but I think as small as a hug is, when you do it with emotion with another guy is called cheating on my all dos superstitions are BS

  6. A neighbouring village near mum's have a tradition whereby when the man marries and gives birth to a child,a big python comes to welcome the child at night,if the python doesn't bite the child,it's an evidence that the child is not a bastard, my mum's friend married from that town without knowing and on the day she gave birth,the snake came at night on to the hospital bed in Lagos and curled round as pillow for the child, when my friend's mum saw this she passed out after screaming at midnight,then the hussy told her not to be scared that it's the tradition, mum said she left the man later,and in this same village the snakes move around in broad day light,playing with kids,crawling around the compound without hurting anyone.
    In my dad's village(efik town),we the ladies are believed to be mammies and therefore don't go near oceans and the rest,me particularly I no dey like go beach ohhhh cos I have a phobia for such things. I don't believe in superstition but I have witness a Benin woman die after she cheated on her husband and still slept with the man,she was our neighbour then,though I was little. I believe only in the scriptures and what it says,the rest is bullshit.

    1. Even this one DAT u r saying now sef is even BS to me too. I've lived in Benin and I no ever hear stuffs like DAT. In fact a close aunt of mine married like 3 husbands and had kids with all of them... She's living in the UK with all her children happily. They are all tales by moonlight still.

    2. Lol@ Uyi no b me talk now,na gist wey circulate the area about the Benin woman, I see them as bull shit too though.

    3. Mabel please where in Efik cos I'm an Efik girl, both parents are from here, I was born and bred here and I've NEVER heard any such thing, so please which part is your dad from?

    4. Uyi, i'm from Edo State, I grew up in Benin. You see that story about a bini man dieing if his wife is unfaithful, we used to laff at such 'gist' in my house, until it happened to a man on my street.
      When the man fell ill, after several tests, oyinbo medicine could no diagnose his illness, they had to call kinsmen, and that was when they discovered that wifey was unfaithful. They said she should come for cleansing to save her husband, but come see drama, she refused, very stubborn and wicked woman. That's how that man died. We were all shocked.
      Those women that u referred to left their husband for other men. This one was still with her husband, while committing adultery.
      I used to mock the belief, but now my bro, I just zip up wen peeps make mockery of such, cus I witnessed one.

    5. I'm sure wat u r trying to say here is dat u believe in the superstition right?

      They had to blame the wife Cos I'm sure u also caught her "committing adultery" urself, i mean, she's such a "stubborn and wicked woman". Have you ever heard the word "evils that men do live with them"?

      If you are a lady,ejoec, I'm sure as a wife you would go for "cleansing" too abi? This is part of wat Thelma is talking about... She just had to be blamed no doubt.

      I'm proud of that lady's refusal, at least she took that initiative of refusing. Who knows the hell she may have passed through being married to the husband?

    6. Uyi, she confessed to committing adultery. What are u talking about? When I said wicked woman, i'm not just talking about her refusal for cleansing. Everybody on that street knew her to be very mean an troublesome. The man was very private and calm . And besides she knew the consequences of adultery in her husbands village and still went ahead to do it. Tell me if that is not a wicked woman.
      She confessed, she told the kinsman that she did it, but will not go for cleansing. It's their tradition and she knew it.
      You are proud of a lady who was responsible for her husbands death?
      As for me, i'm not bini, but if I was and even not knowing about d consequences of adultery from my hubby's village, I will never do it, cus the consequences from hubby's village will be insignificant to what awaits me before God.

    7. Oh, by the way Uyi, in less than two years after her husbands death, she travelled to Italy. Abeg, tell me if she didn't have an ulterior motive from the beginning?
      Anyway, same woman is dead now. Came back to Nigeria with a sickness, was sick for a long time before she died.
      I don't know d nature of her sickness, all I know is that what she did to her husband was mean.

    8. Lols,Uyi is an APC supporter. Their blood dey hot for nothing. Lols. Calm down and listen to her. Everyone has their own tales/experiences which mustn't align with urs.

    9. Uyi just dey attack,ejoec thank GOD sey u sef get similar story@anon to b sincere, I don't know much about my dad's tradition because he barely stayed with us,I mean I met him last when I was 5before he left usus,I only spoke from what other efiks say n my mum cos na she marry and she knows him too. U get?.

  7. The Bible is my superstition anytime anyday
    Sometimes I think when you actually believe those things is when they come true

    1. 'The Bible is my superstition anytime anyday'

  8. I don't believe in superstitions, I think they are there to put people in check

  9. THEY said my baby's bom_bom will be black because I like to eat from the pot (indomie)

  10. THEY said my baby's bom_bom will be black because I like to eat from the pot (indomie)

    1. I literally LOLed... This is one hell of a superstition sha

  11. Lol..I don't believe in superstitions. They're just a state of one's mind to whoever that wants to accept such weird beliefs.
    Thelma, the cat story made me laugh, wen here in UK we see up to 10 cats a day that roam about the streets..mostly the black ones sef. Their love for cats here surpasses their love for their fellow humans..where some get tried in court for neglecting their cats. It's a normal thing.

    All these superstitions na "story for the gods" biko.

  12. There's no logical explanation to supernatural occurrences, but unfortunately, like St. Thomas, human beings will always disbelieve if happenings around them appear illogical. Agreed, some superstitions are/appear to be ridiculous, but there are some that are just too real. Like the issue of infidelity of a wife leading to her husband's death is very real in some parts of this country. I also used to RME when I heard such things until it happened to a friend from the village I mentioned in my previous comment. This case, the lady actually confessed to infidelity. And his case wasn't the only case in that village.

    For those who are rightfully aggrieved by the obvious debasing of women by this culture just bear in mind that is an age-long diabolic institution that had little or no regard for women or the girl-child. I've learned to sit on the fence each time I hear about such things. I can neither agree nor dispute, because the devil is VERY real, VERY wicked, and VERY powerful. Nothing is logical when he manifests his power. Stay blessed.

    1. Obhulu Memphis....that means Thank you in my Language.

  13. Where is Wale. Miss him soooo much. His been on low key since the year began. T, pls hope all is well with him?

  14. Well, for d Bini man dying, it's not superstition. There r some traditional rites the woman goes through before d marriage, and for d woman that go through such, and do d swearing, that's d consequence. If the man knows she has been unfaithful, and still enters without d cleansing, he dies, if not, her children start to die. Urhuobo people have it too. It's not like it's automatic, it's when they do those native rites that the effects come to play. I hope I have satisfied Uyi. U vbe talo gbe vbe post na, I had to clear it for u :-)

    1. Lmao... Well I'm choosing not to believe in those superstitions cos I don't feel compelled to and Also I hvnt met or heard or seen any of such around me, my family, well wishers and even associates... I'm sorry if u do.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Uyi, u like trouble pass fight. When u r not sure, u ask questions. When u've been educated, u say thank u. What is, u are sorry if I do??? I ask questions a lot, that's y I know. I think u should employ that instead of commenting blindly.


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