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Wedding Night - Prose.

Some might have called it a bad omen, for the newly weds to find themselves in pitch black darkness on their wedding night. The power in the hotel tripped off several minutes ago and the air in the room was becoming very humid. Femi, flung away at the far end of the bed was dead to the world, his loud snores reverberated around the room. Kike however wasn't that fortunate, exhausted as she was her weak body wouldn't just give in to sleep. She held the lifeless intercom in her hand and wondered what she could do. 

Resigning herself to the darkness she soon began to drift off to sleep. Her dreams were already forming and she saw herself cut the white three-tier cake with Femi, she saw herself smile sweetly up at him and she saw him cut a piece of cake to feed her with. As she opened her mouth to eat the sweet spongy cake she heard it, and immediately Kike's eyes flew open as she was jolted wide awake. 

Kike wasn't quite sure if the scream had been a part of her dream or actual reality. As she tried to still her racing heart and convince herself that it was the latter, she heard it again. This time it was accompanied by very loud banging.

Kike sat up in bed, her heartbeat a staccato of drums. She couldn't see anything or make out any images. 

"Open this door. Open this door. NOW!" She heard a gravelly voice scream and the command was followed by a loud noise, unmistakably a gun shot. 

Kike felt a mercurial taste in her mouth which had become sandpaper dry. Panicked, she began to pound on Femi's back, forcing her new husband out of his slumber. 

"Wake up! Femi wake up! The hotel is being attacked Femmiiiiii" she screamed 

"Jumoke!" Femi muttered sleepily

"What did you just call me? Wake up Femi!" Kike screamed at a Femi who wasn't quite awake yet. 

"What?" An irritable Femi asked impatiently, shrugging her off

Kike looked at her husband of only a few hours and a sudden fear set in; who was Jumoke? Why had he used that harsh tone with her? Had marriage changed him so soon? Is this how their life as a married couple will be; him, impatient and short with her? As she began to wonder another gun shot rang in the air and jolted her back to the present, this time Femi was off the bed in a flash. 

"What is happening?" A panicked Femi asked "and why is it so dark?"

"Femi I don't know. It seems the hotel is..."

Another deafening gun shot rang through, followed by the frightening sound of strong arms banging on doors, threatening to break them down. This was followed by loud screams, it seemed the assailants had gained entrance into a nearby room and the lodger was obviously stricken with fear!

Kike and Femi shaken with panic and anxiety hurdled close together on the ground, unsure of what to do. The windows were all burglary proofed and the only way out of the room was through the door. At the other side of the door, the murderous attackers, armed robbers maybe, were obviously on the same corridor as them.

"Please don't shoot me", came a frightened voice from only a few feet away. "Please don't ...." And another gunshot followed. 

"Blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus, merciful saviour" Femi muttered with a catch in his voice. 

The voices were getting closer, the gunshots were getting louder, the attackers were obviously nearing their room. Femi thrashed around the kingsize bed for his phone and thankfully he soon found it and immediately placed a call. 

"Hello, hello! Brother Tayo, brother Tayo our lives are at risk, we are under attack, Brother Tayo please call the"

Then the loud banging came, this time it was on their own door. Kike felt her bladder go loose, she heard Femi break into tears, the first time she had heard him cry in the six years they had been together, they really were doomed. 

Kike knew it was over as one final kick did the door in. Femi held her tightly and together they lay flat on the floor with their foreheads to the ground, each sobbing tears of fear and despair. Lights were flashed in their direction and footsteps steadily approached them, stopping barely inches away from their heads. Kike whimpered like a frightened cat as she heard the person cock a gun, ready to pull the trigger. She squeezed her eyes shut, expecting the worst. 

"Femi", a voice called out, it was the soft voice of a very young woman. 

I eagerly flipped the page but just as I was about to proceed on the next page, the conductor announced that we had reached our destination. Irritated, I shut the book close and grabbed my bag, the lecture was starting in a few minutes. 

The End. 


  1. wow...nice one T

    A Bili

  2. You had me there. Now this is the Thelma I used to know, that suspense.

  3. Nice! Welcome back Nwando. J

  4. Are u for real? *straight face*
    When u get off the bus,biko continue...

  5. Are u frigging kidding me ryt now??? Thelma Y!!!!

  6. Why is Thelma behaving like a politician? When there's obviously a continuation you say "The End". Mind yasef lady... >(

  7. Kai. I feel like beating u :-)

  8. Oh wow. Thelma was that the Jumoke? Please come back and continue o!

  9. Lmao!!! Why won't I love this babe? Just tell me plz.

    I love suspense and how this story has stopped. Concise pacing...perfect timing too

  10. Plsssssss finish the story na.....

  11. T, pls finish d story biko oo

  12. Wow.. I really missed this part of the blog. I was literally feeling the incident. Lol. Biko Thelma, finish ds story and stop doing us "the more you look,the less you see". Hehehe
    Nice one sis...

    1. I feel the lady at the end is "Jumoke'. Chai!!!

    2. I feel the lady at the end is "Jumoke'. Chai!!!

  13. Ahn ahn naa. Why so mean?
    An exciting story line...the full story hasn't started of course. Please do well to continue. Thanks Thelma. Lol

  14. Thelma oooo! Why na!

    U suppose dob reach where u dey go now? Biko come and finish the story.

    Very nice... I think the soft female voice is Jumoke..

  15. Thelma don't im,am gonna spank you for doing this to us.

    I could actually visualize the whole scene in my mind. That's one quality few writers have.

    Take it from me T,u are good. Don't underestimate ur self.

    Use this. Talent well.

  16. These were the kind of stories I used to read that got me stuck to this blog...nice but after that part nko...what happens next...#JoyDaNuGirl

  17. why evuls!!! Nice piece, hope there's a continuation

  18. This brought back terrible memories.

  19. Thelma prose is back..Yipeee!

  20. Thelma come and finish it oh...I picture Kike wearing a cream shimi,and femi in just black briefs and a had better be arm robbers,its to early for Jumoke to show up...just imagining#..TNHW

  21. The T we all know & Love!!!
    Nice Read... I smiled all through st the suspense. LOL

  22. Jumoke has come for her share of the wedding night shenanigan. Since Femi didn't take her to the alter, she reckons she can at least take Femi in bed.... Lol.
    Nice read Thelma.

  23. Which kind of rough play is this? And who is Jumoke? Why am I floating? Is this the continuation to a story, please someone direct me to it... love love love this piece

    1. Ok I get it, jumoke, the girl he called in his sleep

  24. Now this is exactly what drew me to this blog the first time. Well done

  25. Thank you Thelma for taking constructive criticism. Now this is the Old Thelma. Welcome back dearie. I know it's not easy but keep it up.

    E-Hugs to you

  26. Very good job T.

    Since you decided not to complete it I will just make up my own ending *tongue out*lol.

  27. What?? Pls get back on the bus and continue
    The story sounds really interesting

  28. Thelma! How rude! LOL.
    Abeg finish am oo.

  29. I'm so loving ds esp as everyone is api. T ifugonu na ds is an essential part of d blog u ve to keep up wt. Nice one...waiting for da rest.

  30. You woke up our appetite with this your appetiser piece. But why noww.... just left us hanging. good work, though. Very good.


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