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What's So Horrible About HOUSE ON THE ROCK?

I'm catholic by birth and I love the Catholic Church, but at a very tender age one of the first opinions I formed was that denominations don't make much sense to me. I understood that the Catholic Church may have been the first church but still I felt that what mattered was that one served and worshipped God with sincerity of spirit. Even when as a 7 or 8 year old I was taught in catechism class that there are mortal and venial sins and that mortal sins (sins which cannot be forgiven) include stepping out on the Catholic Church ie attending a church of another denomination, that didn't make much sense to me either; does God really care if I'm catholic or not? I found 8 year old me asking myself. 

So growing up with this mindset it came as no surprise to me when I found myself attending other services. A couple of years back I returned to catholism fully but a while later I found that I was hungry for more. I remember being unhappy one Sunday morning, the previous day there was a party at Chocolate's family home and after pretending to be all smiles and failing woefully, I stormed out of the place barely 30 minutes after getting there. I woke up the next morning and saw a text from Yoko asking if all was well and while I was trying to type a response Chocolate called and asked the same question. It was Sunday morning and I should have be prepping for church but I knew that mass would not uplift my spirit or do much for my state of mind, somehow Chocolate figured out what was on my mind and she said "I know how you're feeling. You need to go to a church where you can hear the word and let it speak to you, where the preacher ministers directly to you and you can feel yourself getting light again, where you can praise and worship and dance all your frustration away. Maybe you should come to........" No she wasn't referring to House on The Rock but to another similar church not too far away. I didn't go, I got dressed and went for mass. 

Months later I found myself accompanying someone to a church I'd said I would NEVER EVER be a part of, I think the Sammie Okposo scandals also aided my decision, I heard all the stories on how he was just cancelling different chics in the choir and how a couple of them even got pregnant for him. What kind of place is that biko? Never! (But then so many churches have these incidents and are not being crucified...) Yet one Sunday morning I decided to visit and ever since I've gone back every Sunday and Wednesday, and now I'm so in love that I desire to become a real part of the family, a worker in church. 
    You might wonder what I love so much about it, it's simple; I'm growing and I'm learning every day, it's the frst church I've attended that with each service I leave with something valuable. It's as simple as that.

But I've found that every time I mention, and I mean EVERY time I mention to someone that I attend HOTR they turn their noses up, scrunch it like they just smelled rotten nsala soup and either shake their heads or laugh derisively. These people include two members of my family (who can't quite seem to tell me what exactly they have against the church *shrugs*), and even a few people on the blog. 

I told y'all I went on a date last night and this guy was the THIRD person yesterday who scoffed at the mention of HOTR. 

Nobody really ever tells me what's so horrible about it. I can't quite seem to figure out their perception or misperception of the church. I'm asking for some clarity this morning; what is so bad about The House On The Rock?


  1. Mortal sins cannot be forgiven??? Leaving the catholic church is a mortal sin??? Please display the number of this so-called catechist that has obviously deceived our innocent 8year old Thelma. Wha da hell...

  2. As I don't know much about the church, I ll jus sit and read comments. Goodmorning T and TTB readers.

  3. In response to the post title, Nothing. Nothing is wrong with HOTR. I remember some guy who said he can't attend a church where they use AC and speak big english and I had a brain freeze.
    Anyone who has a problem with HOTR shld just focus on their church after all,i remember a bible part where the disciples told Jesus about a man who was casting out demons in His name but wasn't among them (disciples) and Jesus said,Do not forbid him,for he who is not against us is on our side. Luke 9:49-50

    1. So THAT is the problem? AC and plenty grammar?

      *having a similar brain freeze*

  4. Memphis i was taught the same in catechism, going to another church, not going for mass on Sunday and murder are mortal sins. Mortal sins are Sins that cannot be forgiven with confession or something. I can't remember

    1. Na WA ooooo. Who gave birth to all your catechists??? Leaving catholic church...mortal sin??? Hian!

    2. Yh,me too. I was told missing sunday mass was a mortal sin so my going to church was just a guilt trip.

    3. Lolz... @ who gave birth to their catechist? Lmao!

      I John 5: 16-17

    4. Thelma, anon above n sasha i wonder the catechist who taught you guys. He should be fired asap!!!

      A Bili

    5. A Bili,it wasn't just the catechist but even my catholic peers. Every sunday in boarding skl,i was woken and reminded by my catholic peers that it's a mortal sin to miss mass. Now the Q here is who told them this too?

  5. Mortal sins cannot be forgiven? Please who taught you guys that one. Mortal sin I was taught is a sin you should not die with, you need to confess it to God and do a penance for it. The only sin I was taught that cannot be forgiven is a sin against the holy spirit. I'm catholic. Generally I know church one attends does not matter, what matters is your heart if you are worshipping God in spirit and in truth. No be the person wey go church pass o. J

    1. Thank you J. I know some overzealous catechist can go overboard with certain beliefs, but leaving catholic church being a mortal sin or mortal sin not being forgiven...that's a new one.

  6. I thought Mortal Sins can be forgiven.... This is new one! Please, I wasn't born a Catholic but I've chosen to be a catholic. And I've never heard of any sin that cannot be forgiven. Maybe I'm not deeply rooted but I still beg to differ in that Aspect.(Except sins againt the Holy Spirit)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The only thing I know about HOTR is that it seems all the big people in Lagos go there.
    Anyways I went to catechism no one told me going to another church was a mortal sin, Ahhh ahn a whole MORTAL sin lol. I know they tell us that whatever it is we are looking for in other churches is also in our church. Not saying they didn't tell you that, just saying they didn't tell me that.

  9. Those saying that they were taught mortal sins are unforgivable and leaving the catholic church or even not going to church on Sundays are neither real Catholics or Catholics at all. We all know as Christians (even Catholics) that all sins are forgiveable so far as you are truly repentant and ask God for forgiveness (either through penitential rites by the Catholics or personal confessions by other Christians) so saying these proves you have not being thought well or you understood wrongly.
    Also I believe everyone can gain fulfilment in any church, so far as they open their mind to it.------UGO

  10. Taught*-------UGO

  11. I haven't been at HOTR but I plan to attend the church soon. I'v met Pastor Paul Adefarasin and he seems to be a good person added with the fact that I admire his ministry and his passion for people.
    One thing I know when people express reservations without giving reasons is that such decisions are made on sentiments and thus not open to logical or rational decisions.
    As much I'm enthusiastic about what or who I care so much in my life, I'v also come to respect people and their decision (whether logical or sentimental).
    Other churches have their tenets and although one could argue of superiority of one's church tenet's over another's, we all serve God and mostly religion is a personal thing.
    As regard a church being a 'church for the rich', it is a matter of perspective. To my knowledge, I don't think anyone would detest being rich, so why not get out of your local domain, network and learn from those who are rich and maybe, just maybe you might fall in love with the reformed version of yourself.

  12. Lol at mortal sins.. the only sins i know can't be forgiven are sins committed against the Holy spirit.

    To the question.. I for one don't believe in denomination. I think that since we serve the same God, as far as you are truely worshipping and serving him where you are then you're good. The most important thing is to have a relationship with God. If you don't have this, the number of times you go to church regardless, your christian life is empty. (This opinion excludes churches with questionable doctrine and practices that are not biblical)

    That said, i think the problem people have with House on the Rock is that its a "modern church". Its not only HOTR, its the same with Daystar and other new generation churches. People do not understand why the senior pastor and his associate pastors must always be corprately dressed, or why the congregation must be dressed to the ninies or why the church hall must be fully ACed. The older generation also think that the pastors water down the word of God to accommodate their youthful population that they don't tell them the truth and as a result condone sins.

    They also think that their messages are more motivational that preaching (some of them are) then many of them are stuck on prosperity and how to be successful, no talk of holiness or rapture etc.

    I for one don't care about denomination but some of these pastors don't help matters. Not too long ago, one big pastor of a church in Abuja was accused of serial adultery, up until now, the man hasn't come out to either deny or confirm the accusations which he said he would do a short while later, its been almost 2years. Another one got divocrced recently admist allegations of adultery too.

    Thing is, I've never been to HOTR so i don't know what they preach or anything but this is the general conception gathered from the people i've had cause to discuss such issues with over time.

    1. Now my brain has *defrosted*. Thanks Sunshine.

    2. I beg to differ on the issues raised concerning Daystar seeing as I attend the church and also, I'm a worker in the same church.
      Although, I understand those views shared are not necessarily yours, I'd be remiss in my duty as not defending what I know to be true.

      First, Daystar ain't so much of a 'modern church' as it is over twenty years old though I'd agree it has been gaining better reckoning in recent times. Dressing corporately to the best of my knowledge is restricted to the pastorate and this is to project a defined image (much like a brand as companies strive to do today). It conveys professionalism and you'd agree with me that the sensibilities of some of the older generations would be affected if the pastors/hosts are in a more modern form of dressing. From the foregoing, one can conclude that it is 'all-embracing' rather than 'modern' that targets the newer generation. The church also doesn't have any strict dressing code for its workers talk less of members, hence it doesn't control the appearance of the congregation. It is the choice and sole discretion of the audience to dress in whatever form and there ain't any stops to reject 'improper' dressing from anyone at the entrances.
      We live in the tropics and thus oftentimes, the weather is relatively warm. Having an AC unit is just for the convenience of the congregation just as rest rooms serve another aspect of convenience.

      I'd concede that the messages especially on Sundays do not take the typical format of the conventional Nigerian church but I'd never agree to the belief that the sermon is 'watered down' or more accomodating at the expense of God's commands.

      Daystar's vision is 'to raise role models in the society'. A good instrument of achieving that vision is through their sermons and thus biblical principles are expounded upon to see what can be learnt to make one a better member of the society. This does not sacrifice other biblical teachings as each sunday, altar calls are made (evangelism) and other biblical activities are done.

      You'd also agree with me that currently in Nigeria, we have a lot of christians on paper and less in words or actions. Recently I was asking myself how better our christian walk will be if we saw Jesus not only as the 'Saviour' but as the 'teacher', 'businessman', 'lawyer','politician', 'husband and father' etc, what better world it'd be? I believe we would then be able to better reflect 'christianity' as it should be.

      Last, The Senior Pastor and Pastorate in no way condone sin in any form as this goes against the fundamentals of Christianity and also the tenets of the church. I'd would welcome any observations otherwise

    3. @chrisink, lol! All wat you just said is wat sunshine has said but with more vocabulary to boost, that truly, U are a Daystar member.

  13. I am in the same boat as you, born and bred catholic but I hv recently been attending HOTR in ph , when my mom found out she gv me grief so now I secretly go there , I believe salvation is personal and what works for you coz its between you and your God

  14. Well one of my lecturers back in unilag was pissed that his daughters attend HOTR and spend all their salary on the pastor. His opinion is that HOTR feast on the gullibility of young women, especially the singles which makes them give more than they ordinarily should, he was really bitter about it.

    It's almost like "self worship" most pastors/ preachers have turned religion to something else.

  15. Well one of my lecturers back in unilag was pissed that his daughters attend HOTR and spend all their salary on the pastor. His opinion is that HOTR feast on the gullibility of young women, especially the singles which makes them give more than they ordinarily should, he was really bitter about it.

    It's almost like "self worship" most pastors/ preachers have turned religion to something else.

    1. To a Certain degree, I have to agree with this.

  16. leaving the catholic church is not a mortal sin, it is not even a sin neither is attending a non catholic denomination.
    mortal sins are forgiving once you ask for forgiveness. Only a sin against the holy spirit cant be forgiven.
    av never attended HOTR so i can't really comment on their mode of worship.
    I feel people should adopt whatever religion they are happy and satisfied with as far as it does not negatively affect another person.

    A Bili

  17. I was once a catholic so yes we were told NEVA to go to another church and even after dat warning I don attend like 3 churches before settling in RCCG today! praaaaise the Lord!

  18. last post by me...#JoyDaNuGirl


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