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Your Special Cooking Recipe!

Good evening guys! So sorry that I've been kinda MIA but.... some days are like that. I saw this very interesting comment on Bella Naija. It was on the post about the winner of the Onga cooking competition. So this lady, a student of Unilag won the competition. The prize; a brand new car. The winning meal; eba and okra soup. 

Can you imagine that? Eba and okra soup won someone a brand new car. Wow! Ok this is intriguing particularly because okra is probably the easiest Nigerian soup to make. 

Anyhoo, in truth there are exciting new ways to spice up basic meals and a commenter Miss Socially Awkward shared her okra soup recipe with everyone and I'm glad to share this with you. I'm going to try it out this week. See her comment below. 

 In my quest to sex-up my own pot of okra, I’ve devised a seafood version (watch out, Yellow Chilli) where I roughly chop up my okra; heat up a bit of red oil;, blend red bell peppers (i.e. tatashe) with ata rodo, a little iru and one onion; add the blended ingredients to the oil and let it boil down until the liquid reduces; toss in the chopped okra for a couple of minutes and then add stock in minimal quantities so that the okra “draws” well; add the seafood as the final ingredients at the very end of the process. Don’t like overcooked veg or watery okra so different techniques for different purposes. :-) 
      My stock is made well in advance with stock fish, dried fish and (blended) dried prawns boiled together until the stockfish and dried fish are softened and edible. Feel free to include red meat or cowleg or whatever’s your preference of animal parts, into the stock.

It’s the resulting liquid that I add to the soup pot after I’ve tossed the chopped okra around in the “red stew”.

Interesting isn't it? 

I just made a pot if nsala soup and I'll share with you what I probably did a bit differently than the usual; some people do this, some don't; besides the uziza seeds and crayfish which I ground together, I also used ogiri. This gave it a unique taste, different from the basic nsala soup. Also I used both uziza and utazi. Not much utazi though, just enough to give it that slightly bitter taste. Most people use uziza, a few use utazi, but I inadvertently happened to buy both  and decided to try it out, and I don't regret that decision one bit. 

So ladies and gentlemen, are there any meals that you add your own special touch to or you have your own unique recipe for? Please share them with me. One thing I'm particularly curious about is people that make maddddddd jollof rice. What do you do differently that makes it so amazing?

Let's talk recipes!


  1. Mehn,i didn't know my burning jollof rice wld turn out to be one of them "maaaad jollof rice". My family actually tot the rice was ordered.
    In a nutshell,try burning the rice unintentionally. Cos if u burn it on purpose,it wld be burnt on purpose.

    1. ROTFL. Sasha bone the hilarious!

    2. Yes o! Thelma! (reasonably) burnt j.rice is ehn! Very sweet! Especially the "under of the pot" lmao!

      Thelma! Be careful o! What do you mean?!!! Don't underestimate the power of eba and okro o! Oyinlola and I are coming for you!!!! Lol!

      My j.rice and fried rice is badass too(or I like to think so... lol! it definitely is).
      I didn't know you had to really fry the pepper. But now I take my time to fry the pepper(especially the tomato paste) and my j.rice has not remained the same.(a friend told me about adding little crayfish to the stew... not too much to overpower the jollof rice taste ) Dried pepper(ata gigun) and tomato paste works fine too..

      My fried rice... after I parboil the rice... and then use the chicken stock, curry, thyme, maggi and salt to cook it till its done... I don't bother to add vegetable oil(except times I don't use chicken stock... I just add little vegetable oil)... when the rice is done... I would have already sauted my vegetables with maggi, curry and thyme in a frying pan. Instead of pouring the vegetables into the rice directly, and mixing in the whole pot... I do it "small small" lol. I take some(lil) vegetable, put in the (non-stick) pan and add rice to it... then fry for like 3-5 mins. I do that till I mix everything together. It should be done in bits and not rushed. its longer and more tedious but it works and it comes out sweeter and more beautiful. Lol! (even tho Iya kabuoy thinks it's a total waste of time and gas)

      Soup... Yoruba people and soup. *sigh* So I want to see more Ibo and calabar recipes! I "discovered" uzizah in 400lev. And since then, iv always used it in my okro and ogbono.

    3. Yeah, same way i do my fried rice..but I recently stopped that method of pan-mixing in small batches.yeah, it comes out well but it's tasking and time consuming. I add only Maggi to d veggies..
      Nna mehn..we just dey feel ourselves wt burnt jollof rice o..u need to c my sister and I fighting for *bottom of the pot*. Chai!!

  2. My own recipe is what yoruba's call ata dindin oniru with ofada rice....just blend the tomatoes with pepper and plenty,I repeat plenty onions,fry with iru( not sure)...and palm oil,garnished with ponmo,cray fish,diced meat.....omo,nothing beats it.....Hey fam.....good to be back....TNHW..

    1. Hey,where have u been,welcome sis@thelma u made my mouth water ohhhh from the nsala soup u made, now am so hungry biko give me some. Hmmmmmm I have so much recipe but no strength to type so ama just read comments. Hope u had a safe flight Thelma?

    2. Yetunde I hope all is well @ your prolonged absence? Mabel it was very very smooth, weird though, because it was one of those tiny planes that vibrate and jump up and down from take off till touch down, but despite this it was one of the smoothest flights ever. It must have been TTB readers prayers.

    3. Been busy jare...missed you guys like kilode.....Mabel you are one fine babe....Thelma hope u kept my own share of the dollars....happy new year...hope it aint to late#winks#...TNHW

    4. HiaannHiaann yetunde, wats so fine about me,biko kwa.Lol. tnk God u landed safely thelms.

    5. Hmmmnnnnn....hope say u get ukwu...because this face am looking at,looks

    6. Lolz @ ukwurized....I share in ur thoughts too

    7. Ada and yetunde,my ukwu extra large, m looking for pple to share with I swear. Lol

  3. @Yetunde, iru is locust beans. I don't cook that much, I still struggle to cook exactly how I was taught

  4. T where the picture of your own food dey

  5. Hi everyone, pls can u guys recommend a cooking channel for me , because my cooking can sha have comma, no matter how hard I try, there is just one mistake I can't figure

    1. Lauretta, You and me both o..

      My sis can cook up a storm 3 times a day but me..? Something always goes wrong. Sometimes I wonder how we both grew up in the same house. I watch Food Network to console myself and imagine I'm the amazing chef preparing those wonderful

      God knows I don't even try any more sef. I need practice fa!

    2. Hahahahahaahahahahahaaaaa!!! You imagine yourself as the chef?!!! *rotfl* I used to wonder why you are so obsessed with that channel, I swear you need help!!!! lmaooo! You'll soon start cooking up a storm too don't worry.

    3. Hahahahhaha@sunshine.. I used to think I was a weirdo, at least now I can console myself, u could also check out the dobby's kitchen that Clare recommended, it's really cool, sure we would improve with time...

    4. @Lauretta... I did o.. this morning. That blog is amazeballs..

      @Kabuoy.. Proud somebody! **side eye**

  6. Hi everyone, pls can u guys recommend a cooking channel for me , because my cooking can sha have comma, no matter how hard I try, there is just one mistake I can't figure

  7. well, i'm very good in cooking Banga(my fav. soup) soup and ofcourse Egusi soup.

    you must lick ur fingers when u finish...i'm that confident.

    1. Umph! That's what many of you(men) say until we taste the food. What is "finger-licking" to you might just be ...... to me.
      So do you have a witness to testify?

    2. Lol@ kabouy u wicked yy u dey fall Uyi hand now,Uyi am urur witness biko.Lol

    3. Hahahahaa! Maybel remember! Thou shalt not bear false witness (for or) against your neighbor! Okay o!

    4. Lol@false witness. I don chop Uyi food before so no b false witness. Lol*tongue out*

    5. kabouy, do u want to eat my delicacy? do u?


    6. @ Kabouy, If I were you I'll be careful with my reply hehehe delicacy huh. J

  8. @ lauretta : visit dobbys kitchen. Google it up.

    1. Thanks Clare, am doing that right now..

  9. I thought the normal thing was to cook nsala with ogiri, uziza and utazi..Thelma u mean uv been cooking a whole nsala soup without dem 3 ingredients? Let's hope you also thicken it with pounded yam..mmmm. As a 'confam' Anambra woman u must appease the gods. Chai! Alu!

    1. Yes o! I have. Actually what happens is that in Lagos I have someone I buy nsala spices from in the market so I don't bother with it all, but I'm not in Lagos at the moment. And, most people I know don't use ogiri or utazi.

  10. As much as I luv nsala soup, I've never made it maself. It aint a regular soup at home so...... Pounding yam ish also makes it a prob to prepare it here in sch though an aunt suggested I use 'quaker oat' as the thickner (I wonder how it ll be though it works for her). Mtchew I just don't know p Sha. Welcome Thelma, I heard something about dollars lol

  11. Please who can give me a recipe for correct native soup. tried it at jeveniks once and i was hooked.

  12. Efo riro.... hmmmm... coming back with the recepie

  13. I add Uba to my okro soup and it's pretty nice, everyone at home loves my okro


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