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Agbaje vs Ambode. Lagosians Let's Talk!

The election debates on different platforms have been largely centered around the Presidential elections. I rarely hear people talking about the state elections and of course what's of particular interest to me, because it's where I reside, where I do business and where I'm familiar with, is Lagos state. 

It seems in Lagos its almost obvious who the Seat belongs to, for reasons besides the probable political god-fatherism, precedence and basic logic which points towards a particular party being the winning party. These reasons include the inability of one party to campaign as aggressively as I'm sure they would have loved to, had their party been the ruling party in the state. Yet (social) media campaigns cannot be foiled or hampered and I therefore cannot understand why his campaigns are inagressive, lackluster and have an almost lackadaisical approach... As though he's playing to lose. 

But enough of my personal musings. Lagos, who is it for you; JK Agabje or Akinwumi Ambode?

Here's a bit of background information on both parties. . 

Akinwunmi Ambode, APC (51)-
Ambode was on the Lagos Waste Disposal Board in 1985, treasure in several local governments, went on to becoming an Auditor General of Local Government, then also went on to becoming the Auditor General and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Lagos state, at 37. He has been a part of the government for 27 years. He is also an entrepreneur; he opened a consulting firm which specializes in public financial management. He honed his financial skills at the Harvard Kenedy school of public financial management. He graduated from the University at 21 and became a member of ICAN at age 24. 

Olujimi Agbaje, PDP (57)-
JK Agbaje is a pharmacist who received his degree in the Obafemi Awolowo University. He has been a part of the private sector for many years. He started out with one pharmaceutical outfit and grew his business into manufacturing and then finally a factory. He has been a part of an economy run by the private sector so he knows where the shoe pinches. 

Lagosians, does EXPERIENCE trump COMPASSION or is it the other way round? Who is your candidate come April 2015?

If you haven't watched the JK-Ambode debate check it out here
-Part 1

Part 2


  1. If APC says Change on the presidential level,then it automatically means change on the state level too. Their campaign lyrics of "change" shld be consistent...

  2. I tend to endear myself to people before hearing them out or reading their manifesto. I'm more endeared to Agbaje than I am to Ambode. Work load is heavy today so I'll just wait till I get home before watching the clips. I hope I won't be disappointed.

    1. You won't be... meanwhile.. I think Jimi finished ambode especially with the "Mr ambode has not been paying attention..." lmaoo!

  3. I agree with you on this Sasha. I don't mind if we have PDP take over in Lagos and vice versa on the Presidential level. Change we need lol J

  4. Thank you for bringing this up thelma. I remember Clare suggested it few weeks ago. :)

    *singing* everybody loves Jimi Agbaje... everybody loves Jimi Agbaje... everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody loves Jimi Agaje!!!! PDP!!! Power!!!!

    Amboooo ooo Ambo! Ambooo ooo ambo! Eko sese bere ni ooo ambooo ooo!!! Amboooo Ambode!!!!! APC!!! Change!!!!

    I'll be back!

  5. Haven't watched the clips yet but Ambode isn't the man as far as I'm concerned. He looks like a thief.. His eyes are just like Tinubu's eyes..
    Then the photoshoped pics aound Lagos too.. SMH. I saw him on TV which day was that and I was honestly shocked. That is Ambode? OMG!
    Old man that doesn't want to look old.. Youngest blah blah my foot!

    But Jimi Agbaje on the other hand, I've liked the guy since the first time he made his intention to rule Lagos known. That "everybody loves Jimi Agbaje" song is the one campaign jingle that didn't leave my head thru the years. Besides that, He just looks like a more serious person, like someone in the same class as Fashola. Someone who is closer to reality, has worked in the private sector since gbongbongbon and knows what and how the people feel.

    Personally I don't care about political parties, I care about the people and individuals. That's not to say political parties are not important tho cos I as much as I think Jimi really is the man, I think he's in the wrong political party at this time.


    1. JK!!! Omoluabi eko!!! PDP!!!! Power!!!!

    2. Sunshine I used to feel just like you do. Jimi Agbaje has a good aura about him, he has a likable persona and he seems 'kind'. Ambode on the other hand is Tinubu's protégé therefore it's seems like business as usual; same self-serving politicians. I'd always thought Ambode was just another instrument for thievery BUT after watching this debate (I NEVER thought I would say this) Amobode looks like he just might be the man.

      JK to be honest seemed not to give any weighty answer to most of the questions he was asked, he seemed ill-prepared and out of depth. The answers he gave didn't quite answer the questions that were asked and almost always missed the mark.

      And then speaking about experience, Ambode obviously has much more, I never knew he had that kind of portfolio. I really don't like getting involved in the debates so I wouldn't say much, but these are my observations. I'd really really wanted Jimi Agbaje to be the man.

    3. Errr... thelma I disagree with you.
      Ambode was prepared for the debate. He was quoting/stating ambiguous facts and statistics. That don't mean anything. I agree that Jimi kept saying errr... em... and wasn't really answering some questions very well... Ambode too. I must say he didn't quite impress me. + his accent/the way he talks. Lol! Did u hear Jimi talk. Refined man like that lol. Believe it or not Ambode is who we all think him to be. A Tinubu protégé. The only reason i'll vote for APC in lagos is just so some of the good foundation they've laid won't go to waste if PDP comes in. Cuz those ones have their plans too. Ocean wantin wantin that JK was saying. and there's baba BG too. Another Godfather that'll want to run things like Tinubu. Fashola has done well small sha. He could have done way better but at least he is not as bad as oga Jona. For that, i'll gladly give my vote to Ambode.. give him a chance. I didn't like fashola 8yrs ago. JK was who I liked(what did I know then sef.. not like I could vote) but anyway... let's see how Ambode performs... + whether Lagos likes it or not! APC would be in power for a long time except Jagaban dies. Sooo... we can as well not waste too much time debating who wud be governor or who would lose...

      Kabuoy loves Jimi Agbaje!!!!

    4. Kabuoy he sounded eloquent and poised but his words lacked weight. Ambode was prepared for the debate as he should have been, as anyone participating in such a debate should have been. Was JK taken unawares? Come on, ocean this, ocean that. The only thing JK could say against Eko Atlantic was that they should have done it in Badagry or Ikorodu ('wieghtless'), he could have supported or aided his point by giving valid reasons (which I can even help him with even though I didn't necessarily agree) but he stated reasons that had nothing to do with nothing; take the pressure off, take the pressure off. Did anyone tell him that the island is complaining that it's under pressure? No. He should have simply said the wealth and ultra-modern development should be decentralized, and there are a number of reasons why this is imperative. But JK kept talking about a nonexistent pressure, or maybe he just didn't either use the right words or drive his point home properly. And I don't even want to get started to the Apapa roads!
      I'm not pro-APC but I wish JK would do better and I'm not speaking based on this debate alone. I've read some of his plans/manifesto/intentions/ideologies in the papers and I'm always left wanting. Do I think he has better intentions for Lagos state? YES, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Good intentions alone will do nada!
      Kabuoy and Sunshine please leave lemme look for something to post this night.

  6. Though I'm a strong supporter of GMB, I think Agbaje is the man for the job. Watched a debate between Ambode and Agbaje, the one hosted by Olisa, and I think Agbaje did exceptionally well

    1. Yeah! That was the one I watched too. And I preferred Jimi. That's when Ambode asked him to explain the ocean business spitefully and Jim said he was not paying attention! lol!

    2. He apparently wasn't, I was surprised Ambode was asking him to explain it again

    3. Exactly! Jimi Agbaje seems to be the right candidate but in a wrong party though. All we need is Change biko.

  7. Replies
    1. JK will spoil all the good work Fashola has done. I'm sure Ambode will continue from where Fashola stopped

  8. I think I prefer Ambode, jimi looks too serious for my liking and like Thelma also I have read most of his acclaimed plans and I don't see anything solid, he isn't driving home his points but Ambode seems to be prepared, and let's not forget APC has been in charge of Lagos for long,wat we want doesn't matter,they already know the winner as long as godfather tinubu is alive and very much around. I am not voting but if I shud change my mind,it wud b Ambo.
    Ambo ohhhh ambo eko sese bere nii ohhh Ambo.

  9. A lot; I am not the spokesman of Jonathan but I will just tell you a few. Apart from Shagari, Shonekan, Jonathan/Yar’Adua and Gowon there is no other person on that position that was not accused of state killing. Jonathan has been in that position for six years and you cannot link any killing to him. Tolerance is the bedrock of democracy sustenance; he is tolerant; he is mature. If you don’t push him to the wall, he will not respond to your criticism. Until they are showing his achievement, you will not know that he has done a lot. Yesterday, I watched a programme on TV where Vice President Sambo commissioned a railway line from Port Harcourt to Makurdi; the rail transportation that has been abandoned for a long time by successive governments, this man revived it. First time in history, Nigeria became the biggest economy in Africa. Despite the fact that he has a strong opposition at the National Assembly that does not allow most of his bills to sail through, despite the fact that he has a security challenge, almost 15 per cent of the country is affected by the Boko Haram activities. Most of the major highways are in good shape now. Privatisation of NEPA, most of the past governments have tried it and failed but Jonathan has done it and power supply is improving; and talking of restructuring of Nigeria, do you know how long we have been shouting that we need a national or sovereign conference? He just woke up on October 1, 2013 and told Nigerians that he is ready to organise that conference. And after four months despite the pressure by the opposition led by Bola Tinubu, he started the conference with opposition from all angles. Yet the conference was concluded and 633 issues were recommended. We finished the conference at the peak of political campaigns when no politician is interested for governance. That is one of the reasons the recommendations have not been discussed. I don’t want to turn myself into self-appointed spokesman of Jonathan but the truth is that he has achieved a lot. The evil we know is better than the angel we don’t know. I don’t have issues with Buhari but I have issues with a lot of people who surround him. Governors who get a lot of allocations but have achieved nothing in their states can only deceive some people but not all the people. With time, the truth shall come out. I was one of the people that criticised Jonathan that Yoruba is marginalised and that was before he made a Yoruba son his chief of staff. I did criticise him openly that Yoruba was seriously shortchanged. At the end of the day, he made a Yoruba his chief of staff and you and I know the power at the disposal of a chief of staff. Though I will be the last person to say that Jonathan government is not corrupt because most of the people that surround him are highly corrupt but compare them to those who nearly sink a state and who surround Buhari and who are shouting change and yet do not want change in their states. They want to stamp out corruption. I agreed that Buhari is not corrupt but can he run the government alone? This is not military regime that he can just arrest somebody and use decrees two or four to keep somebody in detention, set up a tribunal to try the person. You can’t do that in a democracy. And if he becomes too rigid he will be impeached. So let us be very careful the way we buy into anything we see on TV. We know this people; we know what they have, their assets.

    Gani Adams to DailyIndependence

    1. Oga! We are talking about Ambode and JK o! Not Jona and Buhari... you probably missed that post! + light no improve for my area sha. So dah wan nah fa fa fa!!! Fowl!!!!

    2. Kabuoy oh! Lol

    3. This boat has long sailed on this blog. Please move on. I felt bad when they postponed the elections so we can rest from this over flogged PDP vs APC crap. J

    4. "I am not the spokesman of Jonathan..". Yeah right, we've heard/seen.

      You listed achievements of Jonathan, kudos. So what are you implying? That GMB will be incapable of performing better or meeting up to this yard stick set by Jonathan? Oga/Madam, Nigeria has transcended way beyond that line of thought. The reason alot of us root for GMB isn't because he's going to be a messiah, but because we (for instance) cannot have a president throwing parties barely 24 hours after a terrorist attack, the same president you claim to be distracted by the corrupt and the militia. Oh..I see, the parties are a way of letting off some steam, right? The number 1 agenda of an incubent president or government official is to provide security for those he governs. When you're incompetent in that regard please, spare us the BS of "terrorism is a global phenomenon" and do the needful. Over 20000 people have died since 2011, but instead of trying to curb this, disgraceful statements emerge: "they are our siblings, how can we send the army to annihilate our brothers?...the media is more informed than I am...they exist within my cabinet...we're working very hard to curb insurgency (since 2012)...if I visit Chibok they will kill me (yet you didn't die when it was time to go there and campaign)...". While the G-8 and G-20 are looking for alternate energy GEJ supporters are trying to blind us with "he built light (abi heavy) rails, a feat his predecessors couldn't achieve". And on that note, vote for continuity. Sorry for our mentality. Maybe when our residential areas are mortared and we become refugees like tens of thousands of our countrymen in Chad and Cameroun then we'll realize we de one-chance with Jonathan. I cannot vote for a clueless weakling. And this isn't about PDP or APC. I've never rooted for any party.

      Oh...and by the way, there's a *memo* circulating in the media that the FG plans to bombard known terrorist enclaves within 6 weeks. That's something that seemed difficult these last 3 years. Soldiers ill equipped and sent to the battle field are court-marshaled because they refused to go on a stupid suicide mission. If this 6 week campaign succeeds, we need no soothsayer to tell us who's really behind the insurgents.

    5. When epistle jam epistle... Gbam!

      The last paragraph of your comment tho Memphis.. if they are able to curb BH in six weeks after over 4years of this madness then there's something else to it.

      Also, Jonathan and his advisers really think Nigerians are gullible and stupid.
      So its election time, suddenly fuel price reduces, Nepa starts giving you light for 1hour a week as opposed to no light at all, boko haram suddenly disappears or becomes defeated. Issorait

  10. I case my rest. Ask me again when election finally comes. I already know who I am voting for.

  11. I'm gonna keep quiet........ For now

  12. I look at Lagos state and I smile. I doubt if people know how much Lag generates minus it's federal allowance yet what tangible thing wld u say Fashola did? It's easy to leverage on the achievements of past governors cos Lagos was developed long before Fashola came.
    Everyone remembers ASUU strike but no one remembers LASU strike. Everyone remembers FG is not working but no one remembers when market traders were being double taxed/levied. I remember Fashola banning Lagos state civil servants from granting interviews without clearance. Is this the Freedom of Information APC plans to continue even on the Federal Level? Yes,Fashola has cleaned up one or two areas in lag and that is commendable but what he's done is just shine an already existing shoe and at the same time,jack up the cost (not standard) of living in Lagos. It is when u leave Lagos that u wld realise that housing,transportation,feeding isn't so expensive. Lagos cab divers charge the highest fares in the counrty even if there's no traffic on the route they wld ply. Now because things are so expensive,everyone thinks it's the same nation wide. Just take it that the value of the Naira died only in Lagos. As for the BokoHaram issue,its only fair to listen to someone from the battle field and not online critics.

    I must commend you Thelma. Good job...

    1. This has been my mom's case against Fashola. I quite agree with you. Ambode kept pointing fingers at FG and PDP and I was just shaking my head. They kept saying FG is frustrating their efforts. Well... like I said. it's a case of a man in the desert that does not have access to water and someone with a drum of water comes and trickles 5 drops down his throat. He is still very thirsty but the man is like a Savior. So that's the state of Lagos now. That's how I see it.

    2. Whether anybody likes it or not. Lagos state governor is the best in Nigeria I don't care wat anyone wants to say abt that. It is the closest point to civilization Nigeria has ever gotten to.

      That said, Lagos state is also the most densely populated land area in Africa. And then you expect wat you are seeing in a state of less than half Lagos' population in Lagos? Please don't go there. Where there's demand there's higher value with supply. Its just basic economics.

      There's no way you would come to Lagos and you won't be at least "comfortable", by that I mean you can't be hungry in Lagos trust me. Go to another state and expect the same thing. He he he! That's why everyone keeps coming to Lagos every one. And as that population is growing more money is needed for the government to tackle the challenges. So please tell me how you expect them to make that money? By waiting on oil money to arrive before they can do anything? Please USA tax their citizens like they are their own enemies. Go to UK and see taxing. So blaming fashola on taxations is ludicrous.

      Another word of advice; I'm going to liken the governments (federal, states, LGAs)n this nation to the English word called circumlocution. Moving around circles without facing one most important thing to run an economy. Just like ambode like lagos state to an organization. Theres no organization that runs in this country efficiently without power. Mtn for example spend some ridiculous amount of money on fuel and maintenance of generators nationwide. All those expensses they put it back in our call charges. And yet you stikl make calls at 10kobo per second. I just wonder if we had stable power supply how much less we would be paying to make calls alone it woulf pretty much be insignficant. Lets look at the ripple effect this would cause. Open your mind and see the oppotunities just by having constant power supply would bring to this nation.

      I noticed that nobody is campaigning with any promise for constant power supply. Am I the only one seeing that this country would grow exponentially if this is done?
      Why is everyone so mute abt this...people are talking of road, agriculture railways, and all sorts. No one is talking abt electricity.

      If this country can boast of 6months uninterrupted power supply....omg I'm just seeing limitless possibilities. Choi

      If anyone campaigns with uninterrupted power supply electricity even if hes GEJ I may be tempted. But I don't get that from anyone

    3. Dearest Uyi,theres something u need to understand bout NEPA and having constant light. Before privatization,FG was charged with suplying the whole country with light which we know wasn't successful. Now that it has been privatized,from what I understand,all the light u want wldnt be coming from the national grid. In some neighborhoods on the island,they enjoy 24hrs power supply. When the one Nepa gives goes,the private power kicks in but this comes at a cost. I hear some pay over 3 times the normal Nepa tarrif,depending on ur private supplier and ur negotiation.
      What I'm trying to say is this: have u heard of politicians campaigning with Nitel since it got privatized?

    4. So what you are saying now is DAT Nitel doesn't exist just as PHCN isn't existing no more?

      As in they can't effect rules and regulations that would better serve the Nigerian populace anymore? Ok now I understand you.
      And by the way the 'privatized' NITEL should be under some conditions to make it better serve us.
      Same way 'privatised' PHCN can be under some strict objectives and goal. But is that wat we have here in naija? No.

      I know phcn is privatised. But that wasn't my point when I was writing this.

      When Mtn Glo AIRTEL etc where trying to use their platfom to raise money for some political parties. What happened? That's where I was driving at. Do u understand now?

    5. Errr... is it just me or is there something going on btw Sasha and Uyi...*sexy wink* heheheheheheheee!

    6. Sasha's answer though...lmao. Like Uyi was all dressed up for a seminar and trying to regale her with the slide-show. After all that energy, "Nope". Kai...hahaha

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Ahan.. Uyi, e never reach like that now.

      You guys really should stop taking politics personal. Its not that serious and there's no guarantee whatsoever these people will actually deliver so lets not let other people's arguments(for or against us) get into our heads.

    9. not Na! If it came out that way, I'm really sorry oh

    10. Uyi, Fashola is not the best governor in Nigeria. What yardstick did you use to arrive at this conclusion. Please check out Akwa Ibom and Enugu state, and I dont mean only the state capital but the hinterlands. Not all state govts use propaganda like Lagos state.

    11. There are not 'hinterlands' in Lagos. That should give some hints as to why he is.

    12. Have you been to places like ayobo and farther, please check. So there is no hint in it.

  13. Hmm,PDP and APC are like the Federal university vs Private Uni's. While they both have their supporters,one factor private uni' forget is that their lectures are products of federal universities. Old wine in new bottle wld never change the fact that the wine is still old...

    1. Exactly. Hence they're both one and the same.

    2. I like this analogy.. old wine in new bottle.

      As Yorubas will say, na all of them be thief, na d pesin wey morning sun meet be barawo.


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