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Blog Reader Asks... Will Jonathan Really Do Better In a Second Term?

I have a concern: during the second term, most politicians do not out-perform their first-term achievements. We have seen Jonathan's achievements during his 6-year tenure, would he perform better if given a second term? Are their indices to convince us of a better Jonathan during the next four years?

His words in 2011 "If I’m voted into power, within the next four years, the issue of power will become a thing of the past. Four years is enough for anyone in power to make a significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything…”


F's concern is very valid. We all know its the norm in this country; the second term is the time you relax and chop the fruits of your labour. It is rare to find a politician that has out-performed in his/her second term. 

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. In as much as I don't do politics on blogs,I don't think Oga Jonah is going to perform more in his second term....All we need is CHANGE...TNHW

  2. Thelma, most visitors have already made up their minds, whether GEJ will underperform or not if he unfortunately wins isn't going to hold sway right now. Buhari promised to serve in just one term, what's the guarantee that he wouldn't perform like someone already serving a second term? But I have my reasons for standing up for GMB.

    GEJ's supporters have been talking about his various achievements, the ones we see and the ones we're supposed to see. As far as I'm concerned he can distribute 18 carat gold to 170million Nigerians; a man who's incapable of protecting his own and even exhibits high level of nonchalance in that regard shouldn't be even considered to be at the helm of affairs. For those who're rooting for GEJ, I put it to most of y'all (emphasis on "most") that you're supporting him based on religious and ethnic sentiments. No problem, come 2019 by GOD'S GRACE I'll just be sheepishly smiling and waiting for reactions because if GEJ wins now, APC (if they still exist then) and PDP will both present Northern candidates. Maybe then we'll all wake up.

    1. Hmm,You remember GEJ didn't protect the people he was called to serve but u forget to mention that GMB killed the people he forced himself to rule over. If we are gonna point fingers,lets not be selective in it...

    2. Thank you Sasha bone. I keep wondering why anybody would want a man that promised to make the country ungovernable if he doesn't win to power. Let's leave sentiments, I'm wondering the miracle GMB is about to perform in stopping insurgency in Nigeria. If he can perform such miracle, why wait until he becomes president before doing so? What does that tell us?

    3. "...a man that promised to make the country ungovernable if he doesn't win...". And please where's your proof? Don't tell me you're among the bandwagon that believes this crap. Alright, say GMB made such a statement, what has your darling chief security officer done about it? He sat back and watched security agents and INEC clear him for the elections. Ogaa o.

      Sasha, not being selective in anyway, but I choose not to continue in this pile of mud. You don't want a man that'll kill you, I don't want a man that cannot protect me. Shikena.

    4. Yep,we clearly know what we don't want...

    5. Memphis there was a clip I watched that clearly stated Buhari making that statement, so I do not think its unfounded. In as much as Jonathan should be criticized for the derelict state of security, it would not suffice to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by GMB. For instance, the capital punishment for crimes that do not equal. Also, GMB's recent interview with Amanpour clearly indicates that he has no remorse for his actions then (arguing that was a military regime and this would be a democratic one). How on earth does such an individual act in the present without falling back to the past at any point in time?

    6. And can you please share the source of the clip? You know, things as serious as these should be properly documented, or else they turn out to be unfounded because this is some serious allegation. Blame the culprit, but blame more the man who has all the guns and yet lets a free pass to a monster. The Buhari regime: where he (according to the info presented by those *duly* informed) maltreated Nigerians and where his second-in-command is hailed as the shining white-knight of that period. The same regime. Alright o. Did I not hint before that this distrust/dislike has an ethnic/religious undertone? Will you be honest about that or you'll try to convince me with "I basically don't care about such sentiments"? Well, you're obviously not voting for GMB, I am. Be blessed.

  3. How many posts do we have to address this light issue? IT HAS BEEN PRIVATIZED! What others didnt/refused to do,he has done within the 4yrs. Nepa light in my neighborhood has improved (even though they are trying to force us into a 24hrs supply which means higher tariffs).

    1. So you people are the ones responsible for taking over our NEPA allocation, okwa ya? Because since this privatization brouhaha electricity has eluded us.

    2. Lols,theres still a number of "To Let","To Lease" and "For Sale" signs around...

    3. Coming over. New neighbour to be, so far it's pre paid meter, I don't mind tariff. 24hours supply, you said.

      But on a serious note, are you for real on this Sasha?

    4. Yh,in some select estates...

    5. Madam Sasha? Na u pack all our light commot abi? Since the day PHCN was privatised, power supply reduced in my area from like 12-16 hours a day to 1 hour a week if we are lucky. No jokes and no exaggeration. Its so bad that everyone knows that that 10minutes light they bring on Sunday afternoon is all you will see until like Friday or Saturday mid night so we Iron all the clothes for the week within that 10 minutes or resort to Gen to iron during the week.

      As far as I am concerned, privatisation worsened the light situation. Meanwhile Abuja light is sooooo good! I stayed in Maitama for like a week sometime last year and they ALWAYS had light. The light doesn't go off for more than one minute. I couldn't help shaking my head and wondering if I was in the same Nigeria.

    6. Maitama, Asokoro (even APO legislative quarters) are not 'Nigeria' Na. Ehn sunshine. Lol

  4. Whether it has been privatised or not the question is has there been a general improvement in electricity? That was the promise right. Honestly I can't say because the light is still unstable, no set timing, nada.

  5. Buhari is certainly not the best man for the job, but considering the indices we have, Jonathan cannot and I repeat cannot do much in the next 4 years.

    He has nothing to lose, there will be too much "sharing of the national cake"
    Having good will isn't enough, you must back it up with actions. No one is saying that Nigeria is an easy country to rule, I'm sure he is faced with lots of challenges but the minute you bring your self out to serve, you must be ready to face the consequences.

    His ineptitude to issues makes you wanna go hug a transformer, out of anger. He addresses very major issue. With levity, I find that very annoying. Even his media chat was bereft of ideas on how to tackle the problems facing this country.

    He is surrounded by people who advise him poorly.

    APC as a party is just not it, but you can't ignore the performance of some of its individual governors in certain states.

    While we are uncertain of so many things, I'd rather have GMB, at least for the next 4 years. He has much more to lose if he does not perform.

    May God help us to vote wisely. I am just tired of the status quo. We do need change. Let PDP take the back bench for now.

    If they are serious, they should sit up and come up with a better candidate come 2019.

    1. I'm tired of commenting on this issuse but I just have doff my hat to you Claire. You have spoken like a true Nigerian without any single sentiment attached. I wish we had 170million people like you.

      Respect, madam

  6. For him to perform in 2nd term, he needs to change his team. His current cabinet are too partisan, which is affecting the general interest of the country

  7. I don't like either men and I don't think GEJ will perform better than he did in the first term . Why does it have to be either of them? Why not someone else?

  8. Me I'm even tired of this whole election talk..had a heated argument with my uncle, he got really pissed (he's pro Jona) and then we had to have breakfast under a heavy cloud of awkwardness.
    Sasha that your talk about privarization nawa o. I chose to ignore it last time you said it, who told you the federal govt is no longer responsible for light... PHCN hasn't been completely privatised yet, only the 1st phase of the privatisation has been completed...govt still holds some major stakes. And even when it becomes completely privatised, FG will still have some responsibility in the form of general regulatory functions. so stop making up excuses for a mediocre govt, they can make excuses by themselves, their excuse is that there is insufficient gas supply due to vandalisation of pipelines..all I know is they promised and they've failed. what you people don't understand is if Buhari wins and after 4yrs he fails to deliver, he'll also get the same heat we're giving Uncle Jona..this aint about nothing but a people who feel they deserve more...its not personal.

    1. Fair enuf but if the 1st phase of the privatization is giving some areas the optional luxury of 24hrs light with higher Nepa tariffs,then I think this case can be adjourned. Yes? No? Maybe?

      We can choose to see GEJ's govt as either half full or half empty...

    2. But wait o. If privatization has really ensured PHCN (or NEPA) has improved in their services, where's the extra Energy coming from? Because before and after privatization they can barely sustain a threshold of 4500MW. Sasha, you and your neighborhood peeps need to start explaining this 24hrs light option. I no get light for yard o.

    3. Move my

  9. I'm here I don't see like for more than 30mins a day and some one is just receiving 24hrs light uninterrupted ... All these lights you people are shiaring dia ris God ooo. Dis ris God ooo. Chai!!!

  10. Seriously, the power supply in some places are better than some other areas. We know that. When I served in Enugu state last year, I almost didn't want to return to Ph because of the steady power supply where I was staying. So I understand where Sasha is coming from. Sometimes, we need to travel to other places to appreciate some of these things. We have not gotten there yet, but I'm very certain we will.

  11. Seriously, I have not felt or seen any of GEJ'S dividends.
    As a president, every citizen should feel his impact in any of the sectors. If you are talking about electricity, I should be able to talk about security and someone else should have felt his impact in agriculture. Thats what presiding means. JD


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