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Blog Reader Wants To Know How Often You Wash Your Bra. I Want To KnowAbout Your Boxers...

I was chilling with some girls and they were talking about hygiene...So they asked how many times is okay to wear a bra before washing it? Biko come and see answers,some said a week, some said more....I was shocked! Biko help me ask female blog readers oh? Me I wear mine for two days after sun drying it the first day.

I remember many years ago my classmate said to someone; you should wear your bra at most three times and then you wash. So since then it kind of always stuck; 3 wears = 1 wash. We were in JS2 btw. 

Be honest, how many times do you wear your bra before washing it? Don't be ashamed, go anonymous if you must, just say it. LOL. And err, I hope you know we're not asking about panties because it is assumed that EVERY lady wears her panties just once... Just saying. 


Speaking of undies, a similar argument ensued with the guys recently when a friend of mine was listing MUST-DOs for the boo. She said he must wash his boxers everyday, he mustn't wear a pair of boxers more than once (before washing) because that's simply gross! The guys lost it, in fact from the argument it seems that men wear a pair of boxers for one or two weeks before they even think of tossing it into the hamper. They argued that boxers are not pants/briefs so why on earth would they wear it just once and wash. We argued that they serve the same purpose and gather the same amount of dirt. 

So guys, tell us, how many times do you wear your boxers before washing?


  1. I wash when I feel iike. Most times, I end up washing after one wear due to sweat....but I don't wear more than three times.

    Boxers should be washed every blessed day. Its serves same function as a ladies brassiere.

  2. Honestly, I think I'm the poster... LOL
    Oh well, I wear my coloured Bra Twice, only if I could sun dry it after the 1st wear & I no sweat mega. *We females gauge these things*. (Maybe I just woke it to the movies).

    But if it's my white Bras, I wear Once & I wash.

    Panties na no contest oh. Daily wash during my morning baths cos my Dr said microbes grow when u keep it for later. *not taking chances*.

    Any man I'm with must wash his briefs daily. Whether u work or play. DAILY. Any funny smell from there. The game of me going down there is over!!!

    1. Erm erm, 95% of men dt wears boxers wear them more than once tho. And d possibility of ur DH wearing them more than once is very high. So u might wanna scratch dt "he must wash his briefs daily" part. Lol

    2. Totallyvl with you Eesah...which guy wears his boxer only once?... He's Gay. Period!!!

    3. say wetin? so it's OK for you guys to carry the sweat, and other orishirishis on the boxer for more than one day? come on now!!
      instead of buying that new shirt, buy more boxers so you can go a full week wearing one per day. you can wash on saturday. abeg, do it for your country.

  3. I think it all depends on the kind of fabric used for the bra, for those of us that are not endowed with big boobs. We go for padded bras. Washing them everyday means you intend to buy a new one every week.

    The rule has been 2/3 wears one wash, however, sun drying should be a constant.

    However your level of sweating is a huge factor.

  4. I think it all depends on the kind of fabric used for the bra, for those of us that are not endowed with big boobs. We go for padded bras. Washing them everyday means you intend to buy a new one every week.

    The rule has been 2/3 wears one wash, however, sun drying should be a constant.

    However your level of sweating is a huge factor.

  5. It's illogical to assume that any normal guy would wear a pair of boxers for 2 days (which is unhealthy) or more, let alone a week...2 weeks before washing. Kai. It would stand to reason that in the course of the argument between your friend and her boo he was perhaps trying to justify why he shouldn't do his laundry more often by assuming that most guys actually let their boxers see days before washing. An assumption your friend likely bought.

    1. Hello Memphis, did you just avoid the question with this long answer? Bia, take ur time o.

      Oya come and answer now

    2. Nne I answered the question o. lol

  6. I wear my bra twice oh...But I sun dry too...My pants is twice per day sef....morning and husband wears his briefs one per day..eew something for guys that wear theirs twice.....TNHW

  7. depending on the colour mostly wash after 2-3days and if you sweat a lot one wear n wash ,but if I hav like hundred or 50 I think I will wash after every wear

  8. Most guys i know where their briefs more than once.
    I wear my bra for a long as possible and wash it when i have the time. It can be days and it can be weeks. All my bras are black and they are padded. I wear my coloured bra twice

  9. I wear my bra thrice ohh and I sundry in between, as for my panties,I wash dem once a month, as in I wear n keep until I am ready to do my laundry and den I soak all with jik and wash.

  10. Memphis let's be real here. 95% of men don't wash dr boxers daily. I'm one of d cleanest guys out there (the spic and span kinda guy) but I don't wash my boxers daily. I do it like 3 times a week. The only time I wash my boxers after wearing them once is whn they are some "funny stains" if u kno awht I mean. I've come across the cleanest of guys too and they don't wash dr boxers daily. Boxers and ladies undies serve d same purpose but going by d nature of d female anatomy, all d secretion and how dr panties are worn directly on dr skins, I'd líke 2 go wíth d line of argument dt boxers are not 'paents' and briefs. Also looking @ d way d male anatomy is hanging outside d body and all d spaces inbtwn wh u wear boxers. Therefore if a guy wears his boxers more than once without any 'funny stains', I won't call him dirty. I can only call him dirty whn he wears it more than once without an excuse.

    1. Eesah are you talking about washing boxers daily or the number of times guys wear boxers before washing? I may agree with your statistics when it comes to washing boxers daily, but wearing the same boxers twice? Lai lai o. *Stains* or no *stains*, once is enough biko.

    2. I second Memphis, eesah no difference between the male n female anatomy ohh because d way our pants cling directly to our body is the same way it clings to urs,So I think a man shudnt wear his boxer more than once.

    3. Memphis fair enuff. @Maybel u really don't think there's any difference huh?

      Like seriously?

    4. Nd u r d cleanest by wearing it twice or more.... Smh

    5. Momoh tnk u ohhohh,he just contradicted himself and statement. Lol

    6. Momoh d 'cleanest' guy! Oya come and swear dt u don't wear ur boxers twice and then I'd blv u (u don't hv 2 swear tho LMAO). I didn't say I'm d cleanest guy out there, but I've seldom come across any guy dt is cleaner anð I'm not trying 2 blow my own trumpet. Whn I say dt, I'm not talking abt boxers alone, I'm talking abt all round hygiene. In my entire life, I can count off d tip of my fingers how many guys I've come across dt washes dr boxers twice daily let alone once and I'm not kidding. U'd think dt d " oyinbo" once are better, but they are d worse sef. Don't get me wrong, whn ever I wear briefs, I wash them daily, and I sometimes wash my boxers daily if d need arises, tho not often. But let's be real here na

      Man phuleasee

    7. Chai, Eesah eyaff fall my hand seriously u wear ur briefs more than once?It's only excusable when u wear pants oh...u fart,u produce semen and still wear more than once....Haa mogbe...If my husband should try that bullshit,he's gone... And u Maybel ur matter no be for here....What happens to washing them when u have ur bath in the morning?....okay oh....TNHW

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. You people should free eesah nah! That's his opinion. And I agree with him. Cuz really tho... Most guys wear their boxers more than once. Thrice even. I guess memphis and momoh fall in the 5% category. Finish! That does not make eesah's theory completely false or faulty.
      TNHW you're just making me laugh! Lol! Your husband is gone ke? If he tries that. Lol.

      If I talk my own now... TNHW will comot cane and flog me! lol!

    10. I tell u kabuoy.....No even talk am oh,if not na pankere soaked in water and kerosene on that ur bumbum....TNHW

    11. Nope @ TNHW, I don't wear my briefs more than once but my boxers sometimes. And once there is semen on my undies or cloth, it's an automatic washing sef.

      Anyways, I'd pretend I didn't hear whn u said if u man tries wearing his boxers twice, he is gone..

    12. Okay oh.....I hear u Eesah....Don't pretend u didn't hear oh....How do u expect me to get down on it,when u aint clean down there.....#no TNHW#

    13. See, we don't release unpleasant substances as women do and there's no arguing that. I'm sure you know how small the hole in how organ is... But when it happens you dont see 95% guys still wearing that same boxers. That's different.

      But saying we guys should wear one boxer per each day is just plain ludicrous, trust me, Alabi, your husband wouldn't wear his boxer daily if no one is washing it for him.

      I've got 99problems and washing/wearing one different boxer per day just isn't one.

    14. Yetunde na so I dey do my own ohh,I wash once a month and datss when I wash my panties too now haba,e bad????na only my gym wear I dey wash everyday cos of sweat. Lol

  11. Haa you girls wash ur bra after one or two wears. Chai *runs away*

    1. Haha! Chioma come back here!

    2. Lmao @ Chioma! My dear sister. Na why I just Sharaap before TNHW wie soak cane inside kerosene and petrol for me! Lol!

      Meanwhile... soaking cane in kerosene. lool! What's the diff? Is it more painful? I don't get! Lol!

    3. Lool kabuoy let's bottle our secret ;)

  12. Ok, I must be a weirdo or something because my mouth was left hanging after reading the first paragraph.

    I wash pants and bras each time I wear them. In other words, I wear only once before washing and I do same for all my children. Even my girl who has started wearing bra knows it must be washed after each wear.

    Is this a wrong approach? Are bras meant to be worn more than once before washing them? I sincerely want to know.


    1. It can't be wrong nah. Lol. Some people e.g kabuoy are just being lazy! Lol!

    2. Na real.laziness ohh kabouy, laziness is d only reason yy I don't wash dem all d time.

    3. Hahahahaaaaa.........
      Alright then.
      Thanks ladies for letting me know.


  13. The only thing that caught my attention is the sun dry most ladies are mentioning after the first wear, When some of us just hang or fan dry. Who is so comfortable spreading underwear in the sun. To each is own ~ Hygeine is key sha.

  14. Each person with their own individuality.
    Brb please. I need to sun dry my bras...JD

  15. wear bra once or twice, leave story jor I wear a week sometimes more as long as I don't sweat in them.

  16. Pants shd be washed daily or soaked but some keep their pants n wash once a week. Even @Mabel once a month, o ma ga o.

    For Bras (black n other colours) - twce or thrice is ok b4 washing or better still, changing

    Some even use bedsheet for 2months without changing.

    Most men see it as normal to wear their boxer 3 or 4 times b4 changing it. Even when they are not d one washing it.

    What is bad is bad, no other name, wear ur boxer once n change it.

    A man wearing boxer 3 times n a woman is doing 'blow-job' Hia! Dirts, germs etc

    God help us

    Mama 'D'

  17. I wear a week for the bra I really like and wash. but if I don't like the bra, I wear twice and dumps.

  18. well, i have a different approach to this issue. i think people should wear bras less often. ladies, let them twins breathe!! ever since i took a daring stance to attend a job interview (that I felt very nervous about) without a bra, and still managed to get the job, i realised that bras are really not as necessary as we probably think. i've been wearing fewer bras lately, and that means less laundry for, disclaimer - it depends on the lady o, and also on the nature of your shirt's fabric. don't go and be flashing unsuspecting people (read: victims) left and right.

    Lately, I have even started to question the purpose of shimi sef. i have this lovely black and white skirt that i have always worn with a shimi. I decided to try it this week without a shimi, and my o my, it was like a had a brand new skirt. wind blowing, skirt swaying, the full works. so ladies, why do we cover ourselves with all these things, bikonu, ehn?


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