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Day 1.

Good evening awesome people! So here I sit at my desk, thinking; how I wish there's a bed and I can just sleep over and continue tomorrow, going home after 9 only to come right back tomorrow seems like way too much stress. But that's not why I'm writing, I thought I'd check in with you guys, and of course update you on the goings-on in my life, for those who care to know.
    It's funny how there's always some romance hovering around me anywhere I find myself, and even when it isn't part of the plot I work it into the story. 

Just as I was approaching the gate this black jeep slowed down beside me and then came to a halt. I tried to use 'side eye' to see who was in it but no luck, the glasses were all tinted black. Hia! I didn't want to approach the vehicle because, well I don't know if this has ever happened to you but, it's one of the most embarassing things ever when you think a car has stopped to give you a ride then as you approach it, smile gratefully and make to open the door, the person in the driver's seat looks at you with befuddlement and mumbles that they hadn't stopped for you... Ouch! LOL, well this has never happened to me but I always imagine that it could, so I never stop to look till I'm very certain it's me that's being called. 

But speaking of rides, let's talk about the first one. I was walking to go get a cab earlier in the day and I knew it might be a long walk before I found one, I desperately didn't want to be late on day 1. Then this car pulls up beside me and still with 'side eye' I saw the toothy grin and the welcoming smile, beckoning me in. I'd never been given a ride in this type of car or by this type of person, but there's always a first time right? Just in case you're wondering it was a very beat up golf that must be at least 20 years old and the driver, I think, is a mechanic. He was so pleasant and had a very gentle smile and he went out of his way to get me to my destination. On getting there I thanked him and he only muttered "Such is life" and chuckled. Bless him...

Yeah, so back to the mystery man behind the black tinted glass. I didn't stop till I heard my name; "Oando!" (some people have refused to accept that my name is (n)wando, not much I can do about it). I stopped in my tracks and looked into the car. It was him, my House on The Rock toaster, the one I told you guys about back then... Well after several unreturned missed calls and cancelled dates he gave up on me, then he travelled to the US for a training, then returned and went offshore, then got a place in Bonny where he is most times, then started calling me again but gave up once again... Well he's been back in town for about a week now and apparently he lives just two buildings away from my new job. Haha!

And yes, he's picking me up after work and taking me home too. Yippee, God please let everyday be like this. LOL. Amen.

The job itself holds promise but it poses a threat to my (social) life so I'm also looking at it just as I do the mysterious people that slow down beside me on the road; with 'side eye'. But I cannot deny that I'm happy and I'm looking forward to more. 

So, how was your day? And how was your first day at work? Were you nervous, were your colleagues welcoming or hostile? Did you immediately fall in love with the job and the work place or you felt dubious? Do tell!

To the Anon in the last post; how do you recover the last 4 years of your life? You recover by starting to live now. See the longer you spend crying over that spilled curdled milk, the longer you spend obsessing over it and trying to demystify the things that happened, the more of your time and yourself you're losing. You don't want sorry so I won't sympathize with you. The truth is that some people are IDIOTS, and regardless of how good, kind, giving and loving you are, they still remain and will always be IDIOTS. Unfortunately you fell in love with a selfish undeserving idiot, sweetie, let it go! Some people have lost 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or ten years and they still picked up the pieces and moved on. As you pray to God, pray instead for God to forgive you for the abortion you had, ask Him to heal your heart and to give you the grace and strength to move on. You need God to heal your heart my darling, when He does you'll feel the hate, the resentment and bitterness begin to melt away, leaving you lighter, free and feeling brand new! (I've been there so trust me, I know...). Please don't let that undeserving man continue to take up space in your mind and in your heart, especially as you're the last thing in his, if at all you're there... All the best Hun!


  1. glad you had a good first day, an unexpected free ride just makes one go "thank u Lord" in your mind, you get to dodge the stress of jumping buses or save cost on cabs which can take a toll on one's pocket over time, but seeing as we live in dangerous, dangerous times I hardly accept free rides.

  2. Couldn't hold my laugh at that 'oando' part....lmao. Good thing your first day went well.

  3. Can't wait to read all about bonny man lol.

  4. Glad you love your job, not many peeps can say that about their jobs

    Btw, I missed u yesterday. I can't count how many times i refreshed ur blog, this job should take time o..

    My first day at work.. well, I resumed in Abuja. Seeing as I'm very used to lagos traffic now; that and anxiety made me wake up very early (4:30am i think) I didnt want to be late on my first day. I hurried my host out of the house at 6:50am so i could "beat" traffic. The man kept telling me that there was no way I'd be late to work but when he saw that i didn't believe him, he laughed, got into the car and drove me to work. Lo and behold, my office was just 10mins away from the house, no traffic whatsoever.. long story short, i was the first person on my entire floor! It wasn't funny.

    That incident probably made me make more friends cos the story of the Lagos girl who got to work at 7:00 because of traffic kept getting retold. We all had a good laugh over it sha. The day wasn't bad at all and i learnt to stay in my bed till

    Story has changed now tho as I'm back in lagos, dem no born me well not to fly up from my bed at 5am

    1. Lmaooo @ "dem no born me well not to fly up from my bed at 5am"...
      Thelma you need to see her on days she wakes up 5:15 or 5:20... mad frantic rush! lmao!

    2. LMSAO!!! Lagos traffic is the one major reason I'm Glad to be back in PH. Lagos traffic wear agbada but PH own na only pant.

      T I'm glad U are Happy! I love to see people thoroughly happy, esp women...

      I hope I get a job that makes me this fulfilled sometime...

    3. Kabuoy and Ruthy still laughing their asses off since medieval

  5. Oando!!! Lmaooo! Anyway... since I can't call you Tee... Oando is just fine! hahahahahaaaa!

    My first day at work was good. very interesting. Made like 10 new friends... no work of course cuz we had to be trained first so we were just gisting and laughing. Yeah! Twas a good day. That was the "honeymoon" phase...

  6. Whenever I do get a job I hope I get to love it,I always wonder how to know whch car to say tanks to and ignore and whch to enter when people stop for you on the road as a lady

  7. Omoh my first day @work, I scatter eye! Made friends with 'friendable' ones. Efe enyero!

  8. Glad you are happy Thelma. Wish you more successes.


  9. I remember my first day in my current office. It was......OK. My new colleagues were welcoming and promised I was going to have a good time working there.......however, everyone kept asking me if I had met one particular lady. I didnt understand y, until I met her.....SMH. to say she was a terror would be an understatement. She immediately became a prayer point and eventually about 7 mths after, she was transferred to another dept. *phew* that was some answered prayer.

  10. Good for u Thelma.I hope to be as happy as u are on my first day,when I do get that job..

  11. Good for you Thelma, I always pray for reasonable n friendly pple on my first day of work...cos u meet all sorts..d good,d bad and the ugly(as per character)


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