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Disillusioned Blog Reader Vents; Are God's Plans For Us Really "Good"?

I skimmed through your last post and I've seen y'all quoting Jeremiah 29:11 and I want to rant a little. Permit me.

Its easy for you people to hold on to that verse and say God's plans are for us to prosper when the only challenges you've faced are family related or monetary or marriage/relationship problems.
Will you say that God's plan for someone dear to me who died of muscular dystrophy, a rare disease, was for him to prosper? How? Or people who live good lives and then bam! Cancer. Or kids born with cerebral palsy etc, Down Syndrome.

That's why I dont listen to these Ministers and I rarely read the bible. 
Its not that I don't believe the word of God, I just think that its been misinterpreted soo much by Christians of today. I really don't mean to offend anyone, it's just that even though I believe in God sometimes these things don't make sense. So when people quote Jeremiah 29:11 I have my doubts. 

I'm sure some of us can empathize with the poster, I'm also certain that some of us have thoughts, opinions, words of assent or dissent for the poster. 


  1. I wish i can give you a big hug dear poster... it is well with you and al that concerns you.

  2. The truth is the more you read the bible the more you understand it. God's plan for adam and eve and their offspring was only good. That's why he put them in that delightful graden and told them the only thing that could truncate their bliss-eating the forbidden fruit. The sad consequences of their action is in no way God's fault. James 1:13 tells us that when we face problems God is not to blame. Its never his will. No one remembers to place the blame on Satan's shoulders. Everybody blames God. God doesn't cause problems for anyone. He may allow them temporarily but in the future paradise he is preparing for those who love him, those will be things of the past. Romans 8:18 assures us that the blessings to come far outweigh the sufferings of the present. So yes dear God has only good in mind towards us. Question is- will you act now so you can see those promises come to pass?

    1. Talking about Adam and Eve, I've often wondered: God has a fore-knowledge of everything to come; means He must have known that Adam would fall? And HE still allowed it? What (good) purpose was the 'forbidden fruit' serving in Eden which made God to still leave it there knowing Adam would fall to his wife's charms? And the crazy serpent? Would we have missed snakes if God did not create them or if HE had created them dumb thereby unable to convince Eve? Did God mean for the world to be exactly what it is?

      Do not mind me, I just tend to allow my thoughts run haywire sometimes.


    2. There were thousands if not millions of trees in the garden. God said eat from them all and leave one for me. A simple test and they failed. Don't forget that the bible shows that it wasn't just a snake speaking to eve. Rev 12:9 shows it was the devil himself posing as a snake. God's foreknowledge is unquestionable but realise that although he created us he doesn't feel a need to excercise his foreknowledge each and every time. For instance he knew abraham had the faith to sacrifice isacc. So why did he make the pensioner(lol) trek for miles just to prove it and then tell him in gen 22:12 "now I do know that you are God fearing because you have not witheld your only one from me?" Why say now I do know? Its just like beyonce who has one of the best voices ib the world, the fact that she can sing doesn't mean she sings all the time. Just because she has a good voice will she start responding to all questions with a melody? And when she speaks instead of singing will we doubt that she can sing? So the fact that God chooses not to foreknow in certain occassions doesn't mean he is not all knowing. Another thing if God set up the events in the garden of eden, why was he so angry with adam and eve? Why go through all that charade and for what? This isn't a social experiment for God. All eve had to do was say no to the serpent and all adam had to do was say no to eve. Pretty simple but the joined Satan in his rebellion and here we all are shouting God, God!! Meanwhile Satan the cause of everything go just sit down de smile. May God punish him!

    3. Exactly where I was going with the questions: may God just punish the devil and let the world rest.....


  3. I have thought through what poster is saying long time ago.... In as much as this is on the down Side, if you try to look at it from the supposed 'high' side. This is it...
    Now a man or woman who has achieved everything in life. A very happy family, a hefty bank acct., all that hes asked for in life is there in front of him.
    Trust me, he or she will still try to find a struggle.
    That said, Now people with those dysfunctions poster is talking about, will you tell me that they were the best of all the 400million sperms swimming to that one Egg?

    Truth is, our existence on earth in this body isn't for our own 'merriment' in a "much larger scheme of things" as to why we are really here on earth. We are souls But we have been given a body, whether its poor, rich, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Orlando bloom body, Kim kardashian shape ...etc or not.


    read ColossianS 1:27 AND 1 John 4:4 and look beyond this body, though enjoy it while it last.

    Dare I add, reasons for Catholic's Ash Wednesday (from dust you come and to dust you shall return).

    Sometimes I look at them from the outside and I'm like, this church has pretty much seen it all (over 2000years approx. of existence), the Sufferings (of Jesus and subsequently his disciples, Paul, Stephen etc.) and 'Rulership'. Easily reflecting The high side and the down side I talked about earlier and yet, here they are in present day earth still trying to make people understand what living on earth is about, according to Christ. Yet People still looking at them with disdain... I'm glad I could see things from a truth and it just keeps me going/growing and I hope everyone sees this too. Today, tomorrow, day!

    Its never about religion or 'faith', But understanding that true essence of your existence. FIND IT, Live with it and do not sway from it.

    1. I would love to have a chat with you. You sound very smart and level headed.

    2. Cool... But you are anonymous. Lol

    3. I can see Uyi head busting right now,u dey happy sey u smart baaa? Lolll

    4. I can see Uyi head busting right now,u dey happy sey u smart baaa? Lolll

    5. "...understanding that true essence of your existence...". That's the highpoint of this brilliant comment. If you don't, you'll just be in sorrow throughout your life, and more sorrow when it seems to you that you, your friends and family are being deceived by GOD. And that's a trait, dear Poster, you don't want to nurture. It's dangerous and can only drag you down. It's well. Stay blessed.

    6. Lol, i'm an anonymous. My comment is just a wishful thinking, not necessarily would we have to chat. But just know you have an admirer of your reasonings.

  4. Awwww! I wish I had a way to xplain things beta 4 the poster. However, I'd like for him or her to really pray for revelation in the knowledge of the word of God, den everything ll bgin to add up. Thank der z an atom of belief in you in d frst place. *ehugs*

  5. The lord is ur strength and ur pillar is all I can say to u dear poster.

  6. Hmmmm.
    The age long questions.. why do bad things happen to good people? Why will a man or woman who has been selfless suddenly be inflicted with cancer? Why will a person be hit by a car and die on the spot infront of church as he/she is closing from service?
    These are questions we don't have answers to but I know for a fact that there's a God and He is loving and very kind. His love and presence has seen me through dark times and still continues to.
    He is a faithful friend and a wonderful father.
    I might not know the answers to all the questions of life but I know that God is love and everything in between.

  7. Dear Poster,

    Whether the challenges are big or small, life threatening or mild, that promise will never change. Heaven and earth may pass away but God’s word is the only thing you can hold on to because it will forever be the same.

    I'm sorry about your dear friend but you can’t just conclude that because he died God’s promise for you is somehow faulty or selective. God had a plan for him too, you have to believe that.

    As for the bible verse, there's really nothing misinterpreted about it,

    "For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."..."

    It’s pretty straight forward, God has good plans for you. The fact that you can't see or feel it at the moment doesn't make that promise any less true or valid. No one can explain why bad things happen to good people or why people get cancer or why little babies are born with anencephaly or a variety of other disorders, what we can however tell you is that God is a good God, He is Almighty and unquestionable, and He has a good plan for you.

    Please don't give up on God. Keep trusting in his promises for you.
    It is well with you dear

  8. The lord is ur strength and ur pillar is all I can say to u dear poster.

  9. We are not meant to understand God that's why he's God,he's unfathomable and no matter what people go through God has told us he's plan for us are good and if you believe in God you will believe whatever he says
    God didn't tell us christianity will be easy
    We are just passing thru

  10. Would be nice to have a vhit chat with the poster....
    I'm sorry about your friend, Sad that he/she left early, But if he fulfilled purpose then its not a waste, thats the core of our existence. Sometimes its not about the years in our life but the life in our years. I wish i knew the exact thing to say to make you feel better.
    God's plans for us is really for good.....His ways are just unsearchable and unquestionable.

  11. I agree with Uyi.

    Have you read Conversations With God? You may find some answers you seek.


  12. Yes God has the fore knowledge of everything to come but he gave us free will and he doesnt influence it..we humans are a powerful being,even in the heaven catalog we are higher than the angels..dear poster when your rooted I mean when your foundation is built on the word of God all things becomes easy to dig..Gods tot towards us will alwayz be of peace and to give us an expected end

  13. The basis of Christianity is faith. Without faith I dare say that it is impossible to be a Christian. Our reasoning as man is different from God's. With faith (with grace and the holy spirit) comes understanding of the truth which is God's word.

    When I read this it took me back to something I read about faith in some book "What moves us to believe is not the fact that revealed truths(the word of God) appear as true and intelligible in the light of our natural reason: we believe "because of the authority of God himself who reveals them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived".

    A lot of things will make sense to you only when you believe otherwise you will keep interpreting life issues through human eyes and if you do a lot will not make sense.J

  14. I was reading Psalm 73 and this post came to mind


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