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Etcetera Puts Celebs And Their "Dream" Houses on Blast!

Again, I’m going to go out on a limb here to talk on a subject that may not be very popular or nice to Nigerian celebs, especially the guilty ones. I have said it severally that just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are smart. They may have a talent or skill but many of them are not smart especially when it involves their finances. The old saying, “your lies will come back to haunt you” has never been more true than the recent cases of D’banj, Iyanya and Wizkid who are being kicked out of their homes after lying they owned the properties.
The residents of blogosphere boulevard were stunned when the news broke that D’banj got an eviction notice from his landlord and was also said to be highly indebted. Yes, it is hard to believe that someone of D’banj’s status could actually be thrown out of his house. But for those who know that the Nigerian entertainment industry is built on lies and more lies, it didn’t come as a surprise or a case of a cranky landlord. Entertainers are well rehearsed liars. They are not what they make you believe they are. Even the upcoming artist with just one song on radio issues a press release that they’ve bought a mansion in Lekki Phase One and a Range Sport SUV?

There was a time when it was strongly whispered that Don Jazzy and his crew owned Club Jonzing until the truth came out. You must have also heard that D’banj owns Koko Lounge. My brothers and sisters in habit of believing everything you hear, I wish you all knew how your favourite celebs laugh in their closet seeing you swallow the lies like fufu and draw soup. Let me give an example of how some artistes can be terrible liars, we were on a tour of five Nigerian cities with Basketmouth and his then Humour Unlimited monthly show sponsored by BAT. When we got to Enugu, a certain artiste was snoring like a broken trailer exhaust pipe in the bus on our way from the event centre to the hotel. I tapped him hoping to stir him up to reduce his noise but I was shocked when he woke up immediately swearing that he wasn’t snoring, that he was only trying to get our reaction. Our reaction? After snoring for about 20 minutes with a trail of saliva from one corner of his mouth to his shirt collar! O’boy some people can lie in Africa.

Did you hear it on breaking news when Iyanya bought a house in his dreams? His management must have thought it was a fantastic promo strategy then. If only they knew that not far into the future, Iyanya would be dragged by his balls across the floor of the internet, and that his aggrieved brother would take to twitter to inform everyone that Iyanya had been evicted (not from Project shame) from his dream mansion. Yes, it is double wahala for deadi-bodi and the owner of deadi-bodi but won’t it be tripple wahala for Oritsefemi and his management when fans eventually discovered that the N200m mansion he purportedly bought some months back was actually bought in his dreams and not in the real world? How much does he charge per gig and how long has he been playing these gigs to be able to afford a mansion of that amount? Isn’t it wonderful how naija entertainers think their fans and everyone else is shallow and gullible? 

Common sense should tell every artiste that these lies won’t achieve anything but hurt their careers in the long run when the truth is eventually revealed. Like it was revealed this week that Wizkid’s car hasn’t been paid for. True, some naija musicians make a lot of money, but not the kind of money they want you to believe. Does Oritsefemi look the part of a N200m house owner even with all his body cream? The telco brand ambassadors who are being coerced into lying about their endorsement fees can’t make such a preposterous claim not to talk of someone with no endorsement deal.

I shivered when I saw in some blogs over the week that Genevieve just bought a house in Ghana for a whopping $4m. This will go down as the grandmother of all lies told so far. Genny baybay, you should have asked yourself if there’s any house worth $4m in the whole of Ghana, except you bought the Ghana National Theatre which by the way may not be worth $4m. These lies are getting dumber by the day. The worst thing that can happen to any man is believing his own lies. 

If we had a system where entertainers are taxed for their acquisitions, the ridiculous and unnecessary lies will stop. They will speak the truth and nothing but the truth or so help them God.


  1. Lols. Celebrities are just like political parties. They live off the rumors to gain points till their cover is blown...lolz

  2. Ok, does he actually have any proof that these people are lying or do we just take this diatribe as truth just because he says so? The fact that the figures dont add up doesnt prove that he's telling the truth. Plus cant he be sued for libel?

    I enjoy some of etc's write ups but at some point, the hating on celebs thingy does grow old. He should find something else to talk about eg. the state of the economy, the art of writing a good song, critic a movie, etc. Find something else to write about!

    1. Believe me whn I say dt he ain't saying nuffin but d truth. Nija celebs esp are only known 4 living fake life style. Even those making big bucks are living a life dt is above dr means. There R jes a few real artistes in d entertainment industry like himself trust me. He can't talk abt d state of d economy na. He's only doing his job on d entertainment page of punch newspaper or so and dt's where dz bloggers lift his write ups 4rm. So he is basically doing his job.

    2. Mstchew! Bullshit! What do I care?! If they live fake lives? And why has he made it his sole responsibility to tell us who lives a fake or real life. Again! Why do u think I care if d'banj or Genevieve owns a house or not or if they lie about it. Mstchew! He has made it his goal and purpose to bash celebs and he comes across as a loser that wants to pull others along with him. (ajegbodo weni kun ra) My friend get a life.. thelma... why o why would you even make this a post? I'm sick of his hate articles jor. Nonsense and rubbish!

    3. Kabuoy, u don't wanna kno abt dr fake lives but there are pple out there who don't kno and needs 2 kno. Too many kids perishing out there coz they wanna live d 'celebrity ' lifestyle, doing all sorts of unprintable things coz they wanna live up d standards of these fake celebrities dt they look up 2. So somebody's gotta tell them d truth. Somebody's gotta knock them back 2 reality and dt's wht Etecetera is doing. He isn't a looser and he ain't trying na pull them down. he's jes trying 2 make dz kids see these fake yeyebrities 4 who they are. Pple dt are not worth of emulation and anybody dt follows them, does it @ his own peril. If anythg, ETC deserves an applause coz u don't wanna kno how many stray kids will come back 2 d straight path bcoz of his articles

    4. Eesah you're totally missing the point. Its not his job to air the dirty laundry of the "yeyebrities", he's an entertainment columnist, there's lot more to the entertainment industry than looking for a way to discredit celebrities. Even if you have to, must it be all the time?

      We need good movie critics in Nigeria, why not do that. He can choose one out of the four weekends in a month to give his unbiased view about the writing, acting, story, etc of a movie.

      All this bashing of celebs makes him come across as a failed artist who's hating on and jealous of others who have made it in the industry he failed in. He should do his research, the entertainment industry is too big to focus only on the flaws of the elite in the industry.

    5. Oh phulease Sunshine, wht u call discrediting them is him showing pple d right way. The problem with d world right now is dt whn u come out 2 say d truth abt smthg, pple start tagging u a hater or being jealous,. Yes there is a lot 2 d entertainment industry but this is d path he has chosen 4 now. He might actually be writing abt other aspects of entertainment, but these are d ones dt d social media feeding us.
      And BTW, ETC is not a failed artiste. He is an award winning artiste and I'd pick him ova Psquare, Wizkid, Davido and dr likes anytime anyday.
      Talking abt good movie critics, we already hv pple like Charles Novia doing justice 2 that. U shld kno dt he ain't jealous of any of them and wht u call 'making it' in d entertainment industry is relative and might not mean d same 2 him and other pple.

  3. Dear etcetera, there are houses worth 4 million dollars in Ghana! Genevieve's supposed house may not ne true because it's supposed to be in Achimota. Though a fine neighborhood, I doubt there's a 4 million dollar house there. I may believe it if the house is located in East Cantonments, East Legon, Airport Residential, Roman Ridge, Trassaco valley or Labone.
    PS: The National theatre is more than 4 million dollars.

    1. Lól @ our Ghanian neighbour. Na d part wey pain u be that?

    2. Lol e pain me no be small o

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I totally agree with Eesah.
    Etcetera's criticism might come out hateful but if some celebrities are actually living fake lives, then someone needs to spell it out as it is and save some youths from compromising their moral values.
    Who is better fighting a lion than a lion. JD

  6. It is well oooo even in d well. All this celebs sef nawaooo. Etc abi wet in b ur name, leave dem celebs alone na shuoooo!

  7. It is well oooo even in d well. All this celebs sef nawaooo. Etc abi wet in b ur name, leave dem celebs alone na shuoooo!

  8. I agree with @Eesah. Some young ones are looking at these 'yeyebrities' an feel all dt glitters is gold. Some can even drop their education to be like one of them. Meanwhile they are not worth emulating in any way.

    I pray we learn n fast too

    Mama 'D'

  9. I just learnt a new word that not on the Oxford dictionary...'yeyebrity'....#laffinghard....issoaryt...let etc talk biko, thats how Wendy Williams got her fan base and money!....dey talk abeg etc but pls always make it short...lolzzz...I wanna gonna....#gbese......#JoyDaNuGirl

  10. This ETC sha...Exposing the lives of celebs since 1980. Chai!!


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