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How I Ignorantly Killed My Wife- Why Couples Must Learn To ForgiveEasily.

I read this piece which is said to be a true story and having had the misfortune of being in relationships with persons who have difficulty forgiving, either because of pride, or just because forgiveness is alien to them no matter how minor the dispute, I chose to share this and hope people learn. Good morning!

Yesterday, I went to interview a preacher. He came three hours late to his church, venue of our meeting and I was a bit angry. But when he explained what kept him, not only did I forgave him quickly and learned some lessons, but I decided to share this with you so that some of us could learn.
Husbands and wives should learn how to settle their quarrels without delay. I have seen situations where couples allow simple disagreement to fester for days. Husband is silently hurting, expecting the wife to speak to him first. Same for the wife, hurting and expecting the husband to play the man. The waiting game leads from one thing to the other. If you are at this level of matrimony, please read this. You might have a reason to call your spouse and together take an oath that “OUR QUARREL WOULD NOT LAST BEYOND THAT MOMENT.”
The story as told by the reverend: Husband and his wife (his church members) had a domestic disagreement one morning. The man said he was was so bitter about it, claiming his wife knew she was wrong but refused to apologise. She felt it was a non issue and the husband should overlook easily. To say “I am sorry, darling”, to her husband was difficult for her. So many people are like that. So many wives take their husbands for granted tooooooooo much. We are humans o. Blood flows in our veins. Make una hear well well.
Three days on, malice reigned in the house. The husband said he must get that “I am sorry.” Wife cooked, husband refused to eat. Everyday he came home with food from Tantalizer. He boycotted matrimonial bed. Husband found new friends in the children. Same with wife. By the way, the children were too small to break the ice. I’ve been there before. Thank God I am wiser now.
On Sunday, last Sunday, they went to church in their different cars but sat side by side during service, pretending to be jolly good husband and wife. Fraud in the house of God! Jibiti ponbele! May God forgive some husbands and wives. But after service, husband went home with the children while she waited for women’s meeting. That day, Satan decided to enter the crevice they allowed in their home.
The husband was home already. When he perfunctorily checked his phone, his wife had called him thrice. He disregarded calling her back. Malice. The wife drove in some forty minutes later. He saw Usman opening the gate for her as his phone went on ringing. He checked it. It was his wife. She was in her car at the garage already. What is she calling me for? Foolish and stubborn wife! He said and ignored her calls. The call went on for a while. He ignored it as he sat with the TV.
Thirty minutes later, she did not come in. Something told him to go and check. Is she still in the car? Yes she must be there. He called Usman, Is madam in the car? Few minutes later, Usman rushed in. Madam dey sleep inside the car o. That was when he woke up and rushed downstairs. Asthma! Could she be having her usual attack? Could she have forgotten her inhaler?
He quickly took the inhaler and rushed downstairs. When he got there, she was almost breathless. Usman and husband quickly carried her to the back seat and off, he sped like a bat out of hell, to the clinic nearby. Madam was confirmed dead!
If he had picked her call early enough, probably she could have been saved. When you leave domestic disagreement to fester for too long, it leads to greater evil. The preacher said husband is weeping mad, blaming himself…i killed my wife! Only God knows how many wives, husbands, children have died such a needless death.
Couples must cultivate one another. No matter how angry I am with my wife, I, in my office, she, in her shop….I call her at least three times during the day. I call even when I have no reason to call. All I could say is “Where are you?” “Wetin dey?” “Anything for your boyfriend?” I am not saying this to impress anybody, but because it is the truth!

Written by- Anonymous. 

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  1. Jesu Christi! Ha! Lord have mercy! That man might never forgive himself o. Sad... sooo sad!

  2. very sad.. I was guilty of this in d past.. I will be fronting and not pick up but I learnt too.. never go to bed angry with each other .. Always pick up your phone even if u don't say much cos ur vexing..

  3. Hmmmmm.... May God give us the wisdom we need for our relationship growth. it doesn't apply to marriage only.

  4. Saw this piece on Facebook. Really sad...lesson learnt. Forgiveness is key.

  5. We learn everyday.
    I knew this for a while now sha.
    God keep helping us.

  6. OMG!!! I could literally hear d words in her head while making doz last calls..."M sorry honey pls pick up"
    May we all receive the Grace to 4give easily o, not only in rship.

  7. its seems like a parable than a true life story to me.

    that shouldnt sway from the moral of the story, stop keeping grudges. I know some lady peeps DAT live on malice, LET IT GO. They'll say that's who they are. like seriously were u born to keep enemies all Ur life? this life is too short.

  8. Wow! Another valuable lesson learnt

  9. We all know this. The husband too knows this. It's just sad when u are reminded with a very rude awakening...

  10. I learnt a lot from this piece...had to screen shot and send to le boo....But I removed thelmathinks sha oh,before he becomes a visitor...TNHW

  11. Power tussle in marriages over minute offenses.
    For most marriage squabbles, the causes are often non-issues and can be settled right there and then but then, we allow issues to degenerate and get out of hand.


  12. Have been in that space with hubby for weeks now, I even moved out of our room into a spare room and I think our marriage is over but we still answer our calls no matter what.

    1. Giving up on your marriage already? Are the issues really life threatening? If not, I believe you - both of you can still make it work. All you need are more sacrifices - more patience, little more understanding. I tell you, coping after a failed marriage isn't a piece of cake except the marriage situation is beyond reception in the real sense. Please think again and make the move towards reconciliation. I could write an epistle on this but I'll stop here.

      Wish you all the best.


    2. *beyond redemption (not reception, please)


  13. Wow, finally able to comment after a long time.I'm the one above. Pls welcome me blog readers. Xee

    1. Ur marriage ain't over hun....I'd say u guys should forgive and forget about anything that caused it....pele...welcome to Thelma thinks.....TNHW

    2. You are welcome Xee; we love you already.


    3. Welcome Xee!! Great to know you're reading and hope you'd write comments too. :)

    4. Welcome Xee... good to have you here! *big smile*

    5. Welcome Xee... good to have you here! *big smile*

  14. Wow! Thank you for this interesting piece. We learn everyday. God give us Christain Homes...Amen

  15. My husband is guilty of this. He won't pick calls. Even when we are not quarrelling. His excuse? "I was already close to house, I was just parking, I was in a noisy place, I was watching Chelsea's match". Mchewwwww.

  16. I saw soo speechless when I saw this yesterday..we learn everyday

  17. I dated this guy that will not pick my calls for a week when we quarrel plus keeping malice was his multivitamin on the other hand I don't know how to keep malice. The life span of my anger is 20mins. When I started dating my hubby I made him promise never to do that and we kept to it. We can shout at each other now in 2hrs we r bak to normal. It was easy for me but hubby had to learn it.

  18. I av a frnd ryt dats doin exactly dis.I get angry bt hate keeping hurts me

  19. I used to and just when i was cutting of the bad habit i met a guy who could keep malice with the whole world. One of the reasons I pitched my tent elsewhere.


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