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Naturalistas Riddle Me This...

"This naturalista movement/religion is soooo annoying. I have gone natural so that makes me the wise "IT" Girl and now I have to enjoy books, poetry, cooking organic ...and of course share my hair growth tips and made in my kitchen by my hand.....Please don't share your routine with me if I don't ask and Yes! Sewing human hair weaves to the scalp rocks and the mirror agrees......Ladies.make your decision.respect the decision of others. Dont judge. Support without smothering."

Buahahahahahahhaha. Ok, so I'm not the only one who feels this way. Quick question; what is it about going natural that makes some of the carriers feel superior to sisters with relaxed hair, and why do you/they suddenly begin to the you're/they're more authentic and ethnic than others? Just wondering. 

The above comment was my girl's Facebook status a few minutes ago and I just had to share it. Anyone care to shed some light?

It's funny because this topic has been flogged and overflogged but it seems unending. There always seems to be some underlying hair war. For instance my sister is a Naturalista and I might just be paranoid but I want to punch her lights out when I see the smug smile on her face as she pulls her kinky hair up to see the quarter of an inch that has been added to it, every week. LOL. Really though, like my friend said, let's all just respect other's decisions to do with their hair and themselves as they please. 

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  1. Never rock my natural hair before. hair is so dis virgined if there is a word like that..Am not a sucker for hair so if u like rock natural or fake....TNHW

  2. Whatever rocks anyone's boat,just don't rub it in.

    For now I like my hair this way i.e relaxed i don't have the patience to for natural hair.

  3. Buhaaaaaa,does playing the guitar follow?
    Do u remember the "Asa" we met at that christams thingy? Lol.

    Pls,whatever floats ur boat. Global warming is even making it harder to go #TeamNatural and I think it's #TeamHypocritical when naturalists bury their tresses under a pile of Brazilian locks...

    1. Please don't remind me of the "Asa", I tried very hard to wipe that traumatizing memory. How she just kept going, song after song, even after they kept signaling her to stop, even after they tried to take the mic from her... The horror!

  4. That's true u know. I have a friend who feels that way but so did all the law students in my uni feel. T I was goin to ask u some day wat makes lawyers feel superior?

  5. Natural virgin hair all the way mehn! Lol! All of u and your disvirgined, cooked, boiled, fried and burnt hair! *tongue out @ TNHW* Lmaoo!
    Okay, that was a joke o! I don't feel superior to those that wear weaves et al, Infact, I try not to feel inferior sef. Lol! With their 1million naira brazillian human hair or what do they use these days lol. I rock my plaited natural hair any day anytime mehn! But ha! Combing after washing and drying is ehn! I plait my hair one or two days after I wash it. cuz if I plait it immediately. Na to cry for whoever dey make am o. Lol!

    1. Jesu!!! kabuoy I gas to see what u look like in real life...All this descriptions I have mentally about u is giving me sleepless nights...So u are team natural hair?....#long hiss#

    2. Lmaooooooo!!!! Sleepless nights ke? Anyway... the first question you'll ask me is are you a deeper lifer.. lmaoo! Whatever that means.. and probably what class are you in? Errr... i'm hoping the later has reduced cuz of my "oroboness" lol! But peeps still give me funny looks at the office. Trying to decipher if i'm an intern, a corper or a full staff. Lol. So yeah... I hope with these few points of mine, iv been able to convince you and not confuse you about what I look like! Lool!. So please sleep well o! Lol!

  6. Weaves allday everyday for me thou

  7. Am both, am not a fan of Brazilian hair and Dats because it causes heat for me,I only braid once a while,right now am on low cut but my hair dresser just managed to pinch the hair to make my dreads for me in December and m still carrying the dreads and once i loose it,am going bald,I love the African Queen look it gives.Lol,I cud go from Anita baker to punk to bald,I had my hair all bald last year march and I loved it,I can boldly say I have never used a Brazilian hair before and Dats because it's stressful and I see it as a waste of money but the fact that I don't use dem doesn't make me better than those who do,just do wat makes u comfy and rocks ur boat.

    1. I forgot to add that I also love using,I know most ladies hate wool.

    2. Maubel biko change ur display picture,would really like to see you rocking ur bald look...

  8. My Kid sister has gone the naturalist way, and she never. Stops blabbing about this conditioner and that shampoo, all of a sudden she Has turned to hair expert.

    We no dey hear word for house again, I simply tell her to "shaaaaatap" when the need arises.


  9. My Kid sister has gone the naturalist way, and she never. Stops blabbing about this conditioner and that shampoo, all of a sudden she Has turned to hair expert.

    We no dey hear word for house again, I simply tell her to "shaaaaatap" when the need arises.


  10. Am on my natural hair and no am not doing movement with anybody, I just can't take the pain that relaxer causes. So I will braid it, wear a wig, fix a weave, leave it and do whatever the hell I want to do with it, because it is my hair. Last week sha I almost went to retouch it, but when I remembered the pain, I decided to bear. I even help my roommate retouch her hair and fix her hair sometimes. This imagined war that people are imagining is really just an individual thing. It depends on you

  11. The natural vs relaxed hair discussion again. Can we all move on and let each other do what they wish with their hair?? Thank you!!

  12. Much ado about hair! As one who rocks all, I would say it's all about what makes you feel good biko. I have natural waist - length hair n I always get some amebos trying to give me grief each time I fix a weave or braid like I'm betraying some movement i never knew when I joined. Chillax people! It's only hair! Whew!

    1. OMG Ziggylucious remembered us today! I'm going to sleep well tonight.

    2. Lol. I thought same. Happy new year and should I say welcome back?

    3. Lol darlings! I never left, just enjoyed my TT in 'silent mode' for a bit while dealing with issues here. Feels good to come out of the silence tho. Missed talking here.

  13. My hair is natural and i started growing it before the movement. Then peeps would ask why my hair wasn't relaxed and that i look like a church girl, blah blah like i actually care

    Although i dont do the things the "movement" people do with/to their hair cos thats some expensive, time consuming ish, i just plait it, wash it every other week and plait it again. No time for "co-washing" or spritzing every morning with orishirishi or locking moisture... whatever that is. Pple like Darkchildlovethyhair make me feel like the laziest woman alive cos of the way the take care of their hair. That thing is like a full time job.

    Downside to plaiting:
    I was sitting on my friend's table on Monday morning backing the door when this lady walked in. The first thing she said was, "who brought their child to work" then i turned and she was like "oh.. sorry" I almost fainted from the embarrasment. It was funny tho

  14. Team Natural hair. Lol. I have been natural only for 8 months. But i have been a perpetual product junkie for the last 10 years. My decision to go natural was when my BSL hair fell out after a botched relaxer. I switched to texturisers in 2013 and had to admit by June 2014 that they did very little for my hair. I can honestly say i have gone from washing my hair almost everyday to a maximum of 2x a week now. God is good. Lol. I also used to cry whenever relaxer touched my hair because my body goes cold.
    I dont do weaves, my scalp cant take the heat as i have a forest on my head. I love braids, so once every 4 months i braid my hair.

    As for the seal and lock etc methods i dont focus much on that. But my hair loves conditioner and water, and my curls are sometimes i just wash with conditioner and move on as i dont have an afro, i just let my curls laspirate. One of my friends calls it mulatto hair.

    On another note i think a lot of naturalistas are paid to promote products on instagram. Cos i try some of those products and my hair comes out looking like i am high on drugs or just plain old crunchy. My choice to go natural isnt one i use to judge anybody else, my oyinbo mum still gets her perms, so i am not one to judge or feel superior to anybody.

    But i am kind of loving my hair and cant wait to do a proper chop at the end of 2015 if i can wait that long.

    1. lmaoo @ my hair comes out looking like i am high on drugs

    2. LMHAO! This has got to be your funniest comment yet.
      "On another note i think a lot of naturalistas are paid to promote products on instagram. Cos i try some of those products and my hair comes out looking like i am high on drugs or just plain old crunchy.." I literally laughed out loud..

      Seriously tho, can you take a pic of your curls and send to Thelma, the only nice "natural" curls i see these days are those artificial ones ladies sew on.

  15. It takes a lot of pain and hardwork to maintain natural hair. And I don't know about others, but for me, I've had my fair bit of tears too. I think people with natural hair feel they have a sense of entitlement, because they've been through the fire, and come out unscathed. I know I personally feel like my natural 4c hair is some kind of trial that I have to overcome. But I don't think anyone has a right to feel superior to anyone else because of their hairstyle. How a lady keeps her hair is a function of where her mind is at at that time.
    I find the whole natural movement thing puzzling because I wonder if most of these people even know why they're going natural, or if it's just because it's the in thing. I went natural back in 2007, before it became "cool", and my decision was simply based on the fact that I struggled to identify with my relaxed hair. I would always stand in front of the mirror, and twist it to the semblance of an African style before I felt comfortable going out.
    Interesting part about the whole thing is, I tend to look better with relaxed/straightened hair, and am won't to look like a boy when I have my short natural hair. But even though I know this, I have to keep my hair natural to be at one with myself. That's why I'm natural. Everyone has their reasons and preferences for what they wear, why should I have to superimpose my outlook on another, or make them feel mine is superior to theirs?

    1. "How a lady keeps her hair is a function of where her mind is at at that time".... uhmnn! no truer words have been said.

    2. Kabouy plss are u a deeper life, Mfm or CAC?

    3. Lmao! Deeper lifer... MFM... why would you picture me as anyone of them... hian! me i'm a soji babe ooo! Why didn't you say Lord's chosen? Lol! Errr... think of the sojiest church ever! And place me there! Lol
      Maybel.. you're gonna have to pay for this piece of information o! I can't give it freely. Even though iv hinted a few times on the blog the church I go to. :)

    4. Smh.. you're such a drama queen

    5. Kabouy m curious faaaa,haba, just tell me now. Okay,name ur price and we cud Talk in camera u know.

    6. Sunshine is this ur pix above?

  16. Weaves anytime, anyday jareyy!


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