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On Jonathan and The Corruption Issue...

Gd day Thelma please post this on your blog and let us hear what people have to say. Thanxx. 

Duly posted. What do "people" have to say?


  1. Kabouy I don't see it as bullshit, I quite agree with the above though not totally, Jona isn't taking decisions on his which we all know but I just feel he needs to a bit more had. Corruption runs in the blood of most Nigerians, even in some homes,so how do we start fighting it?. I hope the best man wins though.

  2. Well, it's a common known fact that Jonathan's regime has its weakest achievement in corruption which also happens to be Nigeria's bane of existence.

    For a start, let me define corruption: lacking in integrity, not straight, dishonest, immoral and germane to the discussion - make illegal payments in exchange for favors or influence.
    One might want to say, Jonathan himself hasn't been indicted on any illegal payments, however I feel that would be a shallow defence as mere consent or assent to the act of corruption especially when such acts are undertaken by one's subordinates is enough for one to be indicted on corruption charges. The 'lack of integrity' definition is apt with my immediate prior statement.

    Now unto points that would support my claim:

    1) Subsidy issue - Nigerian government lost billions of Naira to subsidy scam and till today to the best of my knowledge, not one person or organization has been charged guilty and made to pay back the lost sums of money.

    2) Farouk Lawan/Otedola/$620,000 bribe - as usual, this gained media attention for some days with no indictment and guilty charge for the offending party(ies).

    3) Sanusi's claim of the missing $20 billion/$49 billion - if the words of Madam Iweala are anything to go by, Sanusi was the first CBN governor to be suspended and forcefully ejected due to his claims. Note that the CBN Governor also deputises as the Chief Economic Adviser to the President and it is well within his purview to ensure Nigeria's monies are well accounted for. Instead of his allegations been looked into, he was forcefully exited out of public office. Don't also get me started on PWC's revised figure of $1.6 billion.

    4) Alameyshia (excuse my error in the spelling of his name) - I'm still baffled how a convicted criminal/thief in the UK would be celebrated in Nigeria because he 'facilitated' some amnesty cause. Well, that means I can be a serial killer and then do one noble act and gain presidential pardon for my sins and National recognition. This was one of Jonathan's noble idea during his presidency.

    5) Stella Oduah's (over 200 million naira case) - for the life of me, I wonder why a minister nominated by Jonathan couldn't be allowed to face the due process of law. Instead of being charged to court, Jonathan in his wisdom thought it wise to consitute a committee to look into the matter. We all know how Jonathan's committe end up.

    6) Jonathan's numerous statement on corruption - 'stealing is not corruption', '$20 billion cannot be missing, it's America's money, if it is missing, America will know'. His take on corruption is crucial to what the society will condone, one of the reasons why today, most successful corporate organizations do not in any way condone corruption charges on the head of an organization. Mere allegations on the CEO is enough to induce the resignation of such CEO. His less than honourable disposition on corruption matters isn't helping the fight against corruption.

    I'd stop here for now.

    Now unto your statements - corruption isn't part of the human nature. I feel it is wrong, corruption is learned just like integrity is also learned. Stealing, although much more, is basically corruption. When we say corruption in this part of the world, it envelopes criminal offences like stealing, embezzelment, misappropriation of public funds etc which are all criminal.

    For the rest of your statements, if you can understand this, then you'd also understand that your statements don't hold much water - the head of any organization, company, society etc sets the tone in such setting. No wonder, someone once remarked that Jonathan's body language condones corruption. I dare say his actions also condones such.

  3. The young man made a lot of sense.
    Kudos to him.
    Nigerians are shouting that they want corruption to end.
    Who will end corruption if not you and I?
    Almost every Nigerian has indulges in one form of corrupt practice or the other.

    When you pay someone to write your exams for you, what is it?

    When parents and guardians buy special canter WAEC or JAMB forms for their kids/wards, what is it?

    When you sleep with a lecturer or pay for grades, what is it?
    When bosses in companies employ their unqualified relatives/ friends instead of the qualified ones who are not related to them, what is it?

    When pastors Nd religious leaders divert church funds to their private pockets, what is it?

    When you do yahoo and succeed, what is it?

    When we celebrate known criminals, whether relative or not, what is it?

    When you jump queue, what is it?

    When you pretend to be sick so you won't have to do your work, what is it?

    When you visit a juju man to give you live portion, what is it?

    When you tamper with your electricity meter to give wrong readings, what is it?

    When you do illegal connection of electricity, what is it?

    When you buy goods for say 10 dollars from AliExpress and sell it for 5,000 Naira to an unsuspecting customer, what is it?

    When you hoard goods and sell at high prices when the goods becomes scarce, what is it?

    When you protect your son,brother or friend who you know has raped, killed or stolen from someone, what is it?

    When we cover the truth or attack those who dare to say the truth, what is it?

    When a wife or husband cheats on his or her spouse and even knowing infect the spouse with STD, what is it?

    When you as a parent favour a child more than his/her sibling(s), what is it?

    When you date a married man because you want his money, what is it?

    When in-laws intimidate a wife because she is yet to conceive, even though the problem might be from their son, what is it?

    When you take what is meant for you and others and keep for yourself and family alone, what is it?

    When you buy something for 10,000 and tell your company/ parents/ spouse/ friends or whom ever that you bought it 30,000, and expect to be reimbursed 30,000 instead of the 10k you actually spent, what is it?

    The list continues, I can go on and on.
    Now tell me, who is not corrupt?

    The long and short of this is that we all are corrupt, me inclusive. Though some are more corrupt than the others.
    While others are 'luckier' and gain more out of corruption than others. Examples, the people in the corridors of power are 'luckier' that's why we the masses jealous them and call for their heads.
    The fact remains that most of us will do same, if not worse when we manage to wear their shoes.

    If we want true change, it has to begin with us as individuals.
    No one can single handedly stop corruption.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.

    We as individuals have to make that decision to stop our corrupt practices.
    Then we will see true and positive change!

    God help us all, Amen.

    1. Exactly my points anon. God bless u for this.

    2. I vowed not to comment on dis BS But I gotta answer you


      GOD HELP YOU AND EVERY OTHER MISINFORMED/ADULTERATED NIGERIANS OUT THERE(my apologies if anyone is offend by my choice of words, couldn't help it)
      Please don't try to defend urself anon. I'm not listening.

    3. Lmao,did u say sheep w/o shepherd? It's like u think we are living in the era of King David abi?
      Lemme give u an assignment,find out how many Senators and House of Reps are in Nig,find out if they were voted in or appointed in,list out the powers of these people,if u can too,find out how many useful laws have been passed in and how many are yet to be approved since they assumed office. When ur done,come back to this blog and publish ur findings and I'll discuss with u further...

  4. "The heart of man is desperately wicked".

    And on that note we can give excuses when and if our children run wild with the world, right? All I see is a desperate attempt by someone trying to justify the nonchalance of an incompetent and clueless president. This is a TOTAL LOAD OF CRAP.

  5. Hahahaha,Nigeria is not a single Parent o! GEJ wasn't the only Nig voted in o. Let's fear God o. We are not North Korea. We need to choose if we want democracy or dictatorship!

    1. At least you know we have a problem and recognize the problem, not someone compounding it with the illusion that the problem isn't there(according to your clueless president) or telling us it's beyond fixing. Does the fact that the "attitude of Nigerians" mean that in such desperate circumstance, we cannot produce one major scape goat? This attitude (new cliché for corruption) didn't start overnight. We never asked gej to perform miracles but step up and do the needful. He's the number 1 citizen and every responsible leader MUST take responsibility for every shit that comes from the bowels of his organization. All we've been hearing before now is "I wasn't there when NEPA started degrading...I wasn't there when the boko haram problem started...armed robbery started in 1970, I wasn't in power...". Mr. *blameless* president. Nigerians are neither stupid or fools. We are well aware these problems will take close to 10 years or more fixing, but obviously he's more concerned about his exalted office. Dear Sasha, he's not the only one voted into power, but he sure has the right guns to bring down some major heads, and that's democracy, not dictatorship. Anyone who doesn't recognize that corruption is a problem or thinks it cannot be controlled is part of the problem we have right now.

    2. NEPA has been privatized in the most transparent way. NIMC (national ID card) has is in the pipeline as compared to OBJ's era where almost $25m or so was contracted for the same thing. The army is winning the Battle (soonn enuf the war too) on BokoHaram. You and I are forming online critics while our mates are on the battle field.
      What other point did u mention again?
      BtW,i remember how Americans were gingering when Bush Jnr was speaking against terrorists and bla bla blah,years later,the same Americans realised it's not by mouth/gingering. Obama came in and what did he do? After 10yrs or so decided it's time to withdraw troops.
      Our lousy media keeps ridiculing the army for having Chad fight boko haram but they forget ISIS is not being fought alone by its host country.
      The problem with APC is that they can't believe Buhari isn't getting a unanimous vote. They are shocked that GEJ (not PDP) has people who see him for what he's done...

    3. Sasha, don't make it a habit to always argue just because...... The inconsistencies in your arguement and the fact you digress just to disagree.

    4. Inconsistency* pardon me

    5. I almost agree with Anon 10:25am. Her arguments usually have a particular theme. What army did you say is winning which war? The same lousy media you just criticized for ridiculing the army is this same media that's deceiving us on the fight against Boko Haram, which you've accepted as realistic. You're talking about NEPA privatization; is that gesture suppose to yield exceptional results or (like I suspect) shift adequate blame from the government? You're comparing what USA experienced to what we're experiencing in terms of war? Well the USA aren't being attacked by insurgents so they have a right to call their boys home. We on the other hand have an in-house-problem. We don't have a choice. So don't compare both circumstances. I'm sure you know some soldiers have talked openly about their unpreparedness to fight these people. I'm sure you've heard how our dear soldiers consistently get killed and run from the field of battle. Major cause; lack of adequate fire power. And then, a supposed Field Marshal, Commander of the Armed Forces, sits *blameless*, right? Right, we're arguing here online while those poor guys die everyday in the North East. So what's the solution? Take up arms? Because surely we can't blame our dear president for this...

    6. Nitel was privatized. Why is Nepa's own seen differently? Wld u blame GEJ when u can't make a call? But u still wanna blame FG when light goes? Smh...
      Let's read our govt book to know what every elected persons job portfolio is.
      Just to add some info,im sure we've all been updated that the forensic audited report on NNPC is out and there was no $20bn missing. So the Q here is,who is witch-hunting who?

    7. I cannot swear that $20bn is missing but can you Sasha swear that the forensic report is right. If you cannot please stop already. I know one thing for sure, our politicians live lavishly way beyond what they are paid on paper, private jets, houses abroad where does the money come from ,Agriculture? J

    8. I wldnt swear but Yes I believe it. If the report is false,why isn't anyone contesting it?
      Now lemme ask my own Q,wld u call the 28km lekki road expansion with over N50bn a scam? Can u swear APC a corrupt-free party?

    9. What are we arguing about ?I'm yet to meet a Buhari supporter that feels he is the messiah. Majority support Buhari because they believe he is the lesser of the 2 evils. In short there is no guarantee he is the lesser evil but the status quo stinks of incompetence we just want it to go. Please don't turn this into PDP vs APC debate that boat has long sailed on this blog. Like the anon said there is no need to argue for argument sake. Let's stick to the issues raised in the post or comments. I'v not read anything here that remotely suggests that APC is currupt free. J

  6. i think some of us need to go and read up our government text books again to know the functions of each arm of government and how it applies to Nigeria..... you will see that the house of assemble is responsible for the problem we have in this country and not the president..... some of them dont even know their responsible as a Senator or Honourable.... they just want to get there and steal their own share of the national cake.... they are the ones that can fight corruption.... but what arr they doing? jumping fence cause they did allow them access to their office.... sitting n collecting millions for doing their job.... the average Senator or Honourable earns more than Obama.... pls Nigeria has a long way to go..... starting with we the people.... we are shouting for change.... how many of us can stomach the change when it comes?

  7. I think we are missing an equally important aspect of this issue. It's common knowledge that a large amount of Nigerians are corrupt and corruption is not an issue that can be solved swiftly by just one person by virtue of the position he/she occupies.

    Pareto's law which is largely true in today's activities tells us that 20 percent of one's input provides for 80 percent of one's result. Thus, if Nigeria had a President that has integrity as his watchword, the effect would be astounding on the nation. You'd agree with me that if I wanted to change a family known to be thieves to be one of integrity, I just need to effect a change in the father (head of the family) or the most influential person in that family. He/She would reproduce that change in other members of the family, 20 percent producing 80 percent. You'd also agree with me that in a democratic nation, the President is the most influential person in such society, if I can get his/her buy-in on certain values, the effect of those values would trickle down to the populace easily and much faster than I trying to change everyone. This does not discount that we as Nigerians need a value change as a people.

    Ensuring we change Senators, Representative members, laymen, Entrepreneurs, Public Government officials, to value integrity would be an arduous and seemingly impossible task as against taking the head of the society who signs into law the rules guiding the running of the society and also is the chief enforcer and chief accountability officer of those laws. Reason why I say the head of any organization sets the tone in the organization


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