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On That Skin Glow Matter...

After I did a post on a range of skin care products I just purchased which I said did wonders for and to my friend's skin, I received a lot of mails and messages asking me about the products. This post contains the details and contact information, so you can contact them directly and make your enquiries and/or purchases. 

Gold Body Wash: this body wash is made from sea water&sea salt in Oued Mellah ocean in Morocco, it's used all over body for 15mins before your main shower, it leaves skin feeling smooth,clean& flawless, continuous  use results in a brighter,cleaner and sparkling golden skin colour. Mostly used by "brides to be" and newly wedded"*BULB* 

Yellow Diamond Princess: this face/body milk lotion is made from a special herbal seed gotten from the deep forest of Morocco this seed brightens and aids as a skin cleanser, and eliminates dark spots/blemish  from skin. This body milk is mostly used by "brides to be" so they have a flawless dynamite and glowing skin on their big day[>O 

Black Diamond Princess (Glyco 10): this face/neck lotion is dermatologically tested strictly for the ebony skin,it smoothens the face/neck given the skin a soft tender to touch feel and this lotion helps to maintain a glowing and shining/healthy black skin. This lotion is particularly used by ebony models who have to be on the runway frequently *gtg* 

Cellulite Away(slim fit): dermatologically tested cellulite away lotion helps reduce stubborn  cellulite from skin, this lotion is best used frequently for best results. For the big&bold lady that wants to put on that sexy gown showing off are legs&arms that are cellulite free;;) 

Snail Cream: this natural snail cream with 90% snail extract and 100% organic snail cream is used to treat anti ageing process,scars,burns&blemish. It's highly rich in vitamin E, if you have had a long time scar or blemish that has refused to fade out this product is the best for you =E> 

Eye Lift serum(eye bags/eye wrinkles): This serum clears off unwanted eye bags& eye wrinkles giving you a younger and sparkling look around your eye region. This product is best used by people in their late 20's-late 70's, instead of going for an eye lift surgery try this product out **-) 

Green peeling oil : gotten from the popular herbal morrocian oil, this oil helps exfoliates dead skin around the elbow,knee,under arm,inner thighs& any other dark area on the body. If you are suffering from uneven skin around those areas this oil is the perfect solution for you. Best used by people who have used(bleaching cream) that has left them with dark areas on body. Peeling occurs on d 5th day of usuage  

Facial cleanser: this cleanser*waiting*is made from papaya and highly rich in vitamin C. It effectively boosts skin radiance,refines pores& protects your skin from pimples and skin impurities. It's best used by all ladies (light&ebony) for that flawless glow. 🚿

Egyptian princess soap: this soap is a wondrous body treatment and it is locally made with the finest cosmetic herbs, papaya&argon oil from the Moqattam hills of Egypt. It is highly rich in minerals helping to clean and detoxify your skin while leaving an extra ordinary smooth and silky finish.  Mostly used by "new brides" "mother of the bride" "sisters of the bride" "bride's friends" "single&married ladies".

Véta skin care introduces 10%,20% chemical peel: Goodbye to acne,spots&black patches on face

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel (chemabrasion or chemexfoliation) is a non surgical cosmetic procedure which uses a chemical solution to " peel" away or remove the outer epidermis to improve the appearance of scars,wrinkles,acne,hyperpigmentation and many other skin conditions,disorders  and blemishes associated with aged skin

What is the effect of a chemical peel?

A chemical peel works to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Within a few days the texture and visible appearance of the skin becomes new,fresh layer of skin is softer ,smoother and brighter. Our chemical peels is specifically designed to increase the cell turn over rate by stimulating cell production within the skin, helping to repair lower damaged skin levels and promoting collagen and elastin production for a more refined and polished skin appearance. 

What is the quality of this product?

This product is manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP compliant facility to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness, the ingredients are strictly high purity United States pharmaceutical(USP) grade. We stay current with all scientific research and innovation delivering the perfect solution which combines clinical research with proven high quality ingredients,that yield unparalleled results in the field of beauty and personal care 

Who are the people allowed to use this product?

# People with acne,sunburn,hyperpigmentation and spots on face
# People who want a flawless look and know the worth of a beautiful skin 

Who  are the people not allowed to use this product?

# If you currently take Accutane(isotretinoin) or have with in the past 6months
# You are pregnant or lactating 
# Have a tendency to keloid 
# Have Herpes
# Have HIV
# Undergoing chemotherapy 
# You are not realistic in expectations 

For more info or enquiries add bbm pin: 7B2ADB29, or Call 08066203306


  1. Odikwa serious! All for this beauty that's transient. Goodluck to those interested. No be small money una go spend to get it. Enjoy!

  2. Ezigbo good luck to d interested ones. Pls T, ve u read Soludo's response to Madam Iweala? Pls do well to post it here bc it contains more eye opening facts. My confusion is rili growing again rite now.

    1. I just read his response. Explosive, very insightful, fact-based, professional and clean. Easily the best article on the current state of the Nigerian economy I have read in months. I'd love to read the sequel and also Okonjo-Iweala's response or perhaps a debate as proposed by Prof. Soludo. I strongly believe with the increase in information about key indices been put out with articles like this, we could make better judgements about our everyday concerns, the economy, our leaders and of course Nigeria.

  3. Hmmm... So black isn't beautiful again. The way these products are selling, people will begin to ask for *verification code*(throwback pictures) before any serious relationship/marriage.

    1. Lol @ verification code. You should check out some people's pictures, even from a year ago, you'll simply shake your head. Some are beyond recognition.

    2. Memphis but they ve products for Ebony skin.

    3. Lol.. This Memphis is looking for our trouble fa! Which one is verification code.. LMHAO..

  4. Hahaha,like I always say,there is no beauty/omalicha in the grave. Movational speakers encourage us to be who u wanna be and the only person in ur way is the one in the mirror.
    So,pls,do you while supporting the girls hustle...

  5. Ghen ghen... I love my black self jare.

  6. So I could not finish reading

    Those who are willing to buy it I hope it gives you seek,glowing skin and all.

  7. Lol@# You are not realistic in expectations ...Naija Babes want sharp sharp effect...

    1. Exactly what my eyes saw.
      I read the 1st 3 & last lines! We don suffer for this country sha.
      Let me face front!

  8. I got tired of reading after a while and i am a woman. I will stick to my shea butter works for me.
    I still dont understand the whole skin glow business at my old age. Your skin glows when you have the right diet and excercise now...haba.

    1. Exactly eat right n use sun screen then watch ur skin glow n pimples disappear.

      A Bili

    2. .....and just be happy from within. (I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I am the soul that lives within).

  9. I cant believe i finished the post. People have wahala o. Where is the time to apply all these orisirisi tinz. What happened to good old fashioned Ori? Egytian Princess soap.. if i hear!

    And pple will spend good money to buy these things o. God help una hustle.

  10. @Thelma..thank you for posting o jere....looking at the list make I begin do esusu for this one cos it doesnt look cheap....lolzz...I for one dont see anything wrong in taking care of your skin...I am fair...I didnt make myself that way, so if na VETA go make my skin BETA ...then why not! As long as one is careful with the products you use I see nothing rong in it.....#JoyDaNuGirl

  11. Hahahahaahahhaahah laffing at most of the comments 😃😃😃😃😃😃 well like I will always say beauty is you, so do what makes you happy and beautiful (Véta skin care Boss)


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