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Open Keypad. No Holds Barred!!!

Good morningggggg! I hope everyone's doing fine? Do you know it's the last day of February and March begins tomorrow? The second month of the year is over, after March comes April and then it might as well be December. LOL.

What's your year been like so far? How's school? How's work? How are your studies? What's happening in your relationship? How's marriage? How are your finances? Have you achieved any of the things you set out to at the start of the year? (I have, 2 actually, YIPPEEEE), Do you have any testimonies to share? What are you thankful for? What are you mad about? Are you happy, heartbroken, sad, indifferent, in love, out of love with someone who loves you...?

I want to talk about everything! 

Those of us on the Abstinence journey, how have you coped? What do you do when the urge strikes? How have you been able to maintain your relationship without sex? Have you lost a relationship or a prospective partner because of your choice to abstain? How long have you been on this abstinence path and how much longer do you think you can stay the course? And, why have you chosen abstinence/celibacy?

Those of us who are sexually active, what is the ABSOLUTE worst sex you've had? And what's the greatest? (Let me define GREAT sex; it's that kind of sex that makes you scream I love you over and over again during coitus even when you absolutely don't. It's the kind of sex you can't wait to tell your besties about the next day. The type that even three, four, five or ten years later you still remember every detail and your toes curl! Yes, that's sex, it's not ok, it's not good, it's freaking great!!! And if you're sexually active and you're yet to experience that, I feel bad for you Hun. LOL), and who was it with??? 

For the celibate and uncelibate alike what questions would you like answered about sex?

Speaking of questions, what questions would you like answered about anything at all that you just can't seem to find the answers to?

How's life treating you?

It's open keypad guys! Let it all out. 


  1. Generally, it's been rough,but am GRATEFUL for life,I haven't achieved any of my set goals but I hope I will soon. My question is this T, what kind of mother refuses to talk to her daughter all because she left a particular relationship??? My mum has not spoken to for almost two months now and T,am sure u know the relationship am talking about, I have begged, called,gone to her shop and all but to no avail, the crazy aspect is,the person she is actually keeping malice with me for still communicates with me,we still keep in touch, the thing tire me. I wish she would talk to me so I cud tell her all I have been going through, am about to undergo a surgery she knows nothing about, she doesn't even know how far I have gone with my therapist, drugs and all that, I really miss talking to her cos she is my "BESTEST" GOOD MORNING HOUSE

    1. @Maybel, at least she acknowledged your existence prior to this. What do u say of a mother that has refused to acknowledge the child she gave birth to? Telling pple she never gave birth to any child. Don't know if she has blocked it from her memory. Her family that knew better are not even helping matters, meanwhile the child's father who is known to only her is not aware of the child's existence.

    2. Maybel e_hugs to you dear....Does she have close friends or relations u could talk to,and beg on ur behalf...She's ur mom so I would not suggest you keep away from her,text her and above all PRAY....It is well with u dear.....As for me Thelma,am in my way to achieving almost everything oh,doing more courses on my fashion designing,going back to school,making more money and marriage is an everyday work for me cos I have to improve more....To the SEX,its mind blowing everyday...TNHW

    3. Kaiii yetty hun,am so jealous of the sex aspect@anon dear its well.

  2. I'm really grateful. God knows I am. I'm better than I was last month. Work has been fine.

    No relationship. Life is fine this way. My sister met one guy who was "in love" scratch that..."Lust" with my voice. He listens to the station I work with so whenever I'm on, he wouldn't miss me. She gave him my contacts. He called, bothered, bugged and disturbed. He wanted to come see me. Okay, come around. He came, we had a healthy conversation about everything and anything.. He left and that was it. No calls, no text, Nothing! So I called. He gave me one word answers..I just realised what some of you been talking about. Its JUST NOT FAIR. Tcheww... Its painful sha but I don't care again. I just deleted his number.

    Now, my mum gave me "a come to Lagos during election" condition before she does something important for me. She knows I can't come. My mother sha... God bless her for me all the way. I trust she will still do it.

    Egbage sex jareh. Owo ni koko.

    Who's in Abuja? There's fun this afternoon-3pm @Peniel Apartments organised by HTH. Ciao.

    1. My dear that acting out after u people meet or suddenly not returning ur calls can be very painful I no go lie.! But you just have to move on, someone great is out there

    2. As in ehn.. I wonder how people do it. It still amazes me! Ruby Just see it as God kicked him out of ur life for ur own good sef..
      some people aren't just worth it.

  3. The only testimony I av is d gift of life and good health..
    Everything and everywhere looks so boring and annoying..
    Nothing seems to interest me anymore..
    The fact that I get bigger everyday even though I watch what I eat and execise regularly is driving me insane..
    Actually,no1 real cares,every1 is just pretending,who blame them ?every mallam with his kettle.
    Life is really happening so fast..
    But above all,am very optimistic!
    Shoutout to every1 here.God bless you abundantly.

    1. We are in the same boat Mami...

      I'm grateful for just Life & Good health of family & friends. Everything else is boring!
      Uniport finally released my BSc certificate but to mobilise for NYSC na burnt offering I go tender I suppose...
      My 2 Ex Bfs are still very much in love with me but I don't love either & my heart is........... *lip sealed*

      Still job hunting ferociously & planning to attend a catering school next month.

      Jehovahs help is all I count on.
      As for this year? I have just one Major goal, Spiritually, & i'll achieve it! The rest na jara.
      But by Rain or lightening & thunder, I go serve this year!!!!

    2. Lol@ lightening and thunder. Don't worry hun,u will serve this year as long as d lord liveth.

    3. @ruthy amen.we are in the same boat my dear,may God have mercy planning to go for d catering training too,I just need to get somtin doin bfore I kolo for here.thank God they finally released ur result,and about the NYSC,u can go to the school admin and complain na.
      All d best sweets!

    4. In my own case I love food like kilode, but I no dey ever irony of life. Just keep loving urself, whether slim or fat. We're all unique in our special ways..and let's keep optimistic like abiola said.

  4. Grateful for the gift of life & praying that things will get better.It can be tiring,annoying & heart wrenching most times in this jobless state but I ask God to help me take each day as it comes.No boyfriend or Sex in a long while & i'm cool with that(One less thing to worry about).I know pretty soon,my mouth will be filled with songs of praise.

  5. Bambino hasn't been well, haven't achieved anything I set out to this year, sex starved, but in all in grateful to God for life.

  6. OMG T you are so right about great sex. The best sex I had was 8 yrs ago m I still remember it, I still even blush when I remember it. Unfortunately DH is not good in bed n upon that his dick is small he does not lyk to give me oral sex so I just manage. Anytime I remember my ex I am tempted to cheat, because does it mean dat I will never again enjoy sex? If I try to talk to DH he gets angry n change the topic. If I cheat on him it is his fault not mine

    1. Yó man has a small D, isn't good in bed, won't even eat u out, or try everythg within his reach 2 please u and tryna make up 4 his D shortage? Some men R d 'causers' Y dr women dey cheat sha!

      But madam, nuffin in dz world is enuff 2 justify cheating. Not even all these things dt u've wrote. U need 2 get ýó man 2 listen 2 u! He has 2, damn it!

  7. Yay! I have a testimony,suddenly suddenly I have gotten a job,I pray for this for all blog readers searching.

    1. Congratulations Chioma!!! *hugs* when wie u "wash" it for us? Lol!

      And a big Amen to your prayer!

    2. Congrats Chioma and a big Amen to ur prayers.

    3. Thanks guy,hehe @kabuoy will wash it soon ;)

  8. T, nuffin much 4rm dz end o. Jes right here paper chasing..

    Hoping it comes in handy *wink*

  9. This time last year was the worse time of my life! I was actually wondering if God loved me and why I bothered to hang on to his words.... Only if I could explain what I went thru but story for another day...but suddenly it's like the Lord turned the captivity of the captive and went above and beyond to compensate and pour his love all over me. This year has been amazing!! Good news upon good news. Job is going great, husband is just a mirror of Christ in my life and in our family! Family is in good health, money is not a problem and it's like I'm just walking in the peace of God. Im so so grateful and also belive that God that started great things in our life will complete it.

    When life troubles come at you, what I have learnt is just to be still! There is no way we can escape the fire but the Lord promised he has over come the world. Don't ever give up or give in the the lies of the enemy, that last year if had gone and killed my self or something I would never know what God has in store for me.

    Eyes has not seen, ears have not heard and it has not even being conceived in the heart of man what God has in store us. Keep going and keep holding on it will definitely end in praise!

  10. I'm very well, life is ok. I've not achieved any of the things i set out to achieve this year but I'm working on it. The pound rate tho, it wants to kill my mojo but God no go gree am.

    I need a new job or an increase in salary right now.

    I ended my last relationship in December, so far so good, its been ok. There have been lots of undesirables lately and although a relationship is not at the top of my list of priorities this year, I keep asking God if this is all there is.. the jobless loafer, married, muslim, engaged, a lot younger and although I'm not seriously looking out, I'm I just hope when the time comes, the one will find me effortlessly.

    Right now I'm friendless. I have lots of acquitances but very very few friends. Maybe 2 or 3 and i'm not even sure of the status of these friendships except the one i have with my sis.

    On the very good side, Kabuoy had a large pizza delivered to me at the office yesterday.. i was so tripped! I didnt even expect it at all. Thanks doll, love you all the way to the moon and back *kisses*

    I guess that's all, toodles.

    1. Sunshine and kabouy biaaaa u piple shud stop making muahhh jealous ohhh,I think I need to start sharing this kind of bond with my sis,d babe too stubborn, kaiiii. Okay now

    2. Haaa Sunshine, that makes two of us o. Married, Muslim, way younger...Infact every unsuitable type save for the gay ones are the ones "loving" me right now. With some of them with great personalities. Makes me wonder too.... It is well o jare! I believe there are perfect ones out there when we're ready, Amen!

    3. Kai! Bbm never do u abi?! Lol! Love you right back! Is true sha... we have very few friends o!
      Bia sunshine. Your husband must not take you away from me o! Hian! It just dawned on me now sha... see ehn! We wie soon see in "camera".

      O well.. I traveled on friday to see Iya and baba kabuoy. Got there at about 11:20pm. Thanks to several police checkpoints not forgetting the horrible horrible berger traffic! On my way back to lag now and i'm already missing them... err sunshine... I saw dazzling mirage with momsy yesterday. girls night out! *tongue out*

  11. I just feel life is shit without me...

  12. Started something new(not a job),just to keep me busy. And it feels great to be busy once again.

    Single and reluctant to date. Always giving excuses on why I am not interested.....#feelsmyforehead#yes the head is hot small.....hehehehe

    What else...? Sex

    I am yet to begin what I want to achieve this year. I am hopeful and grateful for life,health and family.

    My finances...? Abeg leave matter for mathias. Thinking about it alone can make one depressed lol.

  13. Congrats chioma on your new job...

    The Almighty grants you the needed strength to be able to deliver and perform well.

  14. In retrospect, I didn't start this year thinking about things I want to achieve, just prayer points for God's help in certain areas of my life. That being said, final exams are over and done with, i'm left with seminar and project completion and defence.
    I called Thelma this morning, something i've been meaning to do, and also avoiding.
    I still hope and keep praying that God helps out with the prayer points I keep presenting to Him, but so far so great. And I know He'll help with more. I am planning on enrolling for some online courses, but 'cos I am always cautious when it comes to big changes, i'm still pussyfooting about it. lol. Sex life, nonexistent. Family and friends, great!
    Congratulations to the one who got a job. May you move from this level to a better one. Amen.
    Good evening
    - Ezinne

  15. Good day people.... I am OK getting ready for church

  16. Congrats on the job Chioma! Am tapping into your testimony.
    Nothing major is happening for me now, very dull beginning to the year but then greater is the journey ahead. Am quite thankful for the little little favours that seem to follow me these days. From T.Fares paid by total strangers with no motive to bottles of cold waters and snacks offered by fellow workers in church without asking. The little things are starting to mean more....

  17. I got a new job too,it was the most divine connection ever!grade, salary,location,everythang is just AMAZING. .I thank God & pray all those searching too come for their testimonies soonest. Amen

    1. Congrats Dee..God is taking u to greater heights.Amen to ur prayer.

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  19. Erm...Thelma, which one is "Coitus"? Just learnt a new word today.


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