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Put Your Hands Up If You're Gay!

Sometimes I walk into a room filled with people and I wish I can ask the gay ones to put their hands up. It will surely save me the strength of trying to figure out who is and who isn't and what nasty ish each person gets up to behind closed doors, but that's if they comply with me. 

Why would I want to know anyways, you might ask. Well why wouldn't I? In my daily social interactions I conserve my energy my shutting up and internalizing. I certainly wouldn't want to be wasting any of those energies on sickos for instance, or waste my energy flirting with a man who has zero interest in women. But generally I'd just Like. To. Know. 

So you see, my flight had on it all sorts. While we queued to check in I noticed these two guys, the kind that make me roll my eyes and wonder what gave people the liberty and courage to express their individuality so freely? Why two grown men were dressed that way was completely beyond me. Or maybe it wasn't the age, maybe their look was just so incongruous with the East, the red sand and the Igbo accents. Both had full shaggy hair and both wore very short shorts, both exposing their thighs, knees and calves. One wore a 'singlet' that had his chest and probably his nipples exposed. The other wore a very tight tank top that outlined each rib and had chest hairs thrusting through the flimsy fabric. He had, hanging from his shoulder a bright red leather jacket. Leather, in this hot weather and harsh climate. How pretentious. How preposterous. 

One might have seen them and a socially incorrect or ignorant or indifferent person might have spat "bladdy faggots" in their direction. What no one would have thought was that the respectful middle age gentlemen who stood behind me on that queue was the one deserving of those names. 

He started out warm and friendly, made light banter which I politely responded to. When I got to the departure lounge he came after me and suggested we go to one of the small restaurants and have a drink or two, seeing as our flight wasn't for another hour or so. I reluctantly obliged. I'd wanted to use the time to type out a post but the man wasn't taking no for an answer, so in order not to be rude to the kind old man, I got up and asked him to lead the way. 

Well, he wasn't exactly old. Maybe about 50 years of age. While seated I learnt that he's an Engineer and a quite successful one too. Halfway into my can of Orijin he said to me "Ehen, there was one fine boy that was in the same cab with me from ******. Hmmm, very fine boy", he said suggestively. 

Naive little me, I just chuckled and attached nothing to the repition of "fine boy", or the suggestive tone with which he spoke. Then he called the waiter and said; "look far down there, you will see one fine boy in jeans and Tshirt, call him for me". 

The waiter carried out the order and I waited to see what was about to ensue. The waiter returned with the guy and surely enough, he was handsome. He must have been in his early 20s, tall and dark skinned with beautiful facial features. 

"Good afternoon sir" he said 

"Ehen my dear, are you ok there? Why don't you come and have a drink with me?"

"I'm fine sir" fine boy chuckled. 

"Are you sure? Is there any thing you need?"

"No sir, thank you very much sir. I'm ok"

"Ok, if you need anything let me know, ok?"

"Ok sir. I'll just be sitting over there" fine boy said and made a hand gesture towards his seat. 

Fine boy left and the old man turned to me " 'I'll just be sitting over there' ", he mimicked "as if I don't already know where he's sitting" he winked suggestively and laughed uproariously. 

Honestly, naive little me still wasn't quite sure what was going on. As though sensing my uncertainty, old man said to me "mehhhhhhn the things I will do to that boy...." He robbed his palms together in anticipation and had a hungry look in his eyes. He looked ready to devour. I was astounded. 

It just occured to me that the gay man had used me as a beard to pick up an unsuspecting young guy. I became quite. I suddenly wanted to get up and leave, airports are a good place to meet people and for all I knew my destiny-helper (as they say in some churches) was out there pacing the departure lounge searching for me. 

Unfortunately the old man didn't want me to leave just yet, so I asked how he intended to go about his plans. "Piece of cake" was all he said. Obviously this man was used to picking up 'small boys'. 

Soon after, he himself got up and left me alone and I noticed him hovering around the area the fine boy sat. Before we boarded our plane I saw them exchange contacts. 

I also learnt that the older man is married with kids...

We arrived Lagos airport and as usual I panicked at the thought of how much I might be charged from the airport to VGC where I was headed. Eventually I didn't find out the amount because the gay man walked ahead of me and sorted out the fare. I thanked him and off I went. 

I've thought about him all weekend. I imagined him going back home to his wife and kids while thinking of the things he planned to do with the young man on our flight. I marveled at how I would never have looked at such a man and imagined he had such thoughts or engaged in such activities... Now you see why I wished people walked around with tags...

I told my boyfriend about it and he was mad; "Why was the man comfortable enough with you to tell you all those things? You have become a facilitator for homosexuals abi? Do you know what you have just encouraged? Do you know the things that man will do to that small boy? Do you know that he might ruin his life?"

"Hia! Babe how are all these things my fault? Besides I don't imagine him putting a gun to the guy's head and asking him to bend over!"

"You don't know how these men operate" my impassioned boyfriend exclaimed. "They tempt them and make them irresistible offers, they promise them career advancement and mouth watering financial assistance and those boys don't know when they succumb"

I wanted to tell my man that it's the same thing old men do to young girls and even older women do to young girls. Are those any better? Why is this worse and why am I the one to blame? 
     My boyfriend hates that I have liberal views towards homosexuality and while I might, I in no way support what that man is about to do. I was just rather nonchalant because the guy in question is a right-thinking adult who can decide for himself. 

But I know why my boo got angry. There's something going on in his town and I'll tell you about it. 

There's this boy who is in his teen years. No one knows how old for certain but late teens, I suppose. The boy has Down Syndrome and his underprivileged parents don't pay him much attention, I sense they wish he would just take a stroll one day and never return. So there's this older man in the neighbourhood who, with a bottle of Fanta, lured the boy with DS into his home. This boy was locked up in a room for about a week, the man made him his sex slave for the duration.

No one knew what went on till the boy started telling people "that man give me Fanta, he f*ck my ny**sh, my ny**sh come dey comot blood". Please forgive my French, that's what the boy said. 

News got to his parents but they couldn't be bothered so till this day, the mentally challenged teenage boy is not only the sex slave of that older man but has also become the neighbourhood sex toy for sick gay men in that area. 

The pathetic part; that boy has Down's Syndrome for God's sake! 

The men who use this boy as their personal play things look to the rest of the world like great upstanding citizens. The boy walks around telling anyone who cares to listen how he was locked up or tied up and "fucked" for days...

Now what I expect you to do with this piece of information, I have no idea. I don't know what to do with it either. I ask boo if there's nothing that can be done about that boy and his molestors but he says the police was called in once and nothing happened, his parents don't care and the boy doesn't seem to mind much, as long as he gets his Fanta and candies. 

If only people walked around with tags...

If everyone walked around with tags, would you be ashamed of what yours might be? 


  1. Omg,no gay story has touched me like this. i hope for the sake of fiction that the 2nd part of ur story isn't true.

    1. Aaarghhh! People be doing my head in today. First Easah, now Sasha! Please I need inspiration for fiction and when I write it I gladly tag it fiction. Do not question what I have written to be true, or is it because I told you about the first part and not the second? Sasha nwanne m, m ga e ti gi ife oooooooo! Lol.

    2. My dear,I knw but im still hoping it's fiction! The visuals in my head isn't helping me either. Teenager w/ DS,lured by gay men with treats,parents not caring,the victim not even knowing what the hell is going on,etc. All shades of wrong...

  2. Ohhhh jeeeezzz this is the height of it all, man's inhumanity to man.I feel so bad,I wish I could do something about this. Humans are wicked, very wicked. GOD help the poor boy.

  3. This fella right here is as straight as number eleven with two sticks. Haven't seen any straight person dt is ashamed of his/her sexual preferences coz it's d bestest ever!!
    I'm sorry 2 say dt I don't and can never hv liberal views abt homosexuals. Faggots stay on ur lane while mua stays on his lane!!

  4. I'm with Easah sha.
    I don't have any liberal views about Homosexuals.
    Do Ur thing but No emotions from me about it.

    My Tag? It won't be funny sha. My wahala plenty. But i'll love to read how interesting it'd be. LOL

  5. I feel soo bad for that boy..I dnt think I can ever have liberal views about them.. my church mind just won't let me

  6. quick question guys, so I was seeing this guy late last year, so so nice. took me on dates every week and I never paid for shit. we met few days before my birthday and he got me flowers which was nice as we just met. he is just so nice!! guy even got me a christmas gift and hand written card on how he felt about me and how he wants us to grow and all. that's when it hit me that this is serious, I then reflected all through the holiday and decided that I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I told him early January that he deserved someone who felt the way he did and I don't think I'm ready for a relationship right now. God did I feel so terrible. His birthday is coming up soon and I want to send him a gift. We haven't spoken since I told him I wasn't interested anymore. I feel I need to send him something.
    It comes across like i just wanted to use him all that time..guy takes me out, dines me, gives me gifts and I didn't do nada..(I wasn't working at the time).
    so do you guys think its a good idea to send him a birthday gift ? I don't plan on opening any romantic doors or what not. I just feel it would be nice and also make me feel or look less like a "user" if that makes sense. what do you think, especially this guys in the house, how would you feel if you were the guy ?

    1. Yh,u can get him a gift. Nothing personal or romantic. You don't even have to deliver it urself. It's his birthday ur celebrating and not an anniversary that never happened.

    2. You should send him a gift. Something plain yet useful. If you have to enclose a note, ensure it doesn't stir up emotions or romantic feelings, friendly words will do

    3. You should send his email add or bbm pin my way jor*rolling eyes* lol so maybe I help you deliver the birthday gift...hahaha

    4. Send him a gift. But babe ehnn I'm ready o. Hook a sister up. Lol.

  7. How some people do things without conscience is beyond me. Just imagine a full grown adult taking advantage of someone with DS.

    My tag?Naah, i won't be ashamed of it.

    Happy New Month!

  8. The heart of man.. smh.. Desperately wicked.
    Why would anybody take advantage of a sick kid? Its just evil.

    I dont care much for gay pple, i'm very indifferent about them.

    As for my tag, I'm straight and I'm proud..

  9. As for the first story, its upsetting that the man has a wife at home who likely has no clue about his sexual dalliances. I am very open to homosexuals, provided you dont hit on me - when female then we are ok. However i would rather not interact with downlow people if i was in the know.

    as for the second story, God will judge those parents, and all the rapists are going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. I'm absolutely with you 100%... Nothing to subtract or add!

      Buhari for change 2015

  10. @ T, why is your bae angry? He can and should do something about it. He can send the boy to a rehabilitation home and not continue pitying him while his life is being destroyed. Doing that won't prevent other victims, but he would have helped save a helpless soul

    1. I agree with you. But I think people steer clear because both parents are alive and aware and because although he's still a minor he's not a child. In fact I'm not sure why, but everyone seems to know about it and no one seems to be doing anything, save for the one time the police came and nothing came out of it.

  11. Really I'm short of words, something needs to be done or what kinda village is that. Nawa o

  12. OMG! OMG!! I'm so sorry for the young boy.
    I think he can get help.
    There's an organisation for people with Down syndrome. Though I don't know how they function.

  13. Omg!!! This life sha..
    I am outdated o. Thelma has a boyfriend?


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