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Shoe + 5k Recharge Card Giveaway !!!

So who wants these beautiful pair of size 10 slippers, courtesy of blog reader Clare. 

They'll be perfect for Valentine's day, right? Well if you're interested in these shoes then send me a submission titled "The Perfect Valentine's Day". I'll post submissions between tomorrow and Sunday. The winner of the post with the highest number of votes gets the shoes and 5k airtime of her choice network(s). 

The submissions can be poetry, fiction, non-fiction or maybe even your dream perfect Valentine's day. 


  1. Na wa o...
    I knw this is the most I can write so pls make una vote for me. Naa beg I dey beg...

    1. LMAO psycho. Reply my ping, drinks tonight or you're encumbered?

  2. Finally my size but the assignment pass me. My submission below

    My dream valentine day would be spent in a 5 star hotel room with hubby,room service, swimming at night and just sex till we are sore. J

  3. Chai! See assignment. Goodluck to the winner, and Clare God will continue buttering your bread

  4. I love the shoes, but it aint my size.
    I have a thing for red shoes naturally, red isn't even my fav colour but I love red shoes!!!
    I need the airtime biko....
    This your assignment get as e be o, truth is I have never had what you guys called valentines. So I don't even know what it is to have a perfect valentines. Basically I can't even dream or picture what it should be like.... I am dry inside and out, no emotions concerning fantasies!

  5. Beautiful shoes but ain't my size. Would have loved a red pair of shoes. Goodluck to whoever wins!

    God bless you Clare.

  6. Awww Clare has a good heart o
    Nice shoes
    Best of luck to the winner

  7. *sniffs* all these big big shoes that you're sharing that wie noh size somebody(me)... :'( why bother? thelma! Is noh fia ooo... we that our own is 5(UK) nko? :(
    And I used to be very very proud of my shoe size... Sunshine hope you're happy now! *talktothehandbbmsmiley*

    And Clare... thanks for the lovely slippers. God bless you... and to whoever wins... I suppose guys can contest too... errr... your girlfriends won't mind(i'm hoping you have 1 sha) lol! good luck guys!

    I can sha vote for more than one person!

    Meanwhile... J! The sore part tho... *clears throat* heheheheee!

  8. See assignment! Lol... Eya Clare u don try well.
    Thelma does it mean u re gonna be accepting submissions till sunday?

  9. Thanks for the prayers my people. Let me go and. Think about the perfect val, who. Knows, I. Just. May win back the. Slippers and. Re donate it , LOLZ

  10. dis is nt fair,I love shoes bt u pipo wud just be giving big big sizes,God dey o.
    bt my perfect val wud be if d boo can drop his busy feb schedule nd spend a day wt me in plateau as a surprise visit.just d two of us watchn all d series we av watched b4 nd argue bout it all ova again,order 4 room service stay in all day nd...u know d rest.hehe

  11. All these size 10 and 11 shoes u guys are always sharing sef, u guys should come down small na..

    God blesd you Claire.

    My perfect val?.. I'd have to think really hard on that one so no answer

  12. Good luck to the winner. Clare, God bless your kind heart.

  13. On where do i send my submission across to you clare?

  14. This one pass me o, I'll just read the submissions Mbok! God bless you Clare

  15. Pls what is size 11 in lay man's language? I know if I need to start writing anytin or not abeg una....#JoyDaNuGirl

  16. Thanks to Clare.But what happens to those of us with small shoe sizes.
    Maybe i should just write, win, recharge and sell the shoe..hmmn


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