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Tell Me Something... Your #CurrentSituation In Seven Days!

Good evening errbody!

So, I was away for most of the day and I did something I haven't done in ages... I read a novel! Or I should say I'm reading one. You have no idea how much I've missed this. Between having a busier life and trying to put up posts on the blog I've had no time to read a novel in almost two years. I've barely gone halfway and my vocabulary already feels richer. 

I'm reading a book which I'm sure a lot of you have read; Americanah. I've had it for months but I was only able to get started today. For those who have read the book what's your take on it, and what do you feel about the protagonist, Ifemelu?

Can I be honest? I admire Ifemelu but I can't say I actually like her person, she strikes me as someone I wouldn't be friends with in real life. But hey, I've still got a long way to go before I'm done. Yeah, I also feel like there's a lot of Chimamanda in Ifemelu... 

Ok, moving on to other things, and by other things I mean something random *covers face* (yes it's one of those days that I'm neither very inspired nor inspiring YET I itch to hear from you...) and I'm really curious to hear what you'll say. So tell me something, anything at all. Tell me how life is treating you, tell me how you wish things could be, tell me about your day. But most importantly, tell me what you think you'll be doing this time next week. Guys, you have to SPILL!

It's about 10pm, the night of Valentine... What do you have planned for that day and what do you imagine you would be doing by now? Snuggled in bed or out having dinner with le boo, drinks with your goons, or.... alone in bed wondering why you're (still) single? LOL. 

Ok, I'll go first. I have absolutely NOTHING planned for next week. My boyfriend is/was meant to come into town and I'd just planned to make a nice pot of very sexy onugbu soup, replete with snails, chicken, cow leg and stock fish. Then I was thinking afterwards we'd drive round and see where the roads lead, but definitely make a stop at Cold Stone. He has his reservations about ice cream but I'm sure he would like something at Cold Stone. 

But (my) life is filled with so many uncertainties... 

But enough about me, what's your February 14th looking like? Come this time next week, what do you imagine to be your #CurrentSituation? Talk to me. 


  1. I will be on call at the hospital, hoping it will be a quiet day!! No accidents or emergency surgeries because I need to get caught up on my studying. No love for your girl as the hubster is far way in Nigeria.

    1. are you a nurse nubian princess?

    2. No dear. I am a medical student! Went back to school, changing my career compete turn around to follow my childhood dream which was truncated by corrupt JAMB officials o. Many years of marriage and 3 kids later!

    3. I admire your courage (for lack of a better word) Nubian Princess.


  2. I'm feeling happy and joyous for having God's presence in life.

    So I've decided to make and eat my own traditional food and call it a great night

  3. Thelma I'm loving the twists. I'm single so no plans but I am praying for a surprise.

  4. Ifemelu is Chimamanda and I don't like her either. There is something cold and rigid about her.

  5. I'll be in bed all lovey dovey by myself cus ma boo is far away in UK...(sobs)... my phone will definitely keep me busy,updates n d way iam now)... BUT,il definitely get myself a nice cake n bottles of my favorite... ms tee...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Current Situation... i'm very hungry. What I feel like eating is not available and i'll rather go hungry than eat anything else.(thats just me) and i'm broke(not exactly sha) cuz I don't have an atm card and iv not been able to get to the bank so sunshine and Iya kabuoy have been my rock. + i'm bored. Iv been refreshing your page since like 3pm. :D

    Um next week... do some laundry... i'll be on my bed with an e-book(definitely romance) the most part of the day... errr... and sleep very well. that's about it.

    How I feel about someone... my feelings are so jumbled up right now... I can't even decipher what i'm feeling.

    I have not read any Chimamanda book! Even though there are two of her books in this house. I'll probably get around to them one of these days. But iv seen half of a yellow sun... and iv been told the book is way better(of course) so yeah... i'll still read the book. okay... #dahsall

  8. Next week no plans yet cos I don't see it as being special, don't know about anyone else,though my ex boyfriend is asking me to celebrate with him cos that's also his bday,still thinking of the offer, no light,dey just took it actually and the whole house is like an oven and am kinda excited my appointment with my therapist went well,and maybe i have to go off my pills for a while,no one to cuddle with,no BF for now so i might likely accept my ex offer to spend the day with him and I might likely eat out with him n maybe the beach later in the day cos he loves water a lot. I have read three of chimamanda's book and like xx said she is ifemelu cos i have read that book too.

  9. Ifemelu? Lols. I'll give u spoiler. She ended up having an affair with her married childhood boyfriend. What I'm saying is,she knew he was married and still went ahead with it,which in turn made him divorce/ask for one with his current wife. I guess as Selena Gomez sang - The heart wants what it wants...
    Asides the sub-story,its a good book but I prefer Half of a yellow sun.

    Current situation - MVP where V means "very"

  10. @Chinny T-

    Its still the normal plan even though election has been postponed.

    1. Ruby dearie, God bless you.

      Thelma, late response to ur post. Current situation: It's Sunday morning and preparing for Church.
      As for me, no plans next week as per vals bcos I'm far from Le boo. We'll just Skype.

  11. Current situation, Knackered from travelling earlier in the day, but can't sleep. Val's day, will go out to vote, and monitor post election news the rest of the day. No val, no plans along that line

    1. Cancel the going out to vote and re-strategise for val.

    2. Ah ah rude girl re u his babe? Lol

    3. Well, election has been postponed so I think I'll just sit at home since there's nobody to go out with

  12. Nothing planned, ill be in bed with my baby girl. Current situation in bed with my bambino

  13. Nothing planned. Not big on Valentines day.

  14. Current Situation- veryangry! Wide awake cos My friend's boo's call woke me up, actually my other friends have bn calling but i ignored der calls but becos I love my friend and housemate so much, I had to take her boo's calls, only for him to selfishly tell me to go and give her the phone just becos he thot the babe was outta d house even though I had alredy told him I was fast asleep and her babe was in the palour!!! No courtesy at all! I had to switch off my phone!!now sleep has fled away from my eyes! Selfish humans of d world! Mtcheeeeew

  15. Current boned tired.....Twas a busy day.....was on my feet almost throughout....i should be asleep, need to be awake by 5am to prepare for 1st service by 6:30am

    Next week Saturday, some of us SOI single girls are planning to see a movie @the galleria and probably dinner @Nkoyo afterwards....

    Yeah,i have read a couple of Chimamanda's books...Ameriacanah,half of a yellow sun but it seems like I did that eons and it's demands can actually make you not have time for what you love.....back in Sec. sch/Uni, I remember reading like 3novels per day but now I can't remember the last time I did that.issokai

    Nanite BVs

    Have a most awesome time in God's presence tomorrow.

  16. Current situation: No bf at the moment though I've got a younger guy(a year and some month older than he is) on my neck who wants me to date him. Thinking of giving him a chance. Want to be loved jo. Who knows? He might turn out to treat me better than the ones older than I am. Thelma,you asked of my current situation oo so,that's it.

    1. Don't date for age reasons my dear...he cud easily be Ur soulmate so stop forcing against it

  17. Current situation, insomnia!
    INEC thanks for opening my ynash for cancelling the election .....Restrategizing Feb 14!

  18. well, the boo is not in my city and I work on saturday. so there you have it.. up at 5am, work at 9am and be home by 7. make a with boo and call it a day.

  19. Been reading and writing exams like no man's business, honestly tired. I've read all Chimamanda's books including 'the thing around your neck', all except Americanah, the next time I see it, will buy it, you've made me curious. Ehh hem vals, no cogent plan, but will definitely be with le boo, that's if my dada doesn't succeed in shipping me to the villa, for fear of election crises.

    Ps: love ya hair T, the twists look so neat

  20. No plans for Val, I'll be in my bed watching a movie or reading a novel, I'm yet to read Americanah I should myself a copy.
    A lovely day to everyone

  21. Now I have to go finish reading my Americanah ,I love Chimamanda's books
    Vals day will be I and my laptop n food

  22. vals day wud suck 4 me.wud be in plateau all by myself serving my father land of one part of d country nd d bf anoda part.wish dey ddnt postpone d damn elections sef.btw,thelma pls I need dat book

  23. Current back after a dry night out not too long ago and chilling before I go to bed so I'm up early for church in the morning. In hindsight, I should've stayed home but oh well.
    Likely situation, same time next week...I'll probably have a quiet evening/night in. Never gone out or done anything out of the ordinary on Feb 14th. It's another day to me.
    Situation I'd like, however is to have a quiet evening in with my significant other, having good conversation and watching a movie or cooking. Next year, I hope. :)

    Thanks for your posts Thelma, I appreciate your consistency.

    1. You're welcome Anon, thanks for being a part of TTB.

  24. Current situation...
    Always wanted to learn tailoring as most tailors never get what I want right, which has me wishing I could make my trads myself. Finally doing something about it and this time I plan to give it commercial value too. Also getting more active with church as I finally made that step today to get back into the church's workforce after a long time away. Who knows... maybe that'll make for a social life too.
    Valentine's day.... well I've never been big on it anyway, so my current boo-less state is all the more convenient. It's me and my English classics unless le bestie decides to surprise me with that drinks at that Spanish lounge after all.

  25. #current situation, I'm a very confused person at the moment. God please come to my aid before I loose it. No plans for val. Just my son n i

  26. I had grand plans for 14th, but. I was dealt a big blow, all plans currently cancelled , while I recover.

    1. I wish you a quick one dear.


  27. I had grand plans for 14th, but. I was dealt a big blow, all plans currently cancelled , while I recover.

  28. Current situation... just washed my hair, waiting for my hair dresser to call... Kabouy is in the kitchen and I'm hoping the food will come before the call *shines teeth*

    Vals day plans? Err.. i haven't thought that far. Feb 14th has never been special to me so i'll probably sleep till like 8am and lounge the rest of the day... me, my bed and my novel(s)

  29. Current situation - bored

    Plans for the week was disrupted due to the elections being postponed. Still not sure but i might be spending val at home.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Can't say for current situation cause my response is late from the date of the post.

    Next weekend plan you ask? None, was planning to hide behind election so it doesn't show my single status but since election has been cancelled, am vegetating on my couch for Saturday and having brunch on Sunday with a friend.

  32. Thelma you are pretty and ypur hair is lovely!

  33. It's been a while I read a novel. I bought half of a yellow sun since last September and I have not gone half way.I really wish some of the igbo words used in the novel were translated in English (perhaps a glossary at the end) and after seeing the movie, I lost all interest in reading it further.

    Valentine? I've never taken it seriously even during my teenage and twenties and I am not going to change anything now.



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