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The Perfect Valentine's Day- By Queen

So it was Valentine's eve, I went over to boo's house to pass the night there against the Valentine's day (V Day) proper and we couldn't stop talking about how the next day was going to turn out.

We had already spent the whole week planning and preparing for the V Day. The short blue dress le boo ordered for me had arrived, his own white shirt was delivered by the landry man the day before, properly ironed and packaged. I decided that we'd go for blue and white instead of the normal red and white, just to stand out.

We maped out all the classy, less crowdy places to visit; from the photo studio for just one or two snap shots, to the charity home, then to one of the most beautiful resorts in town, to the boat ride, then to the ranch and from there to my favourite resturant in GRA for some very yummy choppings on a specially dressed table, and finally to the beautiful lounge we both love, to listen to some cool music and have some heart to heart conversation before we finally retire to the house, cuddle up, fantasize about the future, whisper sweet nothings and sleep off.

Boo agreed firmly to these arrangements, obviously initiated by me, to satisfy me with the V Day feelings I had always wanted for so long, he wanted to be the one to stand out amongst them all. I had mentioned to him how it always turned out in the past, it was either we were broken up before the V Day or not in good terms during that period, or distance issues, or that I was entirely single! At one point, one of them exes actually got me some nice gifts the day before and then travelled for his friend's sister's matriculation ceremony on the V Day. Not that I regret all of those or felt hurt, no, I just wanted to experience what the V Day fuss was all about, even if it was just once. Am not easily moved by these stuffs, I just wanted "that one time".

And Yaay! The V day is here! I have Tony here! Yipeee!!!
Boo was still in bed, I woke up first and doing my saturday chores couldn't have felt any better, washing and cleaning with smiles and songs. I made omelete and green tea for myself and boo. My mischievous self decided to peep at him first, I saw he was awake, smiling in his thoughts, I tip-toed back to the kitchen, carried our breakfast, singing and walking towards his room, he shut his eyes very quickly!... Ah ah baby u too like play play! Open your eyes jor..., he smiled, kissed me and we devoured the meal.

"Babe wake up and get ready, its 12pm already", I said in my sleepy voice, stretching, shaking him and jumping out of bed, all at a time. 
I was already half dressed when I heard "No! You've gotta be kidding me", what? I asked, "babe can you imagine", he showed me the iron holes and burnt stains on his shirt. No baby, I murmured, this can't be happening, no, not today, its nothing! My heart was already skipping, my extremely high morale dropping rather fast. I rushed to the wardrobe, thank God, a neat white shirt but no he didn't like putting on that one, not at all. I pleaded and he agreed, I continued with my make up. Everything done and off we went! 

Settled in the car, smilling sheepishly this time. Finally I'm experiencing the almighty V Day, I thought to myself. God bless Tony for me. Boo interupted my thoughts, baby the car has refused to start o, I don't know what's wrong!... The devil is a liar! Hehe!!!... He checked something in the bonnet, back in the car and tried again, it would start and stop and stop at once.

Haaay! God forbid! I started dialling his mechanic's number, looking at my wrist watch, kpatakpata (worst case scenario) we skip the photo session... Hello madam abeg I no dey town now no vex, I comot this early morning, wetin dey worry the...I hung up, holding back my tears. I turned to boo, baby please don't do this to me, try something, do something, call somebody! Honey please don't spoil your gorgeous face, its nothing serious yet, I'm trying to call Chuks (his friend that lives nearby) but his line is not connecting, calm down baby ok. Hmm, I checked my time again, kpatakpata we skip the visit to the resort!

The clouds turned dark and before I could say 'Jack, it was raining heavily! we ran under the compound shade while boo kept trying the lines of God knows who in his already straight, cold, disappointed and helpless face. No speech! No eye contacts! No body contacts! The rain got even heavier. I checked my time once again, kpatakpata we skip that lunch, I must have this boat ride with Tony, at least the V Day experience nau God please!

We gazed at each other almost at once, he drew me closer to him, held me so tight to himself, I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry please don't cry, I ll make it up to you on your very special V Day, please dear.... OMG!!! Is this for real? I thought. No babe don't worry, let's wait a lil bit, the rain is gonna stop and then we'll hit the road to anywhere and do anything, just anything, as long as its today, you and I alone. The rain poured even heavier and louder. Tony held my hands and we ran back inside the house!

No conversations, not even pleas from boo, he was so sad. 
I had a warm bath, put on his sweatshirt and socks, curled up on the bed, in his arms, unable to utter a word. At least Tony stayed with me on this V Day, made efforts to make me happy, I thought conclusively in consolation to my bitter self. He kissed my forehead, still no word, it continued to rain.

Hahahahahahha!!!..I heard laughing voices, mine and boo's... ah ah! I opened my slightly shut eyes properly, behold, it was my voice and his, the tv was on, showing one of our hangouts with his and my friends. Shocked! I looked at him and he placed his finger accross my lips so as to keep my mouth shut, then he held me even tighter... The next scene was when he came to my office on my last birthday with my gifts and my reactions, next was our arguements and quarells in the car while driving to my friend's wedding ceremony, next was the few times I cooked in his kitchen on the various days I visited, next was another hangout at his mom's boutique followed by our visits to the zoo and how I screamed at the site of scary animals while he laughed so hard, OMG!!! A video tape of almost all my sweet and bitter memories with Tony kept playing, tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched. Then the shocker came, I saw my sister looking all glamed up.. happy valentine's day babe, she laughed,hope you're having fun with T, see you soon... Christ!!!.. Next, two of my best friends,... happy valentine's day baaaaaaaaabe! We love you but T loves you more, see you soon. Hahahahahahahah!!! Next was my boo of all times looking very charming... Here's wishing you a happy valentine's day my Queen. The laundry blunder, the car break down, even the extra white shirt, the mechanic and all of that was all in the perfect valentine's day plan for you my Queen...*i guess the rain took you by surprise and made it even more perfect for me* i thought... I did most of the recordings on my own, Chuks helped me sometimes. I'd love to continue this journey with you for the rest of my life. My Queen, please be my wife, he flashed a very gentle smile, then my photos, both the ones I snapped before I met him, all started displaying one after the other with my favourite music playing in the background.

Oh My! I just couldn't believe It, I hugged him so tight, I didn't want to let go. He promised and he kept it. The Perfect Valentine's day! He brought out the most georgeous diamond ring ever, went on his knees and asked again, please will you marry me my Queen?... 'Yes my King I will' I answered. We hugged and kissed passionately like never before.


  1. If this is a true story,hot,steamy sex shld have accompanied the scene when it started raining instead of sulking. Lol...
    When life throws u lemons,u just make urself a nice pitch of lemonade...

    1. LOL... I don't even make Lemonade. I chop the lemons up & throw them in a glass of Vodka!

      As I no care about Val in my entire 20 something years on earth, na siddon look I dey!

    2. Hmm Sasha, that exactly would be my own story- sulk! As if he caused the rain! Lol
      Then the other one can come after sha :D
      Nice story

  2. Ha! O ga o! Many many wonderful writers here o! Queen... you too?! *in patience's voice* That's "gooder"! I love!!!

    Oga Chris i'm waiting for your story o! Madam would not mind the red slippers o!

    1. Omg. My boo must read this... Too perfect to be true

  3. Hia! All these romantic TTB readers..

    Nice story..


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