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They Were So Happy Poor, But When They Got Rich...

"They were so happy poor, but when they got rich...", another of Chocolate's regular PMs. I remember writing a post once about a lady I'm so certain would curse the day her husband made it big. One second he was the perfect, caring and considerate husband, spending time with his family and catering to her every whim. Suddenly the money came and then came the late nights, the horrible new friends, the regular random trips to vague places, the one night stands, the mistresses... Till her husband became a complete stranger, one who really couldn't be bothered how she felt. This post below brings all these to mind;

The story you are about to read is not my story in the real sense of it. It is a story of my first cousin who I feel has been unjustly treated in marriage by a man she labored with when he had nothing.
It is also a story of the cruel and mindless nature of today’s ladies who would go all out to ensnare a man because of money. It is important also that today’s young men who want to avoid this kind of entrapment imbibe the culture of loyalty to their spouse. It’s about my cousin who is married to Larry B, a top company Director.

Many years ago, she was a beautiful, bubbly and enterprising young lady with a fantastic career. She was very full of life too. She was the kind of lady you would meet and be immediately drawn to because of her eloquence and intelligence.

Of course, she was a head turner too. Then, she met Larry B, a young man she figured that they could build a great future together. A few years after their marriage, fortune smiled on Larry through his boss after he left his former job.

He bade bye to the clunkers and hand-me-downs. He entered a new level of prosperity that could only have been God’s doing. Consequently, he entered into a new level of philandering that could only have been remote-controlled by Lucifer.

In order to accommodate fully his newfound pastime, he prevailed on his wife to resign her job appointment and relocate abroad with their kids.

The first few months of their relocation to were quite blissful. Then, Larry began to stay longer than necessary away from home and blaming his business for this. The wife would plead and cry, urging him to come home because they were missing him but Larry never cared.

Sometimes, he was away for several weeks. While Larry was doing very well financially, his devotion and concern for his family dwindled. As time went by, the wife had to resort to menial jobs to keep the family going. You can only be able to figure out how lowly she sank when you consider that her husband was a multimillionaire and she had to run several shifts in the ruthless cold to feed and clothe her kids. It was always heartbreaking for me and other family members to see her go through so much hardship because of Larry.

The cold nights bared their fangs on the lonely woman. But she held strong. As we would discover, Larry had been entrapped or so we heard by a young lady named Violet. He reportedly bought her posh cars and a house in an expensive neighbourhood.

They practically live together. They travel round the world together. Larry’s life was said to revolve round Voilet and he showed it in deeds and actions. Despite several entreaties from family members and friends to Larry to go back to his wife and kids, or at least, see to their upkeep and schooling, he turned a deaf ear to all.

We have consulted with pastors for special prayers for Larry to be released from V’s clutch, but nothing has happened. And Voilet a chain smoker, has reportedly also told people that it is only over her dead body that Larry would ever go back to his family or not to marry her. We have begged all his friends, to appeal to him, but Larry B is hellbent to stay with Voilet.

This is our dilemma dear Nigerians.

Source: Bella Naija


  1. 1st thing that comes to mind, why relocate and leave my husband in Nigeria? I won't do that. J

    1. My thoughts too exactly. And to think she's "suffering" abroad when bea is living the life somewhere else? Why didn't she relocate back to where she came from?
      If ur gonna subscribe to a long-distance marriage,be prepared for its consequences (eg Violet)
      Until divorce papers have been served,one's marriage is worth fighting for...

    2. I wish events like this are peculiar to long-distance marriage. I have seen them happen to marriages where the husband and wife live together and the husband chose to abandon his wife and live with another woman.


  2. If we are to go by a Yoruba adage which says: a husband-stealer is not to blame, it is your husband you should admonish, then Lady Violet should be left alone. However, we women are our own enemies. We destroy each other and turn around to blame the men folk; such a shame.

    That said, if the issue is purely 'spiritual', how come all the prayers have not worked to bring back the husband to his right senses? Could it be Mr. Larry B is fully aware and in support of his actions as against him being under some unforeseen control? Could it be a case of his true colour showing after becoming rich? (hasn't it been said that when one is poor, one puts on someone else's character?)

    In as much as I have no answers to these questions and in as much as I encourage continuous prayers from all quarters, I think it is high time your cousin started living her life without Larry B. In essence, if I were in her shoes, I would assume he is dead and start bearing my cross as such. I would go to court and make the court do what prayers and pleas have not been able to achieve - take care of the financial burden of the kids or I may not go to court if it is unsuitable and instead, do all it takes to start taking full responsibility without him. If along the line, he comes back to his senses, I may accept him back, depending on the circumstances, i.e. if I'm still available because I assure you, if I found love again along the line also, I would give it a second chance.

    But then, I may just be talking plenty nonsense because I am not wearing the shoes but then, I would not put my life on hold for any man.


  3. Thelma, it takes two consenting adults for this to happen. You will only know someone's true character when money and/ power arrives. That's why we women, must have sense. We must change our way of thinking. Look around your, from your extended family to your friends'. How many old marriages didn't suffer betrayal from the man? A man is ruled by his ego. And he knows his wife WILL NOT leave him. That's why he misbehaves. I trust my husband as far as I can throw him. I don't carry him on my head. Because when I need to set him down I will break my back doing so. That's why some women pray and through every means necessary, ensure their husbands don't make money. Women, empower and invest in yourselves. Put money aside. Don't believe everything a man says. It's not the other woman's fault. It's the man, who revels in the attention of the other woman. Besides, money gives him the opportunity to chase the woman of his dreams. The wife reminds him of his poor times. He can't have that. Money can give him new memories. And a woman, befitting of his wealth. A woman shouldn't give up her life for a man.


    1. Seconded, I wouldn't blame the side chick like u said. Men can really be funny, this is one reason yy I tell people I can't suffer with a man, never, because most cases I have heard about women suffering with men and they turn out well is always a disheartening story for me. Yy wud i suffer with u and the next thing u are rich and messing up? Its painful and most men do this. Imagine my mum's friend suffering with her hussy and they both built their mansion together, infact na her money plenty pass for the project,and at the end of the day the man brings in another woman and throws the wifey out. The woman made a mistake in accepting to travel with d kids in the first place, but I keep asking certain question like woud GOD give me something that would bring sadness to me all the days of my life?no I doubt it,he wouldn't and this is where serious prayer comes in when choosing a spouse because I strongly believe that when a woman marries the will of GOD for her life,even if storms come,it wud never be something we cannot handle. We ladies need to be careful, prayerful and empowered. Easier said than done I know but GOD wud help us all.

  4. Every woman shd hav an income. Don't ever put all ur trust in a man to provide for ur needs n dt of his children.

    Are they totally reliable. This is what prosperity does to some pple. It's not right but it has happened.

    If d wife had a job or a biz of her own she wd hav just been living her life normally.
    Just Mallama said, she shd get on with life like a 'widow'. A lot of women out there hav husband's who do not contribute anything financially to the family, yet they are called husbands.

    Women be strong. Not only for yourselves but also for your children.

    It is well.

    1. You are just right! I've learnt that from an early age due to the drama around me. We ladies must be financially independent. I have a useless uncle.. Doesn't provide for his kids and wife, been living in the same place for over a decade, no progression, beats up his wife. And just last month he packed his stuff and ran away without telling anyone lol. Madness! We also have to be sure of whoever we choose to marry! People change a lot! This my uncle's wife nor try sef! This man was married and left first wife for reasons I don't know of.. I wonder if she did her research before marrying him because girl used to look for beautiful back then.. Now she looks so tired .. Sigh it is well..

  5. Never blame the side chick for any problem in a relationship, the main problem and the root of all is the person that decides to leave and be with another.
    It is the person's personality, there's one thing I need to point out any poor man that later runs into fortunes nd starts behaving strangely has what we can low self esteem, that man is not strong it is a big problem.

  6. Yet they wonder why girls keep going for already made guys......SMH

  7. When i read this story on BN yesterday,the first question that came to mind was "what's she still doing abroad?" If life is harder abroad she should find a way to come back home. She had a job before her husband became rich so its safe to say she has some level of education. She needs to come back home, get a job, put her children in good schools and start putting her life together.

    Spiritual influence or no, Larry B is gone and until he comes back (if he does) she has to keep living. And like many have said, Violet is not to blame, marriage is a choice, a commitment to stay true to one person "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health till death". Violet didn't make that vow, Larry B did and he's to blame.

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