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Who Knew That Being a Contract Staff Might Be The Worst Fate To Befalla Person???

I never knew that people working as contract staff feel this way. The only person I know who's a contract staff works with Mobil and earns about half a million monthly (as we were told), and seems not to have any complaints.

While I've never thought it's anyone's dream to be a contract staff, I never thought it was so horrible either till I saw these.

"currently a contract staff with an old generation bank, its a very shameful job that at times u will be crying deep inside asking God why you are facing this humiliation.the full staff are always happy to wash you down and the company itself will keep reminding you of your position as an outsource staff by adding the acronym OS to your name so that the whole world will know your logo that you aren't a core staff(in reality,my fellow OS colleague in my branch work like mad on various platforms while some of those core staffs will find it difficult to even fill a deposit slip correctly)

like I used to tell my colleagues, we are like apprentice here,we just need to learn anything learnable and leave the organization(conversion isn't in their agenda again) with our experiences which will be an asset to us.

if you are suffering with inferiority complex, dont take this type of job offer."


"I believe my wife's experience counts as mine, so I'll share hers since I haven't been a contract staff grin. She was engaged by one of the most pungent outsourcing organizations ever to exist on this earth, and resident in Nigeria. SOL. First of SOL demands that you do not get pregnant within one year of employment or you will be fired. They pay shi.itty salaries like N33,000 to N40,000 flat every month angry, despite the fact they receive much from the principal companies. The worst was the 'still unbelievable' thirteenth month salary of N5,000 my wife got in December. Worse still, the paltry salaries are paid late into every month. You complain about working conditions and you get fired the next week, so what is achieved is a ready team of zombies who must work without complaining. A contract staff of three years thought he had escaped the category and spoke too eagerly, he found himself on the job market the next week. My wife worked with Sterling through SOL and used her paltry salary to take passport photographs of prospective customers, made photocopies of docx and in one instance, her HOP made her deposit one thousand naira into a prospective customer's account in order to open that account. She absolutely had no choice in the matter. Gosh! Contract staff are used to run errands in the office by bi.tchy superiors and my wife escaped that because 1. She was married 2. She stamped her feet and 3. I paid a visit to the bank one fine day in my legal She left both SOL and Sterling this February and if you think bankers (both permanent and contract staff) are happy, you should hear the requests that were made to her to help them in her new organization if there was any space... request like "Abeg even if its N60,000 per month, I do tire for this yeye job!" Organizations like SOL should not exist in any sane society! Really! angry". 

"I joined a major pension firm in Nigeria as a contract staff, a company that if u mentioned its name , all ur friends will just scream ,baba o! (like too much money, u knw what i mean)

I worked my head off, did my supervisor’s(full time employees) job without stress and i never complained to them, but trust me i was complaining to God. I kept my attitude intact, never felt inferior , and never allowed no one talk to me as trash.infact if u talked me down, i would use a much more calmer tone and give u my piece of mind calmly(u sef go know say na condition make crayfish bend) .I got several promotions that would earn me like additional 5k or 8k or 10k(but really what would that amount do for a grown person in 2013)

The worst part is that as long as i was a contract staff, it was affecting my opportunities of getting employed in a good firm, maybe because they usually felt that the pay they are offering is way bigger than what i was earning" 

"It's not just encouraging and interesting anymore being a contract staff to any company.

I have over the years been a victim to contract staff to Multi. National and Conglomerate companies.

There is no job security getting contract jobs in Nigeria. I have had enough experience in running Million Dollars worth of goods in Warehousing and Distribution of goods most especially in the Telecom sector.

These Telecom operators give out their entire logistics services to third party service providers which are all not indigenous companies using we Nigerians as their human resources to deliver their projects. It is always bitter when you know you are only signing up for a contract job only to last for a year of two maximum."

"It's not bn easy working as a contract staff. It's as if you are working for another man to eat undecided. Monkey dey work and baboon they chop tinz grin. Its even more painful when you realise that you are far better than most of the direct staff in the organisation. 

The only hope that keeps me going is the fact that NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT."

"The most painful part of it is seeing the company you are working with as a contract staff to sideline you (for not been their main staff) when giving end of the year bonus"

The above comments were gotten from Nairaland.

Has any of you worked as a contract staff? Is it really as bad as they say it is? Is this really how badly the contract staff in your work places are treated?

Please enlighten me. 


  1. Yessss!!! I worked as a contract staff with one of these Big banks...To say the experience was horrifying is putting it mildly.

    Unfortunately, we had the full staff of the bank as supervisors and they never failed to remind you that "your name is written in pencil" whenever they got the slightest opportunity.

    Lets start from the "caution fees" that was deducted from our salary for the first 2 months (by the outsourcing company) because according to them, you might leave without any notice and that's their way of making up for the shortfall. Of course, most of us left without giving the one month notice (I gave 2 weeks) and foregoing the caution fees.

    Thank God though we had the best line manager ever, she always encouraged us to always be the best and never think less of ourselves.

    Abeg ehn, contract employment (especially in banks) no be am!

    1. I had anger flowing through my veins as I read this....I can't work in a place like that oh,woulda used annoyance to slap somebody one day and quit the next....TNHW

  2. I have never been a contract staff but I have few friends who are contract staffs in banks and their experience no b here,whenever I work into one of the Banks in my areas it's so obvious from the difference in ID cards that most of the staffs dere are on contract because their ID do not bear the banks names but the recruiting coy name,so pathetic,one of the reasonsi hate banking Jobs.

  3. I presently work as a contract staff with a big Nigerian private media company. Producer to be precise....though I do other side jobs- read news and sometimes double as a DCA The experience isn't too bad but its not good. At the end of every month, I go home with #15000. Oh yeah. #15000. LoL. I was even thinking of doing my service with them but I adviced myself after a friend adviced me. Transportation takes the 15000 a month sef. Come May, I will find myself a better place. The downside of being a contract staff where I work is your take home. There is really no discrimination between contract and permanent staff.

    My ex boyfriend works as a contract staff with a new generation bank. The bank pays about 130k per month while the company in turn pays him 60k. Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop. They are always too quick to remind them they can be thrown out anytime.

  4. Yup, its as bad as that. Contract jobs, especially with the banks, pay the crappiest salaries for the mountain load of work they give you to do.

    I have people in my office who have been contract staff for over two years, know more about the job than many of the newly employed full staff, do the bulk of the jobs with their own money spending as much as 5 or 7 thousand naira on work runs and no one refunds them. How much do they earn? Something between 23 and 37k and most of them are married with children. They do department work and branch work together. If these pple tell you their stories ehn, you will weep.

    When u ask why they haven't left, they'll ask you "where to?"

  5. Exploitation of labour in a lawless country with greedy politicians. Check out our labour laws then you would understand. Outsourcing companies are running modern day slavery rings publicly. Some contract staff have inferiority complex and that alone mars their good work and potential. Most of them may earn up to half a million and still be envious of full staff..All with the same excuse " I can do my supervisor's job" - it is soooo annoying like really....apply for the job then. The healthiest mindset to have is the " this is a learning platform mindset".Do your job confidently and when you walk would have better options and knowledge. Cheers

  6. I feel really sorry for contract staff in banks, they work so much and are often humiliated, Life is just not fair, it's a typical example. I started as a contract staff but later resigned n rejoined the bank as a full staff, that job shld just be used as a stepping stone and shld not be done for too long abeg.

  7. Danfo bus just tore my skirt and i'm soooooo upset. Now this nonsense 50 naira bus has spoilt a very good skirt! I'm sooo miffed! Mstchew! :'(

    1. Wait, you're female????? I've always thought you were male O_o

    2. Aww pele dear.....Hope it aint showing our 'assets' sha?

    3. My dear Sister... twas a slight tear... but it has spoilt the skirt anyway. and me that I don't wear tights or shorts.. mstchew! If it was a wider tear whn... I for jus begin cry. I had a shawl in my bag sha. But then... ha!

      @impurfecther.. like duh! Like...*speak to the hand* really?! *rough necking* how can you even think it and then say it out loud! Like duuuuh! Lol.

      I get that a lot.. (eg punintended) lol. So yes. I'm a young lady *batts eyelashes*

      My skirt is still paining me o! :'( nonsense Danfo buses. Was it not recently we talked about how frustrating and annoying Danfo wahala can be! :(

    4. Kpele my darling kabuoy, mabinu.

  8. I used to work as a contract staff in the aviation industry. It was hell

  9. Tooh,everything I had typed dissappeared

    #sad much #

  10. I think therein lies a problem. With the said 23k people are still showing up to work? There has to be a point you cut your losses. You might make more money cooking and selling lunch to office workers.

    Its a wonder everybody grumbles when you show up to a bank or store and expect decent service. Here i was thinking anything less than n40k per month for a degree holder was rubbish.

    Even housekeepers get n20k per month in some environments plus free feeding and housing.

    Nigeria is truly hell on earth for many people.


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