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It scares me that if I take a break or say I'd BRB when I eventually come right back I'd meet an empty home... My fears aren't unfounded, everytime I leave for a day or two and I return I come back to a house that's almost empty. And so I stay, even when I don't feel like it, for the fear that I'd lose my readers, because if I've got no readers then what's the point?

But in truth I need to get some space. I need some time to refuel. I continually ask for submissions from you guys because it's not a gossip blog, so if we've got to have stuff to talk about I cannot always generate topics on my own. I need contributors and submissions, and seeing as no one ever wants to, mehn, I am frazzled and I need air! Plus I don't think I've been actually productive in the last few weeks, so I'm taking a breather. 

I may be back tonight, tomorrow, next week or next month, I have no idea. I just know that at this very minute I'm feeling like I need a break. 

But if you care to see the blog up and running feel free to send me links, articles, mails or ideas. Thelma needs to clear her head... Kudos to LIB, SDK and all the bloggers who stay on the grind come rain or sunshine. I doff my cap...

And Subomi, yes I have a boyfriend. LOL. I'm positive about this one, he's far from perfect but he makes me happy and gives me something to smile about...


  1. Yh I understand you thelma, being meaning to send in an article, will do so soon :D

    1. Okay o, oya do and send it in sharp sharp. We are waiting. Ah ahn, una no dey pity Thelma? Haba! Hehehe

  2. Hmm..., sorry that you feel this way. Some of us are (I am) always here but don't comment as often as you'd desire.

    Might I suggest you increase participation on your blog by creating segments that come up weekly, forthnightly or monthly from volunteer blog readers who have content consistent with your blog's purpose.This would create more content for your blog and frankly speaking, it is the posts that spark up conversations and comments. More posts, More comments, ......... a happier you. I feel you have the platform that some blog readers might desire and they have articles that could help retain your 'commenters'. Quid pro quo

    Last, I doff my cap for you.Your refreshing perspective on life issues and daily living is what keeps me coming back to this blog and of course the comments from blog readers. In essence, what I am saying is that you should come back tonight or sometimes soon after your much desired break.

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I'll look into them. Weirdly though, this isn't about comments (it often is but this isn't). I just feel a bit exhausted and it's affecting my general output. I really like your ideas and I hope I have the energy to implement them, I really should...

    2. So I saw Kabuoy referring 2 u as oga (meaning u r a man) yesterday or so, and u didn't say anythg. I had tot u were a happily married woman all along. @Chrisyinks plz come back and put us in d clear on dz...

    3. Haha... @Eesah.. he's refered to his wife before na.

      @Chisyinks... With the way you write, i thought you'd volunteer to send posts every other day cos in my head, u're a real writter. *smiles*.

      Tee please take oga Chris's suggestions. Biko dont leave..
      Take a break but one month is veeeeery loooong! Thats like 30 days.. 30 times an average of 3posts a day omo!

    4. @ Thelma,

      You are welcome. Sorry about the exhaustion, hope you get rejuvenated soonest.

      @ Easah,

      I'm a man. I had a response typed to Kabuoy's last comment but I experienced a glitch and lost it. Was too tired to re-type it. In some ways, we were saying the same thing, just differing on trivialities.

      @ Sunshine,

      I'm not married, at least not yet. I remember that statement, I wanted to say something and the right words eluded me. Sorry if I created the wrong impression. If I were married, I surely would have mentioned boo a lot more times.

      Thanks for the compliment. I don't write though. The advice was based on my perception of blog readers - I believe we have a film maker, story writer, script writer etc as members, and publicity of their works won't do them any harm.

    5. Where are the single ladies? *coughs roughly*

    6. Lmaooo! Sasha! I give up! You're one very funny and troublesome lady!

  3. *crying* Thelma plsssssss, dont go anywhere oo biko, one month???? *sad face*. Bia thelma u r threatning us oo, dont worry i ll try n send in stuff every other day, i once had a job where i had to run all the company's social media handles, its tough but this too shall pass.

  4. Awwwww, T we totally understand. Take a break if totally necessary. We'll be right here when U get back.
    The other blogs are copy & paste hope u know? So no much work is needed as much as yours. TTB is unique, we'll prefer U taking a break than imitate those other blogs.

    Chris has good suggestions though, u could look into it...

  5. Pele Thelma. Lifestyle blogging is more challenging than the gossip blogs in my opinion. One thing i know about blogging after almost 10 years at it off and on is that just write, dont think about who is going to be reading it.
    thinking about the readers puts undue pressure on you. Something else to consider might be a vlog..this one has come to me a few times, but i prefer just writing.

    take your break and come back stronger. We are all rooting for you.

  6. We are here baybay....anytime, Anyday we gotcha!

  7. Awwww...pls take a break if you have too..we will be here blogging is actually harder than news n gossip

  8. Eya, I kno exactly how u feel. Plz take a break if u hv to. We still full ground gidigba.

    *lips sealed and watching*

    1. Eesah,been meaning to ask...Are u the same Eesah on stella`s blog?

    2. Yesso @TNHW. My mode of writing on both blogs differs abi?

    3. I tell u,really different.....#hard to know the real you#

    4. Well it's due 2 d nature of both blogs. Most of d BVs here are intellectuals, but most of d BVs over there are Razitos save for pple like Ronalda, Mrs Zulu and co. It's on SDK that u'd type a sensible epistle as a comment and one smally dt's under 18 would come and curse ur mama and ur papa join sef hehehe

    5. HAHAHA..I feel u on that one....

    6. Eesah u sound like a victim. Chai!..God pass dem jareyy!

    7. Thelma even if ure nt here a while, ur loyal BVs will patiently await ya return. *hugs*

  9. Pele Thelma....look into Chris's suggestions too...Besides,sometimes you could just post ur am always happy looking at ur ukwu..#no homo# Sunshine,is this you? Kabouy where ya own pisure dey?

    1. Yes that is "she"! Lol!!! My own pishure dey inside my phone. I dey wait for memphis, Eesah and Oga chrisyinks jare.

      Thelma... I hope we are allowed to call to remind u to cut the break short. Its one week me I give you o! Or you'll soon start avoiding my calls too! lol! *hugs*

    2. Ok oh...I shall patiently waiting...

  10. Take a break but dnt take long O pls, plus u now have boyfriend?... Happy u happy

  11. Pls take your desired break so u can come back fresher and more energized.. i feel sad already because i am going to be missing a part of my daily ritual which is refreshing your blog. Stay safe hun

  12. My cousin told me about this blog late last year & it instantly became one of the two blogs I refresh like 20times a day.You're doing a good job here & I like the fact that you blog about real life issues.Please,while you're taking this break don't forget that there are people who want u back.So take your time but don't take too long.Stay blessed.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Rest well nne. You deserve the vacation. Lifestyle blogging requires *biceps*, and you've got them T, huge ones.

    I'll just start all over again reading from Post 1, till you come back, because I can't see myself not opening Thelma Thinks for one day unless I'm in the bush. Be forever blessed Thelma.


    1. I'm telling ya. I can't do without my Thelmathinks. I'm sure this for the best.

  15. Pele Thelma.. you will soon miss us and run back to us. Take your break sha.
    Yay!!! Im happy for you jare. My regards to him.

  16. aww T,I wud miss u o even if I dnt comment much dis days.aldo u deserve d rest tho,take ur tym.nd dat is ow @uyi omoruyi 4got me cuz am in plateau,der is God o,nd @blink,girl give me a call asap 4rm d hole u curled into.

    1. Steffi Steffi. I'm sorry for that. But trust me, I haven't forgotten you oh!

  17. Take care of yourself

  18. Ah! Tee baby, a break? Ok....puhleease do but then not for too long o, while waiting for u to come back whc I know it won't take long I will just do as memphis have typed.....probably start from Thelmathinks one year anniversary post!
    Hoping to see u back here bt the time I gets to dis post.................................

  19. I hear people get addicted to blogs like LIB etc and I wonder like seriosly? but here I am always opening THIS blog everyday except on saturdays and sundays just to read up and comment even though most times no one notices (thats how I feel here most times) but still I come back! I hope your break will have you returning refreshed and better in all takia....#JoyDaNuGirl

  20. We will wait & keep refreshing till a new post comes up...


  21. Like play like play, no post today o.. I've opened this page like 5 times today. Issokay.

    Day 1...

  22. Hahaha,@sunshine ohh,bia thelma would you com back jor!!*crying ohh*

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Break over. .. oya come back o. We miss you already.

  25. Yh babe,its really not easy but we know u can handle it.
    While we wait for a new post,why don't we share random whatever on this post? It cld be anything. Like that chick who was asking if she shld get the friend-zoned guy a bday gift. It cld even be new comments on old posts but here on this post. Let's give it a shot?

    1. Nice idea sasha...oya start...

    2. Ok so to keep the blog fun, let start.
      Anyone interested in super high-heels size 10 pumps in abuja?
      Holla @ me giveanditwillcomebacktoyou at yahoo dot com

    3. Hmm,this ur email tho. Did u create it specifically for this shoe giveaway? Lol

    4. Lmaooo! @ Sasha! Chai! You have ehn! Wahala!!!! Rotfl!

  26. Funny peeps... Thelma Pele it's obvious some sturvs could be tiring that's what making u feel like going on a break... Ll miss u tho

    1. Adeola... where have you been ehn?! one of our "unavoidably absent" or "silent" bvs. You, Wale, Oyinlola... issokay! **watching you all on black and white tv*

    2. Ayyam here o Kabuoy. There's just been a lot to do lately; inner mind workings and actual office work. I'm sure I'll have more time to read and comment after this first quarter ;-)

      Thelmathinks is just a URL away...

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  28. Just when I took out some days to read up to 3 weeks posts I missed,u wanna go on a break?*sadface*
    I feel u thou,reading up felt like hard work, how much more u who thinks of what to post & types too.pelee,d Lord is ur strength

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