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A Tub of Untitled Tales.

Leye's first week at work had gone horribly. His colleagues treated him as though the other guy was fired just so he could take his place. The only kindness he had encountered was from the pretty auditor with the gentle smile and long lashes. Leye thought she was very beautiful but knew she was completely out of his league, besides the audit was done and the next week she would leave their office, it was unlikely he would see her again. 
     It was Friday and all Leye wanted was to go home and sleep. Unfortunately his cousin Ronke had set him up on a blind date with her friend and it was only now Leye realized he should have checked her profile on social network, he had no idea what she looked like. As Leye reached for his phone two ladies walked through the door. Too late, Leye thought. 
     The First Lady wore a blouse cut so low her nipples were almost on display, it clung tightly to her protruding belly, her skin; multi-toned, bleaching gone bad. What the hell was Ronke thinking? He thought as she approached him, but thankfully she walked past his table. And the other lady, just behind her; beautiful was the only word to describe her. Leye got a closer look, this is too good to be true, he thought. 
"Oh dear, what are the chances?" She asked in a bare whisper as she smiled that gentle smile and fluttered those lashes that had haunted Leye all week long. Leye's week suddenly got brighter. 


"Who here has any reason why this couple shouldn't be joined together in Holy matrimony? Speak now or forever hold your peace" The minister boomed. It was mere protocol, nobody ever spoke and he wondered why they even bothered with this part. 
"I do!" Shouted a voice from the back just as the minister was about to proceed. The couple's eyes widened in shock as everybody turned to the back to look at the dare devil. The bride broke into tears as he came forward. 
"I'm sorry Sarah but I cannot let you do this. This man doesn't love you and you know it" John said, extending a hand to her. The groom opened his mouth to say something but words failed him. Sarah looked at her groom and then back at John. She saw her mother's face in the sea of faces, white like she had just seen a ghost. Her mother was shaking her head no, her eyes, pleading. 
     Sarah suddenly broke into laughter and she took John's hands, together they ran down the aisle, and hopped on his Ducati parked close to the door. They sped away without a backward glance. 

Yes, this was the man she loved, she thanked God he showed up just before she made the biggest mistake of her life, just so that she could please her money-grubbing parents. John wasn't wealthy but he was a good man, he worked hard and most importantly, he loved her. That was all that mattered. 


"I don't believe it TJ. How could you do this to me?" Samira was both confused and shocked. "You know how hard I've worked for this company. I've worked harder than anyone else, I've put my time, my sweat, my blood into this company to make it what it is today" she said, her voice rising with each word. 
"Samira I I I, hear me out first" TJ was struggling to speak but she cut him off
"You what? TJ? You what? You said you loved me" her voice shook with indignation, and the rest of the Board began to shuffle nervously. 
They had kept their relationship a secret for two years but she didn't care anymore. If TJ could fire her before the Board of Directors then what else did she have to lose?
"Samira please" TJ pleaded
"Please? Please? You're pathetic TJ. Don't bother, I'll clear out my desk. Good luck running this company" the tears where flowing freely now but somehow her voice had taken a strong determined tone.
"Yes, I am pathetic 'Mira, and I'm nothing without you" TJ said, there was something earnest in his voice that stopped Samira in her tracks. She turned back to see TJ on his knees.
"So yes, I'm firing you Samira. But because I'm tired of keeping us a secret, because I love you so much, because I want to spend the rest of my life with you"
From his pocket he brought out a small box. Samira's breath caught in her throat as she spied the beautifully cut diamond ring. 
"Would you marry me Samira?" He asked
"Oh TJ... I thought you knew me better" she smiled tearfully. "I want to be your wife... but I want to be more than just a wife." She said, overwhelmed with love and regret, all at once. 
"You are much more than just a wife. Babes, you think I'd fire you just so that I can marry you?" TJ threw his head back in laughter as he got on his feet.
"Everybody, say hello to the General Manager of our sister company. Miss Samira Davies, soon to be Mrs Samira Tunde Jalade"
The Board stood and applauded heartily as TJ slid the ring on her finger and kissed her hungrily on her lips. They clung tightly to each other, their love fuelled by passion and ambition. 


The door flew open and the naked duo on the bed froze. Zina knew that one day she would get caught, in fact it was almost as though she wanted to get caught. She had become so careless, even then she knew Chudi could come home at any moment yet she asked Kunle up to their bedroom and allowed him to make love to her on their matrimonial bed. 
Chudi stood at the door, shellshocked. His beautiful wife was in bed with another man. Kunle jumped off the bed and just stood there, trying to decide whether to jump through the window or fall on his knees and beg his boss for mercy. 
"I'm sorry" Zina whispered. 
Chudi took it all in, quietly shut the door and walked away. Kunle is a dead man, he muttered under his breath, and Zina... Zina. He hated her for letting another man touch her, and in their home, in their bed! But he hated himself even more for being the kind of husband that drove his wife into another man's arms. 


"Please darling, please take me back. I've really missed you. I can't stop thinking about you, I love you". Kathy had longed to hear those words for weeks, she was ashamed to admit it but she missed him too. 
The day she broke up with him, she had gone through his phone and she was shocked to learn that he was sleeping with three other girls, while pursuing a few others. Enraged and heartbroken, she packed her things and left his house, never to return. Or so she had thought. Time had dulled the pain and erased the rage and hearing his voice now, Kathy knew it was all that she wanted. 
"I miss you too babe, I can never stop loving you". She said.
      Unfortunately love doesn't have an ON-OFF button and you don't suddenly stop loving someone. Besides, there may be others but I'm obviously the main chic, she thought to herself, smiling happily. 


All the other girls sat huddled together. Laughing and talking casually, the relationship of people with a common story, a bond. They were "the girlfriends" and occasionally one of the guys would walk over to the group to ensure that his lady was ok. That was not the case with Temi, she sat alone in a corner pretending to type messages on her phone with feigned concentration, feigning indifference. She didn't know if she was succeeding but she knew it hurt like hell, sitting down in one corner, alone, forgotten, the side piece.     
     She knew Wole wouldn't speak to her till it was time to leave the dinner party, she wondered why he even brought her at all. Oh yes, it was because she insisted, maybe if she could make him take her out, if she could meet his friends and get to know them, maybe then he would see her as more than just a vagina. Big mistake. She stuck out like a sore thumb sitting there solitarily, the other girls wanted nothing to do with her, to them she represented trouble; their boyfriends' friend's fuck-buddy who he couldn't even bother to introduce. And she came here with him, has she no shame?
      Sudden loud laughter caused her to look up from the phone she had been staring at intently. She was surprised to see "the girlfriends" looking in her direction, some with pity, some with disgust. She looked back at her phone and continued pretending to type.
      An hour later she got a text from Wole; "In the car, let's go". Oh dear, he had even been too ashamed to walk out with her, he had to exit first and then summon her. 
      She stood up to leave, taking a final glance at "the girlfriends". She realized they weren't prettier than she was, or better dressed even, they weren't brighter, they weren't better. The only difference maybe, was that she didn't realize her self-worth so she settled for crumbs from a guy who didn't even deserve her in the first place. 
     Outside, she walked towards Wole's car and then walked passed it. He began to call her phone but she flagged down a cab, ignoring the ringing phone. As she headed home she cut off Wole's calls and then followed it with a text; "Please, lose my number". She pressed send and suddenly she felt strangely exhilarated! Is this what it felt like to take back control? I should have done it sooner, she thought giggling happily, ignoring the driver's baffled stare.

C'est fini. 

Thought I'd write some tales for you, what say you;
-I liked them
-I really liked them
-I liked ........ most
-I can really relate to .......
-This is how I would have written that one; ........
-I have a tale for you too, it goes like this ........

Whatever it is you say, just say something, I'm bored and I want to hear from you *Big Grin*


  1. I liked all. You can be the next best writer/ novelist. Explore this side, you never can tell . Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  2. Please can you go bored for at least one week? *massive grin*

  3. Yea whatever but I liked them,I mean I really liked them.
    I like 3 and 6 most
    I can relate to all on behalf of the people who can relate to any .
    I wouldn't rewrite any!
    I have a tale for you too,it goes like this....Thelma stopped doing this for a long while but when she did Memphis wished she could go bored for at least a week which I so agree to. Also,teerex suggested that she should explore this side which again I agree to. *bogus grin*

    I'm really bored

    1. Lmao! Aramide u re rily bored.
      Welldone T, u should consider writing a short film

  4. We want more!!!!!!

  5. Thelma, can you develop them into novels? I didn't want any to end. I love them all.

  6. I like them all. Really do.

  7. Kai!!! Reading these reminded me of my HINTS reading days...this is really nice!!

  8. Really Really Really nice! Pls get bored more often *widegrin.
    U are so talented.


  9. Gbam!!! Get very mightily bored biko...
    I Loved all. But that #2 reminds me of a scene in Greys Anatomy! No one should dare that at my wedding oh!!!

    1. Loool! April Kepner and Jackson Avery. I was really happy tho. But the poor paramedic... he really loved her.

      I loved all. Chudi tho. He's a gentle man o. He took it all in quietly and walked away? Tor. That's good o.

  10. I loved them all, the last being my very favourite. Nice!!!

  11. T for Thelma, T for Talented. 50 gbosa's. I loved all them stories.

  12. Great! I love all but the last one? Made me smile! I love it when ladies take back control and stop living for a man who doesn't cherish them.

    Kudos Thelma.


  13. They are all interestingy but I prefer 1, 4 and 6 ...

  14. Loved them all, u are very talented T

  15. I really liked them... all of them

  16. All interesting.. wil love to relate to 3. Nice one!


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