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If This Isn't Karma then I Don't Know What Is.

"If this isn't karma then I don't know what is". That's what my friend said after I saw *Leye some nights ago. 

I've talked about Leye a number of times on the blog, all under different names. But let me refresh your memory for those who read the posts. Leye is my Ex who said he wanted us to get married, constantly pleaded with me to have his baby, said the house he was getting was "our" home, as the one room he was living in the 'face me I face you' wasn't befitting of a "Queen" like me, and all the while he was cheating on me with Bukky, Aisha, Chiamaka, Shanequa, Annette and Britanny. LOL. Eventually I broke up with him and he wouldn't let me be, constituted a nuisance and then at some point moved from the one room to a very posh three bedroom flat somewhere on the mainland. After he got the flat he wouldn't let me be; "this is our home" "I've just finished frying eggs in our kitchen", "the carpenter just finished making your wardrobe and your dressing table"... On and on Leye pestered me for months until I succumbed, but only on the condition that he gave me the passwords to his phones. Reluctantly he agreed but only because I'd never been the FBI kind of girlfriend, he thought I wouldn't snoop. 

I didn't intend to. That night after he had gone to bed I went to get a drink from the fridge and it was then I saw the supersize Valentine card. Initially I'd thought it must have been from one of his admirers at work but when I opened it and it read "Happy Val's Day *Leye, from your darling Wife", I knew I was wrong. 

Immediately I went through the house and saw signs that there was a female living there. And then that was when the passwords came into use! Long story short Leye was engaged and wifey was several months pregnant. They had done the introduction and their engagement was the next weekend. 

Anyhoo, in order to round up this part of the gist which includes his siblings calling to talk/threaten/beg me, his father calling to tell me that I would die in 48 hours (and the man died a few weeks later), his mother calling to beg and plead with me and apologize on his behalf, and the Iyawo calling to ask if I'd forgiven him as she wouldn't proceed with the marriage plans until she was certain that I had... We wrapped it all up and life went on, until last year when Leye suddenly started calling again. 

In the months that followed our final break-up I learnt that Leye and wifey had moved from the mainland to some kind of mansion in Ikoyi and life was very sweet for them. So when I got his call last year, for the life of me I couldn't fathom why. After so much pressure and badgering from him I finally decided to meet up with him last week. 

This is what he said. 

They had the engagement but never had a wedding. While still in the 3 bedroom flat on the mainland, life was good and they were happy. But then wifey's father (who happens to be a billionaire that we all know) bought houses for all his children on the Island. So they moved in theirs, sorry, hers. The house was huge; uniformed maids, gardeners, drivers, a chef and MOPOL. Leye thought he had finally arrived. 

One sunny afternoon at a time when wifey was in the US, Leye asked the security to turn on the generator, mother-in-law called and he casually mentioned that there wasn't light but the generator was on. Her response "But *Funke is not around. Why is the generator on when Funke is not around. Go and turn it off". 

On another occasion, Funke was once again overseas, Leye came home to find his bedroom unlocked and found mother-in-law inside, arranging the room. Leye was shocked! He immediately called wifey and her response; "Yes I gave my mum the key to our bedroom. So what?"

Leye became a slave in his home, not allowed to drive certain cars; they had five, which included a G-Wagon, an Escalade and a Range Rover. Those three he wasn't allowed to drive or even touch, except wifey was in town and they had an occasion. Wifey began to talk to him and treat him in any way she pleased, even insulting him in the presence of the domestic staff.

The straw the broke the camel's back was when on the morning of their daughter's first birthday Leye received a blow to the face. The birthday was meant to hold at their residence. He had already taken care of everything and invited people to their home. However on that morning wifey informed him that the party wasn't to hold at home, that her mother had organized another party and they had already informed all their guests, this had been in the works for three weeks and they didn't think there was any point in informing him. Leye lost it! He locked up the house and said no one would come in or go out. Wifey called her mum who rushed to their home with numerous MOPOL officers who threatened to shoot Leye through the gate if he didn't unlock the house. Leye said the only way they'd gain access was through his dead body so they should shoot away. 

Eventually billionaire father-in-law showed up and placated Leye, the gates were opened and they proceeded to the party mother-in-law had planned. Leye said he thought all was well but when he returned home he found about four MOPOL officers and two King David body guards inside his house.    
      For weeks Leye wouldn't be able to do anything inside his own home without two King David guards by his sides and MOPOL officers pointing guns at him. They escorted him everywhere except inside his bedroom where they stood at the door while he was inside and continued to escort him the minute he came out. 

The reason; wifey's parents said that if he had stood his grounds even with guns pointed at him, they feared for their daughter's life. "Did you ever touch her?" I asked Leye. "Never!!!!" He shrieked. "Nwando, she was the one that used to beat me, she used to give me slaps for breakfast and dinner, she used to beat me even with stick. She even stabbed me once!" Leye screamed and pulled down he sleeve of his Tshirt to show me a scar on his shoulder that hadn't been there when we were dating. 

Leye told me a lot of things that had happened in the rather short period of their life as a married couple. Oh, yes, there was that one time they went for an occasion on the mainland and while returning to the Island at night, wifey swerved to the curb and told him to get the f*ck out of her car. There was also the time he went out with the Escalade and his mother-in-law called him and told him to return the car back home with immediate alacrity! LOL. And let's not forget how if Leye did not return home a few minutes after work closed (work wasn't too far from home), he was to give a detailed report and account to his parents-in-law how he spent each minute he was away from home and why he returned late. On weekends if he went out without wifey, there were escorts trailing him to ensure that he only went to the places he informed wifey he was going to. Otherwise, he would receive hell, query and slaps. 

Leye told me so many things and it all sounded like a feverish Nollywood movie. The reason I forced the details out of Leye's mouth (I claimed that I needed all the details before I can get back together with him *yimu*) was so that I could gloat, but after hearing the things he said I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for him. 

Let's leave out all these details but let me conclude by saying that one evening Leye came home and the security wouldn't open the gate. They told him that they had it on good authority that he no longer lived there, he wasn't to be let in and that all the locks had been changed. No, he couldn't go in to get his things either. He was to leave immediately and never return. 

This was months ago. Leye has neither seen wifey nor daughter since then. He claims that all he wants is to pack up his personal belongings from the house and see his child. Suffice it to say that Leye's ass has been kicked all the way back to Surulere.

I did feel sorry for him, I do feel sorry for him. But when I look back and I remember his words when I found out that he was more or less a married man and about to be a father,  and I confronted him; "Did you really think I was going to marry you? You, a girl that smokes? That is ridiculous, you were just for f*cking", I catch myself smiling at his demise. 

Leye suddenly wants us to get back together. Where was he when he was spending daddy's millions, splurging in Abu Dhabi and Paris, indulging in fine dining, flying business class to the US and UK for weddings and parties? Why didn't he remember me when they went on Boat Cruises with people whose names we see on Forbes lists, or when he was vacationing on his father-in-law's yatch in Maimi?

Now he's down and out and suddenly he realizes he made a big mistake, he never stopped loving me and we should be together? Tufia kwa! God forbid! I jumpampass!

Honestly Leye, if you or someone you know reads this, I only wanted to hear the story so that I could gloat, post it on my blog and stick my tongue out at you. I cannot gloat or stick my tongue out, I actually feel really bad for you, but errm my blog readers just had to hear this. Hehehehehe. 

And they say Karma is dead. They just don't know...



  1. Wow!! This reminds me of Tyler Perry's 80-20 rule. You have someone with 80% of what you need but u go running after the 20% thinking it's much better. It's a pity about Leye but also just. How could he make such a comment to you and think he will get away? He should have been scared that his wife agreed to marry him after knowing what he did to you while with her. Anyway, he made his bed. He should have fun lying in it.

    1. Exactly Mrs. Fab. Ever since i saw that movie, That 80-20 rule has stuck with me and I'm always very very careful. I don't apply it only to relationships but to every thing i do.

  2. hahahaha leye is a learner, God pass him,correct learner, now that he is back to his low point he has the effrontery and temerity to want to get back with you. Olori...lemme just stop here

  3. and you are telling us this story because???

    1. It's called closure. And it is sweet!!!

  4. Anonymous Rider!1:36 pm, March 09, 2015

    Chai Chai Chai
    Time reveals things...

    1. Just what I always say, time will tell.

  5. When I say karma is the sexiest bitch I know, my friends think am being wicked. Heheheheehhe!

    1. Karma is really a sexy bitch sweetie.

    2. Really really sexy.He got what he deserved..

  6. Leye or whatever his is called is an *ASS*

  7. OMG,am so loving this, people think they can hurt others and get away with it,never, because the GOD I know isn't a partial GOD, he dishes out his punishment when we the victims think he is asleep. That's what guys who go about looking for kids from rcih home get. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I do not feel sorry for him biko.

  8. The lucky person in all of this is Leye.Thelma i know the guy hurt you and therefore you want to see him pay for it but my dear were you really thinking he will wife you with all your drinking and smoking? Lets be real here for once, 99% of Nigerian men will NOT marry an OPEN smoker, the remaining 1% marry one that hid the habit so well before marriage. Its sad but thats just the society we live in.
    So sorry to have to break it to you but he was never going to marry you Thelma.
    The reason why i said Leye is the lucky one here is because the wife and her money miss road family did him a favour by letting him go. What sort of marriage was that anyway?? What point was his wife trying to make? She allowed her parents destroy her marriage all for what? Leye wasnt even abusive to her, all she wanted to do was to get back at him for cheating on her with you Thelma, in doing so she has ended up destroying her own family. Her parents are over gown babies and probably illiterates too. Now the wife is going to be divorced and a single parent at what expense? People just do things without even thinking. I hope her parents will marry her now she is free or they get her another houseboy-husband to maltreat. Nonsense.
    Thelma Leye probably called you because he sensed you will come crawling back to him for a fling, dont make yourself feel special my dear. He probably wont still settle for a former smoker.
    All Leye has to do now is get himself a flat, nothing wrong with Surulere. A lot of women will gladly marry him without thinking twice and life goes on for him. So Leye isnt at loss here Thelma. Infact why dont you drop his contact here, im sure a lot of your single BVs will gladly meet up with him no matter what they say.

    1. Who is this anon??,Thelma has always admitted her smoking habit and she has stopped along time ago,so wats with hating??. We don't need leyes number here,non of us BVS want him and am sure of that?Is it me,Ruthy, kabouy,queen,sunshine, Sasha or who that wud want him. BikoBiko.

    2. who is this mumu (no offence)???even if thelma was a prostitute, no one deserves to be toyed with like that... seems like u r just like yeye, sorry, leye...and karma is warming your own cane... i wonder how smoking is worse than some habits women put up with from men in the name of love, eg cheating..a man does it and he's a "bad sharp guy" , a woman does it, and she's a slut.. let me not even loose my temper sef... leye...big ntorrrr for u.. and anon 2pm, Ntorr in advance.... i'm out...

    3. I thought I was d only one against anons comment ohhh. Double hiannnnnnnn for u ohh.

    4. Anonymous Rider!2:59 pm, March 09, 2015

      You are not a blog visitor,
      Run along, Go and change your diapers!!!

    5. Lollllll@ anonymous rider.

    6. And why would this anon think that the female blog visitors here wants the no of a losser,thats an insult.Some of us women know exactly what we want & judging by the comments i'v being seeing here since I started visiting,i don't think any single female here would want to have anything to do with such person.Maybe you should mail Thelma for his no & connect him to your sister.It wasn't thelma's smoking that made him misbehave,he just wanted to.I heard of a babe that smokes igbo & a good calm guy still married her.

    7. Boda Leye, ekaabo! we've been expecting you! shey oko o jepo?

    8. Speak for yourself. If you are that desperate why don't you ask for his number nicely. I mean, the way you sound you really need the "Lucky Guy Leye" . J

    9. Oga Leye welcome oh! How body,no vex ehh smoker or not T was too good for ur gold digging ass! Get really ans get on with ur life oh!

    10. I agree with anon, leye isnt the loser here, thelma i dont really see the point of you posting this, shows ure still hurting from his actions. Get over yourself pleasr, he was never going to marry you lets face it. Move on.

    11. Hiannnn who is dis hater? The thelma I know cannot brood over a looser,leye is d looser, or wat else wud u call someone who cannot see his wife, kid or even access his own property?? I call him looser don't know about u.

    12. Abeg Mabel wot is ur own... And y are u speaking for others, do u know how badly some Ppl are lookn for bfs nd hubbies here..

    13. Plssss ohhhh where are all the female BVS?? Momoh has said u all are desperate, can anyone PLSSS prove him wrong????momoh,can u give ur sis number to leye???not an insult PLSSS,I just want to know, because u sound like u have someone for him.

    14. Loool @ maybel n adeola.

      Meanwhile... adeola.. what makes you think that the single ladies on this blog are desperate enough to want Leye's number! Even with his track record... o ga o!

    15. "Let he who has no sin be the first to cast a stone" @Anon 2pm. You're really pathetic, and I'm sure u"ve got worse skeletons in ur cupboard. U can never be like Thelma who's bold enough to admit her skeleton and has since overcome her addiction. I can see how desperate u are, asking Thelma to drop Leye"s number. Better speak for urself cos single ladies on ds blog aren't as desperate as u.
      Pathetic Being.

  9. What a great story! We always hope that people who hurt us will get their just desserts, and it's so nice reading about this one. When you were saying those things he said to you then... kai I felt the pain. Now I'm chuckling in glee! Abeg he should find his way joo!

  10. #shines teeth#...big smile

    I was actually smiling reading through all this,ermm,does that make me wicked? Lols

    1. hehehehehehee... yes!

      *runs away*

  11. Hmmm...cheers to all the men who are happy they bagged a rich man's daughter...may your case be better in Jesus name.....may you not be reduced to a mere am*(Pe**s) bcos of marriage in Jesus name...may you read this and learn from the mistakes of others who have gone and fallen before you in Jesus name....amen na ahan Jesus.....#shakingheadlikeoldmamaandwalkingaway........#JoyDaNuGirl

  12. I'm so happy for Leye! So so happy! He's the one that called you to come and pack your things from his house while the new missus was locked up in the bedroom abi? When I read that story, I had tears in my eyes and prayed that God will reward him for for all he did. That guy is evil and callous. The only reason he's back now is because he found out that his bed of roses also has thorns woven into it and given the same circumstances, he will repeat his actions without apologies.

    What was he thinking you would do when he came back? Suddenly forget all the things he did and said to you and jump right back into his arms? SMH! I am very happy for him, may God continue to "reward" him for all he did to you until his basket runs over!

    Bia Leye, you have not started o, Just wait and see. The "smoker" you couldn't marry then has turned her life around and is working really hard to better her life. At the time she was with you, she was a completely different person, this Nwando aka Oando will not touch you with a long pole. Why? She is a changed woman, she's knows better than to settle for the likes of you(losers). So swerve!


    1. Aunty sunshine kilode, ahannn oroyi kpo,am sure boda leye is weeping n not crying. Lol

    2. My dear, oro yen ka mi lara ni..
      Some peeps just go around messing with people's lives and expect their lives to remain perfect! I'm glad Tee didnt hear this story from the grapevine, I'm happy he dragged his sorry butt to where she was and used his own mouth to pour out his tale of woes. Some peeps dont even have shame sef, did he forget it was the same person?

    3. That's men for u ohhh sunshine, m sure he was thinking, let me tell her,she wud pity me and come back to me,m sure she wud fall but unfortunately he met with a brick wall,I shared this story link with my cousin and friends, omo laff no gree them.

  13. Hmmm. All this while I thought *Leye was excelling through his bones not knowing it was *Funke's amala he's been swallowing. Karma sha...

    Anyway, good riddance. I hope he's learnt his lesson.

  14. They took a man's wife, daughter and everything he owned and 'somebody' says he is the lucky one?

    Honestly without the fear of God, it's always a good feeling when the one who deals with you is in turn dealt with-good measure, pressed down and running over!

    I love the fact that you are still magnanimous in victory Thelma. Shows you didn't allow that ugly experience turn you into a heartless bitch.

    And I can see that his family members still won't leave you alone.


  15. I really pity him but karma sure is a bitch

  16. sorry for going AWOL, lost my phone ...
    Meanwhile I really hope leye sees this and learns, although it seems he is already here #sideeyes

    Kene Francis

  17. Ntorrrrr for leye!!! Karma is a bitch.

  18. wow!Thelma u just made my day.I cant even feel sorry 4 him self,he got it too easy sef.oniranu oshi!!!fnk God karma stl exists,I wud just sit nd watch.

  19. Hehehehehe! T u know exactly what dis my laugh sounds like, u know that wicked one, that one from my bottom belle dats for special occasions! That was my reaction to this post! That n raising my glass of cognac to the bitch I always try to stay on her better side- Well played Karma! Well played!

  20. That anon trying to defend Leye has Leyte written all over it. Except he doesn't know about this blog.

    Eyah... I pity for him a bit sha. Having to deal with the reality DAT even his own child has been taken away from him while he doesn't even have any defensive mechanism to get at least the chance to see his baby.

    Men and Women always trying to eat their cake and have it. It never works that way.

    Leyte, you've got to pick yourself up and start all over again. I'm sure this is a learning curve. Obviously you don't expect yourself to continue wallowing in defeat. And most of all Learn from this and be a better person with empathy.

  21. To the anons wondering why she'd post this, lemme give you my unsolicited POV! She posted this for us BVs, who she had already told the Genesis. No life changing book is ever complete without a revelation. But most important, this gives hope to someone somewhere, that evil doers never really go unpunished, we all may not be so lucky to watch it play out, but there's a harvest in overflowing measure for every seed sown (good or bad) especially for the adamant. God is never mocked! Oh how I love that scripture.
    My grin got wider with every account of the story... karma never forgets truly, not when she has the devil for a P.A!

    1. Buby, I couldn't have said it better. Thank you.

    2. Just an observation. Thelma I like how you have grown as a blogger. I remember how you used to reply to every negative comment and get all defensive when u newly started blogging, it used to annoy me so much. Gosh. Now you don't even notice, very good.

  22. God doesnt sleep. I dont know why people dont remember that.

    Thelma i know what you mean about actual feeling sorry for him.

  23. Replies
    1. Mehn this comment STUCK!!!

      Leye got served mehn! A 6 course meal.
      He should eat up fast! There's more!

  24. LOL! Na wa o! So the guy had the nerve to come back to woo Thelma? Hian!

  25. "Did you really think I was going to marry you? You, a girl that smokes? That is ridiculous, you were just for f*cking" He really said these words to you? I swear this is a nollywood movie.
    He really got what he deserves. What did he think was going to happen after this wife found out he was cheating on her? Am so happy you got the last laugh.

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