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"God Of Hell Fire".

Most times I try to avoid dabbling into religious matters. I consider them to be sacred. Sincerely! Religion is not like politics; the former is unquestionable within its doctrinal purview while the latter is debatable any way, anyhow.

Permit me to share this herectic but personal opinion of mine.

One doctrine I find so infantile, preposterous and amusing all the same as an adult is the doctrine of hell fire-the doctrine that those who couldn't please God well enough will be thrown by him into a burning flame somewhere in the world beyond. Wherein they will gnash their teeth in pain, anguish, agony, regret, sorrow, and torture till eternity. Horrible and scary if you ask me.

It is in my view the wrongest doctrine from Christianity. Doctrine of setting "sinners" ablaze.

Honestly, I look at any 32-toothed adult who believe in that hell trash as having being pathetically brainwashed. No insult intended.

If you can punish your beloved child by making him sit on a hot burning stove then I think you will have no problem believing that it is normal and ideal that a God will destroy humans by dumping them like dry leaves into a burning angry fire.

I don't believe God is cruel or can his good heart conceive such evil or such unimaginable villainy, let alone arranging such a penalty for his children.

We shouldn't paint God as having the conscience of an ISIS or a Boko Haram agent, or that of Adolf Hitler. If we can utterly condemn the murderous activities of ISIS and Boko Haram, why on earth should we find it morally acceptable the belief that God will conduct a massive punitive cremation of living human beings on the judgment day?

God is not an arsonist. He is not malicious! He is not a vengeful destroyer. I don't believe in God of hell fire!

By Dr Michael Okezie. (Laila's blog). 

Normally I'd immediately disregard articles like this but not this time. Not this time, because this isn't the first time in hearing someone express these sentiments in the last few days. Also, two months back my free thinker friend said to me that he believes in God but he doesn't believe in hell fire, and said some things along the line of this post, among other things which were beginning to make me confused, more rational actually than the content of the article above (and you know those are the dangerous ones, the ones that make you start to ask questions...) So it seems this opinion is more popular that I'd orginally thought. 

What say you?


  1. I know a lot of people that think like the poster,I always avoid articles like this thou,anything that makes me question my faith I dnt need
    Where's Sasha bone,Memphis,Maybel n Eesah biko

  2. I believe their is hell but not sure about fire burning somewhere,where sinners would be thrown into....nuff said.

  3. God is the lion and the lamb. One and the same. Remember Noah and the flood. It happened as a result of the wickedness of men. How can we read of child molestation, rape, murder and think the people who commit such crimes will be found in heaven without asking God for forgiveness and turning a new leaf?

  4. Revelations 20:11-15, Revelations 21:8

    These people who chose what parts of the bible to believe and the part not to believe and try to force their myopic thoughts on others are the ones that annoy me the most. The same bible that says our God is love, and merciful is the same bible that says "God is a consuming fire, ..." Deuteronomy 4:24, 9:3, and Hebrews 12:29. We sometimes like to forget that sins have consequences and its reward is death (Romans 6:23) just because God is very merciful.

    God is very big, simple and yet complex. Its an exercise in academic masturbation to think you can know all of him. This Dr. has chosen to only see God as a merciful, loving and caring God all of which he is but he shouldn't ignore the fact that hell also exists and although it contradicts his loving and merciful opinion of God, it doesn't make what the bible states any less real or true.

  5. Very funny article. Obviously the writer is an unbeliever or really isn’t conversant with his Holy Books.
    To clear the air (for those who would be quick to shout “hear hear” on this) I’ll Post an epistle.

    “…If you can punish your beloved child by making him sit on a hot burning stove…” Now this tunnel of thought is misplaced. Parents punish their children to correct and shape their ways, just as GOD does:
    Prov 3:11-12: “My son, do not despise the LORD's discipline and do not resent HIS rebuke, because the LORD disciplines those HE loves, as a father the son he delights in.”
    Job 5:17-18: "Blessed is the man whom GOD corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the ALMIGHTY. For HE wounds, but HE also binds up; HE injures, but HIS Hands also heal."
    This is based on the knowledge that every…I mean EVERY sin will…scratch that… MUST be accounted for, either through the sinner’s suffering through God’s Judgment or paid in full by the sanctifying Grace of The HOLY SPIRIT (in this case the sinner is free from karma).
    Num 32:23: "Be sure your sin will find you out."
    Gal 6:7: “Don't delude yourself into thinking GOD can be cheated. Where a man sows, there he reaps.”
    So if your sins aren’t paid for on earth, what happens when you die? Maybe he thinks Sanctifying Grace will exist after that…

    Correcting someone is also based on the ignorance of that person. The way you’ll punish a 5 year old for breaking a mug (if at all a parent would punish such a child) will be entirely different from the way a 15 year old is punished. Adam in all his wisdom was severely punished for his disobedience. He was cast out of his magnificent abode, but he was spared of damnation. Compare that to Lucifer in all his wisdom and splendor, enjoying the beauty and magnificence of Heaven, the bright and morning star, the prince of all the Angels…infact, the fairest of them all. JESUS said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven”.

    “…I don't believe God is cruel or can his good heart conceive such evil or such unimaginable villainy, let alone arranging such a penalty for his children…” GOD is slow to anger doesn’t mean HE doesn’t get angry. In HIS anger HIS Judgment is really scary because HIS Judgment is PERFECT. Mankind perished by flood, Sodom was destroyed by fire and sulphur, Ananias and Sapphira tasted what it meant to insult The SANCTIFIER, the Egyptians endured all manner of hideous plagues for refusing to set Israel free. You still think GOD cannot react angrily to evil? Then go back to 30 AD and ask the business men in the Temple of Jerusalem to show you the lash-marks on their skin inflicted by THE ONE during the Passover week. GOD Judges swiftly those that tamper with Sacredness. It’s like exposing HIS nakedness and laughing and making jest of HIM, and you expect HIM to take it likely? Hian! I no de house o…

    Hell is real, and it’s occupied by satan and those who allow themselves to be bred by him. It’s up to the believers to believe or dispute, but dispute at your own risk. The knowledge of hell isn’t meant to scare people as GOD intends us to serve HIM in Love instead of in Fear. We’re afterall created in HIS Image, abi? So why should you allow the fear of Hell make you dispute its existence?

  6. I am a freethinker.
    I am a Spiritual person not Religious.
    And I have thought through so many things

    I think in line with the poster's thought process. Just like Jehovah Witnesses, God's love for us is beyond hellfire.

    But I get confused with John 3:16, is it that we will perish if we choose to not believe in him when all signs(personal not hearsay 'miraculous' events) around us gives us glaring clues?

    Or not believing in him, especially without being told about him, will still make us perish? I.e. pleading ignorance or the right environment to know if he truly exists.

    I suppose the 'everlasting life' isn't on this present earth. And the "perishing" probably isn't on this present earth too.

    For controversial purpose, ON RECORD a muslim isn't a true Muslim without believing in Jesus Christ. So they would have everlasting life too eventhough there is a Mohammed (?)

    See how confusing it can be reading the bible...? Personally, It just takes the Spiritual truth guiding us as humans, whether Muslim, Christian, Buddhist etc. After all, God created us in his "own image and likeness" so his truth is our truth. And our truth(God's truth) is right deep down in us, we just gotta search for it. Its always Right no matter what.

  7. Why do we pray for the souls of the departed to rest in peace? Hell may not be a fiery burning flame as described but when someone dies and his soul does not find peace, what does it then find? What becomes of a soul that does not find peace? Or are all souls going to find peace/rest?


  8. We cant take one part of the Bible which says that 'we are blessed' or 'greater is he that is in me' and not take the part that says that all those who reject Christ shall go to hell! Its scary but its the eternal truth...... living in denial of it does not change the fact that its the truth. If we as Children of God can believe that a virgin gave Birth to God in human form and we rejoice in what He bought for us with his blood then lets not decieve ourselves that Hell fire does not does but our joy is that we can avert such judgemnt by asking for grace daily to please Him...not by power nor might nor doing good things but by the Spirit of God. looking unto Jesus....daz all..may God help us all......#JoyDaNuGirl

  9. And u wander why I'm an Atheist. Religion isn't just it. Confusion everywhere.

  10. Sunshine and Memphis... oya come and take ur kiss one by one... mwaah! mwaah!

  11. guys, the dude is saying he disagrees with CRISTIAN teachings yet y'all still quoting from that same CHRISTIAN bible as a counter argument. I'm a christian but thats not an effective argument. Cos thats like terrorists or jihadists quoting from the Quran when they're tryna justify their beliefs. Y'all kinda boosting the guy's ''Brainwash'' theory


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