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On The Couch.

It almost seems like everytime I put up a post these days I'm apologizing for something. 

Yesterday I was a guest on DSTV's Spice TV's talkshow On The Couch (hosted by Ariyike Akinbobola). 

Have you heard of Ariyike's The Cost of Ours Lives? Guys this book is simply amazing and completely hilarious, look for it on or I started it yesterday and they had to tear it away from me.

It was a very very frenzied day. I never knew that production was this demanding, but also extremely exciting. Like, I never knew that about four or five episodes are shot in one day, I doff my cap to the people in that industry. You can imagine shooting several episodes in a day, after each one, you change clothes, change accessories, change makeup and hairstyles. There's also the need to clean up and reorganize the set for the next episode. And oh, the diary sessions! The AC has to be turned off because the sound my interfere and then with all those lights in your face, the heat! Yet, when there's as much as a drop of sweat on your face you have to cut, dab, reapply makeup and shoot the scene again. Oh boy!!! 

The suit was swarming with very popular faces. Yesterday socialite and blogger; Olori Super Girl was around, popular Lagos DJ; DJ Big N was on set as well, the cute Sound City VJ Adams Ibrahim was present as well as fellow VJ; Pearl Cady. Popular Blogger Kemi Filani ( was also on set and in my episode, and a host of other people. 

It was super exciting and a totally new experience. I got to meet some serious characters. Speaking of characters, Ariyike Akinbobola is an absolute character! The sexy mama of 2, is fun, feisty, witty and sharp, but most especially fun! I found myself laughing at almost everything she did or said and she reminded me of my childhood friend Jolade whom I used to envy for being so witty and funny.

One of the guys in my episode, a young budding politician (who came with his own image consultant to guide him through his scenes and speeches, and got me worried that I just came with my handbag and my thoughts...) turned out to be a very good conversationalist whom I spent a great deal of time chatting with. We both turn 30 next week, he just got married last month, after dating his wife for 10 years. LOL. I loved hearing him talk about his wife. 

Another person that talked with so much fondness and affection about his wife was a fellow guest, comedian; MCiRock. He's a Yoruba boy married to an Akwa Ibom gal. He just confirmed that thing which we're all told about the women from that part of the country. He praised her hospitality, domestic and cooking skills. He said he's still shocked when he gets home every night and the babe has a plate of something very exciting waiting on the dining table. He said that since they got together he has not been able to eat outside because wifey's food is better than what any restaurant serves. He also admitted that having become accustomed to those rich Efik meals, his palate is more superior and now it's extremely difficult to swallow the comparatively bland ewedu, efo-riro and co.

Oh, Kemi Filani!!! You never know what to expect until you meet some people. Her blog is primarily a gossip blog and I've heard it said a number of times that a lot of the biggest gossip bloggers thief their gist from hers. She was so unassuming, very quiet and confessed to be very shy. I liked her instantly. I could tell that beneath the gentle smile and the soft eyes are lots and lots of observations and stories. (We quiet ones see the most). 

Olori Super Girl as well has a great personality and I'm not surprised that she's at so many events. And Adams Ibrahim, the cutey with the two-toned beard, he is also a sweetheart. When he saw me he respectfully said "Good afternoon ma'am". It took a lot for me not to giggle but that politeness and warmth, even in the face of fame and popularity, really won my heart. 

Yet, it wasn't all flowers and butterflies. One of the faces I'd seen on TV belonging to someone I always liked, someone I always imagined would be very real, down to earth and nice, turned out not to be all of those things. I remember looking at her and thinking you just lost a fan

I was there at noon and I got home at almost midnight. I was frightened because of the robbery yesterday. Now, speaking of the robbery, our suit faces the waterside, just by where Dangote and Otedola pack their yatchs. You wouldn't believe that we saw the robbers escape on their speed boat but not knowing what happened, we wondered why two boats were running with such speed on a Thursday afternoon and then we thought they might be shooting a movie. It was only about an hour later when Linda Ikeji posted the news that we realized that those were the robbers. 
     Yesterday must have been a very sad day for many. My heart goes out to the families of the deceased. 
     Just two nights ago as I went home with one of our clients at work, she told me how when she goes to work on the mainland her doors are always well shut and carefully pinned down but on the island she doesn't bother at all because we all know how safe Lekki is. Then less than 24 hours later that terrible robbery happened and we now realize that Lekki isn't so safe after all. 

Fridays are usually my off days but having taken yesterday off to go on set, I have to work today *sobs*. 

There's so much that happened yesterday but if I try to fit it all in I wouldn't finish this post. I loved meeting the makeup artist, Joy, Toba (an extremely fun personality), Odeyin, Dorcas, Bisola and Ramat (who's a bundle of energy). I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

TTB readers, how's it been? Please bear with me, when I vacate Lagos on or after Monday I will return my full attention to Thelma Thinks. 

And I cannot thank some of you enough! Those who actually called to say "I heard of the Lekki robbery, I hope you're fine?". Wow, you're too kind. I was and am fine, I wasn't in Lekki at the time. Thank you so very much. 


  1. Great you had a wonderful time. Didn't know about the robbery till now. Thank God you're safe. RIP to those who died and I pray comfort into the lives of their families. Hmmmm...

  2. Thank God you are safe,forgive us that didn't call,I will check spice TV later incase the episode you are in airs I can famz

  3. That robbery was super sad. I followed Live feeds on twitter. My country needs help!

    Good to know U are having fun Thelma. U 4 give us the name of that celeb wey turn out anyhow na. Let's all co-hate her/him ni...
    What U said about Adams is too true! I no like yellow boiz but I like am. LOL.

    This heat na mini-hell. I don baff 4 times & it's not even 2pm.

    1. Lol@ mini hell,u ehhh,u have a way of giving different names to different situation.

  4. Thelma, on Wednesday night, I was walking to tantalizers on admilralty way thinking to myself, Lekki is so safe... no wahala... i didn't go to work on Thursday only for me to read on linda ikeji that a bank was robbed and 6 people died.
    A friend of mine was in an official car when it happened. like it was just in front of them, luckily the driver found a way to maneuver into the inner streets... staff bus leaves at 5:05... they(people in the staff bus) saw them leave on the boat. i was like the heck?!!!!! i was sooo shocked. i just thank God i didn't see the bodies et al! i probably wouldn't have been able to sleep. Thank God you're okay. and you even had fun.

    i was going to call you to ask you is it now every two days you'll be posting somfn. okay o! oya do fast and come back fully. this one youre still planning to travel on monday... no more date with the girls(and/or guys) lool.

  5. Thelma followed me back on IG sha..I didn't hexperrit. Good to know you had fun on set and met wonderful people and the other person you talked about .
    Good afternoon ma'am in Adams voice

  6. Hmmmm..sad much bout the robbery...afi bi action film...Thelma nice u had fun....Maybel ntorr for u...I spoke to Momoh...and he is such a baby....lolz...Momoh, hope u ain't reading this.... TNHW

    1. TaliKhi darling, I smell the same thing u smell ohh. Lol.

    2. Aaaaha,thank God am not alone

    3. Hmmmm...girls don't get it twisted happily married and knowing Momoh was just on a friendship level oh...

    4. Hian! Baby kwa? Ngbo Momoh, dey say you are baby *in Obasanjo's voice*

    5. wonder you said he's a baby...friendship is allowed..Lol

    6. We are not getting it twisted ohhh NNE. Kisses n hugs.

    7. Rolling eyes...and u people wanted to put Igbo in my pocket before.... Maybel,me see kiss u back...*no homo* Sunshine u abi?I wee spank u oh...Leave my Momoh oh...

    8. Geeeeeeeez u haf finished me already.... No more reps

  7. Good to know u re having fun T dear and always squeezing out a lil time to check up on us...
    Heard the robbery was no moi moi business! Its well with us.

  8. What tha heck is "suit", did you mean to say "suite"????

  9. Hugs, hugs, hugs Thelma!!!!!!!

  10. I read about the robbery on my way home yesterday, it was so sad. That fish seller that died.. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. Thank you you are safe Tee.
    The audacity of the robbers tho.. unbelievable! And mumu Fashola came out to blame the robbery on the presidency! Like seriously?! If you can't take responsibility, apologise/sympathise with the family of the diseased and on! Which one is "all the police men were deployed to protect the president"? What kind of mumu talk is that. I was so pissed when read that statement on LIB

    1. Please pardon my gbagauns... i was just so miffed! *covers face*

  11. Television, they are like that. I remember when the famous female dancer started her own show abt pregnancy(when she was pregnant for her 1st baby i think) and I was part of it. 8hrs passed and it felt like minutes. Lol. I ran away oh!

    Im very sure of the fun part... Meeting new peeps(celebrities).

    So this was THE REASON and you didnt think i should know, ehn madam Oando. Dia ris God.

    As for the robbery, i was trying to find an explanation as to how only 3 security operatives were present as at that time in the entire lekki axis. The only plausible reason was given by gov. Fashola and Sunshine here is pissed at the truth why it happened? The state government is not in control of the NPF. TAKE NOTE.
    And believe it or not dear, that's the Harsh Truth he spoke.

    May the lost souls rest in peace, amen.

  12. Please I pass there everyday to and fro work,only those police men are stationed around that area. Me and you know that jonathan or no jonathan police does not arrive till after robbery. The campaign turned Fashola into a market woman. My respect has gone from 8 to 2. This 6 weeks has shown the true color of some politician.J

    1. Thank you jare J. I like fashola but that was a big low meh. I was about to reply Uyi then I read ur comment.

      Uyi, it would have still been a blood bath if the normal number of policemen to be stationed there were there. those guys were well prepared. And everyone, including(most especially) the policemen would have taken cover. They would not have stood a chance against those guys. Fashola should have just gone on with his speech... done the 1min silence and then moved on to better things. that was just petty.
      Later we would accuse GEJ of always blaming the opposition for everything that goes wrong.

      They are kuku the same anyway... *chews fried yam and suya pepper"

    2. ahn ahn! baby mi,fried yam and suya @8:37pm?

      Your biggie belle is still carrying weight. kontinu

    3. Kabouyyyyyyyyyyy,hmmmmmm@hmmmmmm@ freid yam.n suya@Uyi smh for u.

    4. Lmaooooooo!!!! Hypothetically ni!!!! Seriously ooo! Loool. Na one dry orange I don dey battle with since. Lool. I have a headache sef so I no fit chew any yam or meat.

      But really tho... fried yam and suya pepper is on point o. not suya o. Instead of the usual fried stew.. just sprinkle that suya pepper on top. And don't let the yam be too dry. Omoh!!!! *licks lips*

      But tonight.. errr... is me and my dry orange! *and the woman told me her oranges are perfect* smh!

  13. Wait, there was a robbery? Hian!? Where do I even live sef? Smh4m. I hope you all and your loved ones are fine? Hope no one you know got hurt too.
    Thelma, with this little foray into media, i'll like to know what you think about it. I'll resurrect this convo at a later date


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