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Roller Coaster Rides and Let's Talk About You Do.


Hey guys, this weekend has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. I've been up, I've been down, I've been left and right. I've been ecstatic, I've been sad, I've been happy, I've been moody, I've squealed in laughter, I've broken down in tears, I've screamed in orgasmic delight and I've sulked in discontent. It's been all sorts, but what's important is that right now, I'm good. The roller coaster isn't over yet but I think I'm approaching a stable pace and normality would soon be restored. 

Yesterday while on the part of the roller coaster that had me in tears my phone rang, it was an international call and the code had me thinking it was my elder brother so I immediately answered the phone. The minute I heard a lady's voice I was torn between hanging up and speaking. Then she called me Thelma and I knew it was someone from the blog and that minute I wished I hadn't taken the call. You see, the water works were on and I didn't know how to turn them off. The blog reader, who was a first time caller was momentarily confused. I could imagine her thinking ok, maybe calling wasn't such a good idea after all. Then she asked "Thelma are you ok?" And there was so much concern and kindness in her voice and you know how it is when you're crying and someone starts to "pity" you, you only cry more. LOL. Oh my! I felt so many ways but embarrassed was the greatest of all, worse yet was that I couldn't say any words, anytime I tried to speak more tears would come and eventually I was able to mutter a few almost incomprehensible words, telling her I'd call back.

Dearest K you sound like such a kind person and I'm so sorry about all of that. I was sooooooooo embarassed!

So, about the roller coaster, some day it would be a part of my memoir, for now it's still too fresh and things are still too raw. But I am so lucky to have a strong support system and the ability to heal fast. As Johnie Walker says; Keep Walking

And that's about that. 

Some days ago I asked a blog reader how he had been and he replied my mail saying things were good and his side hustle as a home tutor is going well. For some reason I was fascinated. It's like, when you meet someone one of the first questions you ask is "what do you do?". 

I'm curious to know what my readers do. I know someone heads the legal department in a multinational, another heads Human Resources in her company, Uyi is in the movie business... Ok. I know what some of us do but I'm curious about everyone else. Guys what do you do? 
If you're a student what's your course of study and what level are you in now?
Post-graduate; how's study going? 
Graduate; what line of work are you in? How are things looking for your career? 
Self-employed; What business do you do? Do you offer any services? Yes? Then why don't you tell us about it and maybe even advertise your business.
Unemployed; what are you doing to stay busy and keep yourself occupied, and make some bucks?
Stay at home mum?

You guys know practically everything about me, I think I deserve to know what you do, don't you? 

Thank you!

Ps; if I haven't replied to your mail it's because I've been inundated with stuff. I'm very sorry and will attend to them soon. 


  1. I'm a filmmaker a talent manager.
    Hmmmm... I miss the blog. I've been shattered so much happened to me in one night! I just can't keep it in again, I just want to let it out and have people know it happened. Prosecution is out of the question. No one will believe me because he has always been that matured friend who is twice my age and looks out for me. Infact we had just concluded a business partnership plan that will sky rocket my career!
    I trusted him and he abused me in the most mean way possible. My body hurts and I have a bruise on my forehead that I have to explain.
    Hmmmm... Do I tell bae? Naaa... I don't want pity from him but I just don't like keeping things from him. My eyes hurt already, no more tears to, he thinks he has just tamed me. Oh my I never knew he was in this 50 shades thing. I didn't mind me crying and begging, Infact it awakened the beast in him. And then he locked me up and seized my clothes till morning.
    I still can't believe it happened to me, and from HIM! even my friends wld think I'm hallucinating shd I tell them. He even wanted to used the teaser gun on me after the handcuffs.

    1. Sorry dear, are you sure there's no one you can call? Or go to the hospital and get a rape kit. Don't think no one will believe you, there are many organisations that help women who have been violated. If you let him get away with this crime, its only a matter of time before he finds another victim.

      At least go and see a doctor and get yourself checked out. Pele. It is well with you.

    2. Thanks Sunshine, reporting him is the last thing I want to do really, because currently, there's a popular rape case going on, where the lady has been mocked and abused by society because, the rapist is respected celebrity. In this case that was their first time meeting. The victim has currently withdrawn the case due to that but the state is still prosecuting him. So you see, I'm afraid of this, my career, my family, my relationship.
      And yes I've been to the hospital, thanks again.

    3. So sorry dear BB.
      Even if u want to keep everything to urself, Don't forget this: to heal faster, U need GOD. Keep calling on him, ALL will be well hon.

    4. Take it easy babe, so sorry, I know that even if the arms of the law cannot get him, there is something else waiting for him ahead that he can definitely not escape from, the evil of the wicked would always come upon their heads!
      BB,about telling your friends, I'm not so sure about that.. I think the best would be to seek proper help with some of this organizations who are in tune with issues like this.

      There is a blog visitor who has commented below, Rhapsody, says she deals with issues like this, maybe we could start from there.

    5. Thank you Ruthy and Nana Ama. I feel a lot better

    6. Hugs to you, BB. It will be well. He will surely be punished. God is not asleep.

    7. I'm soo sorry about what happened bb... you'll be fine... don't hold it against yourself or dwell on what ifs and had I's... he is the monster and the bad one... you'll be fine hun. it is well with you. Pele *tight hug*

    8. so sorry hun! just take it easy! it does get better!wish i could talk to u and make u feel better...if u want to report him, id be glad to help..*hugs*
      well, im currently doing my national service in ghana and bored as hell!! my boss can be an ass sometimes but well, its all good..also, im still trying to figure out which direction to take my life after national service *long sigh*

    9. I'm soo sorry about what happened bb... you'll be fine... don't hold it against yourself or dwell on what ifs and had I's... he is the monster and the bad one... you'll be fine hun. it is well with you. Pele *tight hug*

    10. Hi BB, I am so sorry about your ordeal. Pls open this site, it should be helpful for you, it's more like a rape centre in Lagos, they can counsel u and offer useful advice. All is well dear.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hello thelmz,I am a postgraduate student, studying comparative religions in University of Ilorin. Studies are going well, thanks..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thelma, whatever it is shall pass. I say that with full confidence.

    as for me, i am an underemployed Applied Mathematician who moonlights as a housewife 50% of the time and a general business consultant the other 40%. And 10% of the time i am working towards my goal of opening a school.

    1. Miss Pynk is the school in Nigeria? Biko employ me as Head of Everything plus Home Econs/Food&Nut Teacher!!!

      But u go pay me well oh!!! LOL

  5. Blessings...
    hmmmmm, roller-coaster, sounds like life.
    I am an administrator for a women's organization for women fleeing violence, domestic abuse, human trafficking, sexual violence/sexual assault, elder abuse,

    1. BB pls seek help from Rhapsody
      I feel like going naked at 12 midnight on your behalf ...lord

  6. I recently finished from Unilorin, studied finance. Waiting for NYSC which isnt till November.
    Currently working at my Brother's company, we are into supply of IT products

  7. Currently serving my father's land...can't wait for it to be over thou

  8. Hey tee it was really nice talking with you today and please don't feel embarrassed cos we all have our moments and I know this too shall pass.

    Well I am currently in my 3rd year studying aircraft maintenance engineering and I also tutor English language as my side hustle.


  9. So many Ilorin students and alums here.. yay!

    I'm a banker, I work in the e-business department. I'm also writing ACCA. I started last year, I failed one paper and was discouraged, didnt write again last year. I've registered for the next diet tho, hope to pass this one so I can get my groove back.

    Sorry about your roller coaster Tee. Hope things are better now?

  10. Bia, where are Uyi, Memphis and Ifunanya Ekene?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. am a corper serving in plateau,wud be thru in july.thelma ow u doin,hope all is well

  14. Finished my first degree last year, currently on a second one now doing my graduate entry medicine.

    Thelma this too shall pass!

  15. Well, Graduate of Biochemistry from Uniport. Awaiting NYSC in September!!! *Tufiakwa lazy ass HOD*

    Job hunting but attending a catering school to increase my CV value, skills & wife material!!
    So many birds with one stone!

    Oh, T nwanyioma, U know U'll be Great sha... #Hugs

  16. Graduate from IMSU,doing a second degree abroad. It ain't easy.
    T,o ga adimma

  17. Thelma, I hope you're better now. Ndo, dearie.

    I'm into hair pieces, fascinators and hatinators right now. Trying to see if I can learn fashion designing soon.

  18. It will get better @ T.

    Am a graduate of accounting,unemployed but currently bake cakes for sale(still learning though) and also involved in INEC adhoc staff training.....dazall lol

  19. Currently rounding up a post-graduate degree in International Relations and Security as well as working on a proposal for a doctoral grant application. Have a degree in law and was called to the Nigerian bar in my past life. Lol. Ndoo nne, biko be ok o. Sending you big hugs n kisses inugo. xoxo

  20. I'm an Executive Assistant in a financial services company. Presently looking for new opportunity.

  21. I know that feeling T,it shall pass soonest, just keep holding on to God & talk to people about what's on ur mind & keep the right company of friends. It does really help.
    Am a senior sales Officer(24/7 customer care rep) at a big manufacturing company.side hustle, selling ladies wears.
    BB sorry about the ordeal but please let him face the wrath of his actions, & u need to talk about it to feel better too.Its well with u, Amen

  22. Am an accountant currently finishing up my ICAN program and working in a property development firm, still finding my foot career wise, hoping to move into investment banking, a big thank you to the beautiful Sunshine who delivered my shoes under the rain on Saturday and Kabuoy with her sweet voice, you guys rock!!! Hope you're good now Thelma. Have a great week guys

  23. Graduate of psychology from unilag awaiting nysc.
    Currently doing Nothing *sad*

  24. Am a banker,working in the e-businesss dept of the bank. Masters holder...hoping to go for my Phd soon.

  25. I am an Architect and i also run an online multi-brand fashionline,pls follow and encourage a sista,i go by the name @preppyculturee on IG.
    Ur shy IG friend,wumi


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