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Who Are You Voting For Tomorrow?

Good morning people (to those in the same time zone with me). 

Over the past few months we've talked about this but the hour draws near and I must ask again. The Presidential elections holding tomorrow March 28th may be the most hotly contested election in the history of Nigeria. Over the years one has been able to predict a likely outcome of the elections, but this year 2015, it's a whole other ball game entirely. 

So come tomorrow March 28th, where will you press ya thumb, under APC (GMB) or under PDP ( GEJ) ?

And I'm curious to know, has your choice candidate changed between when the elections were originally meant to hold, (14th February) and now? If yes, please can you tell us why. 

Lastly, do you think you can predict who will win this Presidential election? Who do you think is going to govern this great nation for the next four years?

Let's talk.

*is it just me or have you also had uninterrupted electricity for the last 72 hours?*

Steffi Laba said: As one of the corpers conducting the election in Plateau where I'm serving, pls im gonna need ur prayers for safety and protection. 

Darling our prayers are with you. Be alert and stay safe, avoid getting into arguments with anyone. You'll be fine Hun. 


  1. My electricity has been interrupted greatly o,lool, after all my merry go round I still didn't get my pvc, so am not voting, I think Jonathan will win, even though I honestly don't understand why, it seems the odds are in his favor, lets see though.

  2. I watched all the campaign messages. To be honest,what GEJ has done outweighed his lapses and it's on record that even Dele Momodu admits that he worked but more cld be done.
    No country can be transformed under 4yrs with the mess it inherited and all the paperwork and bureaucracy xterised in a democracy. Light improved and tariffs slashed,Agric improved,Train restored,local manufacture of cars,BH reduced,Youwin programs,Polio reduced,Almajiri skls,Nollywood fund boost,etc. If GEJ wins or loses,History wld be kind to him and his administration...

    1. which light improved?????!!! what is my business with nollywood? I cant even start this. my prayer is that Jonathan gets the hell out of aso rock come may 29. and all those unaccounted for monies be returned and those that misappropriated funds be put behind bars. and the monies recovered be put to good use. A better and saner Nigeria I pray. the 'e go better' song has played on for too long. we need it to be better like now!!!!!!

      unfortunately.. my pvc is somewhere in kwara state. loool. so i'm not voting tomorrow.

    2. You will cry on Monday, as GEJ remains the president till 2019!!!!

    3. Lool! Only me will cry okwaya? Kontinu. Vote in GEJ again. Am I the only nigerian? Don't you have children or family members or friends that are nigerians? Loool. You wie sooon know who will cry. Loool! smh at "you wie cry"

  3. For once somebody is honest about GEJ. He wasn't perfect but the man worked. The only issue is that he wasn't blowing his trumpets and making all his achievements headlines in the news, because he thought he was just doing his job so all the noise wasn't necessary. I don't understand how an intelligent adult can vote for Buhari in 2015.

    1. Well said anonymous, Nigerian just like noise, GEJ might not be the best. But he was certainly selfless and for that, he has my VOTE

  4. I predict a win for GEJ, he will govern till 2019 and Buhari will go into oblivion.

  5. 6 weeks of political gimmicks. I only wish we had a candidate like Prof. Sonaiya in a mega Party. Nonetheless, I can't sell my conscience/vote to a clueless government that has governed with impunity and the desperation to rule, making us lose countless lives and plunging us into the worst economic crises in our history. Sai Buhari.

    BTW Thelma, you people should continue stealing our electricity allocation, e nugo?

    1. Some Nigerians are acting like babies crying and den mum put a lil sweet multivite in their mouth for a while just to stop crying.

      Probably dats not the best analogy but this 6weeks has been a desperate attempt by the present government to sabotage the election process.

      That said, isn't it surprising that what he couldn't do in 5years he was able to do in 6weeks? And we want to close our eyes to the hardship of 5yeara just cos of 6weeks? Has our gullibility gotten to extent? Wow!!!

      Lets prove to these politicians that truly the power to vote the right government is in our hands. Corruption (or 'stealing') will not go until we act RIGHT.




    2. My point exactly Uyi. Why vote for a man who watched BH slaughter thousands of people, (women and children especially)and watched many more displaced from their homes and separated from their families for 5 good years and did absolutely nothing about it and 6weeks to the elections miraculously started "winning the war against Boko Haram".?
      He is evil, he is callous, he is wicked! See how many lives he wasted just for propaganda.

      When Babangida said any insurgency that lasts more than 24hrs has the backing of the government, he wasn't lying. This Jonathan must go, he has done enough.

      In fact, he lost my vote the day I read about the mismanagement of our foreign reserves. His government is irresponsible and reckless!

  6. Kowa party even thou its a minority party
    I can't deal with this Apc/Pdp thingy
    Whoever wins I just want the north to be peaceful

  7. Anonymous Rider!10:51 am, March 27, 2015

    Pastor Kayode Jacobs, MP3 Party, Eko E maa yo, Oluwatikayode
    Peace Sign.

    On a serious note, everyone please stay safe throughout. God Bless Nigeria!

    1. lmaooooo! anonymous rider! pls nah! superstory.... now this?! looool!

    2. Anonymous Rider!12:07 pm, March 27, 2015

      Kabuoy abeg you see that poster? The man has bad friends.

    3. LOL!!!!! That man's eyes sef!

    4. Lmaoooo... I saw one o after muson center... under that bridge that links to the road that leads to bonny camp(i no know road... lol)

      Na where I first see the poster.. I was like this must be a big joke! Lmao. Na d only place where I see him poster be that sef. And his eyes ehn! + the suit abi coat?! Loool. Smh. Orisirisi...

  8. Light hasn't improved oh, even if for election sake they should try give us. As for me I'm voting GMB

  9. We are all part of the media that makes it seem like it is just two parties contesting this election. We were the ones that made PDP and APC mega parties by talking about them. We can also make other parties MEGA eg. KOWA.

    Ruby Diamond.

    1. *singing* too late too late too late too late tooooo late tooooooo late *whistling*


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