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Your Thoughts On This Exam Paper For Nursery Toddlers In Private School.

Hey people! I hope we're all doing well. What do you think about these questions sent to Linda Ikeji by a concerned mother? I know we have a lot of parents here and I would really like to hear what you think about this. See her mail below;

"Dear Linda, I am a worried parent. I wish to have the attached doc published on your blog for the public to see and for parents to be informed of what schools of this generation have become ( n.b their school fees run up to 200k per term). I think the questions are totally inappropriate and out of place for Nusery. The have replaced the learning of alphabets and numbers as well as the basic colouring of fancy objects for ambiguous questions for a Nusery toddler."

Parenting is something I'm very concerned and passionate about. Also being second-mummy (as I'm called by them) to two amazing little boys, whose responsibility it is, among other things, is to help with home work and other study assignments... Some times my older nephew in primary 2 brings home homework that I cannot comprehend (and I'm not daft. LOL). In cases like these I take pictures of the questions or equations and send to my elder brother (the family genius) via bbm and he answers, with the 'working' and all, so that I can explain it to my nephew. 

Their education these days is a lot more advanced than ours was and I think that's a good thing. Yet, these questions for children in nursery school have got me feeling undecided. What do you think; are nursery kiddies better off learning numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes or would more advanced work be to their benefit?

Ps; TTB readers, one of us sent me an email and this is part of it; "My bag got snatched from me that night after we spoke, both my phones, my school fees receipts, money and a lot of other valuables were in that bag. So, right now i'm virtually absent until I get a new phone-God knows when."

She's one of us but she didn't ask me to do this so I don't want to mention her name. But when we spoke that night I remember saying to her that it was late at night and it was really quiet around her, and I asked her how safe it was to be out that late and talking on the phone. 

I really want to help her out with this (she's still a student), so I thought to ask you guys; anyone want to help out with a phone and/or some cash? She's based in PH and is the first blog reader I met through the blog, and the ONLY reason I'm posting this is because I've met her, we talk occasionally and I know for certain that she was robbed (so please don't mail me and tell me a sob story and expect me to post it, because I won't.)

If you want to help this blog reader out please mail me. Thank you. 


  1. The school wants parents to think that they're getting value for tuition. In actual fact, it shows the administrator or whoever set those question, isn't trained in child education. Should a four year old write an exam or his assessment should be based on his interaction with others? Setting up a school is a business venture. They're out for a profit. A lot of Nigerian parents fall for high tuition=good school scam. While we're on this subject, can other parents talk about primary schools? I'm school hunting. It has to be located between VGC and Lekki1. The school should have a playground, robust curriculum, trained teachers and fair tuition. Can we talk about your experiences?


  2. Nigerians have completely ignored the learn through play approach for children. Its very sad. We place so much emphasis on cramming useless information that we forget the true purpose of learning is to understand and expand the mind. Very few children actually understand which results in adults who can only follow basic instructions. Ever why you go to the bank and when the problem isnt what they taught in the training it takes hours to resolve it?

    Its stuff like this that get me annoyed and more determined to engage the education sector like a mad bull. Our education system is not globally competitive in the least. The average American 3 to 4 year old is learning through play by putting together puzzles, in Nigeria we are asking what a mouse is. No matter how brilliant Nigerians may think they are, how many inventions do we have to our names? Compare that to the Americans who get the Chinese to build their inventions?

    Even the spelling error in the homework For the independence question is glaring "match" instead of March? A Nursery one pupil should be learning numbers and alphabets, 3 to 4 letter words etc.

    Sorry i am angry.

  3. I did not even bother to continue reading after I saw the independence question. I mean seriously they expect a nursery one student to answer that.

    I help my neighbour's kids to do their homework and sometimes the questions they are given leave me wondering if their teachers were high on something while giving them those questions.

    What happened to poems,rhymes,shapes,colouring and two letter words. Etc. Like I always say those teachers need to have their heads checked. Something is definitely not right.

  4. I did not even bother to continue reading after I saw the independence question. I mean seriously they expect a nursery one student to answer that.

    I help my neighbour's kids to do their homework and sometimes the questions they are given leave me wondering if their teachers were high on something while giving them those questions.

    What happened to poems,rhymes,shapes,colouring and two letter words. Etc. Like I always say those teachers need to have their heads checked. Something is definitely not right.

  5. My son is in Nursery two and I don't think he can answer these questions. Kilode? Yesterday, he started his exams and when I got home I asked how it went. He answered, ' Fine, I coloured my egg and basket'. I knew he had Numeracy and Phonics on his timetable but he only remembered the fun part of all the activities he was involved in.

    Nursery is not that complicated as the questions above. Even some adults don't know the answers to some of them.

    Thank you again for the anniversary wishes and prayers. I couldn't respond to all as I've got my hands very busy this week. God bless you all tremendously.


  6. I surely do not believe the questions are appropriate for a Nursery 1 student. I reckon it is the handwork of overzealous teachers + untrained school administrators that do not have a good grasp of what education for a child should entail. I'd expound on this later.

    Little wonder why the average product of the Nigerian educational system is sound in the theory of any concept but performs well below par in the practicals. This exam is an apt reflection of the average academic environment in Nigeria - seemingly tough and difficult questions for the exams with no substance or learning for the learner.

    It is noteworthy to mention that at this stage of a child, basic communication and stirring up the mind of the child are two foremost considerations. This is chiefly achieved through letters, alphabets, drawings, colourings, kiddie's games, outdoor and indoor plays, puzzles, learning of sounds and rhymes etc.

    The curricula of most educational systems in the world are defined and rigid while the knowledge needed to tackle the world's problem is complex, varying and germane to this discussion, nebulous. It'd be totally out of place to start stifling the creativity and learning process of these youngsters by feeding and examining them on irrelevant and unusable 'garbage'.

  7. Most nursery school teachers have not been trained on ECCD(Early Child Care Development)
    Mama 'D is part of an ngo that trains (govt.) teachers on early child care. They partnered with UNICEF last 2 years and they did a survey on ECCD in 5 states in Nigeria. the results were appalling. very poor. those doing it right are very very very few. In Nigeria, if your child can't write at age 2 or 3, some would say you're a bad parent or the child is dull. which is not right cuz thats the age they should scribble, play games, sing rhymes et al.
    I served in a private nursery and primary school and I was opportuned to go round all the classes. The KG class age 1 - 2, were being taught to write and i was like this is wrong. most of the time we had to hold their hand to write, and its wrong. at that age they should be scribbling, dancing and singing, learning rhymes cuz they could hardly talk sef. i bet you that those questions are answered by their teachers...
    well some of those kids are smart enough though and they can answer. o well... i just think we should take things one step at a time.
    and yes, they dont fail. if they cant answer it, you help them. and you score them well. messed up system.

  8. These questions are absurd. Honestly most schools have very unqualified teachers and Administrators who are in it for the money.

    Very few schools do it right.

    Can a child in. Nursery school read, how much more understand the question.

    This concerned parent should address this letter /mail to the school in question.

  9. These questions are absurd. Honestly most schools have very unqualified teachers and Administrators who are in it for the money.

    Very few schools do it right.

    Can a child in. Nursery school read, how much more understand the question.

    This concerned parent should address this letter /mail to the school in question.

  10. You need to see some of the questions given to my children who are in Grade 2 and Grade 5! As a matter of fact, the set of questions right from when they were in Nursery 1 have always left me wondering what the heck is wrong.

    There was a particular home-work my son was given when he was in Nursery Two and I was very disappointed and deeply saddened by the fact the he couldn't solve the questions (arithmetic). In annoyance, I called the Teacher and started ranting; how could we be paying this much together with lesson fee and he couldn't solve his equations. She answered that a lot of the questions set by the Authors of the textbooks they use are beyond the understanding of the pupils and these are textbooks approved by the authorities. At the end of the day, the solution was to pay more attention to him and help improve his areas of weakness which at the end of the day helped in a way. Invariably, that robbed him off his play time.

    Children these days are barely allowed to be children and grow up gradually.


  11. I worked in a montessori school for a couple of months before i got my current job. The kids were incredibly smart for their ages but they were still kids. They learnt thru play, were always singing songs and rhymes etc to get the message into their heads. And by the end of Nursery 2, many of them are able to read short stoeies (disney) and write short sentences. Nursery 1 pupils were spelling 3 and 4 letter words but writing 1 to 150 or so (Thats the part i didnt understand). They weren't asking them jamb questions like the ones above but their learning was tailored such that the child learnt at his/her own pace.

    Sometimes, the problem is the parents, not the teachers. One day a parent walked in to see the head teacher, the problem? He went to a friend's house over the weekend and his friend's son who's about the same age as his daughter could read from the newspaper. The school says children should learn at their own pace, if it takes he/she 2yrs to learn what he/she needs to learn from that class he/she will spent 2yrs in that class. This man's daughter was one of the slowest in the class yet he wanted her teachers to perform magic. Bear in mind that this child was just 3and half years old o.

    When it was time to move to the next class, some students who hadnt done as well as their mates and struggled thru the entire session were advised to repeat the class. When their parents were invited to explain why the child needs to stay an extra year, majority of them especially the mothers insisted that the child be moved to the next class like that half baked or not.

    We're in the times where one parent wants his/her child to do spectacular/genius stuff just to impress their friends, I saw a lot of this at that school.

    I know a lot of schools teach irrelevant stuff but sometimes, the problem is the parent not the school.


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