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Blog Reader Asks... (Plus Airtime Giveaway)

Random question; does career pay the bills - Working 9 to 5 and that's all you earn? How do people survive in Lagos especially? 

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  1. That stuff only works for the high working-class citizens oh. If you are middle and lower, there's always that tendency to struggle with how to budget for unforseen cricumstances.

    But it got its own advantages too Sha.

  2. Well that's why a lot of people have side hustles, else you end up in the rat chase. Though some jobs pay armed robber salary especially oil worker who also go to the field and stay up to 30days. That's tripple your armed robber salary.

  3. You must invest if you want to have just a 9 to 5. Jobs with armed robber salaries are emotionally demanding and one can last for a limited amount of time before it starts to take its toll.
    So it comes back down to knowing your person and tailoring your lifestyle accordingly.

    1. You are correct, the few people I know that earn so much, never have time to relax,always stressed. One always complains of being broke at. Least once every month, cliaming he is investing, asking for money, please this is a topic we should talk about.

    2. Chioma i can relate well. I used to work a minimum of 60 hours a week in my 20s. I did it for 5 years and i couldnt take it anymore. Its a high flying lifestyle - live in a hotel, get you high salary. Spend all your time in the office, after which all you can do when you are off: is get drunk, party like you have been freed from life in prison and eat take out to the point all the restaurant delivery men know your name and face. Its only fun for a short period of time. The being in the office till 3am during peak period and coming back at 9am because of time difference. Two things happen- you try to invest, but you are so damn busy working you dont thoroughly vet your investments or you just make your expenses match up to your income. I know how many investments i made unseen - some worked out, some are story for the gods.

      money also helps people make odd decisions - imagine someone buying a fossil watch and gold plaiting it?

      I cant even count how many important occassions i missed etc. I simply sent a check.

  4. It varies, it all depends on your income and your life style

  5. Well if you work in oil companies or high govt offices it does ,if not you need to have a side hustle or know how to save a lot and manage

  6. There isn't a specific answer to your question. There are paid employment jobs that pay one over 700k monthly (Oil majors) for a fresh graduate and those than pay about 100k monthly for fresh graduates. Of course as one climbs the career and organizational ladder, these salaries should increase.

    I think to a reasonable degree, one can live with not too desirable salaries for a while. It all depends on how one can fit one's lifestyle to one's salary package. Delayed gratification would be helpful here.

    Finally, one shouldn't see one's current job based on financial benefits alone, there are other benefits like length of leave period, learning and developmental opportunities, network potentials et al that might make a less financial rewarding job better suited to you than a bigger financial pay.

    PS: know this, income (salary) minus exenditures equals net worth. Your income is fixed hence there isn't much that can be done (pending when the better paying job materializes). Strive to keep your expenditures low (strip yourself of unneeded luxuries and try to get the best deals/bargains on needful items via e-commerce channels and other available means). Don't also forget to invest wisely, money loses its value with time, so the only way to beat "time diminished money" is to invest and gain higher value on money currently in your possession.

    1. "It all depends on how one can fit one's lifestyle to one's salary package" ... therein lies the answer.

    2. I totally agree with chris, people survive on less than 100k, the key is cut your coat according to your size, and I also believe gaining valuable experience is as important as the salary if not more, I need to start a plan on building my networth. God bless the giver

  7. I don't think you can survive on only your 9 to 5 salary everyone needs a side hustle. -OD

  8. I don't think you can survive on only your 9 to 5 salary everyone needs a side hustle. OD

  9. So I typed this long epitle and it had to disappear? Sigh!! Very insightful post,alot has been learnt

  10. So I typed this long epitle and it had to disappear? Sigh!! Very insightful post,alot has been learnt

  11. You can if you know how to spend your money. Live on a budget and cut down on unnecessary expenses. I know someone who earns twice my income but always complains about being broke so its not about how much you earn, its how you spend it.

    And like Ms Pynk and Chris said, investments make your money more valuable(Sunshine shey u are hearing now?)

  12. One needs to cut his/her coat according to their cloth. You may earn 1million a month and still be a bad saver/manager.

    However in our clime it's almost impossible to save when you earn peanuts.
    We generate our own electricity, water, and it's a wonder we don't pay for the air we breath.

    It takes a lot of discipline to save but it is doable.

    To the question: yes career pays the bills, it all depends on your taste/standard of living.

    It won't hurt to have a side hustle, but the fact is that not everyone has the advantage of the extra hustle.

  13. Mode of expenditure matters, not neccessarily the amount

  14. Everything depends on what you earn vis a vis your lifestyle. However saving can be almost impossible these days with the peanuts earned by many. J

  15. Yes u can survive on the salary from a 9 to 5 job. Comfort and success is a relative term and means different things to different people. Contentment is key to surviving I think...

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. It's possible to survive on a 9-5 job. Sadly, most people live above their means and return back to square one. Also, having a side business is ideal..investment and discipline are the key words

  18. Anonymous Rider!10:20 am, April 21, 2015

    Oh Yes! After Tithes, Investment and Bills. Set a Monthly running cost for yourself to include transport fuel and feeding allowance or what not. Put aside a standard amount for charity/money lenders/dashing.
    Avoid Impulse buying and aso ebi ( Straight face). Some People will buy aso ebi, sow bella naija style, employ make up artiste, carry cab to and fro party venue they may not even eat. Maybe even donate for bridal shower and still buy wedding gift. Hian!!! I'm not saying be stingy but manage the situation.
    Another thing is have a set time for major expenses, have short and long term financial goals e.g You use your leave bonus to change your wardrobe, buy new shoes or a home stereo or whatever you've been buying.
    Finally Rome wasnt built in a day, Start with Savings if you cant invest just yet even if its 10k a month thats 120k a year. Add something from your 13th month Salary. Then you have a bulk figure you can work with.

  19. The way to survive in Lagos - earning salaries or getting profit from businesses lies in two words - financial discipline. As mentioned by BVs above, don't live above your means; don't live an ostentatious life style except you could really afford it and your net-worth attests to this.

    There is a trend common among people especially salary earners. Once an employee's pay is raised, he/she automatically raises the standard of life he or she lives before the pay rise - new ride, bigger apartment or more expensive environment, more expensive fashion items etc. I once suffered from this but not anymore. I maintain almost same lifestyle (which isn't so bad) and save the difference towards a project. I plan to retire in the next 5 years and I have started laying the foundation of what to do after retirement which is very different from what I do presently (so help me God)

    I interviewed a guy last week. He is about 30 years and earns a meagre net pay of N60,000 per month at his present place of work as an IT personnel. My HRM who was also at the interview asked him when he was planning to get married and he said his fiancee was not ready. Then I asked him if he was ready, he said yes. I silently wondered how he would cope with the responsibilities that come with marriage but then, doesn't it all boil down to cutting your coat according to your cloth?


  20. It definitely depends on who u are..... If u are a female nd not married, u may be spending less than a male who is or who isn't......


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