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Buhari Bans AIT From Covering Activities?

Do you share the sentiments of Gilbert Oladeinbo (Esq.)? Here's what he had to say;

"Maybe I should attempt to open our eyes just a little to what is actually going on: 'Buhari bans AIT from covering his activities'. This is nothing for you to rejoice about that AIT sponsored hate campaign and so it's a good response. No! It isn't. It is just a true reflection of the 1984 hatred for critics and the press. Indeed, you may repackage a despot, but he is what he is.
 I laugh when I remember his words at Chatham house: "so I present to you, a former dictator and a 'born-again' democrat'. Like really? Do you realize that one Cardinal part of this democracy is the freedom of the press?  Perhaps he understands the role of the media in bringing down GEJ and maybe scared of same.
Let me take you back a little, do you know the APC legislators, last year sponsored a bill to control the press? to be specific, social media?  Do you realize that severally as a dictator, Mr. President-Elect called the media, 'a distraction'.
What then is the lesson?
While I do not subscribe to ANY form of unprofessionalism in the media, this is democracy, you can sue for defamation, except of cos you think they are saying the truth. Further you could prosecute for sedition (that's what I'll do to Sahara reporters if I were GEJ). You do not blacklist the media.  It only starts with AIT and then possibly it will spread to other channels. Then we would have a 'controlled media'.
But then again, let this cloud that is gathered yield us some fruits, 'cos the NextGeneration is patiently waiting to kick all of you out.  Just wait and see!"***
And so it begins... 


  1. This is out of the above context; but please who knows where I can take French Language class in Lagos?

    1. Alliance Francaise


    2. Yup, Alliance Francais. Some people also do home tutoring, just in case that's an option you want to consider. And I vaguely remember someone telling me she was taking French lessons in Unilag once.

    3. You can also try the Easy School of Languages at Jibowu before Yaba bus stop. Its on Chicken Republic's side of the road by the Jibowu bridge.

  2. In my opinion, It's a wrong move. Since he won the presidential election, he seizes to be a private citizen as such, every media outfit should be allowed free access to cover his (public) activities. Banning them for ethical reasons or otherwise should be the job of NBC and not the President's or his aides'. And if NBC is not acting up to its responsibilities, he can go to the courts.

    Brings to mind a Yoruba adage, if somebody is tagged ' a thief', he doesn't dance with a calf in public.


  3. SECURITY & ETHICAL reasons. Whether it's a false claim or not, I don't think a normal citizen should take the issue of security likely. And well, it's his family members who raised concerns. Let's not also forget that the president-elect resides now in one of the most heavily guarded houses in Abuja until his inauguration. That too is due to security concerns.

    As for ethical reasons, he's not the only celebrity that has barred/avoided the press based on the manner the press delivers. Sir Alex Ferguson has at one time avoided the British press for over a month, and Jose Mourinho has walked out of a press briefing.

    AIT isn't the only media outfit that smeared Buhari during the campaigns so it's safe to assume that the major reason for barring them would be for security concerns.

  4. Lol,its time for everyone to justify everything GMB does.
    It's gonna be a long 4yrs...

  5. This is only the beginning. This is how the fundamental human rights guaranteed by the constitution would be taken from the people one after the other. Speak against Buhari and be shut up forever.


      As much as we should have press freedom all over the world, there's a limit to what the government/government-elect(if there's such a word) can permit. AIT isn't the only media outfit that speaks against Buhari, so why are they singled out? In the USA, some media houses smear president Obama but just a minute percentage of these are barred from press briefings every now and then. The press ought to be professional in executing their jobs at all times, and moreover, the main reason for barring AIT was, as quoted, security concerns from Buhari's family. Bull or not, security issues shouldn't be taken likely.

    2. The US is not always right!

    3. Sasha, I'm not trying to focus on the rights or wrongs of the USA, I'm only trying to remind us of the need to call for strict adherence to the code of ethics in journalism. And well, some people usually use the Western World as a yard stick for comparing what goes on here.

    4. Taaaah memphis and uyi!

      Buhari fans like u people! Let's be objective jor. Security reasons my bumbum. Uyi just scattered everything! "If you're pained, go and die" really? Why so violent and angry? Smh.

    5. I agree with you Kabuoy! I'm pro Buhari but we need to be objective. J

    6. Bia Kabuoy, guard your bumbum o. Yeah, security reasons, and we're no experts to determine that the claim is real or fake. Meanwhile the present IGP has ordered that from henceforth all national press briefing venue must have water tight security. Now say "taaaahh" to that.

      I'm actually thinking the security issue is to protect Buhari's family integrity since they're the ones who directly requested AIT be removed from the venue. Also AIT has been accused before of smearing Buhari's family at one time (don't know if that's true).

      Still thinking of *taahring*? Hehe

    7. Kabouy Plz read my last comment under,you will have more insight into what I actually meant. And that was a quoted statement by an APC governor, just had to redirect it towards some anti-progressive fanatics of GEJ. Obviously with all due respect we don't have Any here. But hating on GMB when he's not even at the helm of affairs yet is just a waste of time

  6. Anyone that's gonna hate GMB Because they didn't vote for him and he eventually won the election should be prepared for a corrupt-free sovereign state called Nigeria in the next 4 years.

    So any unethical practices within the Federation will be outrightly banned whether you like it or not. If you are scared of what Buhari is gonna do withing this 4years. The last time I checked The US Embassy is still at Victoria Island and if you can't afford that neighbouring states like Benin and Togo are friendly and you are just an ECOWAS passport away.

    According to one APC govt., if you are pained "...go and die'

    1. you are kidding right? J

    2. Eventhough I'm stuck in the middle of being serious and just kidding... I hate the way some peeps are acting like they are smarter and those that voted him in(in other words voted GEJ OUT) are fools or lack the wisdom to know what's right for this country.
      How can a National television like AIT be so unethical all because of money? Ok, I understand now, its cos the state of the economy isn't conducive enough to run a privately own media house that big. Well, that's just one of the end product of bad governance and in that same vein GMB is here to cleanse the system.

      General M. Buhari is here to reverse the ripple effect caused by corrupt practices of GEJ (and the idiot is trying to sack every living soul that couldnt help in his malicious attempts for a 2nd term)

  7. I would do the same! Let him protect his family which ever way he deems fit. Yes, they are now in the public eye but it is his duty to protect them nonetheless. AIT too do abeg! They ran campaigns that make me wonder if there were no rules of engagement in election campaigns in the country as far as media is concerned.....Freedom of Press does not mean Freedom to Oppress or Depress......#JoyDaNuGirl

  8. All what iIcouldn't write or articulate, Kayode Ogundamisi did in about 17tweets. I'm pro change but this is a democratic government and there are so many ways to get AIT to pay for their misdeeds. Banning them comes across as petty and vindictive plus, what happened to freedom of information, the press and expression? If in a bid to exercise his freedom of information, press and expression Dokpesi broke any law then let the NBC take them up and if its all the libelous, malicious and vindictive campaigns, sue them for everything they've got.

    We all know that security reason is a bull sh*t reason. Careless thoughtless decisions and press releases like this cos GEJ the presidential elections. I hope they(APC) recover from this fast.


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