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Girl-on-Girl Questions, and Other Happy Moments.

Happy new month guys! We've been so consumed with the goings-on in the country that's it's so easy to forget that one month ended and another just began, so consumed that no April Fools pranks were played... I remember the last April Fools on TTB, I posted a picture of a very hot man with rock hard abs and said it was our Hottie of The Day, I also added that it was our then very popular blog reader Steele. LOL, the way people rushed to open the post and almost slapped me through their screens when they saw APRIL FOOL!!!! Hahaha. *good times*. 

Today has been pretty hectic yet very fulfilling. Honestly March was a very weird month so to be able to describe today as fulfilling feels me with so much joy. But that aside, it was pretty busy; had to go for my dress fitting for my friend's wedding on Saturday and I'm so glad I did! If I hadn't then I wouldn't be able to get on that train, like, I'm not sure it was my measurement that tailor used in sewing my dress or someone else's. 
        And I would have wept had I gotten to the hotel Saturday morning, tried the dress and realized that I certainly wouldn't be on Bukky's train! I've got mad love for my sisters and even madder love for my QC sisters. Bukky's bridal shower was last week and we had to write little notes of our most precious memory with the bride. Mine was all those years in QC where I'd just sit Bukky down and she would be my sounding board, listening intently yet smiling ever so slightly, that smile of curiousity and bemusement. And, she's still my patient attentive sounding board, who also gives very sound advice! What's more, a few of my others sisters from back then would be on the train as well and I would really hate to miss out just because the tailor was a little confused. 

That happened. That and doing some really awesome stuff that put a smile on my parents' faces. There are only very few things as gratifying as seeing your parents look at you with pride gleaming in their eyes, thinking it all turned out to be a worthy investment. LOL. I just can't wait to do more.

And then this also happened. I had to go to Shoprite Surulere to do a sim swap, having decided early this morning that I wanted to change my phones, thus the issue of sim cutting or swapping and all of that... At the carpark, I got down from my car and waited for the car in front of me to move pass so I could cross over and walk in, I noticed it was moving ever so slowly and then it came to an abrupt stop. The glass came down and there was this pretty lady flashing a megawatt smile at me. Immediately I thought it was someone from either QC or UNN, or somewhere? I politely smiled back and apologized; I'm sorry I don't remember the face. She really looked like Alezi (who's in that Airtel ad) but a closer glance showed me that she's older and darker skinned. She replied saying "No it's ok, I'm just passing a compliment". I wanted to ask what the compliment was but I didn't think it mattered, I thanked her and wished her a happy shopping experience (awkward, I know) after she told me her name. 

I first went to the MTN stand and then to the Etisalat office and some fifteen minutes later I was done. As I exited the Etisalat office, someone almost bumped into me, none other than my new friend *Dera. I went "Oh Dera, fancy seeing you again" and she "What a coincidence, I didn't think I would see you again", simultaneously. I chuckled and was about to wave bye when she asked if she could have my number. Saying no would have been absurd (or wouldn't it?), so I immediately began to call out the digits. She asked for my bbm pin but I'm not on bbm and I told her so, she wanted to know why and I internally rolled my eyes, then told her I'm on whatsapp, this seemed to satisfy her and she grinned and said she would be in touch soon.  

That was hours ago and I've not heard from her, so it's possible I wouldn't. As I walked back to the car questions ran through my mind. The first time she stopped to "pass a compliment" I shrugged it off. I mean, I do that too; see a female stranger and tell her she looks gorgeous, or that I'm absolutely in love with her perfume (too often), or that I love her shoes... And when I see someone with a stature similar to mine (we're rare like that *wink*) I almost always say hello. 
        But this, this taking my number and asking why I'm not on bbm... I told myself she could just be a business woman who was simply networking (likely), she probably sells clothes and has plus sizes (likely), she's just a friendly woman looking to make new friends (unlikely), and then some other less innocent ideas...

But I'd like to know your opinion, is this weird or normal?

When it's two people of the same sex it all seems so weird. It's very normal for a man to slow down and offer a lady a ride but it would be weird or unusual if he slows down to give another man, whom he doesn't know, a ride. Likewise it's very unusual to see ladies do stuff like that for other ladies.
      That said, I actually offer to give people lifts occasionally, (often it's ladies, seldom men, because one has to be very careful about  that) especially when it looks like we're going in the same direction. I've often slowed down and asked a sister "Which way are you going?". Some times this is met with grateful sighs; sighs of relief and gratitude. Other times it's met with suspicious glares and stony faces. 

But is there anything suspect or weird about a woman befriending another woman in that manner? And if you're wondering what manner I'm referring to, the one above; which is generally the way boy meets girl; hi, you look really good (passing a compliment?), can I get your number? Oh, can I add you on bbm as well, would that be ok? I'll call you soon...Is there a possibility that it's just business or a mere friendly gesture, OR should I ignore her phone call if/when it comes? Would you?

*while we're on the topic, let me enjoin you to be kinder to people of your own sex. Men when you see another man on the road walking under the hot sun, slow down and say "Hey bruv, which way are you going?" (LOL. Not gon' happen, I know). Please don't o! Before you carry an armed robber in your car and say "Thelma said..."*. 

PS; guys I must share this testimony. When I spoke to the tailor in the morning she asked me to take a bus otherwise I might get lost, I refused. When I told my mum where I was going she said "are you sure you can go there alone, there are so many one-way roads and plenty LASTMA around there o!", still I insisted on driving. After getting missing once or twice I found myself on a road and it didn't occur to me that there was no other car in front of me, only cars coming from the opposite direction. Suddenly a taxi man waved frantically from his car and started screaming ONE WAY ONE WAY ONE WAY. (God bless that man wherever he is, the way he frenetically warned me... As if he was the one who would pay the money if I got caught!). My glasses were wound up so it took me a moment to decipher what he was saying and when it finally registered I panicked and abruptly put a moving car in reverse and spun around, thereby almost causing multiple accidents (cars screeching and all) and then I immediately backed up into a street where about 90 officers were waiting to greet me. They crowded around the car like sugar ants on sugar cubes and all of them at the same time started to question me. Unfortunately I had about 100k in my bag that I was meant to pay into someone's account later on (so I couldn't shove my bag in their faces and say "look I don't have any money", if it came to that), and worst still, I forgot my wallet at home; no driver's license! I just told myself e don be for me today. But as luck would have it, one of the officers waved the others away and said he would handle it. He asked what I had for them and I said I had absolutely nothing, I just made an honest mistake, I don't live around here and you can't expect people coming from far to know all the one-way roads in this area. In my mind I was digging my grave deeper, spouting off instead of begging, but to my surprise the guy asked me to drive off before his colleagues came back. I was so stunned that I hesitated and he had to shoo me away. Oh boy! 

LOL. Testimonies anyone? Please share, I'm eager to hear. 


  1. Thelma this Post is 3-in-1. Epic ojoro o.

    I can relate to your *Stranger-Meet* encounter. On a Sunday just before entering the Church a guy came towards me and smiled a *good morning*. I smiled back and he introduced himself immediately. As per Christian bro concerned I did likewise. Next he asked for my number and though I wasn't comfortable with that but just to be polite, I gave him. Next thing: "wow, I like your perfume". Hmm? Awkward smile from me. Mass was about to start so I (thankfully) excused myself and dashed in. At the pew I made myself comfortable this guy comes and sits by me. I let that pass; it's not a place to start avoiding people, right? Next thing: "please can we be friends?"
    "Errr...scuuuuze me?"
    "Can we be friends?"
    "I can't answer that right see...errm...I'm kindof a very private person and well...I travel a lot. So really, I don't have time for friendship..." Smh. This dude was making me have wild imaginative conclusions in Church for crying out loud! Long story short I lied I had forgotten something at home and left the pew, then proceeded to block his number. Na WA...

    1. lol idk why most of think it's weird.. he might have been new to town and thought you were cool.. but asking directly "can we be friends" can seem weird.. maybe he would have talked about business or something.. or maybe guy needs a boyfriend ? lol

  2. There isn't anything weird about the whole new meet/phone number/friend ish. Though I must say it is unusual. Personally, I'm not a phone person so calls/chats don't guarantee a timely reply. I'd advise you give her call if it comes the benefit of the doubt. When/if the conversation goes south, then you can pass on the budding friendship. I try to be open and easily accessible with people and this has made me meet wonderful people who I'd have never known if I wasn't friendly.

    Why do the women folk always have it easy with the traffic regulators (LASTMA, VIO, Police, FRSC et al)? Fortunate you! I'm always on the lookout for traffic signs and instructions on Lagos roads. LASTMA can be a pain in the ass when they are bent on pinning an infraction with penalty of a fine on a person. Thankfully, I haven't had course to enrich their pockets.

    Happy New Month. I wish everyone (TTBV and their loved ones) a splendid and fulfilling month. Gratefully, I have cause to be extremely optimistic about this month and my endeavours. Thank God!

    1. I don't know when I'll learn to start looking out for traffic signs, I need to be more like you.

  3. Thelma da hot bebe! Why else would a stranger be 'chasing' you, without having even spoke to you? ;) she could want just friends with you, time.will tell.

    Giving or taking lifts can be risky sha. I remember when I was in school and there were rumours about 'yahoo++'! Mehn the way forward for me was trek till you get to where you're headed o! Though I had always been wary about lifts.

    Thank God for that Cab and the LASTMA men. You for pay money!

  4. Can the "hottie of the day" kini start againnnnn? won't be bad to pin names to faces and vice versa, sha don't ask me to go first....hehehehe

    I think the lady was being forward but sincere, some peeps can be in your face like that. I remember meeting one of the best friends I have today in the same manner while I was in Enugu.

  5. Lol,girl on girl is way hotter (for lack of a better word) than boy on boy (double ewww..)
    This is the 21st century. Don't conclude her case yet...

  6. Gbala ekwensu oso.
    Instincts are far more reliable than probability.

  7. Thelma, I made a remarkable friend like that, the catch was she liked my weave, until she passes any any negative vibes, I suggest you keep her number.

    The most unexpected people are usually the ones that surprise us

    When I'm around. Marina, I make it a duty to be the extra eyes for my driver, cos, the one way signs are never obvious. I ain't got money to dash Lastma or police.

    Happy New month my dear friends. May this month usher great testimonies for Us all.

    Let's all be expectant, and believe .


  8. In other unrelated news:

    T, about your display pictures, Chai, I hate masrh mellows. Recently I say make I even try chop am, as per it looks so yummy,

    Without tasting a pack first, I got several packs for my kid, when I got home to eat them, It was horrible.
    My daughter nearly punched me for giving her the snack. (lol). She dropped it fast like hot akara.
    I lamented so hard for wasting my small cash.

    1. Clare make milo or ovaltine for your daughter and let the marshmallow melt in the hot beverage. She might like it better and that way your money isnt wasted. Or you can melt it with nutella and spread it on bread.

    2. I hate marshmallows too but I always read scenes in foreign novels where people take them just as Miss Pynk has described, never thought of giving it a try but it sounds like kids really like it (at least the ones in said novels do). LOL. Please give us feedback if you try out the new recipe for your daughter. LOL @ hot Akara. Oh dear!

    3. Stick a fork in one or two n over the fire on the hob n put between crackers. One of d reasons why my hips are still lik Iya Somebody even though I workout like crazy *hides face*

  9. Thelma, friendships are hard to imagine the way the woman approached you. If she had gone through a different way to relate to you, it might have been easier. Only God knows her intentions. I will say see what she has to say first before casting her away.

    As for traffic signs in Lagos, when i am not sure of the area i borrow someones driver or take a cab. Never been interested in haggling with tge likes of LASTMA and Police.

  10. Her manner of approach is weird but you never know just wait for her call n see what she's up to

  11. Anonymous Rider!4:27 pm, April 02, 2015

    So I had been trying to be very friendly with this lady at work, we would both complement each other and what not. I started feeling akward when she would come and eat from my food in the lunch room, or say something like put a piece of meat or plantain in my mouth. I let that slide. If i am backing the photocopier or she meets me standing in the hallway, she makes it a duty to grab my waist or rub my bum, Its starting to get really uncomfortable, She saw me dancing and said this your waist will be good in bed ooo, She likes to do things like help adjust a bra strap or what not.
    I am tired, I no wan do friendship again,I dont want to think she is a lesbian.

    1. Lmaooo! Wahala! that's super weird mehn! She is dropping heavy hints! Hehehee! And maybe not, but how do u know? Pele... lol!

    2. Hia! Anonymous Rider this one is more than friendship biko, and even if it is it's just plain inappropriate. Which one is put the plantain in my mouth? ROTFL. And commenting about your waist? Hell nah!

  12. One needs to be wary of friends these days.

    Testimony: I finally got that pay rise. Praise the Lord!


    1. yayyyyy, good for you dearie...I tap into this testimony

    2. When are u paying my 9%? Lol!

      Congratulations F!

    3. Yayyyyy! Congrats F, based on certain things you've said in your comments over time I think you really really deserve this.

  13. @ Pynk: thanks for the pointer. I will try it.

    @ Anonymous rider: Hmmmm, that's how they give vibes. Let her know how you feel. The earlier the better before she tried to kiss you (loL).

  14. @ Pynk: thanks for the pointer. I will try it.

    @ Anonymous rider: Hmmmm, that's how they give vibes. Let her know how you feel. The earlier the better before she tried to kiss you (loL).

  15. I don't think its weird, different strokes...
    I don't give out my number though (male or female) unless i actually know you

  16. Thelma, she may have had genuine intentions but probably her approach was weird sha ..probably she needs a friend, or is new in town, etc u can never tell. Anyway, follow your instincts..
    it happened to me once..i met this lady at d supermarket/store n she seemed cool..we struck a convo and it was mature and just alright. u know that feeling when you feel u click wt someone at the first instance..that was it. Funny enough we both asked for each other's contacts at same time as we were about leaving the store( we've been good friends after that cos I got to realise that we've got kinda similar girl stuffs, opinions, values, interests,etc.
    I dont c anything wrong in giving out numbers(of course after evaluating the person carefully at the first contact), it may either turn out good or bad in d long run. If bad...then thanks to the "delete" function in phones. Who knows...Goodluck?..Badluck?..

  17. This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their decor, food and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give this place for NY events a slight edge.


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