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Hopeless Situations.

Hey guys! The past weekend was an extremely busy one, it was from one occasion straight to the other, and another and another and by the time I'd get home the only thing I could do was to hoist my body into the sack, thus my absence. 

During breakfast yesterday I had a thought about a situation and another thought followed; the only one that can salvage this is God. And then another, but can God? 

Yes, you would wonder why someone who believes in God would ask that question but at that moment the magnitude of the situation seemed too great, the situation itself seemed completely hopeless, beyond redemption, so where does one even begin?

I remembered how Pastor Paul Adefarasin says Favour is God doing that thing that no man can do, something that ONLY He can take the glory for. And how the Head Pastor from one of the HOTR branches in the north called Him a God of tight corners; when you're trapped in a corner so small and tight that it's not humanly possible to move an inch or turn around or come out, that's where this God steps in; tight corners. He likened it to a nine month baby in the womb. At that point the womb has become too small, too tight, too cramped and there's no space for baby to go left or right but to come out. Even in situations as tight as the baby in the womb, except this time there's no visible exit... That's where A God of tight corners steps in. 

Yet in reality, hearing these sermons and feeling very inspired and encouraged is one thing, but facing a seemingly hopeless situation with no hope for reprieve or restoration is another. And so it occured to me that maybe hearing others' talk about times that they've been in situations that they thought to be hopeless and beyond redemption, and then eventually climb out of that black hole, would be really encouraging. 

So I'm asking, can you relate, have you ever been in a situation you thought was completely hopeless but now it's all a thing of the past? Please talk to me, let's share. Your story could be the bricks that builds or rebuilds a fellow's faith. 

*Just thought to add, because some of you are just too sweet and next thing I know mails would start pouring in, I'm doing very fine*


  1. I'm so in this situation ... Please I need some encouragement! BVs plzzz

    1. Anonymous Rider!3:50 pm, April 21, 2015

      God is coming through for you- Numbers 23 v 19.
      Be Encouraged in the word of the Lord by brother (1 Sam 30.6)

  2. Let me help you Uyi and Thelma.

    I know i come across and loosey goosey half the time, but i always say one thing, MY LIFE IS A MIRACLE. sometimes i always try to understand how i am still alive, and it never makes sense. Despite many odds, i am still standing. I was born dead- from birth i have been been in tight corners literally and God has always come through for me. I was revived and the doctors gave a life expectancy, i have gone beyond that and i am fine and healthy.
    I have had someone refer to me as damaged goods" in the past through no fault of my own.
    Of my most recent life events, my marriage is a miracle...i sometimes touch my husband to make sure the situation is real... i have had many struggles, many which dont make sense..i have had to comfort my mother when she cries about me etc. One thing i always remember is that God never puts us in situations he wont help is out of.

    And everyday i touch my forehead and i ask God, is this me? God is it me you have honoured this much in life? Dont get me wrong, i have worries like many people, but i never forget to thank God in all.

  3. For me it is not totally past, though I must remark that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. I'd share when it is complete (very soon I believe).

    1. Anonymous Rider!3:54 pm, April 21, 2015

      1 Thessalonians. C5 v 24.

    2. Thank you Anonymous Rider!

  4. Currently in a situation like this,I just get angry and frustrated most of the time
    I hope I see light at the end of the tunnel soon thou

    1. Anonymous Rider!3:42 pm, April 21, 2015

      God is going to appear in that situation, the fourth man in the Fire. Hold on!

    2. Thank you Anonymous Rider!

  5. Hmnn.. God has come through for me countless times but i'll not exceed the comment limit like uncle Chris(lool)
    After secondary school... I waited one year( the longest 365 days of my entire life), the two schools I applied to released their first lists and my name was not on any of the two... I was so sure I was gonna go crazy(lol.. in retrospect maybe not) and it was like the end of it... but God showed up and I got accepted(the two of them by the way)

    Messing up big time during an interview session... like when you score yourself and you know you messed up big time! yeah... that was me...

    Let me help Iya Kabuoy...
    2 years before Sunshine got into the uni, momsy and popsy lost their jobs the same year. Just few months apart... things got a little tight...(we the children didn't really feel it.. we just noticed mom got really upset when we asked for extras... or stuff that she'll usually oblige us without even thinking twice)
    When Sunshine got accepted and registration was about to start.. the sunday before the day they were suppose to travel, her bag was stolen in church while she was praying. And the money was in her bag. According to her, she thought she was going to go crazy. School fees, traveling expenses, shopping expenses(clothes, boxes, toiletries, 100lev shopping sha)... the drama in popsy's office that day.. loool. She cried and cried, popsy kept trying to calm her down... he was the only sane person that say. I remember I was crying because my mom was crying. And I felt really bad. Can't really remember sunshine's reaction. but how God did it is what I can't explain... 3 days later, everything was sorted out and sunshine resumed school. they could afford to buy stuffs, and the rest is history.
    When I wanted to do pre-degree, (I couldn't stay home for one year cuz I was driving my parents crazy... lol) I just couldn't! The fees et al... that year, December 2008, the Lord opened my mom's heavens and the rest is history.
    God has always been faithful and he is forever faithful. Just keep holding on... he NEVER fails!!! He shows up at the most difficult times and turns the hopeless situation around.. I like to call him the God of the suddenly! So whatever it is... God can! I have no doubt that he can do the impossible, you know why? Iv seen him do it. *hugs*

    1. Aunty Kabuoy!, Aunty Kabuoy!!, Aunty Kabuoy!!! how many times did I call you?

      It's refreshing to hear that God still comes through for His own even in the most distressing circumstances. I pray He speedily comes through for Thelma at this moment and every other BVs that sincerely seek Him and prove once more to be the God of tight corners and God of suddenly!

    2. You needn't have answered me. I was being unserious.

  6. God never fails T..

    I remember then during my service year,a week to POP. I had a very bad dream where others got their NYSC certificates and I didn't. In that dream,I tried getting mine to no avail. Went to the NYSC secretariat and was told nothing could be done about my certificate and was asked to get out.

    You know those types of dreams you have where in the dream,you're crying and then you wake up,you're really crying? Okay.

    Woke up crying and started praying so hard cos when I dream,they come to pass.

    POP came and exactly what happened in the dream started happening..thank God for "him" who was there for me,encouraging me and telling me nothing would happen to my certificate. Got to my state number and was told my certificate wasn't with them without any reason so,rushed straight down to the secretariat.

    Got to the secretariat all scared,worked up,questioning God if I didn't pray enough for him to allow me go through such when I should be so excited as others were.

    A lady(NYSC STAFF) knew "him",saw him and he explained it all(notice I said "she" saw him? He didn't know she worked there). Before I could say Jack Robinson,she wrote a note,took it to them and that's how I got my certificate without any delay T! God indeed came through for me. He didn't put me to shame T. I was too excited I shared testimony in church that sunday!

    Believe me T,he'd come through for you and for everyone believing God for divine intervention.

  7. Thelma, I know you're fine, you have to be.

    You guys just reaffirmed my faith. Reading my sister's comment... you know how you forget how far God has brought you and all the hurdles God helped you jump to get to where you are cos you think you will die in your current situation? I just sat back to think about all the times God has come thru for me..
    Just this evening on my way from work i was listening to Byron Cage's "For My Good" and I sang it with all i had (i don't know why) I just had to believe that things will work out for my good and now i'm sure that this too will end in praise.

    Thanks for sharing guys

  8. God is indeed faithful. Funny how a great challenge now turns out to be a thing of the past. It pays to hold on and trust God even in darkest times. He never fails.

  9. Hmmmm I just can't begin to mention it all. From childhood till date. God has just Bern awesome. You know how you try so hard to figure out how you over came a certain situation (in my case certain situations) but just can't explain It? That's so my story. In those tight corners I met Ziggylicious and her family and the Eze's and the Ugbomahs a whole lotta helpers along the way. I am thankful to God for a lot of things, sending help from very unlikely places and I hv noticed something. Whenever I am at my wits end and I just know there is nothing humanly possible I can think of, I just cry and ask God how far na? I sleep and wake up and poof it's solved.
    Example: after I had one course that was going to keep me back in school because it wasn't my faculty's course so it couldn't get waved. The lady refused to release my result because I failed to submit my term paper. I cried wailed the lady wasn't moved, I called my supervisor who is a reverend father to intervene. The said reverend father invited me to his house which was in school in the guise of trying to hear my please. But for the grace of God that man would hv raped me in his harem. Some how amidst tears and struggle I broke free and in tears I got to my friend's place. when she found out the reason for my tears she was like......, "GS. 208, let me make a call". it could only be the God of tight corners because the next day I had a copy of my result in my hands.

    1. Wow! A call solved everything. The God of tight corners...

  10. Reading this post for the first time just now, I feel like giving myself a hard knock.

    The only thing that comes to my head is a song...

    You are the reason I live
    You are the reason I am alive today
    You are the one for me
    You mean so much to me

    Why should I fear when I have you?
    Surrounded by your love, your everlasting love
    Why should I fear what people say?
    They don't know what I mean to you Jehovah (he came through for me, he made even my enemies to be at peace with
    They don't know what you mean to me?
    Tee's blog don't know you mean the world to me(line re-interpreted)

    My life is a testimony, I am a Vioce( in John the Baptist words), I am a statement still written... What a faithful God I serve.

    I should write my Hope story, this post can't contain.
    Your pastor calls him tight corner worker
    I call him ... Omere ya nbosi oka abu.
    Omalicha chim.

    1. Wow... I love this song...

      "Why should I fear when I have you?
      Surrounded by your love, your everlasting love
      Why should I fear what people say?
      They don't know what you mean to me"

      My morning song... it was my pm for days... :)

    2. errm Thelma, talking about uplifting songs...

      you should listen to Kurt Carr's Iv seen him do it.

  11. It will all end in praise! Someway, somehow God always shows up for me. When I almost didn't make grad list cos my project supervisor gave me grief and didn't grade me even after senate had convened on results... protocol was broken just so I could be settled. So many instances in the lives of I and my siblings. God's signature is always on every page of my life's storybook. The wait may be hard and discouraging, but He always makes it worthwhile.

  12. Now reading all these posts has lifted my spirit. Dec 2014, I was to have my Introduction ceremony and May 2015, was picked for the trad and white wedding but 30th Dec- the day my fiance was to go collect my trad list, he had an accident which did cost a live and 4 damaged cars (our inclusive). Right now still sorting all out, wedding post-poned, baby on the way but in all I still have 10,000 reasons for my heart to sing...''blessed the Lord oh my soul'', cause all these are just a stepping stone to greatness for Us.

    1. Anonymous Rider!3:40 pm, April 21, 2015

      Sing like never before, Oh my Soul. Worship his Holy name.
      Let the Prince of Prince restore everything damaged.
      Take good care of yourself and the little one, If you can convince your family to do something small and reduce the trad requirements.
      Keep Trusting God he will come through for you. Continue to support and encourage your man and you stay strong, OK.


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