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Just What If? (Questions, Questions, Questions).

Hey guys! Yes so I've been MIA and all of that, so many things taking my time and taking up space in my mind. I miss you guys half the time and my heart breaks when someone calls or mails and says "I've been refreshing and you've not posted anything". I apologize each time but sometimes life gets really busy and these days I spend less time in reclusion and then even when I'm being reclusive I'm studying or reading something, so my time these (past few) days has been very limited. 

Besides that though, I told y'all my girl was wedding this weekend right? The wedding took place at Omole which is at extreme opposites from where I live, and being on the bridal train I had to be there very early. The bride got us rooms so I went over yesterday and there's no way I could have done anything other than run around and tie up lose ends before the wedding (so no blogging). I'm also very proud to say I saved some money! 

So, being fully aware that I might end up in Ibadan or Ijebu Ode if I attempted to drive there, I asked my cab guy how much it would cost to take me from my house to Omole phase 1 and he said 7k. I didn't think it was a bad idea but he later called to say he couldn't make it and could try to get me someone else. That was when I thought wait, why not try the bus? I made a few calls to ask for the bus routes and halfway through I gave up, it was sounding too long. Then someone told me I really just needed to take two buses and that was what I did. The first one to CMS and then from TBS to Ojodu. The bus driver actually drove through TBS just so that he could drop me at the bus stop. The other passengers started yelling because that was a detour but the driver ignored them and made sure he dropped me off at TBS at no extra cost, all he said was that he didn't want me to "suffer" and he didn't want money. I was soooooooooooo grateful as I'd heard that CMS to TBS was quite a distance by foot and there might be no connecting bus/bike/etc. At this point I said thank You God and while we're at it please let more protocols be broken on my behalf on much grander scales. AMEN. *Big grin*

Then from TBS straight to Ojodu. Anyways I'm glad to tell you that in all I spent 600 naira or less, which means I saved 6,400 naira. Isn't that nice? 

Well I rode back home earlier this evening with my darling friend and we got to talking about a few things. I mentioned to her that I was considering getting aritificially inseminated, if I can afford it. My friend flipped and demanded I post it on the blog and hear what you guys say. She said "Nwando just tell your readers and hear what they'll tell you!" LOL. When did my readers become my parents though? Haha. 

She became very excitable and agitated; Nwando have you given up already? What if your husband is just by the corner? What would you tell the child when he/she grows up? What will you say when you go to the hospital and they measure the foetus and they say it's long and ask if the father is tall? What will you say then Nwando? Why do you want to have a child that will be confused in future? Why do you want to do this to yourself? Why do you want to do this to your parents? Ok what happens when somebody comes to marry you, what will you say?

But in all this I asked her a single question; What if I don't want to get married? Just what if?

This received a reaction I'm struggling to articulate. Well, suffice it to say that ore thinks its unfathomable that a (woman) wouldn't want to get married. See guys, I have so much to discuss with and ask you but I'm knackered and it's a whole lot so let me just say this for now. Why is it so unthinkable? 

Truth is not everybody will get married. Now am I one of these people? Maybe, maybe not. Right now I have a "f*ck it" attitude towards these things. But really, isn't it better to grow old having beautiful offspring than to grow old and die alone? Why should one deprive them self of the pleasure, satisfaction and blessings of having a child or children because of some construct of society or a sometimes misguided perception of moral right and wrong? 

And, (disregarding the artificial insemination) do people still turn up their noses at single mothers? My friend thinks it's completely unacceptable and not something that a woman should wish upon or want for herself. I completely disagree with her, I have always respected single mothers, I've always thought them brave and strong, most others take the path of least resistance, the easy way out; abortions; a saviour from stigmatization and familial displeasure. But seriously, is it just me or is having a child outside wedlock such a horrible thing? 

And who says every woman wants a husband or marriage? Please be honest with me, maybe I'm reading too many twisted novels. Does EVERY woman want to get married? Now some of you might want to say that a woman who says she doesn't is in denial. Please I appeal to you to think beyond "denial". No, you're not inclined to agree with me but give me an argument that doesn't have denial as it's premise. 

And will everyone get married? In your opinion, is it better for someone to live and die alone than to have a child out of wedlock? This argument arose when my friend mentioned a lady who was approaching 40 and went and got herself pregnant. My friend said this with derision and was literally shellshocked when I said I am in FULL support of that woman's decision. Ore believes it's so darn messed up and probably alluded to this being symptomatic of defeat or resignation. I think that may or may not be the case. 
      At what point should a woman stop hoping and take matters into her own hands to ensure that she fulfills that almost lifelong desire/need to be a mother (with or without a husband)? And then maybe it's not resignation, maybe a woman at that age knows very well what she wants and decides to make it happen? What is your take on the single 40 year old woman making concerted actions to become a mother?

...Today my friend's husband shed some tears at the wedding, he unabashedly dabbed his eyes with his white hankie while his friends chortled and teased him for "fucking up". I've got so many happily married friends, including the one I had the above conversation with. But the one who wed today, her husband particularly loves her to the moon, beyond and beyond! He LOVES her and adores the ground she walks on. As I watched him cry, I thought how I would love for a man to love me this much, to openly shed tears of joy just because I said "I do". I want to be loved... Who doesn't? This post shouldn't make you think I don't, I've just got a few questions I need answered. 


  1. Yippee! She's back!

    Not everyone ends up married. As much I love my Christian values and not hiding the fact that most marriages ain't working, my candid advice to anyone planning to stay single is this - don't die lonely and alone. Have a child, yours or adopted, you'll need that company no matter how you try to deny it. There's nothing like your own. Think legacy.....

    Please, don't go AWOL on us again. Missed you dearly, but got my hands full.

    Thelma! You showed up in Surulere without organising our stuff?! :) it's good to hear you're ok.

    1. I'm with you on this. And studies shows that children of single parents perform more excellently in their academics than children from both parents.

  2. Why do I feel like one rich man is dotting on you somewhere? I may be wrong but my instinct never fails. Anyways put me on your train Tee.

    B2B, why artificial? I stand to be opposed but I am against it, and will never support it.

    Again, must every woman get married? Yes. Eve came into existence because an Adam exist, if there was no Adam then there would be no Eve, its hurting that in our generation the woman clings more for the man. It was never meant to be so.

    1. Question:At what point should one take decisions

      Answer: at what point did we forget that HE is El Shadiah ( Almighty, All sufficient Jehovah), if anyone has ever put his/her trust then finally gives up hope, then sorry he/she must be a coward.
      The word says "even if it tarry, wait for it, it won't tarry long"....having done all to stand, Stand. Why act like Sarah Abrams wife? Why would one want to help God? He who made the eyes shall he not see? Hope should be unflinching even at odd times.

      If widows with kids would remarry, how much more "chassis"

      God is powerful enough to provide His people with blessings. Not only is He powerful enough to do so; He wants to, but he also wants man to Trust Him what only him can do.

    2. Blink amen to the (rich) man dotting on me somewhere. My hands are always open to receive God's blessings. BTW I miss talking to you but I'm happy to hear you sound lively.

  3. Whew!!! At long last, she's back. Glad, you had a splendid and refreshing day. By the way, the pictures are beautiful especially the first.

    To your questions, I have no prejudice against artifical insemination especially when it is used within the confines of marriage to aid the production of an offspring. Outside the confines of marriage, one has to ask pertinent questions like why that choice? the health of the donor sperm? the emotional, mental, financial and pyschological well-being of the proposed parent (I strongly feel it is unfair to rob and deprive a child of the two parent system especially when the opportunities exist and there is no reasonable obstacle to having two parents)?

    I also have no qualms against children born out of wedlock. If I did, it'd be against the parents. Like a respected man once said, "there are no illegitimate children, just illegitimate parents". One has to understand that the birth of a (any) child is a gift from God. How can God's gift be termed Illegitimate? Well, I naturally should have a bias on this subject seeing as I was conceived out of wedlock.

    Does everywoman want to get married? Largely Yes.

    Would everywoman get married?

    Since I can't play the denial card (which would have been a very veritable answer), I'd opine that those that don't want to get married do so out of previous hurt experienced (personal or vicarious) with the marriage institution. Every human seeks some form of stable relationship/union/mutual interdependence, except when the idea and concept of relationships and unions has had a pungent taste with the concerned. The desire for marriage is more pronounced in a woman due to her higher emotional sensitivity.

    As for the 40 year old ... , I outlined some of the issues to be considered before singularly going down the road of artificial insemination. As Enjay shared, it is better to grow old with children than without especially when one is capable (financial, emotional, psychological ...) of rearing a child. A seemingly better approach can be to adopt a child - You'd have your own child and you'd also be doing the world a favour.

    As to your friend's wedding and hubby, quite commendable! I have this aspiration that I just don't want to love my wife, she must know and be convinced that I love her. What a beautiful world that would be.

    PS: if truly you want to go down the AI route, please involve your parents and close friends. Rearing a child isn't beans, it's hardwork and God's grace.

    (As usual, I have written another epistle, I should be forgiven considering today is a Sunday)

  4. Yipee, she is back, kept on refreshing. To the issue at hand marriage isn't a must. Even Paul advised people not to (although that was for a spiritual purpose). I prefer adoption but you might want to feel the thrills of labour so do what suit you, but it should be after careful consideration. Most importantly seek God's will. Moi

    1. 7k? Your cab man is robbing u silly. It shouldn't be more than 4k.
      I also had the thought of being a single parent but the friend I told had the same reaction as your friend. I should have stayed by the decision then I wouldn't be facing inlaw wahala now.

    2. Subomi I'm sorry about the in law wahala but the irrefutable truth is that Omoperesola is better off with a present father that loves her and her mum. Nothing compares to growing up with both parents present especially in an environment where there's love and mutual respect.

    3. Awwwww, Subomi it's gonna be alright Hon. Ur Kiddo is worth any sacrifice...

      To the post, Thelma I have the exact same plan. If at 35 I'm still Single. I'm getting 2 kids. One artificially inseminated, another I'll adopt. MY personal decision & at that point, My parents will be on board & i'll be financialy, emotionally & spiritually capable of raising them.
      Honestly, at some point, I really do NOT want to be married & if God does grant our heart desires, I think he'll understand. As for the Sperm donor, it's definitely gonna be someone I know, I already have a hand full of guys I can't marry but who'll make gorgeous babies with me. We'll work it out. LOL

      To ur friend, Happy Happier Happiest Married life babe! I wish ya Joy, Peace & Many intelligent babies.
      But My DFH, please no tears, cry all through the honey moon but not on my day. I shall cry for both of us. Not everyone will be like T & think it's cute.
      Thank U

    4. 'Love and mutual respect' that punchline is alot bigger than the words itself... And Humans in their imperfections just can't live up to it. That why there's war, power tussles, dictatorship, sufferings etc. in the world. To the extent we just have to live with some sh*t. Life

    5. Thelma please do what makes you happy. Ruthy I thought the age you'd do that is 30 (previous posts) anyway do what makes you happy too.

  5. Thelma, please download UBER on your phone. Omole cant be more than n4k, n5k at most and you can ride comfortably when you want to take a cab. They deduct your money from your account also instead of hagling cash and change.

    As for you gunning the bus, you are brave, me i will just sit at home. After some bad experiences with public transport when i was in secondary school i refuse to take the bus. I would rather not go anywhere.

    For not wanting to marry, before i met my husband i wasnt sure marriage was for me. I told myself at 35, i would just go adopt or go to a sperm bank and get inserminated and call it a day. I also considered freezing eggs. I am having this conversation with a friend who wants to freeze her eggs, and i support it. We even did research, in Europe - screened sperm is cheap.. €500 maybe..

    In Nigeria, the harder you look, the harder it becomes to find marriages with the proper set of fundamentals. People have traded basic happiness and peace for rings while being miserable. Is it entirely our fault, so to speak a lot of our parents generations have messed up marriages, some in our generation dont even know what a true marriage looks like. Some men think they are doing you a favor by marrying you, some women think they have won because he said i do- even though they are 1 out of his 20 women.

    I encourage both women and men to set their standards and stick with them..within reason. Looks requirement isnt a sincere standard, i am talking about character standards. And also folks should set their realistic expectations, cinderella and snow white are awesome, but aint nobody saving yo ass. Save yourself. If the person doesnt meet character standards, lets stop making excuses and setting ourselves up for disaster.

    1. I wish there was a like button for your 4th and 5th paragraph.

  6. Nobody should die lonely,if there's no husband there should be a kid
    All women don't have to marry,as far as you are happy I will say do what you want ,am soo not against artificial inseminationw
    But don't rule out marriage yet but there's nothing wrong in having a plan B

  7. Are you not a Christian? Live by God's word. If you want children, you can adopt :)

  8. Thelma! You read too many oyinbo books and watch too many oyinbo movies! It is messing with your mind! You just can't see it. *in my father's voice*

    And I would nod vigorously and agree.
    Thank you jare Uncle Chris for ur splufik comment. You're soooo forgiven!

    Thelma... u wie marry u hear? And you'll have children anyway you like. If you want a child now... and you're physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually ready/well equipped for it, you can adopt. That's fine.
    But this ur plan tho... when is noh as if "they" said you cannot and will never get married. Abi what explanation will u give jare when the King comes? Joor o! Lol. It is well! :*

  9. Hmm av neva really thot of not geting married at age 35 not to talk of having a plan B...

  10. There are over 10 billion people in the world. There should be at least one decent one out of them all who will worship the ground you walk on and totally love every thing about you, including the good and the bad. Humanity is not that messed up. Wait for it dear, it will be totally worth it when it happens.

  11. I think i'm with Thelma on this one though, i too will turn 30 in a few months and i am seriouzly thinking single motherhood as well. I love kids and want to have mine as soon as possible while i am still young. I almost make this mental calculation like, so my child would jst be like 8yrs old by the time i am in my 40s. And that is even if i start now o. I dont want to feel like a granny by the time my child turns 18. And many, especially the married ones are fast to say "God forbid you will get married and have kids the right way" but i just smile and imagine them on the other side. And it gets more frustrating when you search your heart and it feels like you can never find that right person for you, and even if that one is out there, it looks like he is never coming forth!! I have plan B o even though it might not seem right to some.

  12. It's good to dream and be optimistic but it’s better to be realistic. We all believe that we will get married but not every woman will and it's not because they don't want to. It's because there are more women than men and not all of those men want to get married.
    And like SB said, it's easier for those who are married and who are still in their early twenties to say “hold on, there is a man out there for you”. Truth is when you go through life and experience certain things, you stop believing in fairy tales and start facing reality.
    But the question is - what if you never get married? Let’s be real, not everyone will. Why adopt when you can have your own biological child? At 35, your fertility slumps and by 40 your pregnancy becomes high risk. What’s the life expectancy in Nigeria - how old would your child be when you are ‘expected to’ die? What’s the retirement age – who will pay for your child’s college?
    I think these are real questions that you need to ask yourself. If you want to please everybody or consider what people might say, you’ll never do anything. At the end, it’s your life and your happiness.

  13. here we go again, madam Thelma, today u wana get married, tomorrow u don't, quit living in denial. overflogged topic.


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