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Never Will I Ever... (Names).

 Someone asked me this question a while back and I thought to ask it to you then somehow thought it didn't make much sense but then again there's nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun so

(The above is the longest sentence I've written in a while without punctuation marks. LOL. Moving on..). So he asked me what name will you never name your child? This morning someone called in on a radio show and said she was making a shout out to her husband; Solution. SOLUTION! But why would you name your child Solution? I've also heard Military. And I used to know a family in who named their children (no jokes) George Bush, Bill Clinton and Condoleeza Rice. LOL. 

And while we're at it, do YOU like YOUR name? I know some people who don't. I know someone whose name is Endurance but he tells everyone his name is Eddy, short for Edward (if you ask him). If you want to threaten him just tell him that you will tell everybody that is name is Endurance. Hehe. Also my very posh friend would pay me loads not to tell anyone that her name is Peace, she just says she has no English name. 

I absolutely love ALL my names; Nwando Thelma Chidinma Valerie. A couple of years back most people called me Valerie, I don't know how we transitioned to Thelma. In fact just last night I was talking to my Ex whom I'd promised we would hang after the wedding and when he called I said I wasn't game anymore. He said "Val please nau". For a second I didn't know he was talking to me, why nigger alternates between Nwando, Thelma and Valerie is a mystery to me. Stick to one already! LOL. 

I would never give my kids "ghetto" names that have absolutely no meaning; Shaniqua, Laquisha, La'Kisha, Bon'Quisha, Sha'Nay Nay, La'Quishraniqua et al. I wouldn't give my kids names like (no offense to those bearing these names); God is Good, God is Great, God is Able etc BUT I can (and may) give them these names in Igbo or any other Nigerian language. 

Et tu? What would you absolutely never name your kids? Do you like your name(s)? What are some of the whackiest names you've heard?


  1. The wackiest name I have ever heard is AFRICA and END WELL.

  2. Ekaete, patience, mercy, okon, jackson, can't name my children those names.

  3. T, names are very important to me, infact it was part of my prayer point when I was a spinster, I said Lord, the name has to be cute. (lol)

    I didn't date one guy back then cos his name is "Ogbonnaya". (haba, clare ogbonnaya aiint cute. Na). Another one was called silvanus.

    I won't name. My kids with. The kind of names people will tease them with and cause psychological trauma for them kids, such as "thank god, god's time, etc, then the shaniqua and co u mentioned, I don't like patience, peace, monday, friday etc, (all the people I knw called patience, wish. They had different names)

    As for me, I love my names; Clare, Clarissa, Ejehi,

  4. I luv my name steffi,wish I came name my child too.I will never name my child fruit of d spirit names,no offence.names lyk,love,peace,joy,patience.or names lyk miracle,anointn God deyn...lyk serzly?

    1. Get in here steffi, Open confession: reminiscing when I first saw your name, I was like Hian!!! What is wrong with this one na? So she can't spell stephany well abi? The 'beef' would have cooked soup and stew. E-hugs Mon Chéri

    2. She was named after Steffi graaf the legendary Tennis player (from sweden I think?).... Hehehehe

  5. Incidentally, I also knew someone that bore the name Endurance and always referred to himself as Eddy! Took a bit of chance for me to find out his real name. Can we be talking about the same person?

    Names like days of the week, fruit of the spirit as steffi said, and basically any name that doesn't seem to have a meaning.

    Yes, I absolutely love my names.

  6. Wackiest names??? "Black child" and "heavy rain" joke

    1. Heavy rain? Some parents play too much.

  7. We need to learn why people give their children certain names. Many times, many parents dont know better, so you often have mis-spelling of names. When my maternal grandmother died about 10 years back at 90, no one was sure if her name was Unalee or Eulalee. They called her Eula, there was no birth certificate because she was over 90 and lived in the Carribean Islands. I have cousins named Ronkay for Ronke, and other often mis-spelled variations for "African" names. I also know someone named "Saint Alban", my mothers middle name is St. Rose, there really is a saint named Rose. My grandmother maybe was educated till primary school and thats it.

    People who name their children such names as Endurance have generally had tribulations they endured through. Doctor, lawyer etc names are aspirational names for their children. .. likewise names such as God is able etc.

    In my house we make fun of my mom because of her middle name.

    For me - i dont have children yet, but one name i plan on giving a child i have is Oluwajuwonlo..."God big pass all off them".

    As for me, i grew into my first name, and my middle name was my maternal grandmas name. Apparently she used to beat her husband. I havent considered beating my own husband so to God be the glory.

    One thing i say is so long as there is significant or meaning behind a name, by all means necessary. I have a friend named "Gilfionn"- the name has no meaning but a significance. Her dad died when her mom was 4 months pregnant with her. His nickname was Gilfi.

    1. 1000 likes as usual Mama....

      I also LOVE my names Ruth Chinyere.
      If I had another name, Ruth would have replaced it oh. The meaning personifies ME (an excellent companion), to anyone - Parents, Siblings, Spouse, friends. #ShinesTeeth

      Personally, I'll name my kids according to their birth but their names will definitely be Bible names. I have some unique ones!

  8. Yep,i love my names (even my alter-ego name too). Lol.
    Names do have an effect on a child.
    I already have a list of baby names. Some are mainstream,a few aren't.

  9. My child cannot be named Ebuka.., 90 percent of the bearer is strong headed, too strong willed or stubborn.
    Personally I would name my child regarding the circumstances surrounding his or her birth, and if there is nothing so significant then I would use the beautiful names with good meanings in my head already.
    I strongly opine that names are plainly traceable to their meanings.

  10. I will never name my kids those names that sound like diseases e.g Marasmus,longinus, Erasmus,fidelia,colinus, Levinus, they just don't sound well to the ears. Any day of the week is also a no no as well as english names in phrases e.g God's will,praise God, thank God etc. I prefer native meaningful names in all. J

  11. I love my name
    I wont give my kids names like God's power,God is able,Justina, Lovina,days of the weeks as names totally off the list n all those abstract nouns that are given as names are no nos

  12. I know Children are usually named by the circumstances around their birrh.. I have a friend who named her child April because to her,it signifies "spring,new dawn". I love my name so much and it has really worked for me positively in all areas of my life..I can testify!

    Jst remembered d actor/guy that named his twin babies *Hollywood and Nollywood". Lol. Anyway, to each man his own.

    1. Awww, I love April too. I know someone named January but she was born in April, I wonder why.

  13. Never felt I needed a better name than Omoruyi Uyi Tony (not Anthony)

  14. I absolutely love my names, especially my first name. Its long but i always call it in full and pple always tell me I epitomise my name :)

    I will never name my child Titi, bisi, bose, sade, tawa, john, taiye, kehinde, God's power, testimony, salvation, revelation, etc (apologies to those who bear these names) I will never name my child days of the week or any fruit of the spirit (there are many beatuful names in the bible). In fact, I already have my children's names picked out, since JSS3 hols *covers face*
    My children will have meaningful, well thought out names, no generic names for them. Amen

    1. I think it's a nice name but parents should not short form names once given.
      Bisi and sade..I really don't know these names in full. Sunday I think!!
      I don't think anyone gives the Taiye kehinde name but it's just how they let people know "eni to o koko daye ati eni ti o Tele" its more like a norm that pple don't want to call them by the names given...

      the names given according to circumstances surrounding a birth, I think are quite nice and it's always an emotional thing.
      when a baby stays in the womb for 11-13 months and there have been stories of either mum or child not surviving and the baby finally comes when you are in church with both of you healthy. I bet names like Iyanuoluwapolayemilopolopo will roll everywhere. Once you're there all of you will know.
      God is great,God is good really but just see the names from the native name side and not from the meaning of the name in English. English names,native names,Bible names and circumstances names are all given for a reason.
      I love my name ( what do you expect me to say before,you lie) and I'm sure those names you guys don't like have lovers of them and our names that we love have non lovers of them. Now this brings me to the names I DO NOT LIKE...names like Beyonce,Rihanna,Chris brown,August Alsina,Dwayne The rock Johnson and imagine Karreuche(hope I spelt it correctly) and so on! Just because they are names of celebrities.. Please don't

  15. I love my names so much especially my native name..infact,I don't let "anyhow person" know my native name let alone call me by "it".

    I'd never name my kids mother(had a Learner whose name's "mother" during my service year in Bayelsa),week(bayelsa too), incidence(Bayelsa oo), Loveday, Everistus, saviour, salvation, God is good,blessing,chinyere,amaka,Nkechi,Ebuka,Longinus, Livinus, Sabinus and all other "nus nus"

  16. A definite no for the fruit of the spirit and days of the week names. Don't like names with chi in them, if Chukwu doesn't flow, then by all means don't bother. Names that my naija people can murder are also a no for me. Names like sapphire that may be turned to safiya (in Jennifer's voice). I love my name Ebube (a bit too much sometimes), but try calling me Glory (in english) or Gloria (Spanish) and I find myself all worked up... most times I just totally ignore the oversabi translator until I hear my mother-given name.

  17. Never will I ever name my child Joy, Theresa, Thelma, Grateful, Greatness, gratitude. so uncool.

  18. The one I saw recently was Heineken Lokpobiri from Bayelsa State. What's the first thing that comes to mind when such a person introduces himself? (no hard feelings to the namesakes)

  19. I've heard the name OBODOYIBO and was like what da heck.
    I love my names and what they mean.

  20. I think our Niger-Deltan folks know how to give some names which make you go 'pppppardon?'

    Tuesday, Saturday, ThankGod, Hausa (yes, because a Hausa doctor took delivery of the 'deltan' baby), Destiny, Reubenson (why the need for the 'son'?), Bell-Gam, Speechee, Lamentation are some weird names I've heard.

    My children have beautiful Yoruba names, easy to pronounce and full of positive meanings.



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