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Please Don't Call Me When I'm In A Black Mood.

Please don't call me when I'm in a black mood.
That's what was written on the Tshirt and I just had to have it. I was in a black mood and I was getting some unwanted calls and I saw that Tshirt and I could swear they made it just for me. Unfortunately it was NOT my size. The biggest size they had was way too small for me. Still, I wanted it! I'd never come across something that suited me or my mood more and I just had to have it. I let the snotty shop attendant know this and she told me in a bemused snotty manner, "You cannot buy it, the shirt can never size you". Ha! Although I knew she used the word "never" without giving it much thought, and although I knew she was right, the shirt was two sizes too small for me, I insisted on taking it into the dressing room and trying it. Of course I couldn't fit into it no matter how hard I tried to squeeze my body into it, but I wasn't going to give that snotty attendant the satisfaction, I took it to the counter and paid for it. "It's your size?" She asked, disbelief and confusion on her face. I nodded yes and gloated, almost stuck my tongue out as I walked away.

HOWEVER it was not my size, it was really too small. But that attendant said I would never fit into it and that was all the challenge I needed. Yup, two months later and I'm rocking my black Tshirt and if only I'd bought it in Lagos, I would have derived great pleasure in going to show the lady. Haven't you heard Never say never? Hahaha.

Anyhoo, it's been about two months since I went on diet and I've lost well over 10kg, about 15kg. As you can see I'm still a sexy orobo and this time around I'm not aiming for skinny like the last time, but I just needed to drop some pounds and I'm still working on it. Truth be told I went to the gym just once but I've adopted a healthier diet and everyday the weight lessens. I need to start hitting the gym though, because I do want abs, but most especially because I'm losing weight in all the wrong places. 

My legs are getting smaller and believe it or not, I don't want them to! I want slimmer arms but those ones are trying to defy me. RME. Also my booty and boobies are shrinking by the second and it's just frightening. My mum saw me last week and said "Where are your 'mammaries'?!!!". It's not even funny. So I need to hit the gym do some squats to ensure that my hips and butt stay visible while my waistline and arms shrink.

Has anyone ever told you you couldn't do something? Guess what, that's all the push you need. Get it done, the satisfaction you'll derive from this is greater than an opium high! And that's besides the gratification you'll getting from accomplishing something you thought was too difficult to achieve.

And people I'm in need of inspiration. I'm certain there are a number of us who here who have achieved something someone once told us we'll never be able to. Is that you? Please share your story with me. 


  1. Thelma o, help a sister.I've given up on working on my weight, the more I try the less improvement I see on the scale and I am discouraged to continue.How do you just do this?

    1. I'm sorry Anne, I know how frustrating it can be. I've gone on several diets, including the hunger fest where I lost about 45kg but none of them have been as awesome as this present one. In just 6 days I was noticing a difference. This diet has taught me that it's not enough to just cut out carbs and night meals, portion control is very important. So even when I'm eating green salads with no dressing or Italian dressing, I watch my portions. It is very very important. Even if it's just protein or just vegetables or even fruits or nuts, I watch my portions. For instance, the fact that you're having wheat bread isn't license to binge, eat two or three slices at most. Please continue to work at it, ignore the scale and stick to a healthy and clean diet and smaller portions.
      I know I sometimes lose weight quite easily, my prayer is just for grace to stay disciplined because I have a terribly sweet toothe and I still have a long way to go.

    2. ---and drink warm water and lemon juice (freshly squeezed) first thing in the morning


  2. I love the shirt
    That shop attendant has guts thou

  3. This just took me back to when I was pregnant, DH and his siblings kept telling me to give my skinny jeans and skin tight gowns away cos I'll never fit into them again. I just smiled, I was like no need to respond now, my body would do all the talking. Fast forward to when I put to bed, the pregnancy weight dropped just three weeks after but I needed ripped abs so I went insane with workout insanity. Not only do all my old cloths fit perfectly, I'm even slimmer with flatter abs than DH's sisters who do not have kids yet. Hehehehe I didn't even remind them to eat their words, but I see it in their eyes. Haaaaaa. All I need now is booty like Thelms. We're almost there thank you weighted squats.

    1. LOL. I'm loving that determination!!!

      Make I do born my own oh. I need to see what I'll look like.

    2. My dear Ruth, you will fat ehn u may not even recognize urself. :p

    3. Lmaoooo! Uyi!!! Why evils?!

    4. Uyi I cast & bind U!!! Vamoose to the pit of fire, brimstone & sulphur!!!

      Yeye boy.

  4. Errr... well they said my hair would not grow but Godwin! lol! They also said I won't lose weight but Godwin. And many others... but God always wins! **big smile**

  5. Forget waiting for *Divine Revelations* and the Abs will come :-)

    There's this CD on "Ripped ABS in 6 weeks" by Jillian Michaels, I hope it's available in Nigerian stores. She says Sit-Ups are boring (not to me though). LOL

    Bia Ruthy and Kabuoy, both of you again? How long will it take this roundabout issue to disappear? You guys better SIT-UP!

  6. Lmaooo! Ahn ahn memphis. Ko da o! Round about ke? Looool! And iv lost weight o.. true! Ask sunshine. True true! Lol.

  7. THELMA!!!! pls help a sister. i need to lose JUST 10kg.(lols) what do i do? bv's pls help i need to fit into my dream wedding dress soon biko. i once lost close to 20kg bt as a result of heartbreak I dont even know how it happened but it did and i dont pray for that kind of torment again. HELP!!!

  8. Years ago, I needed to work but I had only a Diploma Certificate and in the process of obtaining my B.Sc. When I went to meet my youngest Uncle who was working in a bank then to help out (then there were a lot of people working with only Diploma), he told me point blank I could never find a job. It wasn't so much of what he said but how it was said, so hurtful. Some years later, the job I got with the same ND took me to UK where he stays for training.

    Also, one day, I saw one of my old pictures and I told my kid brother that I wish I could go back to that size. His response was a resounding 'NEVER'! Few months down the line, he and others started complaining how sickly I looked as I lost more weight than anyone would ever imagine.


  9. Lol did you really just display your ''abs''.....

    1. Off kess. They're after all MY abs, as you said. Didn't think I had abs yet though, thanks for the compliment. Muahhh!

    2. Dummy that's why its in quote. dumb dumb.

    3. God bless you Anon, and heal your hurt. kisses still. Muahhhhh!

  10. Nwando you have lost weight o..that's good.....I remember abk.....I read your blog everyday....keep up the good work.

    1. Cobany thank you, I miss you oooooooo. I remember our Abk days at least once every week and that to our haunted house with human rats and that wicked landlord. Smh.

  11. Thelma, I need to shed weight am inspired by this post. Pls help a sister.

  12. what is the mark of the shirt? please honey


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