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The Bane Of Ignorance. (The Bruce Jenner Transgender Issue).

The level of ignorance some of you exhibit is just incredible! “My God doesn’t make mistakes”, ” he involved 'my God' in this”, is God your sole property or how does that relate to the issue on ground? Does it explain the reason why someone born male wants to be a female? If you want to use that as an argument or fact, how would you explain the millions of people born with hundreds of different genetic abnormalities/congenital diseases of all parts/cells of the human body? Are these people mistakes or made by the devil because they are not perfect or they are perfect because God wanted them to be born with diseases?

We live in an imperfect world, and there things that we don’t yet understand or that we may never understand properly. Instead of you to broaden your knowledge by reading about these things you read online, you just involve God into everything and make dumb statements.

We as a people never try to find out the reason for something either by researching or just plain reading about something, we just feel anything that doesn’t follow the ” norm” as we know it or isn’t like us or feel exactly as we do is bad and immoral.

You see an egg with 2 yolks you start panicking and praying, you see a chicken with 2 heads you want to stone it to death, you see a man who says he feels like a woman and you don’t try to understand what is wrong you want to kill him or condemn him.

Do you think people just wake up one morning and decide they want to suffer, be made fun of by the world, become outcasts, be bullied, killed or maimed by others due to what they feel deep inside just because! You guys make me sick! Dogs are better than the lot of you, they don’t understand many things but they don’t judge, they just LOVE even when they don’t know what is wrong or understand!


If you haven't already figured it out, this is a comment (Bella Naija) someone made on the Bruce Jenner  interview in response to those people who expressed disdain at Bruce's mentions of God; I am a Woman…God Gave Me the Soul of a Female”, and also accusations that Bruce (with other transgenders) was indirectly saying that God made a mistake by making him a man. I found this comment thought provoking and thought to share with you. 

God does not make mistakes. But how do you explain all the birth defects, medical anomalies and genetic abnormalities?

Is medically changing your gender mockery to God?

Is it complete hogwash when some people say they feel the exact opposite sex from that they were born with?

On the Bruce Jenner man-woman transition, how do you feel?


I'm sorry I've been away all day. I wanted to post this earlier today but my wifi subscription ran out and I don't know if it's my device or not but I wasn't able to access Quick Teller all day. Just got it sorted now. I hope y'all have had a great day?


  1. Best post ive seen in like forever. I just kept loving the writer the more i read. I thought it was you, Thelma, i was already planning bride price asap. Those are the kind of people i love to have around me, Seriously. Liberal, non judgemental...

    1. Ah! In that case thank God it wasn't me. You want your mother to ask me "Aunty do you want to marry him, or you want to adopt him?".Uyi please o! I may be big but I don't have power to fight. LOL.

  2. Thelma and Uyi sitting on a tree. Lol. I will come back and complete my comment later

  3. John 9:1-12. A man ascertained to be born blind by the disciples of JESUS and HE was asked why this should have happened. Did he sin? Did his parents sin? As usual, THE MASTER astounds us with HIS answer:

    "Neither this man nor his parents sinned but this happened so that the works of GOD might be displayed in him".

    In order words, being born with a defect doesn't mean one has to end up with that defect, but by believing, that defect is erased. So he who's disturbed by those constantly referring to GOD should please give it a rest. It's not a believer's fault to place every occurrence in life as having a spiritual undertone. It's his belief. It's his right. And for all intents and purpose Mr. Bruce Jenner was born without a defect. He was born a PERFECT man, and this process is disgusting. Stay blessed.

    1. Don't you think you have contradicted urself when you say "It's not a believer's fault to place every occurrence in life as having a spiritual undertone. It's his belief. It's his right." And yet you don't give Bruce Jenner the 'right' to feel he wasn't born 'a PERFECT man'? The question is who are you to think the life(or process as u call it) of another man is 'disgusting'? The last time I checked, Our Bible also said the wisdom(including yours) of man is like filthy rag in his sight. So as a christian, I'd suggest you stick to your limited wisdom to decipher wat 'process is disgusting'.

    2. Nope, I didn't contradict myself. Your right to believe in GOD also makes GOD's decision about your present existence right (perfect or imperfect).

      A believer's right to believe in GOD means if he feels he wasn't born Perfect then we should see the flaws in him which GOD would most likely use to manifest HIMSELF. What are the flaws in Bruce Jenner that contradict the Laws of Nature? Can you or he tell us? The man said he feels feminine in his soul hence he has to go through transition. He has deviated from that right to believe in GOD by doubting his PERFECT gender and assuming with his limited knowledge that he and only he knows what's best for him. When a man does that, he's passing a message which says, "GOD has no right to make decisions concerning me". Perfect decision, after being responsible for using a perfect male organ to bring forth not less than five children into the world? We didn't here that he wasn't cool with rush of testosterone in his *imperfect* system during these processes, did we?

    3. "So as a christian, I'd suggest you stick to your 'limited' wisdom to decipher wat 'process is disgusting'" loool! Uyi... biko we need to see. My punch for you is doing press up!

      Thelma you have to organize that "gets togeda" o. And make sure Uyi comes.

      As usual... Memphis is articulate and spot on.

      Plenty e-hugs for you. I officially declare my crush on you. My only crush on this blog after FNLP(i really miss her btw). *big smile* (I hope there are few of us o... cuz I cannot fight o!) loool!

      On a serious note, The Lord bless you and keep you. You'll continue to grow in WISDOM and favor before God and man. God bless you. And you too Uyi! But that punch can't wait! Lol! Even if I have to jump to give it! Looool!

    4. Lmao @Kabuoy. Don't mind Uyi, the day both of us jam, Mayweather vs Pacquiao will be child's play compared to ours.

    5. Lmao!

      But as you have said that God has created us 'perfect' then why do people take drugs(made by man) to cure imperfections? and for the record, not all illness are glaring to the eyes. To the adage; AIDS no dey show for face.
      He had to go through 'transition', guess what? The process was done by doctors who are Creations of God.

    6. I think I've come to realize that people think God is one 'third party' person. He's in us, not in the sky, not in the clouds. He's in you! So if anyone has got a conviction to feel better about him or herself, so far it isn't criminal.

    7. @Kabuoy, If I give you flying tackle ehn, I'm not sharing Memphis o.

      @Uyi, I thought it was our righteousness that was as filthy rags before him...

      Anyways, back to the topic @ hand...I'm scared for our generation cos I think in a bid to be liberal and accepting, we'll push people more and more to hell...So after 3 women,several kids and multiple ejaculations, a man comes up to say he identifies as a woman even though he's still attracted to the opposite sex but here's the catch, he's not gay.....Confused much?

      What does Bruce Jenner want? I'm sure even God is asking the same question

    8. well said memphis, tres bien

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    10. On a lighter note, more men are still single than women. Why? Isn't that unfair also?

    11. Lmaooo @ Tiwa! Flying tackle ke?! Loool! e dakun o! U see memphis.... u see what i'm saying! Ko buru!

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  4. This for me is just as touchy as the subject of being gay, simply for the mere fact that I realise I did nothing to choose my sexual orientation. So what gives me the right to think that people who feel that way made a choice and thus judge them? I only conclude that some things we can not understand. We see in part, we know in part...What if this was one's child and you have prayed and 'binded' and casted, then what next?? Stone them to death?? I really don't know... It contradicts what God did in the garden of eden, but I have to admit there are some things that are beyond me. I still do not have the right to judge or condemn anyone, regardless of what I think their 'sin' is.

    1. I couldn't have said it any better! This remains a knotty issue for me.

  5. Why is it usually whites that feel this way most of the time

    1. Are you serious? Never heard this one before. Lol

  6. There is a particular comment on that post that was so on point. I'm surprised you did not include it because it settled the whole argument about ppl born with deformities. God does not make mistakes. J

  7. Trannies have it harder when it's a man who feel like a woman inside. Tomboys walk the streets daily and carefree. Many play basketball,football and other "boyish" sports cos we trying to enforce gender equality. Are theirs overlooked cos they didn't announce their preferred gender identity?
    While I'm convinced the bible meant "thou shall not wear men's clothing" is in reference to times like this,i can't help but wonder what trannies are going thru.
    We are living in a time where being vocal and part of our existence and it's shocking to knw that there are more trannies out there who have since switched identity than there are who are just announcing their intended switch.

    There are doctors who correct "birth defects",there are people who wear glasses,there are surgeons who separate Siamese twins etc,wld we say God made a mistake?
    The world is getting worse by the second. Earthquakes,wars,famine,xenophobic attacks,Isis,etc. All this happening in the same world God created. Gender identity crisis is the wrongest example to use to ask if "God made a mistake".

    1. Ok Sasha bone, my bride price is still available. Oya let's go to the village for the proper ceremony... *mmmmuuaahhhhh*

    2. The world ceased to be perfect the day Adam and Eve were driven out from their Glorious Abode. In a bid to achieve a minute amount of that eternal peace we tend to become desperate in solving our imperfections that we, as believers, fail to look within us and see GOD (as Uyi rightly implied) but see HIM as a very distant "third person".

      I've always loved tattoos, still do, with a considerable passion. The only reason I've not had my skin branded is because of my fear of needles. Quite recently I overcame that fear but came across Leviticus 19:28. I was not happy at all. In this state I tried my best to reason beyond that *disturbing* verse. I searched through the Bible and even, at a point, convinced myself that I was getting this to fulfill a desire that doesn't seem to contradict GOD's Will. But here's the problem: I was (still am) convinced I'm doing what's right and pleasing to my understanding, but I'm not convinced I'm pleasing GOD by doing this. The greatest commandment says we must love GOD above ALL THINGS (including ourselves), and in that regard, perfect or imperfect situation, we must at all times recognize GOD in us and please HIM before pleasing ourselves. So in that regard, until I'm convinced that GOD isn't against tattoos, my tattoo quest remains on-hold. In that regard, we as believers must look within us and find GOD's Desire, instead of clouding HIS with ours that are at most times imperfect.

    3. As a christian,ive decided to focus my faith on AD and not BC. There's a reason it's called the New Testament and the message in all the different books and verses is simple - Love.
      You don't have to understand,just love one another as urself
      Love is love,theres no double standards to it.
      Accept people for who they are cos if trannies are giving us high BP,what wld we say/do when the aliens amongst us finally come out and announce themselves too? Lolz!!!

    4. Like you I'm also a tattoo lover, and the only thing stopping me is the same thing stopping you. Biko per adventure you get a revelation that says 'HE' won't mind, let a sister know through TTB!

    5. Oga Memphis, why do you feel that desire to get tatted is 'yours' and not 'his'? Why do u feel the bible should only be your moral guide to make heaven? I'm sure you know that Leviticus has some scriptures that aren't in line with the new testament. I'm not trying to be controversial but sometimes we just have to look beyond The Bible(all due respect).

    6. Uyi, what amazes me about you is the way you contradict yourself from time to time. Only you said we should look inwards and discover GOD, which I agree to, and now you're saying we just have to look beyond the Bible? What does that even mean? Are you saying that as a Christian, life is deeper than what the Bible has to offer? You and Sasha out of convenience decide to be AD compliant rather than BC, but sorry to burst your bubble o. AD, BC, GH, XYZ, its The Same GOD. As Christians we believe nothing is deeper than the Holy Scriptures in answering life's many questions so you telling me to look beyond the Bible, The Word of GOD, need to explain what you (as a Christian) mean by that statement.

      "...Why do u feel the bible should only be your moral guide to make heaven..." please do you have an alternative moral guide that's better than the Bible? I'll appreciate it if you share.

      "...why do you feel that desire to get tatted is 'yours' and not 'his'?...". Simple, because HIS Desire outweighs mine, and I cannot assume what HIS Desire is after HIS Laws are against tattoos in Leviticus. Until I'm convinced it doesn't affect my spirituality, my desire will not contradict the Word. AD or BC, it's still GOD's Word.

    7. Lols,u got jokes memphis.
      It's weird how Jews don't recognize BC but focus their faith on AD yet Christ himselve is of Jewish lineage.

      I've listened to coverts (I inclusive) who say their "conscience" wasn't at rest whenever they worshiped (irrespective of religion and denomination) in a certain way and it was when they switched that they felt at peace with themselves and their faith. I can liken this to what Bruce is going thru. We can look at it either way we want but his conscience is his conscience and he has a right to be at peace with himself...

    8. No Sasha, you getting it wrong. I honestly can excuse Bruce if he was an atheist, but dude believes in GOD. No one is crucifying him for having an abnormal feeling but by letting his conscience overshadow what GOD desires of him. As believers we are bound to please GOD before pleasing myself. Tell me you'll pay for branding my butt with "" and I may be tempted to take the next available *flight* to your area. But what will stop me on my tracks is the lack of conviction of GOD's position on the branding. I don't know if I'm making sense...cos I'm hungry. :D

    9. I don't wish to think on His behalf but can u really please God if ur unhappy with urself? Is God happy if ur unhappy with urself or struggling with something deep inside that no one else can understand?
      The love being preached in the new testament keeps taking a whole new meaning and depth each time debates like this comes up.

    10. Sasha please help tell him oh... How do you please God inside you when you yourself are not happy inside....

      God is in you. The bible is a guide and nothing more. The Bible isn't to be worshipped it is not God. God is in you and somethings happening in the world today that the bible can't decide for you but your conscience(the God in you) can guide you.

      For me, to simply put Love is the only way, the truth and the life. Nothing else matters biko.

    11. Let me get this straight... Are you saying, Memphis, that if I have tattoos on my body I won't make heaven?

    12. Uyi, as usual, contradicting yourself. I quoted you and asked you to clarify but no answer. I'll do that again:

      "...The bible is a guide and nothing more...", agreed, and definitely shouldn't be worshiped. I don't know who implied he/she worships the Bible anyway, but you said it's a guide. To what? To who?

      "...God is in you and somethings happening in the world today that the bible can't decide for you but your conscience(the God in you) can guide you..." LMAO. Please read Romans 1 and 2, let that be a guide for you to clarify this statement.

      "...Love is the only way, the truth and the life...". You know there was a Post concerning gays and I asked you if you would let your brother be after discovering he's gay and you implied that you would attempt to help him. But as far as the rest of the world is concerned (and because they're not a threat to National Security) they can help themselves, it's really not your business how they choose to live. Is this the kind of Love you're talking about? One-sided Love? Love displayed only at home but not manifested outside? :/

      "...Are you saying, Memphis, that if I have tattoos on my body I won't make heaven?" That's not what I implied. I desire tattoos, and would gladly have them like right now, but my desire for them shouldn't in anyway overshadow GOD's position, which I'm not sure of. And because I'm not certain of GOD's position and to remain in HIS good books, I'll rather be unhappy without tattoos than assume that HE's not disturbed by me getting them.

      One more thing, you and Sasha really need to read and meditate on your Bible, it makes things easier to understand. It's, as you put it, a guide afterall. So meditate and discover where it guides you to. Stay Blessed Always.

    13. Lols,I have and still do that's why I'm Pro-AD and not much of BC! I'm a Christian not a Jew.
      If u study the Old testament well enough,u wld not wish for our generation to be like that!
      Grace! Grace!! Grace!!!

    14. Hmmm. Alright o. Grace for us all :D

    15. There are guidelines on how to drive a car right? So if its followed to the teeth you will become a good driver right? Now do you know what differentiates a Good driver(Fernando Alonso) from a Great driver (Michael Schumacher)? Making decisions beyond just the proper guide to being a F1 driver.

      I'm sorry, I just couldn't find a better way to explain it but this... I just hope you understand my stance on this issue. I surround myself with just love and dats all. I'm not inclined to judge anyone's actions but mine. I leave that to our Creator.

  8. Memphis pretty much summed it up already. In addition, "thou shall know the truth and it shall set you free". If you don't feel free, then you most likely are ignorant of the truth or worse, living in denial of it.

    1. Exactly the point of Bruce and every tranny and homosexual coming out of the closet. They never felt free and thus came out. Some don't even need to announce their sex-change to anyone. They've long switched.
      Pls read Genesis 6 vs 5-7. Pls interprete incase my version is different.

    2. That portion of the bible only tells me that The Creator wish he hadn't created and not that there was a mistake in the creature itself. Say for instance I do someone a favour and they don't appreciate it but rather make a mess of it. I'd most likely regret doing that favour... doesn't mean I made a mistake (misguided judgement borne out of faulty reasoning). This isn't even semantics at play. Being disappointed about some thing isn't the same as having an error in judgment.
      So while your version is definitely same as mine, our understanding of it is obviously different.

    3. I guess "Stealing isn't Corruption" and "Barring isn't Banning"...issorai!

    4. Lol!!! Sasha bone ooo... You're just you sha! But stealing IS corruption and barring ISN'T banning. Yup! Am #teamchange and also conservative like that.

    5. Lmao! Trust me, stealing can never ever be corruption.smh*

      God created us and created us like him(with wisdom). So let's act wisely for the sake of our existence and see the truth in us and us only. I guess Jenner was just tired of lies.

  9. hehe..all ye folks french kissing Memphis side eye @kabuoy.. the truth is, lets just accept as christians that there are some mysteries we dont understand. Memphis is just an intelligent dude that packaged his argument complete with buzz words that soothe fellow conservative christians but he aint answer the question. He just typed a profound sermon and ignored facts and reality. All I got from your comment is if you're born with a natural defect, its wrong to alter it.
    If you claim that people should just accept their natural imperfections as God's plan or whatever, then by analogy, siamese twins shouldnt be taken to the doctors for seperation, in the future, if scientists create a brain surgery procedure that can cure autism, autistic christian children shouldnt take, they should look at the God in themselves (whatever that means) or go to TB Joshua.
    Unless you have evidence that Bruce is lying about his condition and he just wants to be a freak...then just free him and live your life.

    1. Who wld u want to french kiss u for this comment? Uyi or me??? Lolz

    2. When I started my comment I started with an instance JESUS made an imperfect man whole, I never implied that people should live with their imperfections. All I'm saying, in trying to summarize my comments, is that we as believers seek GOD's FACE in our trials and imperfections. HE answers not only through miracles but also through doctors. You just used your point to assume you understood mine, which amazes me. JESUS healed the man born blind, same way doctors correct defects. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Good enough Bruce Jenner believes in GOD, too bad he decides to act on his desires without thinking of GOD's Desire in his life. There's nothing medically proven wrong with Bruce's gender so we can confirm he's without defect, a PERFECT man. Why then classify him with siamese twins?

    3. lol...sasha you no well.
      Memphis I totally get your point but remember that a lot of current medical cases were just freaky until thorough research was Dyslexic kids were just seen as dumbasses by the society until not too long ago when they discovered it was a brain defect. There are a lot of ''freaky'' cases out there that lacks sufficient medical info... doesnt change the fact that its a defect. I've read about a woman who sees the world upside down (spatial orientation phenomenon), a man who believes he is dead (Conrad syndrome). There really isnt much medical evidence to explain their conditions YET..doesnt mean these arent real natural defects..
      If I'm being honest, Bruce's procedure kinda freaks me out too but mehn..doesnt make his claim any less real -or fake as the case may be

    4. Punintended... your own punch is doing sit-ups! loool! Yoruba boy like you! *tongue out*

  10. Hiya mami...Uhmmm...Truly, I saw that interview and I was very confused with what my feelings and emotions were supposed to be. I didn't know who to feel sorry for...him or his family and loved ones. I don't care if anyone is gay or bisexual or transgender...I really don't..If you are a good person with a good heart - that works for me. Whatever gender you feel comfortable being or being with is absolutely none of my business...Whatever you do in your bedroom isn't my business either. I got lots of buddies who are gay and lots of girlfriends who are lesbians or bisexual...seen and hung out with transgenders I said, it is none of my business. Even tho I am a christian, I am not gonna force my beliefs down anyone's throat...#simplysaid!

    1. Matthew 28:19-20, should it also be viewed as forcing your beliefs down people's throats? I'm asking because you have said you're a Christian.

    2. It says Go ye therefore and 'TEACH'.... It did not say 'FORCE' can tell someone what you believe buh you have no right to force it down their throats! So to answer your question - if I do what you have been doing above, then yes! That will be me 'forcing' (not teaching) my beliefs down their throats.

  11. I try to understand and not judge LGBT people but sometimes its really hard. Take for instance Bruce, he's been married 3times, had lots of sex with women, has at least five children, is not attracted to men and isn't gay but he "for all intents and purposes" is a woman? How does that even work or make any sense?

    Dude! You can't have your cake and eat it. You wake up after 65years, 3 wives and 5-7children and say you're a woman? You were made a man and have lived as such for so long but now you want to see what life's like on the other side?

    Memphis! Ilakaaye e o ni tan! (your wisdom will not finish)

    1. You haven't been following his story then. He didn't just wake up,it has always been in him. That he's been hiding/supressing it don't mean he's been ok with it. He wants to be who he wants to be because he finally wants to be it. That its on national tv is because of who he is.
      Not everyone is comfortable hiding a secret. The issue here is: since he's hiddin it for 65yrs,he might as well hid it till his grave right?
      Live and let live. He's existance isn't a threat to national security. When he finally reaches the grave,let him discuss this further with his maker...
      There are Christians who are living in fear of openly practising their faith. Do u knw what it's like for them? Maybe we shld take out our time and read about Daniel in the bible (who as at his time wldnt be called a Christian)

    2. 'He's existance isn't a threat to national security...' Gosh I love this statement.

    3. I just love Chioma's comment. "...if you don't like something change it, its a dangerous cycle. " a very dangerous one at that. These days, even the AD sort of christanity that Sasha preaches is too hard for people to follow(remember Ananaias and Saphira?)

      When i read stuff like this, I'm reminded of 2Tim 3. A lot of us do things just to please ourselves leaving God out of the equation and hoping or thinking that God will follow the desires of our hearts because he loves us when we are supposed to follow the desires of his heart because we love him whether or not it is convinient for us. God did not promise that this life will be a walk in the park without adversity or tribulation, he did promise that when we get to those junctures in our lives, he will be there with us and that he has already overcome for us.

      And for the New Testament christians, 2Tim. 3 i think the second to the last verse says ALL scripture is give by God's inspiration for reproof, for correction and for instruction that we may be perfect. Its right there in the New Testament. I don't claim to be perfect or good (Lord knows I'm far from it) but it doesnt change what is in the bible that's supposed to guide us.

      Like Chioma said, we shouldnt let the things of the flesh direct us. What is wrong is wrong and correction isnt the same thing as judging or condemnation. It doesnt mean that the person doing the correction loves that person any less. So if you're a christian know what God wants and what he doesnt and stand your ground. There's no room for sitting on the fence. Its either it is right or wrong, black or white, there are no shades of grey.

      God help us.

    4. When I watch Xmen (Hugh Jackman is one hell of a hottie), I read something beyond the action. I see a group of people (mutants) trying to be accepted in a world whose people (humans) don't understand them. Mutants didn't create themselves. Their parents are as human as us but they (mutants) were born with "a birth defect". Some even notice their powers much later in life. A lot hide their poweres for fear of being stigmatized. The humans even went as far as creating a cure for them.
      What's my point? We wld never truly understand something till we find ourselves in something similar.

    5. The X-men were divided into two groups: Prof. Xavier's and Erik Lehnsherr's. E's group are those group of people who want the world to understand their *predicament* by all means, even portraying themselves as dominant beings, becoming dangerous. X's group however decides to let the world understand them and are ready to be accepted when the world is prepared to absorb the so called shock of evolution. This is what we've been saying. I appreciate X group; don't shove a vague idea into a world already used to certain norms simply because you're going through pain. The world will accept you and help you when you let them understand. No one has to be a mutant for you to understand them.

    6. Whether Team Xavier or Team Magnito,the point here is that people who are different shld be accepted by all neither by force nor by freewill.

    7. Lol. I got your point but you didn't get mine. People should be accepted more out of freewill than force. What even happened in the third installment, Last Stand? Mutants going for a cure? You saw that, right? Rogue was among this group. Just goes to tell you that all mutants are not comfortable with their *defects* but while some would not bother and some shove it in our faces, others crave to be like the rest of the world. They'll always be two groups of such people: X's and E's

    8. Lols,atleast we agree on one thing. Xmen is a dope movie.
      Now about ur point,truth is im confused. One minuite u say they are disgusting then u say they are going against the normal order of existance then ur saying people shldnt have to be forced to accept them now it's they shldnt shove it people's faces.
      They are among us Memphis. A lot more than u think. A lot are hiding,alot have switched and u wldnt tell till they tell u and a number are coming out and damning the consequences.
      They wldnt hide forever. And they definitely don't need ur (and ur likes) permission to be who they wanna be. They are not forcing u to accept them. All they want is to walk the streets w/o being stigmatized.
      I don't understand ISIS,i don't understand BH,i don't understand nuclear weapons but I wldnt accept them why? Cos they are man-made and man's inhumanity to man but when a human just wants to be human and u have a problem with that,im sorry but that clearly ur problem not theirs.
      A sex change is deep yes,but is it better or worse than a religious change? Nothing is permanent except death...

    9. Hian. Nne I didn't say they were disgusting naa. It sounds like I'm judging. I said the process is disgusting. And we're actually talking about Bruce Jenner here, not mutants. lol.

      Alright, let me use gays for instance and relate them with the X-men. Gays are human, they're among us, no dispute. But we have those that don't care about the ripple effects when they decide to justify their actions due to their *defects* (Es), while we have those that would rather curb their *defects* while trying to come to terms with what they are going through alone till people understand and accept them (Xs). Then there're those who would welcome any kind of help that would make them straight because they are not comfortable with their *defect* (Rorgue). I go with the Rorgues and Xs, but the Es, those coming-out-of-the-closet guys? Naah.

      Bruce is definitely an E, that is assuming he had/has a defect, and that's what I really don't understand about him. He has performed all perfect actions as a male all his life, he's not gay, he's still attracted to women. If he feels feminine within does it stop him from being at least an X? Will that kill him? Doesn't he care about the ripple effect of his actions? I don't know if you understand what I'm driving at.

    10. In other words, the "E's" shld keep hiding till the world learns to accept them?
      How wld the world accept people who haven't accepted themselves?
      So in ur mind ur convinced that they need help? One minute u say God dint make a mistake making them (however they are) and now ur saying they need help? How shld I reconcile the two?

    11. Yeah, GOD didn't make a mistake. John 9:2-3. That was my first comment. I've always implied that such people need help but I'm still against people who tend to force us to accept their defects. The problem is you're thinking I'm against such people. I never implied that too. I'm just against what they do; like the Es, forcing us to accept what is against the norm instead of working to understand and probably cure the defect, like the Xs and Rorgues. How else should I explain this? I'll use another example:

      When JESUS saved the adulterous woman from being stoned HE didn't just send her on her way. HE said "go and SIN NO MORE". In effect, no one is allowed to judge her, but what she did was a terrible sin and she must change. That's what I've been trying to say all this while but I don't know why you're misunderstanding me. I didn't condemn Bruce Jenner, I condemned his action, and I did that because he acted like an E instead of an X. Reconciled now? lol

    12. Memphis what is this ripple effect you speak of and explain how the extent of damage this ripple effect could cause to mankind (and please dont talk about that natural selectivity or all those evolution crap). Fact is, almost everything we do has a ripple effect - negative and positive. If I get a job at Chevron today (Lawd please), the negative ripple effect is that I might have deprived an equally qualified nice guy from gettin that job and he probably needs the job more than I do cos he has a wife, 5kids and a greedy sidechick who wants to keep up with fashion trends. so should I reject the job cos of its potential ripple effects
      My point is, if we start getting scared of ripple effects, we might never make a decision... as long as you're not harming anyone directly, know..
      BTW Kabuoy, I see you, lol, you need cane

    13. Punintended, there's a reason why we have a Censors Board, there's a reason why we have parental control module in our electronic system, there's a reason why we guide our kids. To check the negative ripple effects of these kind of things. Don't try to compound the issue because you want to be liberal about Bruce Jenner's case. If you have kids, tell them it's alright to engage in gay relationships, adultery/fornication and the likes, or tell them that they can switch genders if they feel like because they don't understand the stunt GOD played by creating them with a perfect gender. Remember, your kids, no one else, since as you said, "if we start getting scared of ripple effects, we might never make a decision". SMH

    14. Yh,u miss the point. He isn't forcing it down anyone's throat. Like I've said,many have long switched without announcin to anyone. Im guessing ur "forcing down our throat" means they shld spare us the announcement,right???

    15. Mehhn...I've exhausted myself trying to make things clear but obviously we're not communicating, despite our mutual love for X-men. Haha. Let's just pray and hope for a better world than what we see daily.

    16. hehe again..classic Memphis; Sidestep the opposing argument and impress the audience with a compelling speech. I didnt compound any issue my nigga, I just attacked your ripple effect point with an accurate analogy. reply you...I'm not going about preparing and hoping to preach gay marriage to my future kids.
      In the immortalized words of one of the greatest philosophers of our time - Micah Obasi (my uncle's generator repair guy) ''nobody go wake up start pray make bad tin happen turam [to am]''. But if it happens, may God give us all wisdom to handle it in a better manner than what you are proposing.

    17. Lols,im exhausted too but we agree to disagree. The same way I can't understand u is the same way u can't understand them.

      If ur in Lagos,maybe we can go watch the next Xmen movie whenever it ever comes out? Deal??

    18. @sasha, deal! :D
      @Punintended, nice. In order words you'll protect your kids from evil and really don't bother about the trials of your neighbor. Oh well...C'est la vie

    19. Bro, if that conclusion was what you could draw from my statement..then I dont know what else to say. Have I even ever (whether subtly or otherwise) refferred to these same sex/bruce jenner issues as evil..I call em defects my bro.
      I'm tired as well, lets just agree to disagree. Meanwhile, I'll follow you and sasha to that movie date (whether y'all invite me or not). I'll be like that annoying third wheel interrupting your private moments. Constantly nudging y'all rudely with my elbow like 'Damnn! Magneto a crazy nigga aint he''

    20. So sasha, you are going out on a date to watch Xmen that may not come out in d next 2years? What if we are already married then, you know we have a bride price to pay soon.

      I'm happy with the constructive arguments so far, quite informing.

      For the record, Bruce didn't force anyone to know about his sex change. We just happen to see the gradual progression to the opposite sex cos media decided to shove it on us. They(media) even went to his house after much rumours going around to confirm, I wouldn't expect him to deny it, would I? Would you, Memphis?

  12. I see a man highly dissatisfied with his life and I doubt a sex change will make a difference. He isn't harming anyone you say, everything has a multiplier effect. The world today is so appearance conscious, if you don't like something change it, its a dangerous cycle. He says he has a feminine soul, can he not find another outlet for it? This is the end times and people are giving into things that are not convenient to please their flesh, as a Christian what is wrong is wrong, doesn't mean if I see Him I will not treat him with love,take a stand, no room for lukewarmness in Christedom,its in the bible.

    1. Errrr..... I don't how many "crushes" my heart can take.... em let's just say i'll be disturbing u pretty soon with another long call... just to say hi! looool! :* (holy + #nohomo "french" kiss)

    2. What is the difference between your based reasoning and that of a Muslim jihadist? After all there's no room for 'lukewarmness'

    3. Kabuoy dear am waiting for the call *kisses right back at you*, Uyi the difference is that mine is a message with love, I will never discriminate or preach violence against them.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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