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The Stuff Marshmallows Are Made Of. (Goodbye Clark Kent).

I don't know if I already mentioned it but the last weekend was very full. Two of my darlings celebrated their birthdays. Tinu's was on Sunday the 19th and Adaeze's was on the 20th (happy birthday my sweets, enjoy the remaining months of your twenties!). These two are very close friends of mine, Adaeze was the first friend I made in JS2 and I met Tinu shortly after, we were little 12/13 year olds. Ada and Tinu have been friends from their nursery/primary days in Coroner. It's simply amazing how far we have come. I sometimes overstate the love I have for my oldest (QC) friends but I cannot help it.
These are the ones whose love and loyalty I never question. They're my sisters through and through.

Speaking of my QC peeps, just a few hours ago I was sitting in my bed with *Onyi and we cried and laughed heartily over "things". At some point we began to talk about weddings and how she wants only 100 guests when she's getting married. She insisted that she's got only few close friends and then began to name each of us. 
       I was immediately transported to that Saturday evening many years ago when we stood on the corridor of Obasa House waiting to go to the dining hall for dinner (beans. I still remember. Hehehe). We were having one of those serious teen-girl moments and she was telling me who her closest friends were. Then she stopped and said "You're my best friend Nwando". I was both deeply touched and a little surprised (I know you will read this and try to remember that day and wrack your brains but it won't come. Yes bae, before you went to obodo oyibo and got them fancy degrees and made fancy new friends and came back to a fancy job in a fancy company and became a social butterfly and got yourself into a fancy social circle, I was your bestie! LOL). 

I didn't mean to rattle off about my friends but there's this heady feeling of elation I get when I'm with one of these ladies and I can remember talking to them in a similar manner some 16 or 17 years ago. It's simply beautiful. 

So back to Tinu's birthday. Tinu had about six or seven of us over for a tea party, and as you can see, it was very not fitfam. I couldn't eat a thing *sobs*. Thankfully there was an array of teas; regular, green, hibiscus and ice tea. And while others munched happily on brownies and scones and sandwiches (this table couldn't take all the food) I was sipping tea! Although it was an Only Ladies affair (Tinu's husband evacuated the house for us, the only man allowed was her gorgeous eight month old son), we found ways to entertain ourselves. Initially this was a bit of a feat as Tinu wanted to listen to classical music only. Have you ever tried to shoki to Beethoven or Mozart? Don't! 
        We soon got into some serious girl talk that turned strangers (most of us were meeting for the first time) into giggling confidants!

In all it was a beautiful tea party. I'd planned to stay long after everyone left to clean up and share some burning hot gossip with Tinu but then my phone rang and when I checked who was calling, I gasped. It was none other than Clark Kent. We had a date for 7pm and I'd completely forgotten!

And then...
Photo credit- Clark Kent.

I had to rush home to change my clothes, bright colours are so not my thing. I did it all in a hurry and rushed over to Oakland. We were both seated before 8pm, I believe. And when I say I forgot about the date, I honestly did. I think I'd thought it would be a drag but in the end, I couldn't be more wrong. I didn't know when it struck midnight and I had to tear myself from my chair (how time flies when you're having fun!).
    It was a beautiful outing; peals of laughter, brilliant conversation and great food (So he said. While he sampled most of the dishes at the buffet and swore it was the best he'd had, all I could do was nibble on olives and munch on cucumber slices. Damn these fat genes, this is noooooo fun!)

When the night came to an end we were no longer the two strangers that sat down hours ago to talk. 

And this will be all about "Clark Kent" on the blog. When he was Clark Kent, he was an abstract figure. Now he's my friend and I will reserve his 'matter' for the private domain. 

I'm off to bed. *love, hugs and plump olives*


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I see... Don't I just love the last paragraph?

    1. Y'all must be fast readers. I just posted this like a second ago! Blink isn't it bed time yet? I'm nodding off already, good night zzzzzzzz.

    2. Wild grin "mischievously" . Good morning Tee.

  2. Awww... Goodbye?

    Its probably for the best tho. Just incase y'all get serious, dibbs on the on the IV o.

    A fabulous day to Tee and all BVs

  3. Shoki on classic music? Epic.

    Clark Kent, Thelma, so it took 4hrs and we won't know about him no more? After all our advices...

    1. Uyi pls ask her o. It is not fair.

    2. Hmm..Thelma.
      anyway, glad u had a good time.

  4. I can't sip tea for the world with all them carbs around really are disciplined with the weight thing
    Best of luck with Clark Kent

  5. ...and she left us all hanging for more.

    All the best darl. ...

  6. Eya goodbye our Clark! *sobs*

  7. ...and she left us all hanging for more.

    All the best darl. ...

  8. Aww, find another code name for him, and talk about clark once in a while, inugo.

  9. The latter part of your title scared me. In my head I kept saying "goodbye bawo, after how many days?" Then I read the piece, saw the last bit and smiled. Best wishes.

    1. Same here o till I saw the last paragraph *phew*'s okay T,all the best

  10. But Tee you looked nicer in the tea party outfit. That is what u should have won for the date jooo. Bright colours are happy and flirty, appropriate for a first date. Please try it on date 2 even though u don't want to tel us about it. God dey lol.

  11. Anonymous Rider!10:09 am, April 21, 2015

    I'm looking for how to add a bit of weight. This life is not just fair. I'm such a picky eater and weigh 50kg. It's not good at all.
    Dont' advise me that i'm ok or the weight will come. Tired of loooking like a secondary school girl.

  12. Thelma love,please try to loose the are a beautiful woman inside out and I am 200% sure Clark Kent is falling.i sense happiness already,all the best!! And I prefer the first colourful outfit you wore b4 oh

    1. I don't understand all this fuss about weight. Thelma looks perfect like this to me, I like having something to hold. If only Im not already married

    2. Ps this robot thing is annoying, why I don't comment more. do something about it thelma

  13. I'm glad Clark Kent became a friend after all the "should I call or not".. But right now, I can't even muster the energy to put up a happy face. I was robbed this morning on my way to work at my bus stop. My handbag snatched from me by two guys on a bike.

    1. Queen Spicey, sorry about this. Hope you feel better now. Sorry.


    2. Thanks Talikhi Bekas and F. And yes I feel better now.

    3. So sorry about the robbery Queen Spicey. Do not forget to get a police report for your missing identification items.

  14. At the end of the day, contacting him (regardless it was a text and not a call as some of us suggested) seems to be paying off. All the best with this.

    And yes, you are quite disciplined and I'm proud of you. All those goodies and you only drank tea, green perhaps? Kudos.


  15. I'm glad you had a nice time with Clark. I hope things work out between you guys

  16. Glad u had a nice time with Mr Kent...I pray things go well for u. Miss ya.xoxo

  17. Glad you had fun with CK. Hopefully he gets to become SuperMan. We love us some superhero biko *wink.


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